Death Of Plagueis Part 1


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Death of Plagueis Part 1

Galaphile al’Tor sat in the magnificently decorated Consul office. He was there on the request of his elder brother and Consul; Sith Battlelord Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al’Tor. He was shifty. He was not called anywhere since his battle with the Selene warriors back in the Sixth Great Jedi War when he was commander of Exar’s Shadow. He had been changed during that period of total madness. After an assault on his home planet, Aerun. He was fatally injured and lay inside a bacta tank in utter agony. Then Dark Side Adept Jonaleth di Plagia Isradia, gave him a gift for helping protect one of his kin.

He gave him increased physical abilities. They rivaled that of a Battlemaster itself. But this did not increase his knowledge of the Force however. It did not matter that much, he wanted to learn that path alone. None of his equals could beat him in battle, nor most of the Obelisk Templars or Sith Warriors. This was a just award and he would value it for the rest of his life.

The door slide sideways interrupting his thoughts. In stepped the Consul of Plagueis Aabsdu. “Dark greetings Consul,” Galaphile said straightening up.

“Dark greetings Galaphile.” Aabsdu sat down and looked directly into Galaphile’s eyes. The eyes told him to worry, but for what, he did not know.

“I called you for a grave reason brother. As I do often when I am alone, I listen to the Force as loud and wide as I can. Just yesterday, as I was listening to the Force, I heard cry. It was a strange cry because it was so familiar. Then the cry died, and the presence of the life from it was silenced as well.”

Galaphile did not see where this was going. “It could have been an animal or some creature taking the life of another.”

“Don’t you think I already thought of that?” Aabsdu snapped. “Did you not here me say there was something familiar about the presence of the cry.”

Galaphile bowed his head. “Yes sir.” Then after a minute of silence. Galaphile broke it. “What was so familiar about it?”

Aabsdu seemed to regain his composure and said, “It felt just like Gaidals.”

Galaphile twitched slightly. This was always a difficult subject for him. When any of the younger Jedi asked him about it he let his rage respond. After the Great Jedi War Jedi his brother Sith Warrior Gaidal Dupar al’Tor had disappeared into the Outer Rims area. This was the only communication received from the Sith Warrior.

“Usually I would send a battleteam to retrieve any information. But.…” He looked suddenly angry. “But after the war, his position has changed from the Plagueis point of view. I make it seem as if I accept traitors back into the clan. I know he is not guilty of treachery, but caught up in the scheme of Godo Nurok. So that’s why I’m sending you, Sunflash, and Dismal on this mission. Only the al’Tor’s. They will not betray Gaidal to the Justicar.”

“Why is Dismal and Sunflash coming. Are they not leaders.”

“Yes. And I have a cover story for you all. It’s a family vacation. But to what location is not specified.”

“So where are we going.”

“I did some research and this planet has no name, and far as I can tell, no one knows its existence, or it would have been brought into the archives. The coordinates are with Sunflash who will be leading this mission.”

“When do we leave.”

“Tomorrow. Go get yourself ready, and meet everyone else in the hangar at six. Best early so know one comes along to question. Dismissed.”

Galaphile bowed and left the Consuls office. He need not ask why Aabsdu did not accompany them to this mission. Unlike Dismal, he could not take a vacation, due to his enormous responsibility over all of Plagueis. Plus it would add suspicion to his departure with the rest of the al’Tors.

Galaphile in no time made it back to his room, and gazed out into Aeruns night. Galaphile knew mostly all the advantage points, weak points, and tactical aerial maneuvers on Aerun. He was after all, the Aeruns Guardian, a title in which he earned in his prowess against a villain by the name of Alonzo Bodelle.

A couple of seconds before he went to sleep he thought of Gaidal. Was that really Gaidal, or an impersonation of him. It was high bet, but you can never be too loose with an Elder. They had destructible power and could fool anyone they saw fit.

It was eight in the morning when he awoke. He got dressed wearing his just his Dark Jedi Knight black and grey tunic. Pulled on his black boots and clipped his lightsaber to his sash. He took his armor off the wall and sat in his bag of supplies. For some reason, he did not want to go unprotected.

He headed to the Hangar bay and met no one on the path. As he stepped into the Hangar bay he saw his family already there waiting for him. Sunflash came in his Equite robes and was looking drawn out. Dismal stood beside him wearing Jedi Hunter robes. Aabsdu stood desolate among them. Hidden in his own thoughts. They looked at him when he approached.

“You finally show up Galaphile. Thought we would have to call and escort for you.” Dismal said with a smirk on his face.

“Well I’m here.” Galaphile replied eyeing the Battlelord. Here comes the debriefing.

“Well, you all know what to do, but keep a steady report on your status so I can know your position at all times. If there is trouble, I will send the battleteams to your aid. Now good luck with the search.”

They bowed towards him as he left the bay. “Ok all aboard.” Sunflash barked, pointing to the transport ship. There was no else aboard, as only a few people knew about their ‘vacation’ departure. Sunflash put his bags into a locker, we followed suit. Soon he was in the cockpit putting in the coordinates that Aabsdu gave him. The ship gave a lurch as it started up and flew into the unattainable space. Within thirteen minutes they were in hyperspace.
Sunflash came to the back where Galaphile was meditating and Dismal was practicing his steps fluidly with a Katana. He stopped and stared at the Equite. Galaphile opened his eyes. He knew this was coming.

Sunflash cleared his throat as he sat down in front of them. “Dismal you never got the chance to actually associate with Gaidal. But I thank you for coming with us on this day. On the other hand Galaphile knows Gaidal, and especially the strong bond between him and Aabsdu. Like father, and son they were. I loved my family very much. I even kept my love with Drodik who left us some time ago. But when Gaidal disappeared, it was like missing an arm. The arm of the family was missing. Aabsdu took it hard, as I expected but did not retreat from his duties. It was not till the Great Jedi War did Gaidal return from some long hard journey. I am not going to go back into the history. You all know very well, and I do not like reliving it.”

He eyes were hard and dull as he sat back and relaxed, “His treachery was not just, a trick. He left again was never heard from till now. I am not sure if Aabsdu took all of this and was at ease with himself. What I’m saying is Aabsdu may have imagined it.”

Dismal snorted.

“Don’t think just cause he’s powerful in Force that it makes him immune to power of desire. He has not yet learned to control that power yet.The brain starts creating false hope in order procrastinate from accepting the truth. It may be true. But the most likely case it may not. I do not want to see his face when I tell him we found nothing. So much disappointment and crippled hope would be all I find. I tell you this. Stand strong, for yourself, for the family, and for Aabsdu.” He got up and returned to the cockpit while the Knight and the Hunter dwelled in their thoughts.


After what seemed like two days, Galaphile was pulled out his meditation phase from Dismal who was standing up and looking apprehensive. “We found the planet. Exactly where Aabsdu said he sensed the…call.”

Galaphile got up and rushed to the cockpit with Dismal at his side. He looked down at the unknown planet and gasped. It was the most beautiful planet he had ever seen. Untouched by the grips of technology and intelligent life, pure nature stood out before them. Galaphile then said, “It looks like we have a planet to give to Plagueis.”

This was an epic find. A planet that was untainted by any intelligent species which meant fresh supplies in almost everything was, a fortune itself. “I’m bringing it down for landing.” He tipped the ship down slowly, while the scanners where looking for a clear landing. The process took about twenty-three minutes. After landing the shuttle, the atmosphere particles told us that it was breathable for humans and the pressure was adjustable to for them to walk.

They exited the ship. Galaphile had then put on his armor and Jedi robes on. They stepped off the shuttle into the rich soiled ground of the unknown planet. “Do not keep your guard down. We don’t know what kind of creatures live here so I don’t want to be surprised on our search.”

They nodded and kept their hands ready for any surprise attacks. They walked farther into the rainforest type terrain. It’s high canopy was an amazing site. Galaphile had the sudden urge to sit beneath one and let the life flow through him, so that he would be one with it. The place was almost like Aerun but more exotic and wild. It had a light purple sky haze to it that made him wonder about home. He was cut off from his thoughts when Sunflash stopped about twenty minutes of walking. “I want you all to search for any higher intelligent life forms around here as we walk.”

Together they raised their heads and arms, and concentrated. They let themselves be submerged into the Force gaze out upon its sight, looking for something that shouldn’t be there. Then they found something. It was dark presence indeed. Giving off hordes of throbbing dark side energy. They looked deeper trying to notify the wielder of such tremendous Force power. But a second after discovery it seemed as if the wielder noticed that was being looked upon and instantly shut itself off.

“How did he do that.” Galaphile said dropping his hands down in disappointment.

“I don’t think that was Gaidal. But if it was two strange questions come to mind. When did he get such staggering Dark side power, and why did he close his connection with us when we found him. But we’ll just head in that direction and find out.”

He gestured ahead and they continued through the wild rainforest. After five unsuccessful hours of searching Sunflash decided to stop for camp, as it was getting dark. They stopped, and made a camp while Dismal provided the food. They ate in silence still searching for any sign of intelligent life but to no avail. Sunflash stood watch first, while Galaphile and Dismal slept. Then after three hours he woke Galaphile to for watch. Galaphile stood against a tree and looking out into the beautiful night. He saw a red moon, hover in the sky. It clashed with the planets black and purple night and made a dazzling sight.

But the sight was not what Galaphile was concentrated on. It was on his mind for a couple of hours. He would have to take it up with his family when they awoke.

Galaphile stood up till dawn which was six hours wait. Dismal was the first to stir. “Good morning.” He yawned, then looked at Galaphile in confusion. “Why did you not wake me to take watch.”

“Sorry, I forgot.” Galaphile whispered.

“Well since your rejuvenated lets start moving.” The voices came to the side of him. Sunflash had awoken and was putting his things together.

It took them five minutes to put all their stuff together and continue down the trail to the place they sensed. About ten minutes into the walk, Galaphile voiced his opinion. “I have been wondering for sometime, where are all the other mammals.”

Sunflash looked concerned. “I have been wondering that for a while. Its seems as if they are not on this side of planet. Or here at all.”

Dismal looked flabbergasted. “Why would animals take up only one side of the planet and not all.”

Galaphile replied, “Probably because this maybe where the predators thrive.”

“That cannot be.” Sunflash answered. “You just said you didn’t sense any other creature here. Neither did I. So there is no explanation. But caution is being increased ten-fold for the moment. I don’t want to meet the thing that’s keeping this mammals away from this side of the planet.”

Maybe if Sunflash had not said that, they probably wouldn’t have met it.


After another fruitless three hour search. Sunflash called for a break. “Galaphile could you get some water, I sense a stream ahead.”

“Yeah sure.” Galaphile took the empty bucket pointing towards him in his and left. Just as Sunflash said there was a beautiful stream flowing past him. He stopped at the stream and filled the bucket with water, and sat looking at his reflection. It had changed over the course of his stay within Plagueis. Today we will find Gaidal, and take him back with us to home.

He splashed some water on his face. As he sat wiping his face on his robes he saw something sitting by a tree. It looked like a…human.

Galaphile ran towards the tree with hope in his mind. When he saw what was behind it, that hope died automatically, instead hatred and sorrow filled him. Because before him sat clearly dead, was Gaidal Dupar al’Tor. It looked as if he had aged dramatically during his period of leave.

Galaphile did not know how long he stood there, how long it took to convince himself that was no disorientation of the eyes. But something real and raw. It was taking all of his inhibition to start from destroying everything in front of his eyes.

But after what seemed like forever, he returned to the spot where he they took a break at. Wrestling with this sudden madness he didn’t see the horror laid in front of him at first, until he pulled himself together and looked around the camp.

The air left him and he thought his heart had died. He couldn’t believe it at first, it had to be trick of his mind. What god would play this game with him so. There laid on the grown in pool of blood was Dismal, his Katana barely drawn. Galaphile knew he was dead from the Hunter life force, and it was gone. He looked as if he was ripped apart by a ferocious beast.

Galaphile bellowed. He snatched his lightsaber from his belt. It crackled to life. Then faintly, he heard a moan. Sunflash!

He rushed towards the sound, his heart ablaze and ready to kill on sight. He came into a clearing. Sunflash was impaled into tree with long and strangely shaped branch. His saber lay silently beside him.

The Knight ran towards him. The wound was not alone. Marks from claws savaged his body. His wounds were to great to heal. But all the same Galaphile cursed his teachers for not teaching him it. Sunflash looked up, his face was slashed greatly with the same claw marks. “Gal…Gala.” He rasped under his breath.

“Yes, Sunflash.” Galaphile said leaning closer.

“Take me from this…misery. And do not…do not-”. He went silent and he head dropped a bit.

“Do not what Sunflash, stay with me.” Galaphile shouted.

Sunflash looked at him with undeniable fear. “Do not…fight him.” Then slowly, he died. His life force drew away from the Force.

Galaphile was beyond rage and was on the edge of insanity, and was slowly being pushed over. He turned around, his saber instantly in Makashi style. “COME OUT YOU COWARD. COME OUT AND DIE LIKE YOU KILLED MY FAMILY.”

“Do not worry. You will die soon enough.” Said a voice so decayed and full of malice that it sent shivers down Galaphile’s back.

Something dropped in front of Galaphile. Galaphile swung forward trying to detach the figures head. The figure caught his hand lazily and broke it with s simple twist. Galaphile keeled over dropping his saber (which disengaged), while screaming in terrible pain. On his knees he got a clear look at his attacker. It was a Falleen. But the most exotic Falleen ever to date. It had the Falleen hair and scales but had eyes that were red and black, and its scales were black. He wore an ancient gold and black tunic. The Falleen smirked. Galaphile wanted to rip his throat out.

Screaming in pain and blind fury Galaphile lashed out and tried to punch him in the face. But with unnatural speed it lashed backward avoiding the punch with apparent ease. Even with his enhanced abilities, this opponent was in different league. This attack let him open to an attack. Which the black Falleen took gracefully. He spun around, landing a spin kick with his left foot. The kick caught Galaphile in the face breaking his jaw instantly. He twirled in the air and fell face first into the ground. He could feel the blood spurting from his mouth as he moaned in mortal agony.

He struggled to get up, while gasping short breaths filled with blood. The Falleen was gone. Galaphile did not wait for his return. He ran. He knew the way back to the shuttle, and ran for a day, until he came into the transport ship. He entered the code with his good hand. The door opened. He looked around to see if the beast had followed him. He felt a short breeze hit his face.

He entered the ship and locked it. Then fell to the floor unconscious.


Galaphile did not know how long he slept, but when awoke, thirst and hunger tore at him like a million knives. He dragged himself to the aid room, and wrapped his hand with a tourniquet off the wall. It was stiff and painful, with the Force, Galaphile quelled some the pain and tried to accelerate the healing.

He then took a long drink from a water bottle. He ran to the food cabinet and ate tell he was full. Then with his tearing hunger and thirst died. All of the events that happened came flooding back. He did not cry, he did not sit there dwell in the memories that would bring him pain.

But he planned.

Sunflash had not given a report to Aabsdu yet and all the events that occurred would did not reach Aabsdu. He went to the cockpit and tried to get a connection to Aabsdu’s Consul frequency. He could not get through. Probably blocked by the planets atmosphere. As he started the ship and let sail into space, he set the hyperspace to Aeruns sector. After that he sat down and went to sleep.

Galaphile did not sense or see the black Falleen melt from the darkness whispering, “The death of Plagueis is at hand. Then, the Elders will be dealt with.” Then he melted back into the darkness plotting the death of hundreds of Plagueians.


Part 1 concluded.

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