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Laigerick Sithelhood

05-02-2007 22:27:14

"The Good and Bad" (Fiction)

Guardian Laigerick Sithelhood set meditating on the cool Durasteel floor of his dormitory late at night. The Corellian let the force flow through him, like a river, so he could clean out all of the strains and negativity of the day. In his philosophical trance, Laigerick was interrupted by the annoying beeping from his communications console. The Guardian's eyes popped open, and rolled to one side with agitation. Laigerick's joints crackled as he hoisted himself off of the floor, and sauntered over to the console. He keyed in the code for the oncoming message, plugged in his datapad, and a holographic image of his master, Archpriest Valerian di Plagia Orzon, hovered over the keypad. "Laigerick..." Orzon said coolly, "I have a mission for you." Laigerick cocked his eyebrow. "You do?" he questioned rhetorically. "Yes, yes, the information has been downloaded to your datapad," Orzon replied. With that said, the image of his master flickered, and then vanished. Laigerick's master was like that. Never said much, and always in and out, so the shortness of the conversation did not bug the Corellian much.

Laigerick unplugged his datapad and walked over to the foot of his bed with it. He sat down on the stiff bunk, and lifted the screen up. Laigerick read his newest message, that was labeled "New Mission." The Corellian read through it carefully, soaking in every detail. Apparently, he was to go to a remote swamp on Nal Hutta, and find an Imperial Officer who had gone missing on a patrol with a dark jedi escort and five stormtroopers. The jedi barely made it back in one piece, and managed to say they were ambushed by unknown creatures, but he didn't know exactly what they were. He also told his superiors that the creatures killed the Stormtroopers, but took the Imperial Officer, Rono Cama. As odd a story as it seemed, it was too crucial for the Brotherhood's success, to keep the Remnant as a strong ally. So this mission was of the utmost importance. Laigerick closed the datapad, and set it on his nightstand. It was time for him to prepare. Laigerick rummaged through his drawers and chests looking for his robe and weapons. When he had found everything, Laigerick put on his Gladiator robe, and tucked his weapons away. Today he was carrying a Sith Sword, a Darkstick, and two plasma grenades. Laigerick checked his weapons once more, and made sure he had gathered everything. He had, and with that, he dimmed his dormitory's lights, and left. Laigerick took the elevator to the hanger bay. As he entered the huge garage, he let his eyes wander, looking for his ship, the "Merk-6." Finally, he saw her, in the front row of the hanger. He rushed over to her, and ran up her landing extension, into her interior. Once inside, he followed the Durasteel floor, until he came to a small doorway that led to her cockpit. He sat down in the pilot's chair and ran a quick system diagnostic before blasting off. The newly risen Aerunian sun glared through Laigerick's cockpit, giving the ship an uncomfortable amount of heat, but Laigerick ignored it. He was focused on the task at hand. It was now 5 A.M, and Laigerick was extremely tired, since he hadn't had any sleep, so once Laigerick cleared the Exosphere of Aerun's atmosphere, he sent the "Merk-6" into hyperspace, and went to his quarters to rest. Several hours later, the "Merk-6" came out of hyperspace, in the orbit of Nal Hutta. Hundreds of thousands of vessels zoomed to and between Nar Shadaa and Nal Hutta. Laigerick, however; was going to one of the remote swamp areas on the Nal Hutta, so there would be little, if any, traffic for him to deal with. The Corellian set his ship on autopilot, and took this time to plan out what he was going to do.

As Laigerick's ship descended down onto the damp, murky ground of Nal Hutta, the Guardian readied himself. He drew his Darkstick and held it tightly in his hand. As he paced out of the "Merk-6," Laigerick looked around, cautiously surveying his surroundings. The sounds of swamp-jungle life filled the Guardian's ears. There were howls of monkey-lizards, growls of predators, and the screeching of reptilian-like birds. The foliage that surrounded him was so thick, that he could barely walk through it, so he used his Darkstick to cut a pathway. Laigerick pulled out his ID Transponder, so he could lock onto any Remnant Troops in the area. After ten minutes of cutting his way through the jungle, Laigerick's transponder started beeping. He turned excitedly in every direction, looking for which ways was the strongest. It was east! Now, Laigerick sheathed his Darkstick in his back pocket, turned his walk into a slow job, pushing aside limbs, not caring about trying to cut them down. Laigerick soon emerged into a clearing were he found the corpses of five Imperial Stormtroopers. The Guardian looked around, to look for any clue as to where Rono Cama was taken, but he could find none. Suddenly, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He whipped around just in time, to see a leathery arm knock him out.

Many hours later, Laigerick awoke with blurred vision. He tried to move but he couldn't. As his vision came back to him, he noticed that he was tied up, and in a cave. The Corellian looked around at the cave. Then he saw him, Rono Cama. He was lying unconscious right beside him. Laigerick felt a surge of excitement, so he let out a quick "Yes!" but this apparently was heard by his unknown captures. Laigerick, seeing his mistake, struggled to free himself, twisting and turning violently, trying to escape before his captures showed up, but he didn't free himself in time. Two large, leathery creatures appeared from the shadows. The creatures were They walked on four wide, stubby legs, and resembled that of Hutts. They trotted over to Laigerick, who was now calmly sitting upright, staring down the creatures t'landa Tils. " Jeedi," one of the creatures said tauntingly, "Koona t'chuta?" This meant "Jedi, going somewhere?" Laigerick, knowing many alien languages, knew that these creatures where speaking Huttese Basic. Since he knew it, he replied to the creature in its native tongue, "Yea, I'm going out of here!" The two creatures gave out a deep laugh, and two scrawny arms appeared from the skin below their necks. One of the creatures used its four-fingered hand to smack Laigerick on the face. "We do not think so, Jeedi," it countered. Laigerick was sent sprawling onto the floor by the force of the creatures blow. The creatures walked off, laughing to themselves. Laigerick heard them converse to each other as they walked off. They said: "Those two humans will make nice slaves on Nar Shadaa, eh?" Hearing this, Laigerick knew he and Rono had to get out fast. He kicked Rono in the chest, and the Imperial officer snapped up in surprise. "Who... who are you?" he said inquisitively. "I am here to save you," Laigerick replied, "and we need to get out of here." "But how?" Rono asked. Laigerick felt his back sheath with his hands until he felt it, his Darkstick! He pulled it out, and sliced the robe that was keeping his hands binded. After he freed himself, he freed Rono, and Laigerick got his weapons out of the crates in the corner of the cave. Laigerick gave Rono a blaster, and they headed for the cave exit, but as soon as they reached the door, one of the t'landa Tils saw them, and drew his blaster, stampeding towards them. Laigerick pulled out one of his plasma grenades, and chucked it at the beast. It landed right in front of him, and chunks of leathery meat went flying everywhere. Seeing the unfortunate fate of his comrade, the other t'landa Til charged forward with an E-11 Blaster rifle, shooting wildly at the duo. Laigerick arched his Darkstick back, and threw it at the creature. The lightsaber-like dagger slice through the t'landa Til's skull, killing it on impact. Laigerick used the Force to pull the Darkstick back, and ran with Rono through the dense jungle as fast as he could. When Rono and Laigerick reached the "Merk-6," Laigerick pushed the officer up into the ship, and had him take the position as co-pilot. "We're getting out of here fast!" Laigerick shouted while flicking and turning on switches. Finally, Laigerick pulled on the take-off thrusters, and the Y-2400 freighter shot out into space.

Laigerick leaned back into his chair, with a look of content on his face, but he then turned to Rono. "So Rono, how do you plan to get back to the Remnant?" "Like this," he said. Rono turned on the com, and sent out a distress signal to any Imperial ship in the vicinity. "Thank you for your help," Rono said, as he shook Laigerick's hand, "but now I must go." He went to the escape pod bay of the "Merk-6," got into a pod, and ejected himself. Laigerick heard the air compress as he was shot out into space. Just then, an Imperial Shuttle uncloaked near the pod, caught it in a tractor beam, and pulled him up into their ship. Laigerick smiled to himself, thinking about the Remnant, but he soon wiped it off his face, and headed for home.

Laigerick Sithelhood

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^my previous piece!!! >:)

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