Creatures Of The Night


31-08-2007 11:34:59

The wind seems to violently blow
As I see the shadows of the trees dancing in the moonlight
In the reflection of the pond the moon seems to glow
The illumination of the moon seems very bright.

Listen! Quiet! You can hear them sing
The creatures of the night singing their hideous song
The silence of the night their voices sting
They sing their song in unison as if to a choir they belong.

The song they sing you would think they are sad
But you must understand why they sing
Trying to say in their existence they are glad
Creatures of the night to your song forever cling.

You make the darkness of the night seem alive
Each of you singing in your own different way
Oh, the song of the night of this please of me never deprive
It's like I understand everything they say.

I love these sounds as they echo in the air
Listening to them I feel no fear or fright
My dear friends sound as if they haven't a care
For this I know because I too am a creature of the night.