For Princess Diana


03-09-2007 04:46:04

Queen of Hearts

Tragically, taken from us in the prime of her life
Questions, not answered satisfactory, even to this very day
She at one time a royal, as she was Prince Charles's first wife
The whole world felt the pain of that awful tragic day.

Death, within itself is such a mystery
But a death, surround by a black cloud, certain questions, will never be answered
A death no one could really make sense of it, especially someone inquisitive, like me
Someone needs to ask questions, someone brave, someone that can't be deterred.

A whole decade has passed since that horrific unforgettable tragic night
We have learned a great deal, but no answers to the conspiracy theories, that remain
One of the most famous women ever known, her light to this very day remains intensely bright
Her memory, her fire, her cause, cut down so tragically, the whole world felt the pain.

When she married, I guess she thought her life would be like a fairy tale
But for her, that is not what fate had in store
Living through a love less marriage, to her, I bet it was a living hell
But she was regal, she held her head high, regardless of what fate had in store.

In death, just as in her life, she captivated the whole wide world
All of us curious, as to what her next move would be
We all sat in amazement, as her tragically short life unfurled
But for her, I'm sure her death wasn't meant to be.

The mother of the future king of the United Kingdom
This was a priority for her, from the very start
Her really never knowing for sure, how much she would pay, with her life, a tremendous sum
We will never forget all the love she shared, Princess Diana, the Queen of the public's heart.