Sparda's defiance.


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"In mental years of my Jedi training I was just but A boy. But i was much more then I knew. I progressed in time that would take others years to master. My powers were only limited to what my master wanted. I was always wrong even though I was right. Well lets start from the beggining and how I ended up in that forsaken bunch of Jedi."

*********************chapter 1*********************

It was a cold year. a dismal if you could say. Sitting on the corner of the cantina waiting for my paarents. I watched the locals walk past and the speeders and ships on the bypass. I looked up into the sky watching the stars and seeing some conveys coming in from hyperspace. It to me was facinating. A sort of blumish degree of the childish mind. I sat there and a group of bounty hunters came to my attention.

they talked about how they loved to kill and who there next victims were. But to what I did not know was that the next target was a Jedi. Yes you see I was quit facinated in bounty hunters and how they killed their victims. It was a sort of agony and poetry in its own way. I soon found my self walking in and the group surrounded a single man. a man in dark brown robes sitting and drinking some Tar vek alchahol. they stood there and watched him.

"Hey mister. Your sitting in my seat." one said and you could tell they were laughing but holding it in. "No im in a seat that is no ones." They Jedi said.

The bounty hunters braught out ther blasters and I who was standing there watched as mu heart raced and then the leader had to put his hand on the mans shoulder and try to pull him off. it was clear to the Jedi that they wanted to kill him. Then one put his blaster on his neck and the Jedi turned bringing his Lightsabers blade into his arm. He cut down his hand and the blaster fired.

the others tried to fire but he used his so called force to push them back. His lightsaber blade went into the hilt and the bounty hunters ran out of the bar. then The Jedi looked at me and smiled then turned around. I gasped as I saw it happen. The Jedi went through my mind and I had an urge to want to feel the force. then something in my head was peculiar. I felt calm. then I turned around and tripped a bounty hunter be pure instinct.. or..... was it?

The Jedi got off of the stool glancing at me. He had a suprised look that like in his mind he knew I had the force flowing through me and now senced it. he walked out of the bar and the bounty hunter ran to his speeder watching me. Then my mother came by and held my hand and we walked home. I was lost ofconciousness to reality. I thought more of the Jedi and the force.

My mother and I were now walking down an ally close to home then two men stoped and blocked our way. We turned around and saw three more men and the man I tripped was leading them "You know your boy has quite the galls to nock me down to kill. But you will learn how to teach your son how to leave a man to his work and i will teach him what happens to people that get in our way.

the man took a knife out and held my mother. I ran forword calling my mother then was held back agains the wall by two men. "see boy. First we cut there throat. like so." I cried out telling the man to stop but he proceeded and put a little scratched the bled a little on my mothers neck. She teared and I cried. The man then opened her shirt and started to cut her. "then we cut the stomach and let the organs fall out. The man stuck his knife into her and she gasped out blood.

He then was pushed back by something. the men grabbing me pushed me to the ground and ran twords a figure. The sound of a lightsaber was heard but I payed no attention to it. I crawled to my mother crying. I held her head up. "mother.... Mother... please dont go..please." I cried out. She looked at me slitly and it was obvious she felt pain. "Spar....Spar.....I loveee.........." She stoped and her head fell from my hands. I cried in agony.

I looked at the Bounty hunters that had the Jedi pinned. "I hate you...i hate you........why did you....." I yelled out and grabbed a knife out of the mans pocket. And stabbed hi leg and he went down athen I ran to another but was pushed back.

I stood up crying and angry and a man ran twords me with a blaster pointed and he flew backwards. I had obtained the will to comtroll the force at just a thought. the bounty hunters ran away and I ran towards the Jedi." They killed my mother.........I hate them.." I cried. He knelt down. "You are strong in the force and I will admit that. Would you casre to come with me. I will look after you." The Jedi said and I nodded but from the fatigue I used in anger and in sorrow I fell unconcious.

hours later I wokeup in a ship sleeping with my head in his lap. "where are we I asked. 'we are on our way to the Jedi hall with the room of a thousand fountains." He said. "My names Sparda." I introduced tiredly. "I am naroth." He said. I sat up yawning. then i remembered my mother deing that night and begone to tear. then a women that was also a Jedi came And sat next to us. "Neloth. what hapened last night. You missed the meeting with the counsel." Neloth held his hand out.

"I..I I know. I was held up by bounty hunters and followed him and the bounty hunters attacked him and killed his mother. but we will talk more and you will hear the rest in the council room." they bothe nodded. it had been several minuts and they arrived at a round top building. I gasped in amazment at the architecture and we soon came to the room with the silver fountains. It was true there was a thousand fountains.

we walked and went up an elevator and came to a room. "You stay here untill I come to bring you in." neloth said then closed the door behind him.


" so you say that this boy has connections to the force?" a dark skinned master said. "its quite a gesture ven to bring him here when our ranks are full."

"that is quite enough Genous. we are always able to use another young jedi into our order. so now.. bring him in and leave us to test him." An old man said and the other counsilars agreed.

Neloth gave a bow and opened the door letting sparda in then he left. I walked to the centar of the room. the counsilars looked at him examining me. "how do you feel young one?" genous asked. 'Cold sir." i answered in nervousness. "and sad.." I said also.

"Why are you sad?" A Master asked. "My mother had died and... I dont want to talk about it." I said now looking out a window. "well to make introductions I am Master menthis the oldest of the order. and these are Genous, Armanda, Gei-touhk, mallar gin, and Luara, We are Jedi masters of the order." Menthis said.

Menthis then nodded at Genous and Genous had a holocron that looked just like a mirror. Name the things I see." He said then I looked at the holocron.

I saw things in my head. "A ship......." He said. "Keep going." I nodded. "A speeder........Ship......droid." The masters were amazed. "You do have connections to the force and that is clear. Go now outside and tell Master Neloth to come in."

I took a bow like Neloth and some of the Councal chuckled. i opened the door and went out. "They want you in there." I said then sat in a chair and watched Neloth go in.


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I waited there for about an hour and a half and finally the doors opened and Nelothe held out his hand telling me to come in. I got out of my chair and went into the chamber but Neloth didnt leave. He stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders. "We have agreed. You are now Sparda apprintace of the Jedi order." Menthis said with a smile." I jumped for joy not knowing what would become of me in the future.

we left the chamber and went to the dorms of the temple. Master Neloth showed me my bed in a little cubicle. He left and I laid there sleeping. I dreamed of myself having a lightsaber of silver and fighting another. One with a red Lighstaber. I disarmed him put he pleaded for me to kill him so I did so. Then out of know where Neloth almost hit me and we faught eachother to the death and at the end He died.

I woke up by a girl my same age pushing on me trying to wake me up. "Its time for meditation." AShe said and ran off. I looked around and saw my new garmets laying on the edge of the bed. I got out of bed and changed into them. Ther were dark brown with leathergoing over my shoulders. I didnt dare to put on the robe since the other children didnt. I walked and soon came to a room with Master Menthis standing there watching the other childer. He saw me.

"Nice of you to join us Sparda please take a seat next to jerahm." Menthis said and I sat there and meditated. I felt calmer and felt like a stream of water was running through me. It felt elevated and smooth. Then we all opened or eyes and the little things that were once on the ground infront of us was in the air. I was facinated by that little thing. Never knew why. Now master Neloth came by and picked me up and brought me to the training room.

"Here you will practice your acrobatics and jumps. at the end you will start training with using force powers." He said and I nodded. He raised his hand and a button across from me was pushed. A gren light said go and a door opened and closed fast. I shook my head and ran and dived through it. the door closed and there were training droids and a teacher. "welcome Sparda. Im your Acrobatics teacher and will teach you the ways of fliping jumping with the force."

I nodded and we both proceeded onwards He showed a back flip and asked me to try. I jumped and only went upside down and landed on my head. "No your doing it wrong watch me." He said. he didnt jump but moved his spind in a arch and then jumped at the same time. I nodded and did the same but I still landed on my head. We practiced for hours but I did not complete it. I came back out displeased with my self.

"Keep trying and never give up." Master Neloth said pleasently. I shook my head and it was soon dinner time. we ate nicely with I have never had or tasted before. It was dilecious. I went to bed right after dinner but didnt sleep. I thought of those flips and how I didnt get them down. I got out of bed and went into the fountain room. "Ok flip Sparda flip." I told myself. I tried over and over again. I was gettting frusterated.

I tried one more time and out of nowhere I had jumped high and fliped around twice. I smiled dizzily and then did backflips and fronflips all night. I di flips with my hands and flips off of things. I sooon came to a round piece of metal I looked at it and closed my eyes I opened them again and it was floating in mid air. I held out my hand and moved it moving my hand in a direction and it moved as well. I put my hand to the side and the metal ball went back to its place.

It soon was mourning and I went up the stairs to the doorms and saw the masters of the academy and my master Neloth standing there. Their eyes were wide open. I was scared that I did something wrong then took a bow. "Sorry masters," said and ran back to my dorm. I heard the masters starting to talk and reached my bed and layed in it and fell asleep