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The Merk-6, a modified Corellian Y-2400 light freighter, came out of a hyperspace worm hole with blinding speed. It drifted silently and swiftly over the vast silhouetted figure that was the planet of Berchest. The Y-2400 freighter's engines flared up, and it sped down to the surface. Shooting through the cloudy atmosphere like a bullet, the Merk-6, covered in atmospheric friction, sped through clouds, evaporating some of the precipitation as it went. Finally, the ship descended into the lower troposphere of Berchest, allowing the ship's pilots to see the surface. Berchest was a pleasant planet, much like Corellia. It had beautiful landscapes, but was dotted with cities, big and small. The Merk-6 was soon contacted by the Berchest Ship-Bay Control, asking for its landing pass. The ship sent an automated message back to the Ship-Bay Control, and was soon given permission to land on the landing pad in the capital city of Berchest. The ship hovered above the pad for several moments, suspended in mid-air, but finally gave a hiss of compressed air being released, and the landing gear opened out, allowing the freighter to land. The Merk-6 gave another hiss as the ship leveled itself, and let its landing ramp unfold onto the warm metal of the landing pad. Steam flew out of the exit, as two robed figures emerged from the vessel. Krath Archpriest Valerian di Plagia Orzon, and his student, Sith Guardian Laigerick Sithelhood paced out of the landing pad, and into the main city, where their objective lay.

Orzon had requested that he take his student, Laigerick, on this mission with him, for both as a learning experience, and for extra support. Their objective was simple, assassinate the High Councilor Orzon's Chief of Staff, and good friend, Alto Volrath. Volrath was also the only person on Berchest that knew of Orzon being a Dark Jedi. Recently, Volrath had been suspected of high treason due to the fact that he had removed Orzon's image on Berchest and replaced it with his own. He believed since Orzon was never around, that he was not fit to lead the planet, so he named himself the new High Councilor. This 'uprising' infuriated Orzon. The Krath Archpriest had tried several times to resolve it peacefully, through communications, but Volrath was too persistent, and left Orzon with no choice but to remove him, permanently. The objective, in theory, should have been easy enough, but there was an advantage Volrath had over the two Dark Jedi, and that was troops. Volrath had been able to corrupt the High Councilor's Guard, and some citizen militia, into joining his cause, and now, they buzzed all over the city, since Volrath had declared martial law. Stealth was going to be the Plagueians' main asset in this mission.

As they paced out onto the street, Laigerick noticed posters pasted on almost every street corner. When he stopped to take a closer look, he discovered that it was a sign depicting Orzon. It said for anyone that saw Orzon to immediately inform the High Councilor's Guard. “Master,” Laigerick said, “you better come take a look at this!” Orzon, who had gone a few paces farther than the Guardian, came trotting back over to where his student stood staring at the poster. 'What? What is it?” Orzon questioned, but as he saw the poster, his expression, to the surprise of Laigerick, stayed the same. 'Hmmm, I should have expected this from Volrath,” Orzon stated. “We'll need to get a disguise of some sort master,” Laigerick replied. “Yes, yes, that may work, but we would still need to lay low, for I suspect almost all of these unfaithful citizens are on the lookout for me, since a bounty of that size is being rewarded.” Orzon was right. With a five-thousand credit bounty, everyone, and everything, in this city was keeping an eye out for him. “But master,” Laigerick asked, “where are we going to get our disguises?” “Don't worry young one, I have a plan,” the Archpriest chuckled slightly, “I always do, do I not?”

Laigerick and his master quickly darted across the street, into an alley. “Just wait, and follow my lead,” Orzon said. Not soon after, two guards walked by the alley, and saw Orzon. The first one nudged his counterpart with his elbow, and pointed to Laigerick's master. When the second guard laid eyes on Orzon, he raised his blaster, and ran towards him. “Stop!” the first guard shouted, “you're under arrest by order of High Councilor Volrath!” Orzon gave out a soft laugh, before igniting his saber, and quickly beheading the two men. Laigerick removed the guards' clothing, and disposed of the bodies into the near-by dumpster. “Hope the uniform fits,” Orzon said to Laigerick sarcastically before changing clothes.

The two 'guards' emerged from the alley, and continued down the street to the Berchest Council Palace. “So master,” Laigerick conversed as they continued their route, “where exactly will Volrath be in the Palace.” Orzon pointed up to a glass pent-house on the top level of the black marble palace. “Up there,” he said. Even though it was far up, through his guard helmet's visor, Laigerick thought that he could see a shadowy figure staring out of the glass, looking down upon the city, like a bird of prey. Now, Laigerick could see the steps leading up to the palace entrance. It was heavily guarded by elite guards, but Laigerick knew that they could get past them, or at least outsmart them.

As Laigerick and Orzon paced up to the palace entrance, a guard asked them for there 'ID papers.' Orzon Laigerick felt around in their pockets until they found them. After retrieving them from their front pockets, the guard glanced over the papers. Finally, he handed the papers back to the duo, and said, “You're good to go.” He keyed in a code onto the keypad beside the door, and the massive bronze slates slid open, to reveal an interior made completely out of marble. Small groups of guards stood around idly, and carried out their gossip and other conversations. “Ah, it is good to be home,” Orzon whispered contently to Laigerick. The Guardian nodded in approval. This palace was extravagant, almost mind boggling. “Come, this way,” Orzon said as he started to climb a set of stairs. Laigerick followed his master to the elevator. Orzon keyed in the “Call-Down” button, and waited as he heard the metal contraption descending down the air locked shaft. Finally, the doors slid open with a soft metallic scraping sound, and the two Dark Jedi filed into it. Orzon keyed in the symbol for the High Councilor's office, and gave a quick sigh before returning to his serious state-of-mind.

The elevator odometer beeped as they passed each floor. Laigerick started tapping his feet as the elevator rose higher. Finally, it gave the last 10th beep, and the doors slid open. They were in a lobby, outside of the High Councilor's chambers. There was a protocol droid at a secretary's desk waiting to greet the two men. “Greetings, I am D2-Q1, human relations, what business to you have with High Councilor Volrath?” the droid asked. Laigerick looked at Orzon, who gave him a shrug that Laigerick took as saying, “Eh, what the hell?” Orzon drew his lightsaber and Laigerick drew his Darkstick, and Orzon screamed at the droid “This is the business we have!” The Krath arched his lightsaber back behind him, and brought it down, vertically, upon the unsuspecting droid. As the droid fell, it managed to hit the security alarm, alerting all guards in the building, that the High Councilor was in danger. “Damn it!” Laigerick screamed. “I will take care you Volrath,” Orzon shouted over the intense sound of the alarm, “you fend off the guards for me.” Laigerick cupped his hands around his mouth, “Okay, but I'll need a better weapon than a sword and Darkstick!” Orzon looked at his saber, then at Laigerick's Darkstick, and then back at his saber again. He took Laigerick's Darkstick, and handed him his saber. “Use this!” he said loudly. Laigerick had a brief moment of disbelief, but it was soon erased by the sound of an approaching elevator load of guards. Orzon turned away from his student, went into Volrath's room, and locked the door behind him.

Suddenly, the elevator doors opened, and ten armed guards jumped out, and opened fire on Laigerick. Laigerick, having some training with a lightsaber, managed to block the incoming blaster bolts. Six of the guards dropped dead from ricocheted bolts. The next three went down fairly easy. Laigerick severed ones head, and pierced two others, with his master's blade, through their torsos, but the last one, apparently the commander, pulled out a katana. Laigerick smiled, because he knew the commander was doomed, due to the fact that his 'borrowed' saber would easily cut his sword, but the Corellian was dumbfounded when it didn't. The katakana had parried Laigerick's swing. “Cortosis!” Laigerick hissed. The commander let an evil grin spread across his face. Then, as things seemed as though they couldn't get any worse, Laigerick heard the footsteps of men coming up the flight of stairs that led up to his position. Filled with fury, and the sheer will to live, Laigerick swung the saber quickly and hardly, pressing the commander down. He kicked the commander up against the wall, used the Force to shut the door leading to the stairwell, turned back around, and stabbed the guard through the heart. The commander gave out a cry of agony as he died.

Laigerick could here the men outside of the door he had closed, shouting for demolition charges. “Oh no!” Laigerick thought to himself. He had to do something quick, but just then, the elevator started to go back down. Almost without thinking, Laigerick ran over to the elevator, and cut the line that was holding it up. The metal contraption quickly fell, and crashed hundreds of feet below. Now, he had to turn his attention to Orzon. The men outside of the door were dangerously close to gaining entrance. The Guardian tried to open the door to the Councilor's office, but it was locked. Laigerick then swiftly jabbed his saber through the metal of the door, and cut a small section out so he could get inside. Just as he entered the office. The door keeping the soldiers back blew, sending flames and debris everywhere. Orzon, who was point Laigerick's Darkstick at Volrath, looked back quickly, and closed the secondary blast door just in time. It would hold them off, for it was blast proof. The Krath turned his attention back to Volrath, who was now begging for mercy. “Please, please Valerian!” he cried, “don't kill me, I... I.. I will join you again, and we can forget this ever happened!” “No,” Orzon said flaringly, “we cannot.” With that, Orzon used the Force to push Volrath out of the glass window. Orzon and Laigerick both looked out of the shattered window to see the small, fading figure of Volrath, collide with the ground. Seconds later, a crowd swarmed around his body, and guards rushed to the scene. Orzon sighed, and traded weapons back with Laigerick. He then sat down at his desk, and pressed the Communications Link 'talk' button. “Peoples of Berchest!” he boomed, “Today, your unfaithful, and greedy High Councilor, is dead.” “I, Valerian di Plaiga Orzon, am now back in my rightful position of power!” A cheer from below thundered through the city and shook the buildings. Orzon, looking content, leaned back in his chair, placed his arms behind his head, and smiled at Laigerick. “I believe our work here is done,” he said.

Laigerick Sithelhood

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I loved the storyline, and only saw one major problem: formatting.

Double space between dialogue of different characters. Gets confusing jumbled up in one paragraph.