Killer Instinct

Laigerick Sithelhood

28-01-2007 21:55:36

Here is my newest piece, Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct

The Commander of Battleteam Exar's Shadow sauntered into his master's personal quarters. Orzon sat at his mahogany desk, looking extensivly through tons of paperwork. When he heard the steaming hiss of the door he glanced up, over his texts, to be greated by a smile of Laigerick Sithelhood. "Greetings Laigerick," he said cooly, laying down the documents in his hand onto the cool wooden desk. Laigerick gave a nod of approval and replied, "You called for me?" "Oh yes," the Krath said, "I have a task for you." Laigerick's face scrunched up into an inquizitive expression. "You do?" the guardian retorted. Laigerick sat down in a chair, on the side wall of Orzon's office. The cushion sank as Laigerick lowered himself into it. He squirmed around in the seat, trying to get as comfortable as possible. Laigerick gave a sigh of relief as he loosend his muscles and relaxed. Orzon slid open one of his drawers, and rummaged through it, tossing papers everywhere. Laigerick chuckled in his mind "Orzon never was the organized type." Finally, the Krath straightened himself back up in his chair, and held a datapad in his hand. "Here it is!" he exclaimed. The Arch-Priest tossed it over to Laigerick, who caught it in surprise. "Everything you need to know is in that datapad," his master lectured. Laigerick looked at the datapad, then Orzon, and then at the datapad again. He stumbled up from his seat and brushed off his cloak. "Alright then," Laigerick said, "I'll be off." A smile slowly spread across the Hunter's face, but quickly vanished as he spoke, "Oh, and Laigerick... try not to get yourself killed, will you?" Laigerick paid no attention to the comment, and paced out of the door.
Laigerick's dormitory door slid open. The Corellian strode into the crowded space and lowerd himself onto the edge of his ill-kept bunk. He flipped open the cold, metalic datapad, and entered his pin and password. The screen flashed a revolving Clan Plagueis symbol while the file loaded. Finally, it appeared on the screen:

Operation Grayhound
Greetings Laigerick,

You have been reccomended for this dangerous mission by your Master, Valerian di Plagia Orzon. This mission requires the skill, instincts, and knowledge that he told me you possess. You are to go to Bothawui, and eliminate the Greyhound Faction, a group of Bothan Spys that are causing us, and parts of the Imperial Remnant, great annoyance. All that we know, is that there leader is an old Bothan by the name of Ruza. Eliminate him, his associates, and any information on the Dark Brotherhood, or Imperial Remnant, that you find. You are to meet one of our contacts at the coordinates attached to this file. His codename is Durga III. When you meet him, ask him what time it is. He should reply "The time is irrelavent." Good luck Guardian, may the Force be with you.

---Sith Battlelord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor

Laigerick closed the datapad, and placed it in the inside folds of his robe. He holstered his Relby K-23 blaster pistol and training saber, and sheathed his 'Nex Addo,' his custom Sith Sword. The Corellian went over to his dresser, and grabbed some medical supplies, just in case. Once Laigerick had gathered all of his materials, he dimmed his dormitory lights, headed out of the door, and locked it behind him.
The rays of the Aerunian sun blinded the Corellian's eyes as he entered the illuminated hanger bay. He quickly scanned the hanger, looking for his ship. Finally, in the top left corner, he saw it. Mechanics were working on it vigerously. Laigerick paced over to his ship, the Merk-6. She was a beautiful firespray attack ship, that the guardian had upgraded to his specifications. She was a powerful piece of work: Hyperdrive engine, dual Ion Boosters, enhanced lasers. The whole 'sha-bang.' When Laigerick reached his ships, he approached a Utapinian mechanic, who seemed to be in charge. "Mechanic!" he boomed, "is my ship ready?!" "Ye...yea..." the frightened mechanic stuttered. "Good!" the Corellian bellowed. He opened the cockpit, and jumped inside.
The Merk-6 coasted through space. Sigil 2's blue outline was just visible over the mighty sun's glare. It cast a shadow down upon Laigerick and his cockpit. As Laigerick moved through the void, he checked his system diagnostics.

Engines: 100%
Lasers: 100%
Sheilding: 100%

A look of relief took over the Corellians face. "Those damned mechanics actually did their job," he snorted. Laigerick turned his attention back to the mission itself. He looked down at the Merk-6's console, until he found the hyperdrive throttle. The Sith took a deep breath, and pulled it back. Reality bent before him. Stars stretched, and planets widened, until finally, a blinding flash. He was off.
The Merk-6 exited hyperspace near Bothawui. The lush grean planet was surrounded by the Force, it was almost defeaning to sense all of the life near-by. Ship-building space stations dotted the planets horizon, and shuttles flew in and out of the planet below. The Guardain connected his datapad to the ship's console, downloaded the coordinates, and turned the ship on autopilot.
As the Merk-6 rocketed throught the thick Bothawuian clouds, Laigerick could clearly make out what appeared to the Bothan City of Kalazmira. the Corellian set back in his chair, relaxed, as the ship brought itself down onto the nearest landing pad. As soon as the ships walk-way touched the cold metal of the landing platform, the Sith bounded out of his ship, into the unsuspecting city.
Laigerick followed his datapad's coordinace to the local cantina. Inside, Twi-Lek dancers moved to the rythem of Beth muscians' music, swoop gangs drank to their fill, and the scum of Bothawui thrived. Laigerick closed his datapad as the door behind him hissed shut. The dark journeyman eyed the drinkers curiously, until he found a dark robed Quarren. He walked over to the aliean, and asked him, "What is the time?" They squid-like aliean replied in its native tounge, "The time, is irrelevant." After he was sure he was Durga III, Laigerick opened up straight foreward and asked the contact where Ruza was. The Quarren told Laigerick that he, and his fellow spys, were located in their base, in the secret back room of Ruza's house. With that, the young Corellian was off.
Laigerick paced up the front steps of the metallic, Bothan home. Laigerick carefully peered into the window, to see if anyone was in the house. They weren't. So the Guardian jumped up, raised his foot, and let it crash upon the door with tremendous force. The door easily gave way, and clattered to the floor. The Plagueian crossed the main room of the house, knocking on the walls, trying to find a hollow area. Finally, in the kitchen area, Laigerick found it. He looked around for a device to open it with, but saw none. "Come on, what opens this cursed door..." Laigeick thought. Finally, Laigerick saw the outline of what apperaed to be a hatch on the wall. He used the force to slowly open it. Once it opened, it reveiled a code pad. Not having the time to break the code, Laigerick whipped out his Relby K-23 and shot the pannel. Sparks flew up in the air and a section of the wall slid open, exposing three startled Bothans looking over some papers. Withen seconds, the spys had already drawn their weapons. The older one in the middle, who Laigerick assumed was Ruza, drew a Vibroblade, and the other two, drew blaster rifles. Laigerick fired a shot at the far right Bothan, the bolt striking him right between the eyes. His limp corpse fell to the floor. Laigerick ducked as a burst of plasma bolts zoomed over his head, and while crouched, he shot the charging Ruza in the thigh. The elder Bothan fell to the ground, wailing in agony. The last standing Bothan, fearing his already-decided fate, made a run for the door, hoping to escape, but Laigerick cut him off by tackling him to the ground. The two of them struggled on the ground, trying to overpower the other, but the Bothan's left arm gave out, and Laigerick took the advantage. He pushed the aliean's arm into its side, pulled himself around behind the Bothan, and constricted his free arm around the spy's throat. The aliean gurgled as he was slowly chocked. His legs fluttered in a spastic manner, until they stopped, and went dead. Laigerick releaced his arm from the neck of the aliean, and the body toppled over onto the cold floor. The Corellian paced over to the injured Ruza, who looked up at him, begging for mercy. "Sorry mate," Laigerick said grinning, "I don't make exceptions..." A scream peirced the silence as Ruza's severed head rolled onto the ground. Laigerick wiped the blood from his "Nex Addo" on Ruza's brown tunic, and sheathed it at his side. The Sith left the hidden room, and walked into the kitchen. He grabbed some cooking oil, and headed back into the room. He drenched the room, and all of the intelligence of the Brotherhood and Remnant in it. As the last few drops of oil fell onto the texts, Laigerick stepped back to the entrance, and fired a shot from his blaster. The bolt hit the oil, and immediatly, a raging fire started. The Corellian paced out of the burning house, as civillians watched him in frightened awe. "I believe I this is a good day's work," Laigerick said with a bit of sarcasim, and he headed for his ship.

Laigerick Sithelhood

28-01-2007 22:00:47

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