Random Poetry


21-01-2007 15:11:12

these were wrote during my basic poetry exams, do to that nature being Star Wars I thought might as well post.

There once was a man from Gelette,
Who went for a walk on the jette.
He tripped and fell,
Then he picked himself up cursing and said, "oh well".

The man went to the doctor afterwards,
And was confounded and at a lost for words.
The doctor who he met at the jette,
Turned out to be nothing more then a Yeti.


Line poem on Shadow Academy
silently they walk
his dark hands
after the jedi they seek
down the path of darkness
onward they hunt
with thoughts of serving him in mind
all thought they know its wrong
can they truly say no
and if they do what consequences
do they have the courage
everyone of them has thought this
much debate in there minds
yet nothing is done

Ylith Pandemonium

26-01-2007 19:29:25

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15-05-2010 13:16:54

hope i'm not intruding... they're not exactly star wars related but i hope they'll be enjoyed just as much. i do take requests too if asked nicely :P


And all that i can think of is
How it would be to have you here, pure bliss,
To have you with 'till the morning light calls.

I look upon this crying sky
And start to ask myself "WHY?
Why am i so stubborn about all things
When all i want to do is love you, to give you a kiss
One that will show you how true and deep my love is."

I stay ponder on these thought
'Till night becomes day and light turns to dark.
I then start to wonder how it would be
If i could undo all the mistakes from our history.

Then i remember the words of my dear dad:
What has been done stays that way, like with an iron clad.
Try as you might to change all that was or is,
That can only be done in your fantasies.

If you really want to make things change
Try looking in the mirror and see what can be better
About yourself, about that which makes you faulter
And see what in the end makes you so strange.

And as i stay and ponder i come to a conclusion:
That all my faults have but one solution...
To change that which i have been taught since childhood
And to finally grow up and show my true manhood
And to admit that i was wrong about everything
And to admit that in the end i really know nothing
About how a real relationship should be.

So my last words to you are this:
I am sorry if all i have done is miss the signs that you gave me
I implore you to believe that i thought i did everything right
I really thought i am showing constantly that i love you with all my might
And i know that i am the one blame for this entyre tragedy
So i promise i will try and make it better with more than just a kiss.


oh, such crude sorrow envelops me before my death
my soul now hurts so bad that it will never know rest
my heart bleeds at sight of all the lies
why? why would you hide for so long from my eyes?

why? why would you pretend there's something there?
when you know better than anyone that it will get you nowhere!
why would you pretend to love, to cherish and to care
when in reality you don't and it's all hanging by a hair!?

i now know that this is not my place,
to stand by your side, to make you say you love me.
you know that your words make me go crazy...
and now you cast me aside like a broken shoelace.

it's not place to keep you chained
to man that you now hate
so i will wait for you to say it,
wait for you to finaly admit
what should've been said so long ago...
either "i love you" or "i'm letting you go".


15-05-2010 14:59:00

i look upon the dark abys
and see the rain now falling
i look out from the window onto tatooine
trying to see through all this mist
what always keeps them bonding
on this desert planet filled with ruin

all life, i've watched him from afar
wanting to be him, to share his faith
to be with him and be his fate,
wanting only to be like Mar.

now i have written all my words
appologies and sweet love oaths
and only think of what the future
might try to bring to heal this suture.

word of advice: i do well with love stories that have no happy ending or a tragic outcome. in case most of you don't get it, they're inspired from either KoTOR I or II or from the original Star Wars movies. as for the writting, sorry about double posts. mostly i do this to keep track of them myself. and i write only when inspired (aka i'm depressed, melancholic or it's raining outside).