The Find


09-09-2007 04:21:51

How on earth did we ever get lost from our path?
So high up on a mountain and in the blinding snow
Skiing, always a big part of my life, I never suspected, I would become the victim of it's wraith
So my friend and I blindly, trek through the blinding snow, not really knowing, which way we go.

So cold, as mother nature on us takes a very big toll
Through the blinding snow, we can see it is still day light
This situation, we are now in, was never a goal
Everywhere we look, everything is white, every where we look, everything in sight.

Because of the bright and the white, everything is as not as clear as it was before
As we try to find our way through this snowy, white, hell
I wish we could find a way out of this place, I don't want to be here any more
This is one adventure, we may not live to tell

The altitude is so high, our ears are starting to pop
In a place, I bet no mortal has been in very many years
I start thinking of the ancients that used to live here, to this kind of situation, they had to adopt
I just can't conceive what they must felt, their life, there fears.

Soon we are fortunate to see an entrance, it looks like a cave
Seems luck was on our side, as we will be able to get out of the snow
Divine intervention, maybe, as it looks like we might be saved
Seems our life force will continues to flow.

As we enter the small cave, there is an outline of something, we just can't make out
I take my lighter, for the flame, maybe with a little light, we may be able to see
Then what we see, as to what it is there is no doubt
Three intact bodies of children that used to live here, these mummies totally in tact, looking just like the day they die, whenever that may be.