Death Of Plagueis Part 2


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Death of Plagueis Part 2

Galaphile woke from the throbbing pain within his arm. He held his hand over his crippled hand, and tried to subdue the pain as much as he could. It was irritating work, as his face was now swelled up and causing him so much distracting pain that it was hard to concentrate to call upon the Force. After what seemed like an hour of vigorous work he seemed to make some of the throbbing transparent. But it was not completely gone. He would have to deal with it till he got back to Aerun. Also with the fact that he had left his lightsaber down on the unknown planet.

It was only till after he was done maintaining some of the extensive pain in his body that the horrible events that had just occurred came rushing back to him like a raging Rancor. How could he tell Aabsdu what had just unfolded. That half his family was murdered by some unknown creature with unfathomable Dark Side power. Galaphile did not cry nor sulk in the painful pool of sorrow. He had lost all of that in the last Great Jedi War.

The computer beeped. He had made it back to Aerun.


Galaphile stepped off the transport ship. Hoping to avoid Aabsdu before he could tell him atrocious events that had happened to their family, he tried to run away as quick as he could. But to his dismay, Aabsdu stood waiting for him at the door entrance. “Where is Dismal and Sunflash? Why have they not left the ship? What happened to your face and your arm?”

“My lord. We need to talk alone.”

Aabsdu must have felt the graveness within his tone, and within the Force. Aabsdu nodded and he mentioned for him to follow him to his office. As soon as they entered the Consul’s office, the Battlelord immediately ordered, “Now tell me what happened.”

Galaphile did. Starting from the point of when they landed, to the point where he fled for his life. All the while the growing feeling of overwhelming anger seeped into the Force. Galaphile let his eyes linger to the floor. Not wanting to meet the pure hatred leaping from Aabsdu’s eyes.

“Why did you not stay and fight, like Sunflash,” Aabsdu bellowed at Galaphile.

Silently, Galaphile replied. “It was his last wish. He said, ‘Do not fight him.’”

Aabsdu was seething with Dark side power, his anger making it bleed through the walls and scaring the young Journeymen walking around the complex.

“How I am I supposed to tell this to the Council. That a single unknown creature possibly a rogue Jedi defeated three of our own Jedi, possible four since he was right near where Gaidal was found. Do you know what this means.”

Galaphile shook his head, in fear of saying something to further anger the Consul. “We need a meeting with the Council of the Wise, as soon as possible. There might be an upper level Equite reeking havoc on the planet that I described. I’ll have his head for this. Now leave!”

Galaphile left the office glad to get out of the radius of Aabsdu’s Force power throbs. Galaphile too wanted revenge. But the foe simple conquered him in battle. There was no way that he could beat this Falleen with his current level of skill.

I’ll just have to train harder so that I might be able to avenge my family.

But Galaphile did not know that a century of training would only be useful against an enemy of this caliber, that a century of knowledge would only equal his power.


Qill Mano walked on the transport ship that had been used by the al’Tors just recently. “These damn Jedi are too lazy for my taste. They need someone to clean up after their mess. Should be ashamed of themselves.” Qill walked to the back of the ship ranting on about the al’Tors uncleanness. Unbeknownst to him, was a strange horrific looking Falleen, creeping from the shadows behind him. He also didn’t notice the hideous creature raise its dead looking black hand, outstretched towards him.

Nor did Qill notice himself relaying everything that he had learned since birth. Strangely he didn’t notice that he repeated the memories of Dark Jedi known as Plagueis. That he took special interest in looking back at his first meeting with the new Consul, Aabsdu di Plagia al’Tor, and Proconsul Valerian Orzon. Still without his knowledge he went back into his mind to look at all the locations of Plagueis planets, and who were in control over particular territories.

The black Falleen dropped his hand and walked off the transport ship. Leaving the janitor in state of insanity, reliving his memories constantly.

No one saw him leave the hangar bay and straight into Diadem Fortress. Rather no one could see him. Because he was invisible.


Galaphile sat in his Shadow Academy class of other unemployed Dark Jedi Knight two days later. Since they had no job to attend to, they sat there learning the Lore of the Dark Side before they became Equites. It was all really old stuff now. But today they were discussing legendary Jedi who reigned centuries ago. His teacher, Krath Archpriest Wani Deu was an old looking Jedi. Probably no real use in an actual weapons duel, but in the knowledge of the Force was a different thing.

“Can anyone tell me the Jedi who was said to raise the dead back from the outer world,” he asked looking for the ones not paying attention to call on.
“Galaphile could you tell me the answer?”


“Well why not?”

“Cause its absolute nonsense.” Galaphile had been in a foul and terrible mood ever since the time he left that unknown planet. The loss of Dismal, and Sunflash. Aabsdu’s uncontainable anger at his wretched attempt to avenge their deaths. Also the way he was beaten by the disgusting looking Falleen. There was no way he could have stood against that titan. Even though he was little more skilled in the art of combat than Sunflash, he was still crushed as if he were an insect.

“How could you say its nonsense? Do you have ways of proving me, or the archives wrong,” Wani was looking curious, having felt Galaphile twisted mood through the Force. He decided not comment on it.

“No I don’t and I don’t want to elaborate.”

Wani looked at Galaphile with his strange bright green eyes, and looked to the rest of the class.

“Well his name was Jegar Numo, the archives say that the Kel-Dorians Force power was unbelievably strong, but we all know that nowhere close to unlocking the secrets of reviving the dead. But his prowess was nothing compared to his master, by the name of Darth Amun-Ra. The strange thing about this particular Dark Jedi was, that he was so consumed within the Dark Side that it had altered his whole entire body. Changing the normal green Falleen scales to a deathly black. Some say he grew horns, but that wasn’t exactly commented on nor proven.”

The first time that day Galaphile was actually listening. How strange that he would meet a Falleen that sounded so similar to that exotic description.

Curiosity blazed through him. “What happened to this Darth Amun-Ra?”

Wani looked from the rest of the class and said to Galaphile, “Well in the archives it says that on their travels of power they had a chance meeting with our Plagueis Elders on a small planet near the Outer Rim, Lord Jonaleth di Plagia Isradia, and Lord Khan. Darth Amun-Ra and his apprentice Darth Jegar Numo were consumed with the thought of power and attacked the duo Elders in a dangerous quest to test their powers. From what the locals say, most of whom were killed in aftermath of the battle, said it was the most horrific battle they had ever seen. Causing devastation and mayhem throughout that particular part of the city, it seemed as if there was a war going on. From then on the particulars get a little distorted. We’re not sure what happened because they never commented on the battle, when they returned back to their residence.”

Wani looked out into the class waiting for the effect of their astonishment to spread into the Force. But he felt nothing, except Galaphile’s excited loathing aura. It was depressing and, exhilarating at the same time.

“Well, since this was more than 98 years ago, there was not much evidence to be found. But we made our own assumptions about the outcome of the battle. Well seeing as our Elders returned battle plagued and badly injured that would take months to repair, but alive. They must have defeated, Darth Amun-Ra and Jegar. But the bodies were never found. So the real answers remain with Lords Khan and Jonaleth who have not spoken the story to no one sense.”

Galaphile left the room as soon as the Archpriest finished the story. Ignoring the yells of Wani he preceded down to Aabsdu’s office. He only hoped that he had not left for the Jusidah system yet. To his relief he found Bors Tio standing guard at the entrance to the office. The Obelisk Templar looked at Galaphile as he came running towards him. “What business do you have Knight.”

“I need to speak with Aabsdu right now. He said for no one to disturb him, not even you.”

“Oh…ok.” Galaphile walked closer seeming as if he was going to ask another question. But suddenly he punched the guard in the neck. It was to fast for him to counter-attack, and he didn’t know what happened, and fell to the floor silently. Jonaleths gift comes in handy everyday.

He knocked on the door loudly. He heard a scuffle behind the door, and the door slid aside and Aabsdu stood before him. At first it seemed as if Aabsdu had abandoned all attempts to keep himself looking suitable for the public. Usually sporting his Consul robes, or his battle robes. But today he wore an aged gold and blue tunic. As if the outfit hadn’t been worn in decades. Not to mention the wild hairdo that appeared suddenly. It seemed as if he had just come back from a safari, and had battled wild animals all the way along.

“What are you wearing,” was the first question that popped into Galaphile’s mind. But he said, “I think I have a lead on that mission we had earlier.”

Aabsdu looked at him as if it were his first time ever seeing him. Then unexpectedly recognition sprang in his eyes, and he let the Knight in. “Um, Galaphile.”

Galaphile looked confused. “Yes.”

“Ok, what did you want to say?”

There was something wrong with his voice. It had the distant ring of something more deadly than he was. But Galaphile didn’t notice it. His Force sense not being that strong.

“I was saying I think I know who killed Sunflash, and Dismal.”

Aabsdu closed his eyes, as if trying to remember something, and then he said, “You do you? Well who.”

“Some legendary Jedi by the name of Darth Amun-Ra.”

Aabsdu twitched slightly. “I do not think so.”

“But information points clearly to him, he must-.”

“I said no it isn’t!” Aabsdu was on his feet and was looking particularly dangerous.

“But shouldn’t we make that meeting with Council of Wise to make sure this information is valid.”

“You must not hear clearly do you! I said it isn’t. Now get out of my office!”

Galaphile left the Consuls office feeling angry and bewildered. Why was Aabsdu acting this way? Was the grief hitting him so hard that he was denying everything? Well if that was the case, then Galaphile would have to take things into his own hands. He would have to go to Proconsul Valerian Orzon and see if he could arrange a meeting with the Council of the Wise. He alone will bring news to the Galaxy that Darth Amun-Ra was back.


“Master he knows too much. Let me kill him.” The imposter Aabsdu said to the shadows.

“Not yet Jegar. We may still have need for him. But do not worry; I plan a precise and painful death for him. But I want you to stop his nosing around. I do not want any surprises from the Elders before I regained all my powers back.” Darth Amun-Ra replied.

Darth Jegar snorted. “This bodies mind is so full of memories; I can hardly distort which is mine or which is his. I can’t wait to kill him permanently. “

“All in due time my apprentice. Once Plagueis, and its Elders, are dead then you can kill anyone you want.”


Part 2 Concluded.

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oh no. How come?


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