07-09-2007 04:17:54

Look up to the night sky, you see stars, planets, and on a clear night the moon
You would attribute all these things, to nature's beauty that surrounds us
But that big round light in the night sky, has the ability to effect us, even cause us at times to act like a complete loon
The moon effects the ocean's tide, us being made up mostly of water, the moon can cause us too, to make a fuss.

Since the dawn of mankind, ancients societies knew, the sun and moon, were special in some kind of way
The ancients strongly knowing this, usually worshipped them in some kind of way
Them not realizing, our bodies mostly of water, the moon would affect them, at night, as they worked, as they would play
Realizing there was some sort of power here, so they worshipped these things, without delay.

Each ancient society, had their own way to worship
Trying to make sense of things, they didn't quite fully understand
Looking at these things from a religious perspective, hoping they would never slip
Worshipping these things as Gods, thinking if they did, the crops they grew, would be the best in all the land.

For whatever reason, the ancients at times would turn to blood lust
I guess hoping they would always appease the Gods, hoping to never to make them mad
Staying in line, to them, this was a major must
Always wanting to make the Gods happy, so they would smile and be glad.

Even their buildings made to collate, with the sun and the moon
But never really noticing, it was the moon, that had the most effect on man
Causing them to do things, that couldn't be explained, only by the Gods of the sun or moon
All the things that were ever done, to appease the Gods was the important thing, that's why sacrifices were always planned.

So here we are today, knowing the exact cause for certain things
We have the answers, but some act appalled at how the ancients handled things
They reacted how they did, because if they didn't, they were afraid of what the angry Gods may bring
But today, us knowing things, to sanity we will always cling.