Not again!


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[This story was written for the competition Not again! and won first place. It was written on March 24, 2005.]

The newly made Dark Jedi Knight RevengeX looked out of his dormitory window onto the beautiful day outside. He hated sunny days. They were too… cheerful. Some of the Apprentices were out sparring with wooden swords and some of the Elders were reading giant tomes in the shade of a tree. Dark Sabre loudly knocked on the door.

“Aren’t you going out? It’s really nice out,” Dark Sabre said in his childish tone of voice. “Why don’t you want to go outside?” He asked as RevengeX moved away from the window and began sitting down on the bed.

“I think I would rather be inside, really,” Revenge replied. “You go outside and play with your lightsaber.”

“I don’t play with my lightsaber,” Dark Sabre countered.

“Yes you do. You twirl it around and spin it so you can impress the ladies.”

Dark Sabre moved closer to Revenge and slapped him across the face. “Shut up, bantha poodoo,” he said insultingly. Revenge got up, and using the Force, pushed Dark Sabre backwards into a shelf full of books that came thundering down.

“Hey! You shouldn’t mess up that book!” Revenge screamed as Dark Sabre picked up a colossal tome that Revenge had borrowed from Kschamehellan, describing the history of the Dark Brotherhood. Dark Sabre realizing how valuable the book was to Revenge, he quickly ignited his lightsaber and cut it up in millions of fragments.

“Damn you!” Revenge yelled at his older brother.

“Serves you right for pushing a superior!” Dark Sabre said.

As Dark Sabre left the room, Revenge picked up as many pieces of the book he could and carried it to Kschamehellan’s dormitory that was several rooms down. Revenge knocked on the door with the Force and a voice from inside called, “Come in!”

Revenge took a deep breath and opened the door also with the Force. He saw the Krath Priest sitting on a dais, meditating breathing in and out in rhythmic patterns. He opened his eyes as Revenge sat down from a chair across of the dais.

“What is that?” the Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco asked, acknowledging the scraps of paper in the other Dark Jedi’s lap. “It’s your book, or what’s left of it.”

Kschamehellan stood up and walked over to Revenge. Kschamehellan quickly slapped Revenge with such force that Revenge fell sideways off of the chair and onto the floor. “What was that for?” Revenge asked as the Krath Priest sat back down on the dais.

“That was for ruining my book, you imbecile. Now leave.”

Revenge dumped the pile of paper on the floor and stood up to leave the room, and quickly walked to the door, opening it and closing it behind him as he strode back into the hall. As he closed the door, he saw a cat chase a squirrel down the long corridor, and Dark Jedi Master Arania running after them. Saitou quickly followed and yelled, “Your bloody cat better not eat my squirrel!” Then in an instant, they were gone and out of sight. “The strange things that have happened today,” he muttered to himself.

RevengeX strode down the hall and to the turbolift that would take him outside and down thirty-two floors. He steeped into the cylindrical elevator and grasped the handrails waiting for the decent. The turbolift streaked down, and then suddenly stopped, making RevengeX hit his head on the ceiling of the lift. RevengeX plummeted back to the floor of the lift and sat there nursing his hurt head. Revenge then looked at the situation he was in. He quickly called upon the Force and used it to push the turbolift back down towards the ground that he could see through the clear windows.

The door slid open and Revenge quickly stepped out, and not a moment too soon, just then the door snapped shut on Revenge’s formal robes and then began ascending upwards. “Oh, please no,” the Dark Jedi Knight whispered as he tried to untangle himself from the turbolift. He began ascending to several hundred meters in the air, and then he began to look down and notice that some people were looking at him and laughing. ‘I am shamed forever,’ the Jedi said as he quickly covered his face with his robes.

“RevengeX! What are you doing up there?!” shouted Arania holding a cat in her arms that looked awfully evil.

“Prconsul!” Revenge cried. “I got stuck! The turbolift needs some maintenance done on it! Or other people are going to end up like me, hanging from the door by just their robes.”

Then Revenge remembered that the door only clung to his outer cloak and not his purple tunic that he wore under the cloak. He freed his arms and then with a Force-assisted leap, he landed on a ledge that was several distances away from the turbolift. The Dark Jedi Knight then made a huge jump down towards the ground and landed bowed in front of the Dark Jedi Master.

“You may rise, RevengeX, but I don’t want anymore of this getting caught in turbolifts thing ever again! Do you understand me? You make our entire clan look worse than even… Clan Satal Keto! Your stupid feats of mischief could be the end of your time in Scholae Palatinae, and make you a Rouge Knight like so many others that shamed this clan, and I won’t tell any names. You are dismissed, RevengeX.” Arania turned around and sauntered off in that direction. “Oh yeah,” she turned around. “Don’t forget to get your cloak.” She laughed and kept walking.

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” Revenge spat. He jumped back up the complex and retrieved his cloak after a few minutes of wrestling with the turbolift door.

As the Dark Jedi Knight walked cloak in hand, the sun beating hard on his neck, he thought, ‘Today is just not my day…’ From under his armpit, he felt a tug, and whipped around seeing a young apprentice with Revenge’s cloak in his hand. “Give me that, you little rascal! Give it to me before I turn your head into pulp!”

“You’ll have to catch me then!” screamed the Apprentice immediately running away towards a large group of Apprentices, Novices and Acolytes. The Apprentice ran, but calling upon the Force, Revenge caught him by the neck choking him. The Apprentice silently screamed, and then all his little friends started noticing and ran toward RevengeX and beat him to the ground with whatever they could find.

Revenge dragging the Apprentice with his cloak grabbed it from him and stepping all over the lower ranked Dark Jedi got out of the mess. Suddenly, a stern voice yelled, “RevengeX! Don’t pick on the Journeymen. If you want to fight somebody, go find someone a little more challenging.” Revenge whirled to see who was talking to him and saw his consul Vail Aquillarum Unteminar motioning to him.

RevengeX jogged over and when he reached Vail, the Pontifex slapped him across the face and then using the Force, shoved him into a wall. “Never, shall you pick on someone that much lower than you. It is dishonorable and shameful. I am very disappointed in you RevengeX. I thought you were better than that.”

The consul let RevengeX slide to the ground and walked off without even hearing Revenge’s side of the story. ‘Damn, the things that I have screwed up today. Well, it’s not exactly my fault. Those Journeymen stole my cloak, and Dark Sabre ripped up Kschamehellan’s book, and the turbolift caught my cloak and then ascended. It’s not my fault! Whenever somebody does something to me, I always get in trouble!’ As he was thinking this, he saw Arania and Saitou chasing after the cat and several squirrels again. Saitou yelled, “Your bloody cat better not eat my squirrel!”


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This counts for 3 pages, together with your previous story it counts up to 10 pages,
qualifying you for a Dark Side Scroll.



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Oops, forgot to mention that this is an addition to my total. So I would have ten pages done now. Sorry, Ylith. ;)

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noted and added, this earns you 1 DSS.

well done :)