A Small Mission

Laigerick Sithelhood

09-12-2006 22:20:49

Yet again, another fiction from muah: Laigerick Sithelhood. This is an old fiction that I wrote about a month ago. Enjoy :P (Again, plz forgive me for having no identions, I still haven't been able to do them!)

One misty morning on the Shadow Academy Campus on Onderon, Acolyte Laigerick Sithelhood was starting out of his dormitory window. “Hmm…bleak,” he muttered. His dormitory was a small, tightly crammed room with nothing more than a bed, footlocker, terminal, and meditation area. It was made of cheep carbonite. The dainty thing wasn’t even fit for an Ackley, but today was a perfect day to perform his assignment and another reason to get out of this ‘schutta’ place.

“I might even be challenged by this assignment,” he joked.
He opened up his datapad. The orders were right there. Infiltrate Jubishi the Hutt’s Tatooine Palace, get the money he owed, and terminate him. They were as clear as the lakes of Iridonia. He snorted in an alien manner, closed up the datapad, and placed his materials in his robe pockets and his knapsack. He flash-saved his holodisks that had maps of the palace, worker information and other things that might come in handy in the field, from his personal terminal to his datapad and headed out of the door. The entrance slid back behind him and closed with a metallic clang. He punched in his key code, made sure it was locked, and he headed down the dimmed hallway. It was full of Sith, Krath, and Obelisk students along with the occasional master or envoy. At the next intersection, Laigerick took a left and walked into the armory. There was an Obelisk Primarch there, waiting to give him his weapons. They bowed to each other and then Laigerick began looking for his weapons of choice. Finally, he chose a Force Pike along with a Relby-K23 Blaster Pistol, and three thermal detonators. He holstered his weapons and paced quickly to the shuttle bay. As he entered the shuttle bay, he saw it. His ship. The Merk-6. She was a modified, green and yellow, Firespray Attack Ship. She had quad-laser cannons, an increased shield of 120 SBD, and four concussion missiles (instead of the regular two) along with three sonic charges for each of the two launchers. She was a birthday present for Laigerick on his fourteenth birthday, the last one he ever spent with his family. Laigerick ran over to her and jumped in the cockpit. He engaged her turbo-boosters and took-off from the shuttle bay. After he was out of Onderon’s orbit he set his coordinates to Tatooine and engaged his hyper drive.

About an hour later, Laigerick came out of hyperspace. He had a visual of the planet. Tatooine itself looked pretty bad, nothing but desert, but compared to the space around it, it was like an oasis. The planet was orbited by millions of junk particles from kilometers to millimeters in size. “This really is the mud hole of the galaxy isn’t it,” Laigerick stated. His ships autopilot continued to take the craft to the surface. It sent his docking code automatically to the Mos Eisley Docking Patrol. When he got his permission to land he took manual control and set the ship down in to Docking Pad #3. When the ship had come to a complete stop, he shut down the main power, sauntered out of the Merk-6, and headed out toward the local vehicle yard, hoping they would have some swoop bikes for rent. He walked down the road for a while when he came across a store called “Margia’s Vehicles” or as best as he could interpret it. He had never been a master of foreign languages. He entered the store. It had a musky smell to it. A manufacturing droid looked up over the counter.

“Greetings, I am D4QP. How may I help you?” Laigerick responded to the droid’s question by saying, “I would like to know if you have any swoop bikes for rent?” “Yes, state of the art,” it replied.
“Good,” Laigerick said. “I’ll take the fastest you have.”

The droid wobbled over the nearest swoop bike. Laigerick tied his belongings up on it and climbed up onto it. “Sir,” the droid said irritably, “you have to pay!” Laigerick then pulled out his Relby and shot the droids head right off of its body. By the time anyone could find out what all the commotion was about, Laigerick was already too far away for anyone to do anything.

A while later, Laigerick saw the palace come into view. It was enormous! It almost looked like a cathedral made out of adobe brick. He parked his swoop bike about 300 yards away behind some dunes. He pulled out his optic binoculars. At the palace entrance there were two Gammorean guards and one human guard. Laigerick stealthily advanced to the entrance. When he got close enough he used a Mind Trick on one of the Gammoreans, making it attack the other. With the two pig-like brawling on the ground, Laigerick pulled out his force pike and severed the remaining guard’s head off.
He then killed the two Gammoreans before they even new what hit them. After that, he put on the human guard’s armor and walked through the door.

It took Laigerick’s eyes a few moments to adjust to the dimly lit palace. He heard a faint, rhythmic sound coming from down the hallway. He paced quickly, trying to follow sound, and by the time he was in sight of the source, he already knew what it was. It was music, the Mos Eisley Cantina type. A worn protocol droid met him at the door. “Hello guardsman, will you be joining us for the party?” it inquired. “No, but I do need to speak to Jubishi alone,” he retorted. The protocol droid told Laigerick to stay put while he went to tell his master. The protocol droid wobbled over to the gigantic slug, whose small mind was consumed by the entrancing dance of his Twi’lek slaves. “Um, excuse me master,” it said, “a suspicious guardsman is wanting to speak to you, and I have no record of him my databanks sir.” “Take him to my personal quarters,” he bellowed without even taking his eyes of the exotic dancers and Jubishi waved him away. The protocol droid acknowledged his master’s bidding and strode back over to Laigerick. “My master has agreed to talk to you,” it said, “follow me this way, please.” The droid lead Laigerick through the crowd towards a metal door. It punched in a key code, and the door slid open. Laigerick sauntered into the room and turned around to hear the droid say, “Master Jubishi will be with you in a short while.” The droid walked out and the door slid closed behind it. Laigerick laid on one of the Gammorean’s bunks while he waited.

Not soon after he sensed that something was wrong. He heard a faint hissing sound and looked around. He looked up at a vent and saw a blue-gray gas spilling out of it. They were poisoning him! “Damn,” he thought, “that droid must have known all along that he was fake!” He should have been more careful. He needed to get out of there fast, but how? He ran over to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn’t budge. There had to be another way. Then he remembered the mission. The credits! He ran over to Jubishi’s desk and grabbed the 500,000 Credits and stuck them in his knapsack. He was starting to feel warm and cozy, wanting to just lay down and rest, to sleep, but he couldn’t… he wouldn’t! He summoned what strength he had left and used the force to remain consciousness. He ran back over to the door and used all of his power to pull the door out of its place. He heard the metal crunching, expanding. Laigericks face was contorted with concentration. Beads of sweat rolled down his tattooed face, and then finally, with a loud “crack” the door flew back and hit the wall behind Laigerick. Everyone in the party took notice to this and fell silent. The next thing that Laigerick knew, Jubishi was screaming at the top of his lungs, “Get him!” Two mercenaries pulled out there blaster rifles, but Laigerick was already there, force pike in hand. He cut one blaster in half and sent the first mercenary tumbling to the ground in two halves. The other one shot, but Laigerick rolled out of the way just in time. It hit and killed an Aqualish, who fell dead to the floor with a loud thud. His friends, after they noticed what had happened, pulled out their blasters, and returned fire. This caused a chain reaction, and soon people were shooting and dropping dead everywhere. Laigerick used this as a chance to slip away, but a blaster bolt hit him in the leg. He howled in pain and fell to the floor. Trying to get up, a Nikto stood over him and placed a foot on his chest, “Say goodbye,” it taunted him in its alien tongue. Laigerick pulled out his Relby K-23 just in time and shot the Nikto straight between the eyes. Laigerick accelerated the healing of his wound and jumped up to his feet. As he started to run away, his eyes met those of Jubishi who roared in anger. Laigerick took this opportunity to finish what he had started. He threw a thermal detonator. It landed right into the Hutt’s wide-open mouth. He jolted out of the room. There was a loud “boom” from the room and Laigerick saw gore hit the walls and floor everywhere.

He sprinted out into the arid deserts of Tatooine, with the poison and blaster wound affecting him greatly he barley made it to his swoop bike. Completely exhausted, he mounted his swoop bike, started the engine, and took off. He could see blaster bolts flying by him, looking back he saw the remaining mercenaries shooting at him while the others fought a pointless battle causing intense carnage everywhere.

Not too long after, Laigerick pulled into town, near the landing pads. He left the swoop bike and armor in an alley behind a cantina and changed back into his robe. He walked out into the crowd. He made his way to Landing Pad #3 and limped inside of the Merk-6. He sat down in the pilots seat and engaged the take-off sequence. In a matter of moments, he was off on his way back to Onderon.

Laigerick pulled back into the shuttle bay of the Shadow Academy. “It was good to be home!” he thought to himself. He could see Dark Jedi Knight Ky Terrak and Jedi Hunter Dismal already waiting for him. When he landed he shut down the main power and limped out onto the shuttle bay floors. He bowed to Ky and Dismal, showing his respects. “I see you have successfully completed your mission Acolyte,” Ky observed. “Yes sir I have,” Laigerick gasped in pain, “here are the credits and I am happy to announce that Jubishi the Hutt has been terminated.” Laigerick coughed and handed the credits to Dismal. “You should go to Med-Bay and get those wounds checked out,” Dismal stated. Laigerick couldn’t agree more. Nothing would be better than a night in a kelto-tank, and so he walked off with a smile on his face that no amount of pain could wipe away for he, Laigerick Sithelhood, had completed his first mission!

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