Wishing To Be The Wolf


21-01-2007 15:00:27

A poem about me and my chief rival Dragaff

Wishing to be the wolf

Your my worst opponent
So why do I tolerate you.
I look into your cold eyes.
And you send shivers down my spine

The evil glint in your eye
Telling me your intentions
The terror it causes
Brings tears to my mine

You play these cruel pranks on me
It's your nature, I understand
But it hurts so.
Is there any compassion within your being

I look at you and fume in anger
Your all I am afraid to be
The things I dream of, but cannot
I envy you

Your probably laughing
I was warned about your kind
I was afraid, so I hide behind Virtue and Morality.
I want to express the feelings, but can't

I'm light, your dark.
I'm water, your fire.
I'm day, your night.
I'm riding hood, your the wolf.

You tell me things and when I inquire
Your all ways telling me it's a secret
Can I not get a straight answer
Or am I too naive to even understand.

I would just ask one thing
We are not on the same side
But can we not cease are war
If only to achieve both are goals

I'm a riding hood wanting to be a wolf
But my fear of losing morality,
Will all ways lead me to the same place.
Cringing or lashing out with my mace.

Or just being scared....pouting....yelling....
flinging insults....or merely running away.

PRT Ghilman (Obelisk)/TRP/Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow [ACC: INI]
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Ylith Pandemonium

26-01-2007 19:28:23

This counts for 0.5 pages, you will need 9.5 more pages and do 2 reviews on other stories to
qualify for a Dark Side Scroll.


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