02-09-2007 05:17:39

I am now in the winter of my life, I have lived a very happy life
Getting on in years, seems just like yesterday, that I was vibrant and young
Once I was married and had a wife
Oh, I loved the song of youth, as it was being sung.

I had a lot of friends in my youth, but now they all seem to die
As the old saying goes, they are dropping like flies
Age answers the question as to why
Some of my friends, I didn't even have the time to say good bye.

But down the road, a new resident has moved in
Each time I see him, I know I have seen him some where before
I know he is from my past, he looks as if he hasn't aged a day, seems over age, he did win
If he has, I want to talk with him, I want to find out more.

One day, I see him outside, so I say hello and we start to talk
I tell him he looks very familiar, and I know we have met before
But he denies it all, as we continue talking, as we walk
He swears on his life we have never met before.

I know I am getting on in age, but my sanity doesn't fail me
The memory is there, guess I need something to jog my memory
I remember now, when we were younger, we would play around, being happy and gay
But he hasn't aged a day, this just can't be.

He says if you remember my face, then you should remember my name
Think about it, in your mind, let your memory replay
Think hard, my friend, he says, I don't like playing games
Then it comes to me as I stare at the face of Dorian Gray.