The End


02-12-2006 23:07:41

I long to live here

But there are many things to fear

I'm afraid to do it alone

As much as I try to postpone

I was ok in my presence

But an emotional wreck in my essence

I say farewell to thee

Please dont' pity me

I'm sorry all, I say good bye

I cant believe I'm ready to die

This blood it runs through my veins

Like speeding cars in their lanes

In my veins it wants to stay

Though spill on my hands, that it may

I'm done, I'm through

This last thing I must do

It hurts to much it won't leave

With my shaky hand, I roll up my sleeve

To my wrist I take this blade

My life for peace I make this trade

Ylith Pandemonium

04-12-2006 06:37:32

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qualify for a Dark Side Scroll.


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