I Heard Your Cry


21-01-2007 15:36:30

"I Heard Your Cry"

In the dead of night the barracks of the place of Sepros can be
described as quiet as a tomb, this particular night however the tomb's silence
is broke by the cry of a child, "NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". The
little blonde haired sister of Protector Ghilman shook violently as she sobbed
and screamed into the dark.

Ghilman ran to his sisters guest chambers as fast as he could. He had
been up for an hour already and the fear that something might have happened to
her was tearing him up inside. The loud sound of his boot steps let everyone in
the barracks know that he was on his way, and to get out of his way.

Entering Ghilman ran into the her room and dropped to his knee's beside
his little Princess and hugged her against him, "I heard your cry...".
"Brother?", she choked out, "I..I'm sorry I woke you". "I wasn't asleep....I was
having another nightmare about the pirates". "Why do we have to have nightmares?.
Why did the pirates hurt us... I hate them! I hate them! I HATE TH...".
Ghilman put his finger to her lips to stop her, "A soul as gentle as yours
should not hate, it blemishes the beauty". She smirked at him, "That's nice
where did you hear it?".

"Master told me after I recovered from the attack, Here i'll cheer you
up", Ghilman thought hard for a moment, "I'll tell you a poem I just made up
for you!". She looked almost worried, one of there tutors once described her
brothers poetry ability as an insult to the art.

"I heard your cry,
and I wondered why?
So to you I fly,
to wipe your tears dry."

"That was beautiful Brother!", she said as she hugged against her
brother who instinctively put his hand on the back of her head and stroked
her hair.

That night Ghilman thrashed on his bed, crying, screaming out, the
sheets wet with sweat, his face in a grimace of terror. A small gentle hand
gripped his shoulder snapping him out of the nightmare. Opening his eyes
Ghilman looked up into the eyes of an angel. In a sweet little voice she
whispered, "I heard your cry...."

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