The Battle On Almania

Yadar Shyk

10-02-2007 23:11:13

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The Battle on Almania

A hologram of Arcona’s consul Strategos informed Lucius d’Tana, Yadar Shyk, Timeros Entar, Dorn Ravr, and Drodik Al’Tor that they had been chosen to lead a campaign against a rebel base on Almania. Their equipment was their chosen weapons, Drodik, Lucius, and Yadar had their stormtrooper armor underneath their robes, While Timeros and Dorn only had their robes. As they suited up for the mission, Lucius and Timeros decided if the rumors about 3 opposing Jedi Knights were true they would face the Jedi knights and have their apprentices run. Once they had suited up they told their apprentices that it was two hours to boarding time for the star destroyer.

As they boarded the destroyer both Lucius and Timeros stopped their apprentices and asked, “Are you both sure you would like to come on this mission.” They already knew that both would reply yes. They then boarded the destroyer. As they pulled off into space, Yadar and Dorn were informed had power to command any of the stormtroopers and officers. Once they were out of the atmosphere the ship pulled into hyperspace. The trip through hyperspace was short and uneventful, but when they left hyperspace there was a Mon Calamari starship waiting. Timeros sent a signal to the other ships, “All ships other than The Relentless land on the planet,” he then said to the crew, “All available battery personnel to the blasters and pilots to their Tie fighters.” Yadar was on one of the heavy turbolaser-turret and began firing on the x-wings that had been launched. He had hit one when Dorn launched his TIE Fighter and began firing.

Once the last of the x-wings was destroyed Lucius led an attack on the ship itself. Once he had landed Lucius jumped out of his ship he had his lightsaber out and was deflecting lightsaber bolts while his squad disembarked their transport. He then cleaved his lightsaber into a rebel trooper’s head. Just after that his squad opened fire on some rebel troopers came through a door. Lucius walked through the bolts dodging everyone. He and his squad then fought their way to the shield generator. While Lucius used the force to set a charge on the shield generator his squad defended him. They then made their way back to the hangar they ran into a Jedi Knight. “You guys go.” said Lucius. He then became engaged in a lightsaber dual with the jedi. The Jedi then took a swipe at Lucius but he was able to jump back and counter the blow with a leg sweep. The Jedi then dodged his stab and tried to leg sweep Lucius but he jumped behind him and cleaved the Jedi’s legs. He then cut the head of the Jedi from his shoulders. Lucius then picked up the dead Jedi’s lightsaber and departed the cruiser in his TIE Interceptor. Lucius then landed on The Relentless. “Welcome back master,” said Yadar when Lucius walked onto the bridge of The Relentless. Lucius said, “Yadar come over here. This is a Lightsaber crystal and I present it to you, for your own lightsaber when you are a Dark Jedi Knight.” Timeros then ordered the crew to land the ship on Almania.

As The Relentless landed they saw the other ships had made it down safely and had organized a camp. As the captains saw the ship descended they gathered to greet the Dark Jedi and the remaining stormtroopers. “Hello Jedi. The others are talking about seeing the battle overhead in the nigh sky.” Said one captain. Timeros than said, “Ok, now send out a squad of scouttroopers to see if they can’t find the rebel scum.” Two standard hours later a single scouttrooper showed up he reported that the rebels ambushed them on their way up a mountain. Lucius said, “Now that we know were they are we can attack the rebels.” Then Timeros replied, “Dorn, Yadar go tell the troops that we move out in three hours.” As Yadar and Dorn went to tell the troops Lucius said, “The insignia on this lightsaber is of the New Jedi Order. I think that their trying to eliminate are apprentices.” Timeros replied, “Well, we’ll soon find out wont we.”

The army started to move out three hours later. As they made it too a mountain pass the front line came under fire. Timeros and Lucius ignited their lightsabers and jumped toward their fire deflecting blaster bolts as they went. When they landed they started to swing their lightsabers and they eliminated the entire rebel squad themselves. They then used the force to run back to their group at the back. “Move out,” said Timeros, “Come on get going.” The army of stormtroopers started to move out after four hours of marching they started making camp. In the morning they came on the capital of Almania, Stonia. Timeros, Lucius, Yadar, and Dorn went to the palace to see the ruler’s. Lucius said, “We are putting this planet under siege until we find the outlaw rebels. Also this palace will be are base of operations. Execute the king if he does not tell us were the rebels are.” Then a group of rebels came crashing through the window and grabbed the king. “Your safe now, your highness.” Said a rebel. Timeros said, “Open fire.” Only two rebels and the king survived the battle. “Damn,” said Lucius, “What are you waiting for get them.” The stormtroopers with them started to chase the king and rebel. By the time they had made it out of the palace the rebel and king were gone. “Ok let’s move out and find those rebels.” Said Timeros.

The army then started to move out in search of the rebel base. About three hours later they split into two groups one led by the Dark Jedi and the other led by three imperial captains. “Lucius I feel a pull in the force coming from that direction.” said Timeros pointing west into the mountains. Lucius said, “Then we go that way because I feel it to.” The Dark Jedi’s group went west while the smaller part of the army went east. The bulk of the army ran into a rebel scout. Lucius then used force pull to bring him closer. Yadar then growled Lucius, “What should we do with him master.” Lucius replied, “Kill him Yadar.” Yadar then used his massive strength to rip the scout limb from limb. After Yadar had killed the scout the army continued until they saw a base in the mountains. Lucius and Timeros called Drodik for backup. They also called the other part of the army to their base.
One day later the army had regrouped and the backup had arrived. “Welcome Drodik,” said Timeros, “We move out to attack in one hour. Dorn and Yadar go inform Lucius and the stormtroopers.” After they had informed Lucius and the stormtroopers they reported back to Timeros.

One hour later the army was moving towards the base. As they approached the doors opened and out stormed an army of rebels but they were outnumbered three to one. The battle on Almania had started. “Yadar and Dorn come on we need to make it into the base.” Said Lucius. Timeros, Lucius, and Drodik then ignited their lightsabers while Yadar and Dorn drew their swords. The small group started to attack the rebels cleaving them in half and tearing them apart. Yadar’s Sc’rath broke into two because of a vibroblade. He picked up the wielder of the blade and knocked his head off with a single punch. Yadar then took the vibroblade for himself. The group continued on till they made it to the rebel base. All that was left of the army was enough personnel for The Relentless and one other destroyer. All the rebels but the Jedi Knights were dead. Yadar lost the rest of his left hand do to the swing of a vibroblade. As they approached the Jedi they became battle ready. Timeros then told the stormtroopers to stand down. The final battle on Almania had begun. Lucius and Drodik were able to leg sweep the Jedi but they dodged the follow-up attack. But Timeros used force-grip to pick up the Jedi. He then cleaved his lightsaber into the Jedi’s waist. Drodik then parried an attack and stabbed a Jedi in his stomach. Lucius then threw his lightsaber at the Jedi’s legs cutting them off. Lucius then stabbed the Jedi in the back. All three picked up the lightsabers trophies.

As they took off into space the rebel’s backup showed up. Timeros said, “Everyone to their battle stations.” Before one of the ships had even got its shields up it was destroyed by The Relentless. The other destroyer was destroyed by two rebel bombers. The relentless then launched their fighters at the rebels. The fighters took down the shields and destroyed the engines. Timeros then ordered all ships back on board. The Relentless then took off into hyperspace back to Selen.

As they landed back on Selen, Lucius and Timeros reported back to Strategos. Timeros than said, “Our mission was a success. We eliminated the rebels and were able to destroy another ship before arriving back here. Yadar then reported to the Med Bay to have his hand healed. He was then told that it was beyond repair but they could attach a synthetic hand to the wookiees hand. After they repaired Yadar’s hand he was told it was to be kept in bacta for one hour a day.

Lucius and Timeros then each went to the apprentices. Timeros telling Dorn, “Congratulations, you did well in the battle.” While Lucius said, “Yadar, you did well in battle and I am sorry that you lost your hand.

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