Poems By Seti I Shadim

Seti I Shadim

14-03-2007 04:53:13

Voodoo Machinegun in Dminor.

New trail of tears,
mark minaret skies
with chemical lines-
child’s face
married to death,
dust, sand
at roadside
New Cherokees
old world
worn & cracked blankets-
Grand Old Republic of Fever-
Technologically precise

Sometimes childern wake up
wrapped in televised screams.

There are no more
sweet shotgun nostalgias-
no Mom
no apple pie
unless Mom is found
to be
baked inside
the delicately
flaky crust
like some black
& white
creature feature
cannibal surprise.

Here we bleed real, like
Norman Rockwell on a cross.

Throw out
your plastic dashboard
Man,That god
won’t work here
Light the candle.
Howl Kaddish.
Run like hell.
Cold African water.

hands grow up
like grass
as green
as cash-
or yellow
in the front yard,
flowers with chalked
of brown dinge -
roots run deep,
It doesn’t matter
whether hands
are at your plate,
or weeds weave themselves
at your door.

War your meat real.
Tear cellophane away
& feel
iced old
chicken blood
drizzle down

This sings ancient-
This drums
the father’s…

Electric nox.

Look deep
with dirty hands-
reds, browns,

Keep your meat real-

“Welcome to Karbala.and
keep your head down.

-Seti I Shadim

Seti I Shadim

14-03-2007 04:55:08

Fragments of a Dark Jedi

There are those who see us as evil
draped in shadows & night veils.

I cannot recognize their empty faces.

There are those who see us as good
a dark mirage that phoenixes into angelic light.

I cannot translate or understand their dead tongue.

Both are names without being.
But I walk along this ocean shore
whose tides have turned to bright blood waves
I am lost here and my soul is married to this new fire.

My heart incenses love’s wakefulness
as my breath is a war dirge
born between stars.

All laws of God & man are broken potter’s shards at my feet.
And I take my first gulp of pure cold air.

Gazing upon the ocean foam & ancient crags
I know I am not alone……I never have been.

How many others, I wonder, have broken bread
with this same moment?
How many oceans have we all seen like this?
How many ….like this?

At last, I grasp my sword in hand
& begin the journey to where
I remember the rumors
of the ancient war.

- Seti I Shadim

Seti I Shadim

14-03-2007 04:57:13

Black Water

Black water.

Suddenly humane

war-machines overhead,

carnivore camera eyes

devouring this slow sick feast-

Come join the beast asylum

swim if you can,

up from Cerberus' jaws

into a fat dead dawn.

Today I tell you

Darwin was God.

Black water

frames flare film fire

devastation footage

darkness you can taste

liquid nightmares

straight from the CNN vine.

Mother Nature's finest

rot hangs like sky:

this is what

Ivory Tower minstrels call:

natural evil.

Black water

Flowing into naught

flowing into nox

going nowhere at all

warning signal given

on everyone's favorite channel

like a Ramadan call at sunset.

But many left their minds at Sunday's door

& quickly forgot

that Gods suffer not fools.

Whirling dancing deadly

Kali's garland of skulls.

And when grey & black of sky

wraps this city in taut knots,

Pray if you have not before.

Pray quiet litanies to She, whose

blood tongue unrolled as if dream.

Pray, muttering

your cool invocations

to our Darkest Mother.

Seti I Shadim

14-03-2007 04:58:51


How strange to explain

maleficent angels

screeching across

Atlantis Monday.

There are no pictures

of pretty Spanish Moss

or quaint white dead rows

for me to send now.

A canopy painted

slime cathedral green

even the dry dead bones

are drowned tonight.

A conference of flies

along the broken Canal,

amidst drifting flowers

from Lucifer's Bedlam.

© copyright protected.

Ylith Pandemonium

14-03-2007 07:32:40

This counts for 2 pages, you will need 8 more pages and do 2 reviews on other stories to
qualify for a Dark Side Scroll.


**Note: When reviews are made, posts links on this thread. If you submit new material,
be sure to link and mention this to add in post count.**

(with poems I count half the total page length, to compensate towards full written stories, also, you had a lot of blank lines, which also took away half a page.)

Seti I Shadim

24-03-2007 07:43:49

The Code of a Dark Jedi

I am the walker between worlds
born of light & shadow
I embrace the All.
I hunt the Great Mystery.

I am known by names innumerable:
Jedi, Krath,Fallen, Heretic.

I am the child of love & hate
cruelty & compassion.

I do not hunger for power
nor am I a selfless servant.

My code is honor and knowledge
My way is not balance.

I am a stalker of knowledge
for the sake of knowledge alone.

I am a Dark Jedi
seeking the ancient sophia
to drink the elixir, the dark ambrosia
from the fount of the sanguine Gods.

- Seti I Shadim

Seti I Shadim

15-04-2007 00:59:13

Stained Hands

Twisted cartoon
in a pool of doubt,
young grunt soldiers
carried out,
from the Grand Vizier’s
private stables-
run if you are able,
eyes bleeding,
& souls beveled,
leveled up to the dust-
rust & photos
of freedom’s days,
the little ways, we lost,
poor girl,
never saw it coming-
let us be-bop
to the cathedral,
we’ll try to remember when,
over gin & cards,
we laugh back to school days,
& pray for rain,
to wash,
Capote blood,
wash it all
from our
stained hands.

-Seti I Shadim