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Jagan Roda

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Jagan was born to Filan and Belle Roda on the planet of Onderon, just outside of Isis. Jagan's father, Filan, was a merchant. He was not all that successful though, bringing just about enough money in to keep his small family going. Due to his lack of credits, it was lucky even that he could afford a place for them to live, yet he managed to purchase a small, one-room house a few miles outside of Isis. It wasn't as close to the markets as all of the top traders, but it was close to enough to get a fairly good days trading. For Jagan though, life in the outskirts of the city, on the edges of the jungles of Onderon was great. Even from such the early age of 6 Jagan was able to navigate the forests easily on his own, jumping from tree to tree with relative ease. It was through these long stints in the jungle, exploring, that he became fairly adept with the wilderness. He saw it as his true home and felt a great connection with the animals there.

Jagan's life was soon to be turned on its head though. On a family trip to the capital Isis, Jagan's parents were struck down by a hijacked speeder leaving the city, the culprits fleeing into the distance. All Jagan had learnt in the jungle was useless to him, his parents laid dead, and he was alone. Soon after this, Jagan was taken into the care of the Isis orphanage, where he was looked after well by the staff there. They found it hard to control Jagan at first, as he longed to be outside in the jungle again, running free. He had not yet recovered from the loss of his parents either. He stayed with the orphanage for a year, yet he never really settled. The other children would avoid Jagan, for he acted hostile towards them as he had never really interacted with people other than his parents. Jagan increasingly showed threatening behaviour to the other orphans to get his way, and in an extremely heated argument he nearly broke one of the kids arms straight off.

The carers did not know what to do with Jagan anymore, he was nearly 8 now and still had found no home. The day after the incident they came to a decision. Jagan was to be sent away to the mining colonies, as it did not look likely that with Jagan's behaviour that he would ever be fostered. This was not a fate the carers here had given any child before, but they had heard of it from other planets in the galaxy, but they saw this as the only way. They came into Jagan's room to retrieve him and his belongings, but he had gone. Jagan had run away.

Jagan fled deep into the jungles of Onderon, in the only place he could really call home. While there he found his old house, broken and tattered (probably due to scavenger raids that went on out here). Yet he found the vines that encased it somewhat homely, and it gave him a comforting feel. So he tunnelled inside the little house and made his new home here, using bits of old material strewn about the place and things he found in the jungle to make a bed
He lived like this for many, many months, living off the food that he could hunt for himself. He became primitive, lacking social skills, but had adapted incredibly to his surroundings. He reached a superb level of fitness and somehow became able to far out stretch the regular limits of humans. He adapted his own methods of focus, all he had to do was really concentrate on his takes at hand and he could move at incredibly fast speeds and jump to massive heights. This just seemed very normal to Jagan though, as he had never been tolf by other people that these feats were unnatural, only those of the order of the Jedi had ever shown such feats.

Jagan's abilities were soon to be put to the test though on one of his numerous 'missions' into Isis. Jagan regularly snuck back into the city with great stealth and stole from the various markets. Jagan had snuck past the city gates and was in one of the larger markets already, checking out the potential merchandise. He waited for a few seconds, then speedily dashed across the marketplace, grabbing whatever wares he could find in a hectic rush. Jagan was fast, but he had not perfected the art of going unnoticed yet, at least not within the city. The market tradesmen had become wise to Jagan's exploits before, and this time they were prepared. They had set up a perimeter around the marketplace to trap him. He leapt across the men guarding the entrance and managed to hide underneath a pile of rubble. He had a chance to escape, but he was blocked by a group of men attacking an old man. Jagan needed to escape quickly, but he could not leave the man here to die, something inside his being felt a great connection to him. Against his better judgement he turned around and fought off the muggers as the man regained consciousness, but with his time to escape having run out, Jagan was caught. As the authorities began to walk Jagan away, the man stood up and told them to stop. He revealed himself to be Roblio Darte, a Jedi. He was impressed by Jagan's considerable talent in the force without any previous training and decided to take him to Coruscant for Jedi training. Despite initial doubts, Jagan saw this as his only route out of prison, so went with the Jedi.

The Jedi, Roblio Darté took him to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. While there Jagan was put straight into training to become Roblio's padawan. Already unusually sufficient in the force, if what a slightly primitive form, Jagan went through his initial training quickly, a matter of a few years, and was soon taken up by Roblio as his padawan. The two formed a close bond together, with Roblio being present throughout Jagan's training with the younglings, watching over him the whole way. Soon after Roblio took Jagan as his padawan, he became to Jagan the father figure that he had missed for over 5 years.
Roblio did not know yet if Jagan was disciplined enough to begin to craft his lightsaber, he was still very much the child that he had rescued from Onderon. It was pleasing to Roblio that Jagan did seem to have a new spark in his eyes, a deep blue colour washed over them, unlike the dull grey that they bore when he first met him.

Roblio decided to take Jagan with him on a mission that the council had assigned to him on Coruscant. He decided that it would be best to take Jagan on a mission that was much closer first to gauge his reactions in diplomatic situations. The mission involved an owner of the local cantina, who had apparently gained vital information from the Jedi Archives, and was refusing to give them up. It was rumoured that he was to hold an auction in a few days time and give the information to the highest bidder. This made it vital that Roblio and Jagan recovered the data immediately, given the recent rise of the separatists since the Battle of Naboo any information in the wrong hands could spell tragedy for the Republic. They took off for the local cantina, Roblio staying close to Jagan, who was currently unarmed. They entered the bustling cantina and talked to the cantina owner. He was less than co-operative, constantly changing the subject to other matters. Jagan became infuriated with this man's total disregard for authority and for the Jedi. Roblio became more concentrated in his interrogation, and slowly the man began to crack. Just as the man was beginning to buckle under the pressure the two Jedi noticed the room go quiet and felt a danger in the room. They looked around to see they were surrounded by at least 8 of the cantina owners men and the owner ran out of the back entrance. Roblio ignited his lightsaber and told to Jagan to chase after the man. Jagan leapt over the counter and raced out the backdoor to the cantina as Roblio began to fight off the men. Jagan did not know these cities as well as this man did, so was easily put off the trail again and again. Yet he managed to keep up with the man and cornered him on the edge of one of the walkways. Jagan fought with him until the man gave in and offered the data to Jagan. Jagan took the data but felt nothing towards this man who had shown the Jedi no respect and pushed him off the edge of the walkway to the surface of Coruscant many miles below. When Jagan returned to Roblio, who had dispatched of the men with ease apparently, he showed him the datapad, but said that the man had escaped him. Roblio was happy with his apprentice for retrieving the data, it did not matter that the man had not been captured, it was reassuring somewhat that the man was allowed to escape and repent his sins in his own way. The two of them left the cantina and returned to the temple.

A few months after this, and numerous small scale missions, Roblio decided that the time was right for Jagan to begin to construct his lightsaber. Jagan initially had trouble at first, constantly rejecting various crystals that had come to him. It was not until Roblio sent Jagan on his own to the planet of Tatooine that he was able to find the crystal that he had so longed for. He found the crystal in a small market place, the owners did not seem to notice the true value of it. Jagan stole the crystal from them (along with numerous credits from the market sellers stall) and returned to a cave that he had found earlier in his search. It was a dark place with a great chill in the air. Jagan felt at comfort here though and began work on his saber. As Jagan was piecing together the components of his saber a great vision came over him. It was an apparition of three Jedi Knights, ones that he had not seen before though. They drew their sabers and began to attack Jagan. Suddenly Jagan noticed a glowing silver saber in his hands, and battled viciously against the 3 Knights. He slaughtered the first two eventually, but received a scar slashed across his torso by the third. Showing his great anger, Jagan sliced the Knight in two from the head down and let him fall to the fall, dead. Suddenly Jagan awoke from his vision, his lightsaber completed. He looked down at his torso and it was scarred, he had felt the effects of the battle. Confused, Jagan left the cave with his new saber and returned to Coruscant; not telling anyone of his dark vision.

Jagan Roda

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