Dark Flower


28-08-2007 02:00:38

A rose is a beautiful thing
To behold it brings us delight
hidden below is such a sharp thing

Hand grasping oh how the thorns sting
your blood flows your heart twists
Yet we can not let go of this dark thing

Oh how our hearts sings
Yet twisted in fear of loss we agony stay
What is this horrible thing

Love...love oh how you make us all sting
Love...love oh you wreched thing
love...love how you make us sing

Love...love we can not escape this thing
Love---love such a dark and demanding thing
Love...love oh gods you make our heart sing
Love..love you dark and wreched thing

Love..love...help me...save me...oh I can not leave this thing!
Love...such a dark little rose you bring
Love...below carries a horrible sting.


31-08-2007 11:35:51

Absolutely and totally AWESOME!

Macron Sadow

31-08-2007 18:21:27

Very nice. :)