Paths Of Madness Interlude


11-02-2007 21:22:53

Arriving back at Tarii, Illian skulked quietly back through the town to his condo, jumping at every sound. His madness had been amplified by the demon haunting his mind, escalating him into the realms of paranoia. He had killed twice already, the first a maintenance operator who had been overly curious about his beloved Retribution. The second had been purely an accident as a bustling Chiss had ran into him, resulting in immediate disruption from Illian’s DX-2. On the up side, it wasn’t like there was anything left of him to complain. The Hunter giggled as he entered his residence.

It was several sleepless hours later, after endless abuse and torture at the hands of the crystal, that someone buzzed his door. Bleary eyes were instantly focussed, and the blaster was prepped to kill again. Opening the door Illian was surprised to see two Academy Initiates, Chandra and Dranen standing holding an official message from Anshar.

“What is it? What do you want?” he hissed at them, snatching the message from Dranen’s outstretched hands.

“Just a message for you master Syn. Is everything okay sir?” Chandra had asked tentatively. As Illian opened his mouth to reply, the crystal spoke to him.

*You are quite incompetent Syn. But we may use these fleshlings to perform an ancient ritual. One that will discover what pitiful name has replaced noble Ton’Ju.*

Illian’s demeanour changed immediately, his smile unsettling but welcome.

“I have been rude Initiates. Please, enter. Have some refreshments before you leave again. In fact I may just be able to use your help with something…”

* * *

The blood covering the walls had shown Illian the way. Bast. Vejun had once been named Ton’Ju by the ancient Sith, and the site of Vader’s Fortress seemed to hold some kind of significance to the entity housed within the crystal. The blood-ritual had taken many hours of pain and effort, Dranen proving to be almost useless as an ‘aid’. Illian had taken his eyes for being so weak, the first time he had sensed even mild approval from the crystal. Chandra on the other hand had been perfect. Although she had cried, her body had held out as her blood was used to map the next stage of his journey.

Now he stood in the centre of the main room, the crystal quiet for once. It seemed the entity within had exhausted itself for the time being and was resting, though not without reminding Illian painfully what would happen if he betrayed it. In that moment he fractured logic had taken over, using his communicator to alert the only one who could stand a chance at helping him. Then the entity was back, and he left hastily, the door to his condo left ‘clumsily’ unlocked. He just hoped Rosh would understand.


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