Dismal's Life


17-09-2006 13:57:27

On the year of 3 after the Battle of Yavin, a little baby named Dismal was born to a wealthy family on the planet Enriton. His father was the Count, or the overall ruler of the system. He was given everything he wanted. Many considered him spoiled, but he wasn't. He was just lucky and appreciated everything he got. His childhood was very happy, but that was soon to change.
One day when Dismal was 13, something very horrible happened. Some local scientists were experimenting with some local fauna, trying to alchemize them to be protecters of labs and such. They first tried to alter their state by exposing them to some radioactive waste, which did nothing but kill every creature it was put anywhere close to. Seeing as Enriton was filled with rainforests, with a few clearings to have cities, most residences were in high trees, such as Kashyyyk. The scientists happened to despise the rule of Dismal's father, they disposed of the waste around the base of the tree containing the Royal Palace.
This waste quickly sunk into the soil, contaminating it. Needless to say, this also contaminated the tree. Dismal's father died peacefully that night in his sleep, his lungs were filled with the contaminated air, and the thick gas stopped his breathing. The family was crushed when they awoke the next morning, to find the corpse of the patron of the Royal Family. Dismal petitioned the planet for Countship. Dismal tried his hardest to gain the position that his father had left behind, and intended for him to have. The people of Enriton thought that 13 was too young an age to rule an entire planet, so his father's First General was appointed Count. He stole everything of his fathers, from his palace to his wife. Dismal was disgusted, and he banished himself to exile. The General, now Count, ruled with a ruthless iron fist.
He built a shack on a tree on the outskirts of the capital. He lived there for three months before he started feeling something. Dismal, in his rage, had noticed his connections to the Force for the first time. He eventually heard rumors of a Dark Brotherhood on the planet of Antei. He traveled there in a desperate rage.
Years later, Dismal, his physical physique altered by Dark Side training, traveled back to Enriton in a TIE Fighter. He casually walked to the Royal Palace, and used a simple mind trick on the bodyguards to admit him. The Dark Jedi walked into the living room, where he found the evil Count asleep on his couch. Dismal was totally silent as he unsheathed his Sith Sword which he had named Rutilus Trucido. He quickly stabbed the ruler of Enriton straight through to the heart. "Thats what you get," Dismal said as he left to the Radio Room. The people of Enriton everywhere heard this public service announcement. "Hello citizens of Enriton, this is Dismal, son of the previous Count. I have, taken care of, the current ruler, and I decree myself Count." The citizens had no objection, seeing now as he was older, and they had suffered years of mistreatment from the former General. Dismal returned to the Dark Brotherhood, but occasionally checks up on his home planet. In his absence, Dismal's best friend, Captain Gyto, ruler of the Royal Guard, serves on temporary Count, but Dismal still holds official title.

More to Come of the Enriton Tales. Feedback will be appreciated! :)


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So far, so good! I like the style, and it's fairly eloquent for such a tale. Write more!


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I liked it. It was very entertaining. You should write more :) I can't wait to see Vol. 2


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Announcing that Volume Two will be released on Friday or Saturday. Check up on here then! :)


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You should start submitting this to the judges or w/e you have to do in order to start getting towards earning a Dark Side Scroll


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You should start submitting this to the judges or w/e you have to do in order to start getting towards earning a Dark Side Scroll

Someone told me all you had to do was post on here...do you have to send it into a judge or something?

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