Laigerick Sithelhood

09-12-2006 21:45:17

I don't like how the forums post writing, but unfortunatly, I do not have a blog or anything to link my writing to. This is a short story that I cooked up for my battle team. Enjoy. (Please forgive me, the forums will not allow me to indent each paragraph.)

Dark Jedi Master Corran Force stood watch outside of the Exar Kun Armory in the Decarian jungle. It was a misty morning, and Corran was extremely tired after staying up the previous night. Corran, being a flight member of Battle Team Exar’s Shadow, had been assigned the duty of guarding the armory. Inside were weapons and gear of great importance to House Exar Kun, without them, the House would surely fall into chaos, having nothing to defend themselves with.

His robe was damp, and his skin was pruned from the moisture in the air. This was enough to drive any man insane, but luckily for Corran, he already was. Corran chuckled at the thought of this. The sun had just started coming over the tree line in the rainforest, shooting a golden cascade of rays down upon the darkened jungle. “Finally,” Corran muttered. His eyes adjusted to the new dawn. Corran decided to take this chance to meditate. He sat down upon the grass crossing his legs. He felt the cold bite of the dew hitting his skin. Corran straightened his spine and began his meditation.
Basking in the sun made it easier for Corran to clear his mind. He listened to the Force. The whispers of the jungle were easily heard. This place was full of life. Suddenly, Corran heard a disturbance. People were coming, but these people, they were stealthy, efficient. That could mean only one thing; they were here to rob the armory. Corran sprang up and whipped out his double-bladed lightsaber. The crimson blades shot out of the emitters with a static hiss. Corran looked around and saw a rustling of the bushes. He leaped over to the foliage and cut the top with his lightsaber. Twigs and brush fell to the ground. Corran looked inside of the plant only to find a canister. He picked it up in curiosity. He looked at it and examined it with great care, but just as he started to head back to the armory entrance, it vented a thick pink gas. Corran immediately threw the canister to the woods, but it was too late. A cloud already surrounded the Dark Jedi Master. He fell to the ground, wheezing and gasping for air. The last thing he remembered was seeing cloaked figures walking out of the woods. He wasn’t sure, for his eyesight was glazed due to the effects of the gas, but as best as he could tell, those cloaked figures were wearing Satal Victus uniforms. Corran lost consciousness after that.

The Dark Jedi Master awoke hours later. His fellow Battle Team Members were already there. The other flight members were performing the routine investigation of the armory. Dismal, the Battle Team Leader of Exar’s Shadow, asked Corran if he was alright. “Yes, yes,” Corran replied as he struggled to stand up. He looked around at the armory, and then turned to Dismal. “The supplies, they are…” Corran gulped, “…gone?” he questioned. “Unfortunately, yes,” Dismal stated, “Niman Master and Laigerick Sithelhood are out in the jungle looking for the supplies as we speak.” Corran shook his head in shame, “How could I have been so naive!” “Corran, its not your fault,” Dismal said comfortingly, “now is there anything that you can tell me about the intruders?” “Yes, they were wearing Satal Victus uniforms,” Corran stated. Dismal stared at him with disbelief. “Are… are, you sure?” Dismal sputtered. “No doubt in my mind!” Corran retaliated. “Then the traitors of Satal Victus shall pay with their blood!” Dismal shouted.

Hope you liked my short fiction. More of my writing is sure to come ;)

Ylith Pandemonium

10-12-2006 07:06:15

This counts for 0,75 page, you will need 9,25 more pages and do 2 reviews on other stories to
qualify for a Dark Side Scroll.


**Note: When reviews are made, posts links on this thread. If you submit new material,
be sure to link and mention this to add in post count.**

Ylith Pandemonium

10-12-2006 07:07:15

I saw you did two reviews, but those arent counted towards a Dark Side Scroll.

Reason: The reviews are too short and should at least be about half a page size in word.