Twisted Fate, Pt. I

Droveth Kathera Vectivi

21-11-2006 17:35:08

Twisted Fate

Part I

“ Look into the eyes of the damned, and they tell their stories of sorrow.”

Act 1
A robed figure paced back and forth, his metallic weapon softly clinking against his belt. His mind filled with thoughts of terror, disbelief, and tranquility. The man had always, in an unusual way, felt at peace in moments of intense stress. That was but one reason he was who he was. Revealing a small disk, the warrior pressed a button and began speaking.

“ Greetings, my son. How are you? Bah! This is no time for pleasantries. I haven’t a moment to spare. I am your father, Vardek Vectivi. Chances are great you have not met me, and you probably never will. I am a Dark Jedi, a follower of Darth Vectivi.” The darksider coughed, looking around before continuing.

“ Your mother will have kept this a secret, yes? It can be predicted, not wanting her son to grow up with impure thoughts. But I tell you this now, my boy. You are destined for the Dark Side. The power of the Dark Lord runs through your veins, as with me. It is my last wish that you take on the family name.” A blaster shot fired, and the Dark Jedi ran over to the disk.

“ Your name is Droveth Kathera Vectivi, and don’t let anyone take away that power. It is yours and yours alone to use.” The man was struck by another blaster shot, and he grabbed the holodisk, sliding it back into his pouch. He revealed his weapon, a large fan-shaped laser. Unclipping it, a red laser beam stretched between the two ends. Vardek ran over to his TIE, throwing the holodisk in and setting a auto-pilot for a group in Deep Space, called The Emperor‘s Hammer.

“ May the Dark side guide him.” Vardek sighed, turning to face the light siders. Lunging, he was caught off guard by a masked Jedi Master. A purple blade swung down, severing the Dark siders head from his neck, and ending the line of true kin to Darth Vectivi. It was up to his son, now.
The TIE fighter eventually made it to the Emperor’s Hammer, with distinct instructions to be taken to the Dark Brotherhood. Upon entering the ship, the Grand Master realized what this was for, and understood why it should be kept with them until the time came to reveal it.
Soon, however, the Dark Brotherhood would leave the Emperor’s Hammer, in a period
of time appropriately named ‘The Exodus’. It would seek shelter on a planet called Antei, where the TIE would be stored until the time was right.

Act 2
Draven shifted in his seat, looking up at the clock on the wall then back to his teacher. Only moments to go before the --- RING! RING! RING! A mass of students rushed out of the schoolhouse on Rodia, pouring into the streets. Large groups when to the stores, or to restaurants. A small handful went straight home. Draven Keshilla was one of them. Making his way towards the small, three room hut, he looked up at the Jedi temple on the hillside. The young Rodian had seen them only a handful of times, as they kept to themselves. But when he did, it was amazing. Their robes blew in the wind, revealing the beautifully crafted light sabers clipped to their belts.

He was pulled out of his daydream as he entered his house. His mother was slaving away at the stove when he walked in.

“ Son, can you hand me that egg beater?” Was the welcome Draven received. If she wouldn’t say a welcome, she would get no reply. He handed her the tool and set down his books on the table.

“ We’re going up to the Temple later, for prayer. So hurry up and get your homework done so we can eat.”

It was not unusual to have prayer at the Jedi Temple, but why so early? Draven sighed, opening up his books and beginning to read. Upon finishing his work, they ate in silence. Hi mother cleared the table and they put on their formal robes, walking outside and gathering with the normal group who they pray with.

“ Any clue why they want us up their so early?” Draven asked his friend, Meginth. She only shrugged in response. Meginth didn’t talk much, especially considering she was a very popular girl. But when she did talk, she brought up the weirdest conversations ever.

They arrived at the Temple, and were greeted by another group, who also had questions about the timing. But, we were reassured all would be answered soon. Draven and Meginth went and sat down on adjacent prayer mats, awaiting the start. Three Jedi came and stood on the balcony above them, and one came out in the center to speak. The one in the center was Wert’ Yan.

“Greetings, everyone. Before Mass, I’d like to tell you all some fantastic news.” The master continued. “ We have been in your town for multiple years, and we have decided that the youth of the town are best suited to be tested. So, we’d like to meet with your children, once a week, to test them for the possibility of becoming of the Jedi Order.”


The rest of Mass went by rather quickly, as did the remainder of the week. But, soon it was Friday and time for testing. Draven and Meginth ran up to the Temple, hand in hand, to see the Jedi up close.

Immediately after arriving, however, the tests began. First, it was simple things, like running a distance and reciting a paragraph from memory. But they became progressively harder as the weeks went by.

One day, Draven came home to a warm greeting from his mother, and dinner already on the table. Apparently, Wert’ Yan was coming over and wished to speak with his mother. So, time went by, Draven finished his homework, and came to greet the Jedi Master. He revealed he wouldn’t be staying long.

“ I am happy to tell you, Mrs. Keshilla, your son has been accepted into the Jedi Academy.” No response. Draven feared she had died, right there. He would later learn the real reason. Meginth had been accepted, as well, so at least the young Rodian would have friends there.

He packed his bags the next day, hugged and kissed his mother, and left for the ship with Meginth by his side. Sadly, that would be the last he would see of his mother, ever again.

End Part I

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