Love never dies


01-12-2006 05:57:34

I once knew love, I knew it well,
But now the tale's so hard to tell,
'Twas all as if a passing dream,
But nothing went toward my scheme.

I never felt entirely whole,
Before her eyes, they pierced my soul,
Her hair was the colour of perfect gold,
More fair than God himself could mould.

I looked on her while in the street,
but payed no attention to my feet,
I tripped, I fell, The wound was deep,
She helped me, spoke, my heart did leap.

We spent the day, we walked together,
The sky did yield the kindest weather,
Beneath the sun, a cloudless day,
With me, it seems, she chose to stay.

We talked about a great many things,
From favorite food to queens and kings,
But then she fixed me with her gaze,
I felt that high, the perfect praise.

We spent the eve, we watched the stars,
She had to leave, her home was far,
I walked with her, our speech was bliss,
When we arrived, she gave me a kiss.

From that day forth, we spent our time,
Together in love, it was sublime,
A ring I brought, and on one knee,
I asked her if she would choose me.

Her eyes got moist, one hand on chest,
She gasped one word, the word was yes,
I felt it all, the perfect cheer,
we'd be together till the end of our years.

It was upon our wedding day,
That I would see the cruel dismay,
I stood beside my own best man,
She came before me, took my hand.

Thus, we were wed, and as we ran,
To the limosine, she held my hand,
We got inside, Our love knew no scale,
We did not know of the driver's ale.

He swerved along the road at speed,
We tried to slow him, to show him need,
The limosine had not gone far,
When it crashed into the other car.

The vehicle rolled, we left the road,
We crashed into the land below,
I looked beside me, my pain a flood,
To see my new bride drenched in blood.

The day we laid her in the ground,
And set the stone upon the mound,
I felt my heart, the endless pain,
I barely noticed the pelting rain.

So now I sit, alone in the room,
I see the truth, I face my doom,
The steel is cold and without bliss,
I run the edge along my wrist.

My blood, it leaves, I feel no life,
And as it comes, I see my wife,
I see her tears, no sense of glee,
It seems she slips away from me.

She grows more distant, flies away,
I fall to earth, no light of day,
I pass the earth, the blackness grips,
I feel the pain of fiery whips.

I understand now, and I see,
She always had remained with me,
I feel the fire, the devil's glee,
I will not let them take her from me!

I pull against the chains of hate,
As surely as I know my fate,
I hear the laughter, loud and cruel,
I fall into the fiery pool.

But as I fall, the laughter dies,
The fire falls, and now my eyes,
See clearly, I lay in a bed,
I see my wrist, the bandage red.

The scarlet tube, It feeds my veins,
My mind returns, I see the rain,
I realize now, through any strife,
I'll always be beside my wife.

So now a lesson, learned in pain,
Through suffering and eternal gain,
Though people fade, I ask you why,
You would ever believe that love could die.

Ylith Pandemonium

01-12-2006 06:59:37

This counts for 1,5 pages, you will need 8,5 more pages and do 2 reviews on other stories to
qualify for a Dark Side Scroll.

(though the length shows up to 3 pages in length in Word, I am
cutting the size in half due to it's format, to ensure honesty towards fiction which is page wide written.)


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