A Small Matter of Cargo...

Laigerick Sithelhood

09-12-2006 22:03:57

Another fiction from Laigerick :) (P.S: Again, forgive me for having no identions, the forums will not let me do it)

Light shone in through the window of Laigerick Sithelhood’s dormitory, on to his shadowy figure. He was clothed in a Dark Jedi Sentry Robe with the hood up. He was meditating peacefully on his mat. Legs crossed, elbows on his knees, eyes closed. He made no movement. The only sound was his consistent breathing. The Corellian basked in the radiance of the Force. He could feel it flowing through him, whispering rhythmically as it went. This was his morning ritual. Every day after he woke up, he would bathe, get dressed, eat, and then meditate. Unexpectedly, his terminal started ringing. Laigerick bounded up from his meditation and shot over to the terminal. He keyed in the speaker, and smoothed back his hair as he said “Protector Laigerick Sithelhood here.” Through the visual screen, he could see that it was his Battle Team Leader, Jedi Hunter Dismal.

“Greetings Laigerick,” Dismal pronounced, “I have a mission for you.” “You are to go to Korriban and pick up some cargo that has important supplies in it, from a Telosian Cargo Freighter.” “Make no mistake, without these supplies, Exar’s Shadow would surely loose the upcoming Battle Team War against Satal Victus,” Dismal said grimly.

“Sir,” Laigerick stated, “I will carry out your command with the utmost efficiency.”

Dismal gave a nod of approval before signing off. Laigerick turned away terminal and began to gather his materials. He stumbled through his footlocker, throwing things in a crazy frenzy until he found what he was looking for, his weapons. Laigerick sheathed his force pike, holstered his E-11 BlasTech Rifle, and headed out of the door, to the elevators. Laigerick sauntered up to the control keypad and punched the elevator call button. He waited for several moments tapping his foot, arms crossed. Finally, the elevator doors opened and Laigerick paced in. As soon as he entered the elevator, the doors closed behind him with a “cling.” The elevator shot down to the ship bay level with tremendous speed. When it came to a complete stop, Laigerick started walking out of the door.
As soon as he strutted into the ship bay, the Protector headed to his ship, the Merk-6. She was a modified, red and green, Firespray Patrol Ship. Laigerick’s main modification to her was the three sonic charges and sonic launcher attached to the back of the ship. These were probably the most deadly and efficient weapons for any type of star fighter. “Not to mention expensive,” Laigerick snorted to himself. Laigerick ran down the metallic stairs and threw himself into the cockpit. He did his routine diagnostic: checking the fuel, engines, weight, weapons, etc. Once his navigation computer had finished the diagnostic, he turned on the engines and blasted out of the ship bay. Laigerick set the Merk-6 on autopilot until he exited the system. With time to spare, he took a look at Onderon’s surface. It was lush green with its dense forests everywhere. These forbidden jungles held many ruins, secrets, and beasts. The only sanctuary was the city of Iziz, which was the only non-nomadic city on the planet. A huge wall to keep the terrors of the outside planet out surrounded Iziz. Next, Laigerick turned his attention to its jungle moon, Dxun. The battle on Dxun was one of the deadliest wars during the Manalorian Wars. Thousands of people died there that day, on both sides. It was also the home to the last of the Mandalorians after the Mandalorian Wars nearly wiped them off the face of the Galaxy. These survivors were that of Clan Ordo. As Laigerick continued out of the system he thought to himself about how much history this small, peaceful planet had in the tide of the Galaxy. It almost completely bewildered him. Laigerick jolted in surprise as an alarm went off from his ship terminal. It read, ship now out of orbit of Onderon. Laigerick chuckled after being scared so easily. He set course for Korriban, pulled back on the hyperspace throttle, and zoomed into the abyss.

Later, the Merk-6 came out of hyperspace. Laigerick wondered where he was going to meet this cargo freighter. At that moment a staticy transmission buzzed in on Laigerick’s console. There was a ship captain on the other end. He was standing in the bridge of what looked like a Telosian freighter. The ship appeared to be on full alert because of the lights flashing. The captain looked extremely frightened. “Not much time… dropping cargo to surface… too hard… breaking through…. bombers too strong…. AHHHH!” The signal ended with a loud buzz. Laigerick ran a scan of the surrounding system to look for the freighter. When the scan was done he saw the freighter, or what was left of it. There was nothing but debris from where the freighter had been blown out of the skies, but by what? There were no other ships in the system. Just then a combat alert went off from the Merk-6’s sensor array. Laigerick isolated the target. It was a small pirate scout group of two Cloakshape Starfighters. “Heh, they must be kidding sending only two of their goons,” Laigerick joked, but little did he know of the traps laid for him. He turned right into their path, heading straight for them. The two pirates split farther apart in order to make room for Laigerick, and opened fired. Their blasts came quick and hard. A barrage of lasers hit the Merk-6, luckily for the Corellian, his 102 SBD shields were more than a match for them. Once the ships flew past Laigerick took a dive and circled back up right behind the Cloakshapes. He pulled the triggers and shot one out of the sky. The other one engaged full thrusters and turned back towards the planet. Laigerick stayed right on its tail. He didn’t want to open fire, for he thought that this fighter might answer his questions about who attacked the freighter.

As Laigerick rounded the far side of the planet following the fighter, his fear was recognized. The Crimson Tide remnants were behind this attack. The Crimson Tide was a pirate organization that had long since been mortal enemies of Clan Plagueis. They had once tried to steal the plans to House Exar Kun’s Temple on Aerun. Along with the plans, they took dark jedi younglings and a captive of Exar’s Shadow, by the name of Alonzo Bodelle. After a long and treacherous battle, Clan Plagueis stood victorious, but not without severe losses. The Crimson Tide wasn’t just your regular group of pirates. No, they were organized, sophisticated, and deadly. A Pirate Star Galleon was idling through the debris of the Telosian Freighter. It was far enough so that it couldn’t see him. Apparently, they wanted the cargo, very much. Laigerick couldn’t let them have it. The fate of his Battle Team depended on it. Laigerick couldn’t let that fighter tell his superiors that he was here, so he took one last shot at the other Cloakshape and shot it out of the sky, and descended to the surface.

Once in the atmosphere, Laigerick scanned the area over for the cargo wreckage. The endless rolling red sand of Korriban seemed to stretch on forever. Finally he found it, near an old Sith Lord’s tomb, and settled the Merk-6 down a couple scores of yards away, behind a sand dune, for cover. He trotted out to the site. The ground was charred were it had hit on impact, and the sand was making the iron sizzle. He grabbed what was salvageable and starting to take it back to his ship. This place echoed with the Dark Side of the Force. It was like a fountain of youth for the Sith Protector. When he got back to his ship with his first load, four pirates uncloaked from their stealth generators. “Freeze!” the apparent leader shouted, “take one more step with that cargo and my men will blow your brain right out of your head!” Laigerick slowly set the cargo down on the ground and put his hands behind his head. When the leader came up to bind his hands, Laigerick twirled around and whipped his force pike out all in one motion. He swung the pike back and arched it right through the neck of the pirate. The body fell down to the sand, blood pouring out of the carcass at a steady rate. Laigerick smiled, “Who’s next?” One Trandoshan pirate came at Laigerick with full speed. The Corellian sacrificed his force pike by launching it into the stomach of the pirate. The force of the impact of the pike sent the Trandoshan flying back. Laigerick then pulled out his E-11 rifle and shot the closest pirate to him right between the eyes. The last pirate ran towards him and tackled him from behind. While rolling on the scorching hot sand, Laigerick used his mastery of the Grappling fighter style to subdue his opponent. In no time, Laigerick had twisted his opponent’s arm, breaking it in two, and knocked him unconscious. Laigerick stood up and brushed the sand off of his robe. He walked over, picked up his force pike, and thrusted it into the skull of the unconscious pirate. Laigerick then got the rest of the cargo as quickly as he could. He didn’t want another encounter with any more pirates. After he loaded the materials, he got back into the Merk-6, and left the sand barren planet.

Once out of the atmosphere, Laigerick picked up multiple contacts on his sensors. It was a swarm of TIE Phantoms from the Star Galleon. The Star Galleon had also started to pursue him. “Damn it!” he cursed. He couldn’t go into hyperspace, because the debris would tear him apart. He would have to fight this battle until he cleared the field. The attack came swift and with full force. The Merk-6 creaked and moaned as she took the lasers. The Star Galleons main guns did the most damage. His ships shields were draining so fast that she wouldn’t last much longer. Laigerick had to out maneuver the pirate pilots. That was his only chance of making it back alive. He came up on a large piece of debris and rolled to its side. This caused two of the TIEs to run into it. “Good,” Laigerick thought sarcastically, “now only five more to deal with.” Barrages of lasers flew past the Merk-6’s cockpit. His shields were low, and draining quickly. He was down to 20 %. Laigerick had no more tricks up his sleeve. He would just have to wait and see if he made it. 15%… Laigerick looked at the distance gauge. Only six more kilometers and he was out of here. 10%… Four more kilometers. “Come on!” Laigerick shouted. Then Laigerick remembered. His sonic bombs! It was risky, but it was his only chance. He pulled the launch trigger and 3 canisters flew out of the back of the Merk-6. They floated back towards the Phantoms and imploded. Three huge sonic booms occurred and deadly shock waves were sent out in all directions. The TIEs were all completely obliterated as the waves cut them in half. The Merk-6 took some heavy damage also. His shields were down to 3%. A large ripple caught the Corellian’s attention and Laigerick turned to see one of the canisters’ waves slice right through the Star Galleons stern, sending it tumbling down into the black oblivion of space. Just as that happened, Laigerick came out of the debris field. He gave a cheer of joy as he pulled on the hyperdrive thruster and headed for home!

Ylith Pandemonium

10-12-2006 07:10:49

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