21-01-2007 15:15:25

A poem about fearing the Dark Side and my dark side rage will overcome my beloved sister.

Monsters aren't real they say

Maybe the demons I fear are not,
but monsters are.

Is it the thoughts that make you a monster...
or acting upon them?

When you look upon something and make that infernal hiss sound.

That hiss.
One cannot indentify it.

A snake, a cat, something worse

When all you can smell inside your nose is blood.

The frenzy.
That's putting it lightly.

I found records of what I have.

It's not a rage problem.

It's not bloodlust.

It's a curse, known as 'Hyuri'
"The Divine Rage".

I would never allow the Hyrui to willingly control me,
so I must remain diligent.

I must fight.

I must remain diligent

I can not falter.

Because of her.

The same little angel that snaps me from my rage,
by merely a thought of her innocent smile...

How can she also be a participant in the images that flash,
flash in a moment of weakness.

Yes, the images of depraved horror, chaos, and evil.

The ones that fill me with bloodlust,
the ones I seem but an observer to.

I love my little angel, my princess,
more than I love my life.

I do not want her harmed,
for the Curse of Hyuri can be transfered.

I don't want her to become me.

I don't want her to become evil.

I don't want her to smell the blood.

Her beautiful voice is to angelic to make the hiss.

So even though I wish to visit her,
I sigh a breathe of relief if she's not home.

I love her so much that....
I will never see her again.

For her sake,
Which only worsens my torment.

Ylith Pandemonium

26-01-2007 19:30:09

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