Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November...

Laigerick Sithelhood

09-12-2006 22:09:34

Again, another fiction from Laigerick Sithelhood >:) (plz forgive me for having no indentions, the forums will not let me do them, I have tried every thing I can possibly think of)

Protector Laigerick Sithelhood entered the briefing room. His Clan Summits, Aabsdu and Orzon, were there waiting for him. “Please, be seated,” Orzon stated. Laigerick took his seat and paid careful attention to his summits lecture. “You will be going on a dangerous mission, one that most wouldn’t come back from.” Orzon said, “but we know that you have the potential to complete this mission successfully.” “You will go to Nar Shadaa, the Bunami Exchange Sector, to be exact, and then you will blow up their headquarters tower.” Aabsdu finished for Orzon. Laigerick watched intently as the holopannel flashed 3D graphics schematics of the tower. “So, tower has only one weakness, and that is inside of the main control room?” Laigerick questioned based upon what he had observed from the schematics. “Yes, your right,” Orzon said surprised, “you learn very quickly indeed, protector.” Aabsdu continued, “These schematics and other specifics will be downloaded to your datapad.” Laigerick bowed, and got up out of his seat. “Oh, and may the Force be with you, always,” the Consuls said simultaneously.

Laigerick had previously packed his force pike and some explosives, which was all he was going to take on this mission. As he walked down the hallway to the shuttle bay he hoped that the repairmen had gotten his “Merk-6” space worthy from his last mission on Korriban. Those damn Mynocks tore his ship up so badly that he was lucky to get it off of the ground in one piece. He strutted into the bay. A Sith Technician greeted him at the door. “Sir,” he said, “your ship isn’t done yet.” “And why not!” Laigerick said irritably. “Uh, sir we’ve, just…” the technician started to gargle as Laigerick used his force choke capabilities on the imbecile. Laigerick released his grip, and the Technician fell to the floor unconscious. “Next time, I will not be as forgiving,” he murmured. The assistant technician ran over to him. “Sir, we do have an Infiltrator if you want to use that,” he said. Laigerick nodded in an accepting manner. The displeased Zabrak paced out of the door with the assistant technician leading him. He went to the adjacent docking bay and took a Sith Infiltrator, left the system, and set course for Nar Shadaa.

Later the Smuggler’s Moon came into view from Laigerick’s cockpit view. Laigerick sensed a strong echo in the Force from here. This place was buzzing with life. The sound was almost deafening. He shut out the echo as best he could and continued to the surface. He had to take manual control of his ship because there were too many ships coming in and out of the system making it highly probable of a shipwreck. As Laigerick entered the atmosphere, an intense fog blinded him from the surface below. Finally his ship penetrated the fog and he could see the Exchange Sector. He looked for an open lading pad, and landed on the first one he saw. When the ship came to a complete stop, Laigerick sauntered out of the ship and through the fog coming from the release of pressure from the landing gear. The protector quickly paced off of the landing pad. He went to a street terminal and found the directions to the tower. Laigerick smiled at the thought of the “fun” to come.

When Laigerick finally reached the tower, two Quarrens stopped the Zabrak at the tower’s entrance. “What business you have with Exchange?” they questioned. Their accent was horrible. Laigerick barely understood them. “This!” Laigerick replied. He swung out his force pike with a mighty arc and two squid-like heads rolled to the floor. He disposed of the bodies in a dumpster in an alley and continued his mission. He entered the building and was soon noticed by the guard. The fat Gammorean rushed towards him, axe in hand. Laigerick rolled off to the side just as the axe hit the ground. He struck the Gammorean in the thigh with his force pike, severing the leg right off. The guard fell to the ground with a painful squeal. Laigerick ended the sound with a quick twirl of his pike, then a stab right through the guard’s heart. He ran up to the elevator at the end of the hall and entered in the key for the control room.

Laigerick watched as the lights slowly blinked, telling which floor he was on. B, 1, 2…. Suddenly the elevator stopped with a screeching jerk. The inertia of the stop sent Laigerick tumbling to the floor. He hit his head leaving him dazed and confused. Laigerick used the Force to remain consciousness. He stumbled as he got up. Once he regained his mindset, Laigerick tried to find a way out of the elevator. He could see no way out. There was no hatch of any kind. Then he gazed at the main doors. He saw that they were cracked ever so slightly. He grabbed his force pike and wedged it between the doors. This task was consuming all of his strength. Beads of sweat steadily rolled down Laigerick’s face. He stopped. It was too much for him. He bent over panting heavily. “No,” he said aloud, “I will not be beaten this easily!” He slammed his fist against the wall of the elevator. His fist slammed through the wall making a small hole. Surprised, he then starting ripping pieces of the cheap metal out, bit by bit until the hole was large enough for him to fit through. He wormed his way through the hole and grabbed hold of a bar along the exterior of the elevator, using it as leverage to swing himself up on top of the elevator.

Laigerick started climbing up the cable that held the elevator. It was a strenuous task, for the door to the control room was several stories above his head. He continued his climb until he came parallel to the door leading into the control room. The doors were sealed shut. “Damn it!” he screamed. There was only one thing that he could do. He concentrated intensely on the door, his eyes rolling back into his head. The doors creaked slightly, and then with a loud “crack” flew open. Laigerick swung off of the cable and flipped into the room. The room was occupied by to technical droids and the Exchange Boss on Nar Shadaa, Frishi ’ag Brolia. Brolia was a corrupted Rodainian. As soon as his presence was noticed, Laigerick used telekinesis to send the technical droids flying out of the room and down the elevator hatch. Metallic crashes echoed up the shaft as the droids met their demise. By the time Laigerick could focus on Brolia, he was already upon the Zabrak. The Rodainian pulled a Relby K23 and shot at the protector. Laigerick was hit in the shoulder. He screamed in agony as the bolt burned his flesh. Brolia laughed in an alien manner at the sight of Laigerick. “Puny shutta,” he giggled, “you are no match for an Exchange Boss!” Laigerick’s hatred was welling up inside of him. “Oh really?” Laigerick retaliated. He pulled out his explosives and pushed the detonator. “I may not be,” he said, “but this sure is!” He threw the charge over to the control terminal and got up. He jumped out of the room back into the shaft, and grabbed hold of the cable. He slid back down the shaft as quickly as he could. Once he was at the bottom he lunged back through the hole in the elevator and ran out of the door of the tower.

The explosion was enormous. Flames burst out of the tower and flung Laigerick onto the streets. Despite his blaster wound, he was alright. His favorite robe was charred though. He got up and started pacing back to the landing pad singing all the way, “Remember, remember the fifth of November. The gunpowder, treason, and plot. I see of no reason why the gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.”

Ylith Pandemonium

10-12-2006 07:12:11

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