Knighting Ceremony


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Knighting Ceremony
By: DJK Dismal Visutor al’Tor

Dismal stood in his office. Ever since his appointment to Aedile of House Exar Kun, he spent most of his time in his office in Diadem Fortress. Usually looking over mounds of paperwork or meditating on a mat in the floor. However, today was not the usual day. Today, Hunter Dismal Visutor al’Tor was preparing for his Knighting Ceremony. He was sporting traditional Jedi Hunter robes, with a diagonal sash going down where all of his merit medals lay. The Sith had just finished meditating, to clear his mind. Today, his biggest dream since joining the Shadow Academy was being fulfilled. Dismal’s concentration on his appearance was interrupted by the voice of Aabsdu, Plagueis Consul, over the loudspeaker.

“Greetings, Members of House Exar Kun. Please report to the Entrance Hall of Castle Diadem. Repeat, please report to the Entrance Hall, all Kunian Dark Jedi.”

A grin crept across Dismal’s face. The hologram projector on his desk beeped, and a holographic image of Aabsdu appeared.

“Dismal, everyone’s in and seated in chairs stationed in the Entrance Hall. We’re waiting for you,” the Consul boomed.

“On my way, Consul Dupar,” Dismal said bowing. The two exchanged a quick goodbye, and the communication ended. The Sith Hunter took a deep breath, and headed out the door.

* * *

The large, onyx doors opened, scraping on the stone floor. Dismal saw on both sides of the hall former Consuls and Proconsuls of Clan Exar Kun. Beside the bronze statues, chairs formed two rows; one on each side. There was one aisle in the middle, on which Dismal was supposed to walk to the Summit’s table at the end. Seated in the center was Aabsdu, Consul. Seated to the left of him was Plagueis Proconsul, Orzon. To the right, former Quaestor of House Exar Kun and Dismal’s master, the Krath Archpriest Scorpius sat. The only light providing visibility were torches in the hands of all the bronze Consuls. In the front row, Ky Terrak, current Exar Kun Quaestor, sat passively. A dark tone started to play, as Exar Kun’s only battle team leader, Laigerick Sithelhood, played an organ tucked to the side of the table. The Hunter started his descent, down the magnificently decorated aisle.

As Dismal reached the Summit’s table, Aabsdu stood.

“Greetings, Plagueians. Today, we are here to celebrate a new Knight of Plagueis. Hunter Dismal Visutor al’Tor has completed numerous missions and Summit work to the best of his ability, and after discussions with all Summit, we award him the rank of Knight. Before I ramble on, I will give the floor to Scorpius, Dismal’s master.”

With his cue, Scorpius stood, his black cloak swaying as he walked over to face the now kneeling Dismal. The Archpriest’s silver eyes glinted in the dim light as he started to speak.

“I, Archpriest Scorpius, master of Dismal Visutor al’Tor, am very proud of my student. He has completed numerous missions, including assassinating Morga the Hutt, who offered a trap alliance with Plagueis, investigating a wreck of a ship in the dangerous Decarian Jungles with me, and constructing his own lightsaber on the planet of Ruusan. As Sith Commander of the Exar’s Shadow squadron, he has instilled activity in the team, and accompanied them on numerous missions, the biggest of which being investigating the theft of an important book stolen from the Dark Vault. I watched as he was promoted to the position of Aedile, and he has started to lead Exar Kun to the best of his ability. He has also earned many medals for service to Clan Plagueis and House Exar Kun, even earning an Anteian Cross, and two Dark Crosses. It is with great pleasure that I promote my student to the coveted rank of Dark Jedi Knight,” Scorpius said. He reached into the folds of his robes, and pulled out a metal tube. When Dismal saw it, he realized it was the lightsaber he had built in a cave on Ruusan. “Take it, my apprentice, you have earned the right to carry it.”

The Sith Journeyman got up from his knee, and took the hilt from the Archpriest.

“Thank you, Master,” Dismal said, bowing. All the members of House Exar Kun and the Summit members began to applaud, the noise echoing through the large hall, and a grin crept across the traditionally robed Dismal, and his master.


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