Dismal's Lightsaber


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Dismal sat in his office on a mat, meditating, as he always did at night. He had been meditating for two hours straight, almost complete, when his master, the Krath Archpriest Scorpius barged in, a wide grin on his face. “Dismal, up!” he exclaimed. Dismal opened his eyes slowly, and got up from his cross legged position. “What is it, master?” Dismal questioned. “Today is a great day for you. You get to do a Knight Trial at this fine hour,” Scorpius boomed. “Oh great, another trial,” Dismal said in annoyance. “No, not the usual trial. Not at all. Tonight, you get to start building your own light saber!” Scorpius said. Dismal heart leapt in his chest. He had used his master’s lightsaber on occasion, but he had always awaited the day when he would have his own. “Will you be accompanying me, master?” Dismal asked. “I shall come with you. But the construction shall be up to you and you alone,” the Archpriest replied. “Where shall we go to begin?” Dismal asked. “That is up to you, my apprentice,” Scorpius replied. “Now, stop with the questions and lets get on the road,” the Krath said. The pair of Dark Jedi walked out of the large room, capes flourishing.

“Where shall I attain the proper parts?” Dismal asked excitedly. “We’ll get your hilt at the Exar Kun armory, but finding the crystal will be up to you,” Scorpius replied. Dismal and Scorpius halted at a large, DuraSteel door. “Here we are,” Scorpius said. Dismal peered at a small numbered security pad to the left of the entrance, and punched in the access code that all Kunians knew. The door opened with a loud groan. Dismal stared at the variety of blasters and swords lining the wall. “Let’s go in, shall we?” Scorpius said, already walking briskly into the armory. Dismal followed. The pair walked to the very rear of the large chamber. An array of cylindrical steel parts sat on a long shelf. Dismal knew at once they were hilts. “These are hilts for you saber. Choose wisely, for you shall not get to change your lightsaber for a long time,” Scorpius said. Dismal inspected each and every tube very closely, picking up the occasional one. “This is it, this is the one I like,” Dismal said, holding up a finely detailed hilt. “Very well, let’s go purchase it,” Scorpius said. Dismal started to walk away, and looked to his side to discover his master not following him. He thought nothing of it, and continued to a wooden door, and entered the cramped alcove. A man in a tight tunic sat on a stool behind a counter the length of the room. “Borrowing or purchasing a weapon?” the man asked in a low, raspy voice. “I am buying a saber hilt,” Dismal replied. The man looked at a slip of paper, and read Dismal a price. “Twenty credits please,” the man said. The Sith reached into the folds of his robe and pulled out the credits, and handed them to the man. “Thank you sir,” he said, counting them. Dismal walked out of the alcove back to Scorpius. “Hilt purchased, master,” Dismal said, placing it carefully in a fold in his robe. “Very well, off to the hangar bay,” Scorpius said, and the master and student departed the armory.

Dismal and Scorpius walked into the hangar bay. It was deserted, as it usually was at night. There were a variety of starfighters and capital ships parked in the room. “We shouldn’t take a capital fighter, it’d attract too much attention,” Scorpius said, inspecting the room. “I agree. What about a phantom? It seats two,” Dismal said, looking at his favorite class of fighter. “Fine by me,” the Archpriest replied. Dismal jogged over to the nearest phantom, and opened the circular door leading to the cockpit. “I’ll take the gunner spot. You pilot seeing as you know where we’re going,” Scorpius said, climbing in. Dismal climbed in eagerly after his master. “Computer, routine system check,” Dismal said. “All systems active and operational,” a digitized voice replied to Dismal’s command. “Set autopilot for Ruusan,” Dismal commanded. “Autopilot set on: Ruusan,” the voice replied. The sleek fighter lifted off of the ground, and quickly exited Aerun’s atmosphere.


“Entering Ruusan’s atmosphere,” the compuer said, interrupting the silence in the cockpit. “Here we go,” Dismal said. The starfigher landed in a remote meadow. The grass was a beautiful shade of green, and a brook intersected the earth. On either side a mountain started it’s climb into the baby blue sky. It was not a place for two Dark Jedi to be located. Dismal jumped out of the spherical cockpit, followed by Scorpius, casually stepping out. “Why did you pick Ruusan, my apprentice?” the Krath queried. “It’s home to the Ruusan crystal. I picked that one because it helps you concentrate on the Force,” the Hunter replied. “Interesting,” Scorpius said. I got a map of crystal locations from the Dark Vault,” Dismal said. “And the closest spot is right…here,” he continued, pointing to a dark crevice in the base of a mountain. Dismal slowly started to walk towards the cave. He looked back to find his master rolling out a mat. “Aren’t you going to come with me, master?” Dismal asked. “I told you before, the crystal and construction are totally up to you,” the Krath replied, getting in a meditation position. “Now, go find that crystal,” Scorpius ordered. The Jedi Hunter continued his walk. He entered the dark mouth not knowing what would happen.

Dismal reached in his pocket and pulled out a glowrod. The dim, green glow slightly illuminated the cavern. Water dripped from the ceiling so high up that it could not be seen. Stalagmites dotted the floor, a green moss growing on them. The Sith inspected the place quickly, and then ventured further into the cave. He ventured for an hour, his feet were starting to hurt. No matter, though! He came here to construct a lightsaber, and he was going to do just that. Dismal approached a dead end. He rapped his fist on the layer of rock blocking his way. All he heard was a hollow bang. “I can get my way out of this,” he said aloud. He closed his eyes to concentrate. He called on the power of the Force, and punched the stone wall, causing it to shatter. He recoiled his fist. It stung a bit, but he could and would muster on. Dismal’s glowstick quickly went out. He shook it, but found no results. Dismal simply threw it on the ground and got another out of his pocket. He walked into the large alcove uncovered by the fallen partition. He saw a large, shimmering wall. The gems were a light blue, and shone brightly when light hit them. Dismal broke off a rather large gem, and peered at it, appreciating it’s magnificence. Dismal sat on the cool earth, and crossed his legs. He closed his eyes, and started to cleanse the crystal.

The Ruusan crystal floated into the air, and it started circling the Jedi Hunter. It shone a bright sky blue, and impurities such as dirt fell out of it. He did this for about half an hour. When that time was up, he opened his eyes, and stared at the shining gem. This would be the heart of his blade. Dismal reached in the pockets of his tunic and pulled out the hilt and other parts of the lightsaber. He slowly put it together, making sure each intricate part was in it’s proper place. He put the last part in it’s appropriate spot, and he grabbed the hilt of his new blade. A loud groan came from the front of the cave. Dismal judged it was about forty meters away. He quickly ignited his lightsaber, the crimson blade providing new light. “Identify yourself!” Dismal shouted. He saw an emerald blade slowly roll up. The cloaked figure approached Dismal quickly. He inspected him, and discovered it was his master. “Master, what are you doing?” Dismal asked, Scorpius slashing towards the young Sith. The two weapons collided, making a loud cackle. “You have done well, my apprentice,” Scorpius said darkly. He disengaged his saber, and Dismal did the same. “Now, hand me your weapon. It will be bestowed upon you at your Knighting Ceremony,” the Archpriest said. Dismal was reluctant to give up his saber, but he knew he must. It was illegal for a journeyman to carry his own lightaber. He handed the hilt to his master, who clipped it to his belt. “Congratulations Dismal, you have successfully built your own lightsaber,” Scorpius said. The two walked out of the cave, and prepared for the journey home.


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2 notes. One its odd to have a shop to sell saber hilts most constructed the hilt threw various parts. Second, there was no crystals left on ruusan after lord hoth's battle


22-01-2007 12:21:27

The "shop" was an armory, and I just bought a cylindrical tube that would be my hilt. And Wookieepedia said nothing about no more crystals on Ruusan, so I used it :)

Macron Sadow

22-01-2007 17:05:06

Actually, gary is correct. All the Ruusan stones on the planet were destroyed with the detonation of the Thought Bomb by Lord Kaan approximately one thousand years before the battle of Yavin. However, I am sure there were plenty of them off-planet so you could do it that way. Maybe someone brought some back.

Yadar Shyk

09-02-2007 19:24:40

like the storyline but i was still confused about the russan stones. :w00t: :huh: