Fenosn Ryburn History

Laigerick Sithelhood

21-01-2007 13:14:54

This is a Crimson Tide members bio that I wrote for Orzon to put on the wiki.

Fenson Ryburn was born to a noble family of Dantooine. His father, Johans, and his mother Monza, were both trained in medical professions. Thus, carrying on the family legacy, Fenson was tutored by his parents at a very young age, in the ways of the medical arts. He learned everything from medicines, to surgery, and even aliean anatomy by the age of fifteen, but the young Fenson had a dream. He was always bored by his medical studies, and none of it really interested him. He wanted adventure. So, on his sixteenth birthday, Fenson ran away from home, and never returned.

Fenson, meeting the age requirement, went out to join the crew of the cargo ship 'Katherine', so he could make some money. He served as the on-board medic, for several years, but never seeing any true adventure. Then one day, while on a run to Byss, the 'Katherine' engines died, from lack of fuel. The captain sent out a trasmission, requesting feul, but the supply officer said it wouldn't be there for six more hours. So, the 'Katherine' waited, and not an hour after, Pirates appeard on the starboard bow. They easily boarded the ship, and took the small crew hostage. Those that didn't join them were brutally executed, but one of the ones that joined was Fenson.

Fenson served as assistant medical officer for several weeks, until the cheif medical officer was killed in a boarding. When he took up the position of Upper Echelon Medic, he served under a man named Alonzo Bodelle. Unfortunatly for Fenson, Bodelle was captured by Dark Jedi of House Exar Kun, and held hostage. He was then placed under command of an overzelous youngster, who commanding skills were not that great. Ryburn still holds that position today.

Ylith Pandemonium

26-01-2007 19:32:23

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