The Fight


12-02-2007 16:44:05

APP babar (Obelisk)/Galeres of Arcona
{SA: KS: ToL}

The Fight

I am Babar, a nautolan on tatooine with my two best friends Halgo the twiílek and Ugao a svivreni. We were in a bar one day win three rebels came in and we donít like rebels so my friend Ugao gets up and punches one in the face. Then the fight began because the rebels pulled out there blasters and started shooting, thatís when I pulled out my E-11 blaster rifle and wiped out the rebels. Then Yadar walks in with about 60 stormtroopers and tells me to come with him. Me halgo and Ugao go with him and he tells me would you like to join the imperial legion. I said I would talk to my friends and then I will decide. Three hours later I come back and tell that we will join as his special soldiers. He says yes, and then about three hundred rebel soldiers are calling him out. I got my E-11 ready to fight and halgo got his E-5, when Ugao was getting his DLT-19 heavy blaster ready to fight. Thatís when we all go outside and start shooting when a jedi knight jumps out and cuts Ugao head off, then yadar shoots the jedi knight in the head with his bowcaster and throws a grenade into the rebelís area and blows them all up. Then he says come on were heading off to courusant.

Ylith Pandemonium

13-02-2007 12:04:29

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