Revalations of a Shattered Mind


29-08-2006 16:26:59

Revelations of a Shattered Mind

Neo is seen by the officers throwing a little kid around being rather rough. The training deck had medics on hand and it was a departure from the planet William Crow learned to be home.

William landed on the ground and slid taking his wooden practice sword and flying at Neo who blocked each of his strikes and made rather aggressive advances at the young boy. Neo was a stern proctor and it seemed to some more that he was trying to kill the boy.

The comms buzzed to life, "Noa...... You might want to come down here........." came through them while Noa was combing her hair. She frowned and slammed the comb down. Quickly tying her hair up. Grabbed some weapons and went down to the second sphere. She was in a bad mood. Rage and herself had gotten into a fight again and she was the one who had lost it.

She hit the code and took an elevator to a few levels up where the call had came from. She rushed passed the guards as she saw the boy fly across room. A few Tetan soldiers decided to flank her just incase, "What is the meaning of this?"

Neo took a swipe at William cracking him over the arm and Williams eyes flashed to anger as he screamed in fury unleashing a wave of force energy that knocked Neo back suddenly. William then started to beat the crap out of Neo solidly for a few seconds.

Neo's reprisal was swift and sudden as he hit William across the shins across and across the chest. The boy gave a cry of pain and lunged at Neophyte again.

Noa hadn’t caught a good look at the face, she signaled the guards to take aim, "Excuse me....Sir," She noticed the Grand Master clothing, "But please stop your activities and answer me."

William Crow stopped and bowed to Neo immediately when he put up his hand and he turned to Noa. Neo had a couple red marks but had a huge grin on his face. "Ah Noa. Good to see you again. I was just instructing young Master Crow in the ways of Lightsaber form five. He is catching on quickly. Even got me off guard there for a moment."

Noa waved the troops off, they aimed down and turned around. Walking back to there places, "Heh, Beating up a little child?" She asked, "Not very nice."

"Actually it’s the only proper way to train. If I do not train him like this is his last battle he wont know how to defend himself." Neo looked to William and nodded and he took off for the showers as Neo began doing velocities and Arial moves on the mat getting his blood pumping even more. His movements were precise and meticulous and also gave Noa the air that he was only toying with the child but was putting on an act like he was fighting him full force.

"Nobody likes a show off," She said with a smirk.

"I need to get my exercise as well. If you wish to say im trying to show off then why dont you grab a training weapon and face me yourself. You look like you could use a good opponent. Rage's sleeping face and ribs wont do every day, now will they...."

She laughed, "I remember the last time I fought you." She checked her weapons, "But maybe this I’m I’ll actually try."

Neo tossed a wooden training sword to her and a lightsaber as well. "Your choice. Burns or no burns."

She showed off her skin, "I like to look good for luring men into my web." She smiled, "But this training sword is too long, not my style." She walked over and picked up some weapons, two wooden knives, they felt different from her talon knives, she also grabbed a short sword. Noa stood in front of him from about 10 meters. "Well...... I prefer my real weapons, but these will do."

"I’m too scarred up to care whether you use real or not. Another scar won’t matter. But you have a husband to hunt for." Neo was egging her on into a real fight as he kicked his wooden long sword up and force pulled the other short sword to his other hand with ease. "So how about Rage? You still after him?" Neo took one hand and lowered his mask from the top of his head and it fit against his face like normal. His shirt was off as always in training and his piercing orange eyes looked through the mask at his new target. Noa Fuyu.

"Grand Master Rage!!!! Noa is fighting Neo in the Training Room!!! Bring popcorn!" Rage saw the young officer run by his house heading for the bridge.

Rage looked at the officer "Meh, shoo."

Noa grabbed out her Talon knives, she had rigged herself fully already with her short sword in her kimono strap and short saber between her breasts, "I already told you, Rage is dating Akariko." She smiled, "I’m out of the picture......... unless I break that picture...... but that means Rage breaks me." She said, in a battle stance, ready for him.

"Aww too bad for you." Neo looked at her and his eyes were cold as Ice. This was training and Noa knew Neo well enough to know he wouldn’t make these comments except to get her angry. He wanted a good fight out of her and he took a ready stance expecting her steel to sting like it did the first day they met. Neo wasn’t cocky but wasn’t willing to attack her like normal with lightsabers or steel in  fear of hurting his friend. Right now tho he would never tell her so.

Noa smiled and walked up towards him. It felt like forever as Neo waited for her move. Knowing that Noa was a quick striker, random, but precise. Noa flipped her blades around as she walked. Within 2 meters she used a force strike and moved to his right, preparing to strike with her blades,

Neo was expecting random maneuvers and let his body go into a flip with the Force strike and landed knelt in a leaping position a mere three meters from her. He smiles under his mask and she could see, due to her assassin's training, that his eyes squinted both in pride she was using her abilities and assuredness in his own abilities to counteract her movements with his own training.

William Crow came out to see the two squared off and took a seat quietly watching the two. He put his hands in his lap and smiled thinking Neo might finally be beaten for the first time. His master was hard on him so he wished him the best and worst. William also thought Noa was going to slice him to pieces with her live metal blades.

She tried to keep moving to his right, then she lunged with a force strike and a swing of the blades, expecting Neo to counter.

Neo rolled to her left directly into her path and with crossing both of his blades he rose to a standing position whilst trying to take her legs from under her. In the middle of the movement though one of his blades was shattered by the Force Strike and he ended up throwing it instead of completing the maneuver as intended.

Noa wasn’t phased by the object coming at her, one of his blades was gone leaving an open spot in the defense. Her other talon blade clashed with a loud clang of metal while the other talon blade continued the attack towards his neck.

Neo saw the blade incoming and reversed his other wooden swords grip as he dodged to her right putting one arm over her. With his free hand he grabbed her belt and pants and then leaped backwards surplexing her to the ground with a thud. He then backed off and grabbed the broken hilt of his wooden sword and tossed it from the floor waiting till she got up.

His move was a failure, the kimono strap came off, leaving her with the kimono open.

Neo felt his neck and was bleeding from a slight cut he did receive. He narrowed his eyes and showed her his bloody hand as his hair began to turn a brilliant shade of red.

"Excuse me for a moment," She smiled and removed her kimono and threw it to the side. The strap had been broken meaning the Kimono couldn’t be put back on. Noa wasn’t wearing much underneath other than her bra and undies. Using the force she pulled the sword up of the ground and stuck it in her undies. But know Neo could see her hidden saber between her breasts, which threw the surprise out of the window.

"Your move." She said smiling.

Neo looked to her and shook his head a bit. "You ought to wear more sturdy clothing." He Squared off and looked at her wondering how she was going to strike next. He then lunged at her in what seemed to be, in our world, to be an Eido strike used in Katana combat. It was one way Neo drew his opponent into a strike by making them move first and then stopping short. He had not used the maneuver many times and wasn’t well known for it but this is why he used it in training. Amazingly enough Neo seemed hardly phased by her attire and didn’t pay much attention to anything but what her blades were going to do.

Noa rushed at him. She knew what to do as it was a common move, the metal ground would provided the surface needed. As he came up from the ground she hit the ground and used her propulsion to slide lying down. She planned to cut right through his legs.

Neo smiled knowing his strike was going to miss and also saw her slide at the last second. He felt the cold of her steel across the calf of his right leg and the sting of its cut. His blade planted hard into her right shoulder and he vaulted off her leaving a spray of blood on her almost bare form. He landed and turned immediately Force pulling her off the ground and winding up for a heavy strike with his wooden sword.

The pain seared through her shoulder, she cried out a little as she felt it and wasn’t ready for being pulled off the ground, but as she came at him she used force strike as hard as she could, in combination with force push to get off him and strike him.

Neo took the strike to the body and she could see his skin ripple and tear as he did not break stride. He took her blade to the hand and it went all the way through as he hit her in the face with a turning strike. The blade twisted in his hand and then twisted again and forced lower onto the blade and it went deeper into his hand as he hit her a total of five times as hard as he could. He was bleeding pretty bad from the three cuts he had received.

Noa cried out in pain as her body felt the hits. She used force speed, pulled the short sword from her underwear and slashed it at him a number of times.

Neo blocked the hits with the blade stuck in his hand as the blocking weapon dug into the wound deeper and deeper. He lunged at her several times and kept the sword duel up with a sinister laugh.

Noa used a powerful force push to get him away from her. She flipped around a bit, collecting her Talon knives and placing one in her undies. Now armed with the short sword in her right arm and talon knife in her left. Bleeding from her shoulder cut. She put both blades out to each side of herself and started to run at him.

Neo kicked the wooden long sword till it broke into a sharp edged weapon with nice neat splinters. He used his other hand and Noa could see light forming in it. When she was less than a meter away she saw the energy gather and arc at her blades. The blue electricity came hard and fast.

Noa was able to get close enough to him when he used force lightning, she dug her talon blade into the palm of his hand as the lightning came out of his fingertips and shocked her, she managed to act like a circuit channeling it backing into Neo then she used her own force lightning to add to Neo’s, coursing all of it through her talon knife and into his body. She had the short sword ready for any strikes from his wooden stick.

Neo's mask began to char black as did other parts of his clothing. His right hand with the wooden saber with a burst of speed came at her like a jack hammer of pain. He let his force lightning go enough to concentrate to know he wasn’t going to kill her.

Neo was in massive pain and it only fueled his determination. He kept his last assault up while still getting shocked by her and smiled under his mask and through the pain as his eyes widened into an almost masochistic glee and the anger almost got the better of him. She saw a look from Neo she had never seen. It was sadistic and cruel. Colder than ice and more evil than hell itsself.

She began to deflect as many attacks as she could. This look was something she had seen in one of the "Masters" at times, which scared her to what Neo really was. He came with a large strike, deciding to wear him out she removed the talon blade, stopped using force lightning as her underwear was already burnt and almost burnt off which wasn’t good because there were a bunch of soldiers watching. As hte strike moved in she stepped back, letting him over swing then pushed against it, so his arm was crossed over, with the short sword and crossed over with her talon blade to attack a tendon in his shoulder that would render his arm useless..........

As the sword penetrated his skin he reacted with lightening fast speed for once and hit her sword holding wrist and pulled the blade. He reversed it in less time than it took a man to blink and jammed it in her foot as he jumped. He landed a foot to her chin with heavy enough force for her to gain lift. His foot probably felt like getting hit with a compressed ball weight filled with lead. On top of this she would have to feel her blade ripping through her foot on the way up and down to the ground.

Neo passed out in mid air and hit the ground completely drained of all energy in that last strike. He reverted to his black hair form and began to bleed more readily. He twitched in pain as his mind returned to normal.

She had known of that move from "Master". Another thing that confused her. She stood up with blood all over and using the force because of her foot, "Hah!, I win...." Noa fell down, "Argh........."

The medical team scrambled to them to put them both in bacta and repair the damage they had done to them.

Neo did not wake up after the bacta. They wheeled him into medical and hooked him up to some equipment. The Doctors inspected him and it showed he was in perfect health. The only difference in him was that he had almost no brain activity. Neo for the moment was comatose.

Noa was fine, she hadn’t copped it that bad. She stood over the bed, "Aeons going to kill me........."
"DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??" Rage shouted as he rushed in.
"It.... was just a.... harmless...... duel......" She wasn’t feeling too good over it.
"Oi, doctor, what’s wrong with him?" He asked.

"He is in a coma. His mind overloaded. He has almost no brain Activity...... For his sake you better get Grand Master Aleema in here… Post haste!" The doctor was working like mad trying to figure out what was going on. He had never seen brain activity this low and erratic in his career.

Rage rushed over to the communications and went to Aleema’s channel,  "Grand Master Aleema, are you there??"

Aleema looked up from the holocron’s she was studying when she received a message "Yes, I am. Anything you need?"

"Something bad happened to Neo...... His in the medical bay of the sanctuary, need you here As soon as possible." He sounded very urgent.

"I’ll be there in a few minutes." A few minutes later Aleema walked in the med bay. She took the Skyhook that was pretty fast. "I’m here, someone inform me what just happened to Neo "

"Simply put. Noa beat the life out of him in a duel." Rage said in disbelief.

Noa was no were to be found. She had retreated away to the house. She didn’t mean for it to go this far.

Aleema didn't believe what she just heard " Noa did what....nah, it can't be." Aleema walked up to Neo " and who brought him in?"

All the equipment went off the charts for a moment as it seemed Neo's body was going through a change for a second. After thirty or so seconds the beeping stopped. Rage and Aleema would have noticed Neo's face change to that of Vreen's for a second and then back. Neo was locked into a war with his own mind the likes of which he and Aeon never could have dreamed of.

Neo began to writhe in pain and scream like he was being murdered as his mind projected memories of the three years he was missing. Medical techs got sick all around and the doctor looked at Neo in fear. The visions were real as day to everyone. The torture that seemed to be passing through him was immense.

Neo was strapped to a table and having his arms ripped off by impact clamps. His organs were being forcefully removed and it was like he was living it all over again. Rage and Aleema could see the Librarian extracting organs from him with no pain killers or bacta and with crude instruments.

"Medical team. They were dueling in sphere 2."He said.

Rage was looking at Aleema and didn’t see what happened to Neo.

Aleema swallowed a few times after the vision. All she said was " It has began...." she looked to Rage. " it has begun, Vreen is using Neophyte to return. The device....Librarian placed is causing this to happen. "

"What?" Rage asked, he had no understanding of it, "What device?"

Librarian planted a device in Neo's head. Vreen is trying to return using Neo and the device, if he succeeds neo as we know is gone and vreen would be in Neo’s body"

Rage turned to Neo, "My my, you are just a bag of tricks aren’t you?" He paused for a moment, "Is it happening now?"

" Yes…i think it is beginning, I don't know how long it takes, but we have to find a way to stop this. Hence why I was studying the holocron’s and William’s notes."

Rage walked up to Neos ear, "Gonna try something," He smiled and began yelling, "NEO QUICK!! AEONS IN TROUBLE YOU GOTTA WAKE UP!!!" He waited for a reaction.

Neo didn’t even budge but instead began to scream in torturous pain again. Rage knew Neo had a high pain tolerance. Whatever this was made everything he had been through in the last five years seemed like a cakewalk.

Rage looked back at Aleema, "Well I’m fresh out of ideas. You got any?"

“What I can think of is that Neo is fighting in his mind now, so we should need someone here that can stand the pain and vision Neo's in and try to get him out of where ever he is stuck in his own mind now. I can search his soul, but I am no good with the mind, not my area"

Junshin... but.... risk exposing her... Rage pushed hair up and put pressure on his head. It was obvious that he was conflicted by this. "Is he dreaming?"

"I think he is fighting within his memory…maybe the way. Vreen can start replacing Neo, to kill neo in his mind"

Neo shot up in bed but even though he wasn’t strapped his arms and legs looked though as if they were tethered to the bed. His eyes flashed with a bright light and he fell to the bed not making a sound other than breathing.

Rage misted back in shock, forming up just beside Aleema, "Neo?"

Neo's brain waves were calming down and Aleema could see he was still in there but his mind was wearing out. He lost because Librarian shorted out any power he could have had in battle. Neo still had a lot of life left in him but without control over his raw power he shorted out. He crawled into the fetal position shivering as he began babbling unintelligibly about the pain.

Aleema looked down " No neo, not you" She looked to rage " Call everyone that has the capability of entering the mind. Like Aeon and Snake. everyone. I will not stand by seeing Neo lose his fight."

"Is it Neo or is it this Vreen chap?"

"It is still Neo, I feel Neo's life presence, but his mind…look at him Rage......that is not Neo like I know him…only leaves me to one conclusion, they are trying to shut down his mind"

"I’ll go call some people." He said, Rage headed to a communications room down the hallway.

Rage ran down the hall, still conflicted about Junshin… but he was distraught, his best friend was in trouble… he had to go see her.  He hit the comms and decided that Snake would be the first call. He located Snake and opened up comms, "Snake....?"

Snake answered his hand comm which was tied in the Falcon's own comms "This is Snake.... Rage that you?" He could feel something was wrong...... after all anymore that was the only reason they called him.

"Yes yes," His voice didn’t lie, something was wrong, "Neo, he’s in big trouble." As each word came out, he realized the severity of the problem at hand, "Librarian installed something that no one picked up on… I don’t understand it... but someone called Vreen is trying to get control of Neo by using his brain... uh… Aleema could tell you more, but I’m getting all those good with thought skills," He said.

In the background Snake could hear Neo in a childlike state muttering the words. "No more pain. No more pain." almost incoherently. Like he was trapped and his real mind was no longer there.

Snake was silent for a second. "Alright where are you? I am on the Heart of Fire and can be on my way in under ten minutes... "

"The sanctuary as always." Rage said.

Snake shot back almost immediately… "Where is the Sanct parked today?"

"Uh…" Rage was too confused, he hit the location dialer button, "That’s where we are, gotta call Aeon," He cut the comms and got Aeon on it.


Aeon had felt the pain in her beloved something was wrong. Something had happened. She knew without anyone telling her. She had already called Mataea and asked her to take care of their triplets for her. She had to get to Kordera. She had to be by his side, then he went silent, she could still feel him but he was more silent and lost to her than before. It scared her deeply what might be happening. She grabbed the communicator and the devise from the stand beside their bed. Grabbed her saber, and brought her robe to her hand. “Where are you Kordera? Where are you my beloved?” She spoke to herself hoping to will him to tell her. She couldn’t think straight, all she managed was to activate the comm that Corinth had given her. She had never used it before until now.

She heard the house comm in the back of her mind, as she opened a channel to Corinth. And spoke up almost as if she were in a state of confusion. She recognized the voice, “Where is he Rage?”

"Sanctuary, Get here Asap!" He was a bit more demanding, but still worried.

On Obroa-skai, Corinth was finished with breakfast and sat down at the small table within the kitchen when his com went off.  He had given both Rage and Aeon a communicator hard connected to his comlink in case something was going on in which they required his help.  Being that one of them was contacting him, he immediately knew something wasn’t right.  Slowly, he stood up from the chair and made his way to his pack.  He picked up the comlink and reluctantly turned it on. "This is Iakea," he sounded mentally wore out and unwilling.

"Where are you Rage? Where is the sanctuary?" She needed to know the exact location. She was already about to head out the door, but was in no condition to fly at all her mind was to worried about Neo. And now she was hearing Corinth's voice in the back of her mind.

Rage pinged the location to her, "That’s where we are."

Aeon tried to clear her mind enough to answer Corinth, and Rage would probably here as she answered she was in no condition to fly. She was way to shaken. “I’ll be there as soon as I can, just have to call Corinth.” She could feel Neo in her mind and she was terrified for him. She shouldn’t be flying, not alone.  “Corinth, its Neo… Please something is terribly wrong. He’s on the sanctuary.”

Back on Obora-skai, Corinth repeated himself into the comm, this time with a little bit more forcefulness behind it.  He didn't know if it was Rage or Aeon who had contacted him and he was starting to become even more worried.  Could they be in the middle of a fight that they could only open the comm?  There'd be no way of knowing until they replied.

Aeon tried to clear her mind enough to answer Corinth, and Rage would probably here as she answered she was in no condition to fly. She was way to shaken. “I’ll be there as soon as I can, just have to call Corinth.” She could feel Neo in her mind and she was terrified for him. She shouldn’t be flying, not alone.  “Corinth, its Neo… Please something is terribly wrong. He’s on the sanctuary.” her voice was trembling as she spoke.

Rage had already turned off the Comms and was heading for Junshin.

Aeon could hear Neo scream for his life and the words come through clear and painful as day. "Please Librarian. No more pain! No more!" Then she could hear the sounds of crunching and what sounded like flesh being ripped apart and she heard Neo scream bloody murder. On the sanctuary at the same time Aleema saw Neo shoot up screaming and grabbing his right arm as blood started to come from it. His mind was manifesting the wounds.

Aleema sat beside Neo as she saw the blood. she tried to stelp his bleeding....knowing it wouldn't be of much use. Aleema kept sitting beside Neo " I know Neo...I know you have pain, but fight....please fight....for your kids, for Aeon. It will be all over soon...." something was telling her it wasn't over yet...that the worst part still had to come. " Rage, where are they...." Aleema’s voice became more worried now....

Rage looked back and began to run, no time he thought.

Rage rushed down the halls, he had decided that Neo needed immediate help, Snake was not going to be there right away and nor was Aeon, Junshin was on board. He could go to her and get help, but it meant her blowing her cover possibly.

He banged hard on Junshin’s door. Wanting to waste no time at all. "Akariko, open up, please." He said, using her avatar as usual to keep her hidden.

Junshin had felt massive amounts of concern off Rage, before he even opened the door. She wasn’t sure why, but she had also earlier felt a surge in emotions from someone else on board. Until it all seemed to settle down again. She wasn’t sure what was happening but she didn’t hesitate to open the door. “Something’s happened? What’s going on Rage?” It was more her instincts and the emotions, the feelings and thoughts of those she knew on board that had her beginning to realize the situation before he even spoke. His voice was just confirmation to her ears at this point.

"My best mate," He puffed, he had been running, forgetting that misting was easier, "Endymion... there’s something going on upstairs in his head that he needs help to fight... We are calling in everyone, Snake… Aeon… Even have Aleema there." He said quickly, hysterically almost, "I... We need your help, the others are out, it’s going to take some time before they come here... "

She gently hugged him a moment to calm him, “Shh…Calm down Rage, take it easy.” Junshin could feel how much Endymion meant to Rage, the feeling of family she could sense of as if he could possibly loose a brother. Those emotions drove her. She didn’t even care about the names she had heard. She had heard and knew of Aleema and Endymion. It was possible she could be recognized but didn’t care. Someone needed her help. “Lead the way Rage, I will do all I can to help.”

Rage hugged her, she soothed him. Without warning he reached down a little lower, hugged her tightly and lifted her off her feet, He then turned and ran out as fast as he could. Using force speed he pushed through the crowd back to the medical bay.

Rage placed her down next to Aleema, "Meet my girl friend, Akariko, Akariko, meet Aleema and Endymion. Please try and help him.........I dont know how it works."

Aleema could tell the mind of Neo was that of a little kid. Not the champion of the Krath. All those memories were repressed and the vision she got showed her exactly what had happened. Neo to keep himself in tact and to not kill Noa had repressed himself into a corner of his mind. He was not there anymore. Only the progenitor mind of Neophyte existed. The lost years.

Meanwhile, on the comlink Corinth heard that Aeon was very distraught.  He finally understood what she has to be going through now that he was reunited with his family and already experienced loss.  Corinth let out a breath of air as he needed time to rest himself after the battle.  "Neo?!  Oh, great."  He grabbed his robes and his pack then he remembered Thrall and Saleen, whom were still sleeping.  The complicated situation didn’t do anything to help with his weariness.  "What can I do to help?"

Aeon tried to absorb some of the pain like he had done for her during the birth of their children, and she was brought to tears. "Please Corinth!! Help!!! Please!!" She was on her knees in the entrance of the home desperate to get to Neo.

Aleema nodded " Neo isn't Neo no more...He is slowly breaking down, I feel it...." she looked to Akariko " who ever is going in his mind, be prepared to see the worse.... Things beyond imagination"

Junshin nodded and sat down beside Neo she could feel the struggle and emotions through the force like a tidal wave to her. "I will try to help as much as I can but try to get his family here. They should be here. Anyone else you can get here that is a friend or family to the Grand Master." She placed her hand against Endymion's shoulder, dark things were taking hold of him, and just the sample she had already felt made her shiver. "I understand Grand Master Aleema."

Aeon’s screams made Corinth pull the comlink away a little further.  Now, he knew he had to move.  Corinth heard rustling in the hallway and saw Thrall walk into the kitchen.  The shorter young man sat down.  "What’s up?" he asked, but Corinth held up a hand to silence him.

"I’ll be there as soon as I can."  He said but then looked up at Thrall.  He couldn’t believe the irony of this situation as he was about to give Thrall the opportunity that Lord Dracko gave to him over five years ago.

(*ahem* Corinth's post goes here <<<<<<---------------------)

Rage watched, he felt weak at this point, there was nothing he could do except stare in horror.

Aleema looked to Junshin " his family is on their way; right now we can't wait no longer…we should be able to do at least something."

She could see the urgency in Aleema’s eyes, Junshin tried to feel out more of Grand Master Endymion before entering his mind, trying to reach him telepathically. Her eyes were closed as she focused on him. “Endymion? Can you hear me? Grand Master. I am a friend. I am here to help.”

Junshin could hear a voice uncommon to her even with the screams of Endymion and the soft mutterings he had. "Out Whelp!" With this her telepathic link was violently broken and Neo thrashed on the table a bit.

Junshin brought her hand to her head, never had she been so violently pushed from someone’s mind before. Whoever had a hold over the Grand Master was very powerful and the expression on her face was stunned amazement. She would have a headache for awhile. She wasn’t willing to give up though. As she tried again this time she was a bit more forceful in her attempt.

She saw an old man sitting there with his hands down. He lifted them and dropped them and in them were blades. The sound of them meeting and the steel clashing rang through her mind as he looked to her with his blue eyes and maniacal grin. "You have treaded here alone and will meet your death alone. Welcome to my mind whelp. You now stand on my ground on my rules. You have no hope. You will become my pain child momentarily. For now look at the shattered clone you call Kordera. This magnificent failure was my greatest achievement and my most horrid mistake. I think I like it here. A few more transfers and he will be mine. Meet the child you once knew and bid his shattered form farewell. He is mine."

Then it hit him, Rage knew how he could help. He grabbed a few soldiers and ran to his house…

The emblem on her forehead was glowing bright red, as was her eyes. Both outside Neo's mind, and inside where the Librarian could see. Her mind was her only weapon here, "He is no more yours than he is mine. I don't know who you are, I don't care. All I know is this mind does not belong to you. This is your desperate attempt to save yourself. This mind is not yours. This mind belongs to Kordera." She prepared herself for his attack.

Librarian attacked and was met by a red haired man standing 6 foot two. Aeon could feel Neo's soul. As could Aleema. He was protecting Junshin in his own mind but knew he didn’t have the control. He sat there squared with the Librarian and his blade starting to glow red with the pressure under Librarians Blade. He knew he could not hold it long and Neo used some of his remaining strength to send a wide telepathic communication to all of his loved ones. "I need you all here. Come into my mind and save Junshin. He had solidified her connection to my mind. She cannot get out unless we clear the librarian. I can only hold him for so long."

Rage and the other helpers came in, carrying Rages digital stereo. "Music can help people through difficult times… I know…" He smiled, "And what better way to have him go through the fight of his life with the music he loves…" Rage hit the tunes on with a mixture of hardcore techno and his own music.

Aleema didn't know what just exactly happened but Neo's words said enough. She had done force flow before and now it was the time she needed to help again. Maybe the only way she could. She placed her hands over Junshin's feeding her with her own force flow. With feeling Junshin's force flow she should be able to reach into Neo’s mind…

Rage wasn’t sure what to do, with the music going he felt that’s all he could do.

Neo squared on the librarian and began to assault him as best as he could The Librarian slowed down Neo's physics to where he moved at half the rate and started to block every strike with his maniacal laugh. "How rude boy. Interrupting my conversation. You will pay far more now."

Junshin felt the force stronger in her, and she placed her hands on Neo’s shoulder, she would give all her own strength to him to save him. His kinship with Rage the love she had for Rage she hadn’t fully realized now but she would sacrifice herself in a heartbeat to save the one’s he loved. Junshin used the extra energy she felt from Aleema and used it to force push the old man away from Neo. To distract him as best she could.

Aleema arrived in Neo's mind as Junshin pushed the Librarian off of Neo. He reeled back and smiled as he disappeared. He wasn’t about to face them all on these terms. He could only affect so many. The Scene began to change and Junshin and Aleema could see Neo being ripped apart on a medical table. He was being parted apart in a fashion food animals aren’t even slaughtered in. And all with no anesthetics. The Neo on the table screamed and Aeon was drawn into the mind by the awakened Neophyte. He screamed and everyone saw the room clear as day. Neo's blood and bone fragments covered everything. There were few clean spots. At this moment the Librarian dug out his stomach and grabbed it with a pare of vice clamps. He ripped it out with a large gush of blood and looked at it. He then promptly threw it over his shoulder like it was nothing. "Worthless… Always worthless… When will I get it right…"

The Falcon set down in the hanger bay a two forms quickly made their way to where they sensed the massive amounts of force energy from… Snake was catching glimpses of what was happening through his bond with Aleema… as soon as he got into the room he knew already what he needed to do… "Rage come here… and prepare for one hell of a trip…"

Aleema saw the scene as she swallowed the horror away. Her face lost color but she kept her posture. She looked to all present. She saw Librarian as he talked " you will never have it right…cause your existence ends here and now." Her voice was calm and cold at the same time....

Aeon stood behind the Librarian furious! “When you are good and dead Vreen. That is when it will be right. When you stop interfering with Kordera’s life and accept death. You are pathetic and no more than a child clinging to a security blanket let it go, let him go. You are fighting a battle you can’t begin to win. Not this time. You are fighting on my territory now. Kordera’s mind is mine, his soul belongs to me. His body is no longer your playground it is my temple to walk in. The only thing you ever did right was create the love of my life for me to have and to hold. FOR ME AND FOR HIS FAMILY!”

Snake quickly put a hand on his head and one on Leona's...... "Alright this will feel a little weird at first...... but you will get used to it......"  without a second thought he mind linked the three of them...... "Alright now the fun begins......" He put a hand on Neo's forehead and penetrated his mind......

Rage was almost spat out into the mind, tripping and rolling along the ground before he stopped, picked himself up and dusted off, "Right......... That was fun......" Rage looked around to see Vreen. The sights were horrid, but some of Rages buildings within his memories made this look like pretty flowers and rainbows. "So we just kill him right?" He said and pointed to the Librarian.

Everyone saw the Librarian now With Neo on the table. He pressed a button and the table began to increase in size braking Neo's bones as it slit his skin and pierced his veins with needles to keep blood in him. Lasers came and once in a while corterised the veins. Clamps held up his head and other needled pierced through him holding other organs in place as Neo's body was stretched up to forty feet across. The skin had ripped in many places and it looked like he was more of killing Neo now than anything. "Now let’s see here… where else are you messed up." He had stretched Neo to look at all his systems. Apparently this wasn’t the first time he had done this. The Neo on the table passed out after the first initial screams.

Leona took her saber from her belt and ignited it sending a purple glow throughout the room. She was absolutely horrified by what she saw...... "STOP IT NOW!" Using a speed that perhaps only Neo himself could match Leona charged Vreen.

Snake tried to grab a hold of her before she charged but she was moving too fast for even his senses...... He pulled his own saber from his belt and ignited it the blue blade reminiscent of the glow of the Falcon's engines sprung to life.

"What were we waiting for?" Rage said, drawing his blade, "Telling him he’s not welcome… I think he knows that already…I mean how many times have we tried to kill him," Rather than charge he just walked up to Vreen, charging probably wouldn’t be the smartest idea as Vreen would have a counter.

Vreen smiled and the table and Neo disappeared as he copied himself and went after everyone. His blades came in quick and hard and were randomly coming in with his sadistic smile gleaming.

"Aeon… This is your temple remember…" Rage said as he fended off Vreen.

Vreen came down on Aeon and a brilliant white light protected her from all of the strikes. This made Vreen increasingly angry. He turned in on Junshin and opened up with everything he had. He did the same for Leona as well. He was singling out the women to off balance the men.

Aleema activated her two sabers " Aeon....listen to Rage words...." she was smiling evil to Vreen " your day's are over...."

Leona was battering away Vreens blows with her speed but she was wearing down under the massive amounts of strikes…

Snake looked to Rage... "Help her" Through the mind link Rage knew he meant Junshin. He was keeping himself defend verily easily and moved to help Leona.

Junshin’s force ability surfaced as she used her mind blast ability to target the copy coming after her.

The sounds of her beloved’s screams in her ears drove her into a state of fury beyond anything she could imagine, her dark red hair turned into a coal black color. She didn’t walk up to Vreen at all, she didn’t wait for the attack of the copy of him. She wanted to force choke him and pull him apart, to do to him what he was doing to her beloved. Using a combination of her telekinesis and force pull she had learned she focused on shredding the copy that came after her as it went for Junshin now. Shredding it not by some device of his own design but by her own shear determination to watch him die by her hands for everything he had done to her beloved. Her mind fiercely determined, as she focused on the voices of her family.

Rage smiled at the copy of Vreen, as Vreen took a swing,  Rage misted out of the way, misted back up and strikes the copy in the head. Due to how quickly he had down this switch plus having to fight off the copy he was a little drained,  He misted again, through the people and over near Junshin, It was coming at her, he stood at a 90 degree angle to Vreen. "Blast me Junshin!" He said, he had an idea.

Copies shattered under the stress of minds and sabers. The librarian could not keep up with the amount of force and the amount of friendship that had surfaced in front of him. He for once was out of his league. He tried to segregate everyone and put them into their own areas and fight them one by one.

Junshin looked at Rage hoping he knew what he was doing and blasted him, with all the energy she could manage. She wasn’t used to so much so quickly and with no weapon here it was her last resort for awhile.

Rage got ready for a swing, he had a good lock on the real Vreen, so he thought at least, he swung so that it would not be facing Vreen and hit him in the back while he attacked the others. It worked, at a cost, the point that was struck boiled up and exploded like a pimple, sending Rage flying into the darkness

Aleema's eyes where bright red. Her anger raised by the minute. She looked to Vreen and felt his attempt. She pushed her hand fast forward attacking him with a soul bolt" I don't think so Vreen...."

He reeled back with all the hits, as the copies came into one Vreen and he smiled. He took a step forward and drew his weapons again and this time was one man versus all of them. They had weakened him and also had freed more pieces of Neophyte. He stood with them drawing his blades this time.

Snake pulled out a spare lightsaber as though he had created it by pure thought alone and threw it to Junshin. He is ready to fight… "Vreen your time is over you do not possess the power to stand against all of us… especially not here."

Leona was having memories creep into her mind that she didn't want to see… she charged Vreen with ferocity that none of them had ever seen out of her… the force flowed around her in a torrent…

Rage picked himself up again, groaned a little as he dusted himself off, "Well now we know don’t we Rage?" He sighed and slowly trodded towards where he could see the light of the attacks.

As the two came in they got to about five feet away and saw Vreen's eyes change to orange. Neo's eyes on the other hand, the one standing in their midst, changed to blue and he began to chuckle lightly.

Aeon reached out as she saw the flash of blue and stopped her, “No Leona stop! Everyone stop!” She was in a momentary panic mode.

Leona stopped her charge clearly confused...... she didn't know what to do as she was assaulted by more memories...... She lowered her saber turning around to face what she now thought was Vreen.

Snake was already facing the Vreen in her midst. "Cute trick did you really think that would save you?"

Neo-Librarian began to laugh and go berzerk on everyone. Using Neo's style to attack everyone simultaneously. "It will work." He came at seemingly everyone using his power with Neo's skill.

Aleema's face was cold and emotionless.... She stepped forward with two activated sabers.... She was sensing souls.... She couldn't control it at this point.... All souls where linked to her.... She sensed Neo's soul. Aleema turned around facing Vreen. " Nice try" she charged Vreen driven by focus.... Blocking his attacks with one saber and attacking him with her other

Rage rushed up into the area, but kept to the outskirts, He knew what was going on. Rage silently grabbed Librarian-Neo and took oh him off into the shadows where he wouldn’t be harmed so much, "Neo, mate, bro...... you at least in there???" Rage said in the darkness.

"Yeah I am ....but I’m weak.... I have his strength and now he has mine.... Kill him and I can get my body back...." He collapsed to a knee and looked at Rage.

"That power… that book… Will that work in here?"

Vreen came at Aleema alone and struck at her furiously as his face grimaced into a masochistic smile.

He shook Neo, "Come on… stay with me… will it work in here or not?"

Aeon wanted to freeze time for a moment to gain her senses about her, was it Neo or was it Vreen. She was confused now.  In this dream it was easy to get caught up in the fight, but this was her territory. Neo was hers. “STOP Vreen,” She froze him where he stood in this dream. “Show yourself to me. Show me you.” She wanted Vreen to stop hiding in the shadows and face her once and for all.

"No...." He looked at him and looked down. Then He went over to a small area and pulled a piece of something from a drawer. It was a piece of the light force he had hidden for along time. "This can kill my body."

Aleema was grinning " Is that all you have?" she was blocking his blows. She thwarted to move with increased speed…and reversing his blows by her attacks.

Rage grabbed it and turned around, he didn’t say anything, he got the handling of it and prepared himself, remembering something that Noa had taught him. He had to use all his energy for this one, the area all of a sudden became encased in a thick fog, force signatures could be sensed but it was harder and no one could see past 5 meters. Rage rushed up, taking the dagger and prepared to stab him violently.

The Librarian was focused on Aleema and didn’t even see it incoming. He kept attacking her and made headway into her style as he began to pierce her defenses. The dagger connected and the body of Neo evaporated instantly. The Librarian only could watch as he began to disintegrate and his memories became physical for all to see.

Snake and everyone saw a sphere of radiant green light with what looked to be numbers everywhere. The data stream stopped and Librarians face superimposed onto it.

“Neo is my beloved, this temple is mine for the designing, for building. You are homeless and soul less Vreen.” Her saber was in her hand as this time she didn’t give a second thought to rushing him with her saber, this time she was fighting for the love she felt for Neo and their children. She was fighting to save the memories of Neo holding onto their precious children. She was fighting for seeing Neo watch his children grow up with her. She sliced at him with a vengeance, hoping to obliterate his memories from Neo once and for all.

Neo's body returned to him as he had all of his mind back and Librarian was confined again in this shell which had caused him so much pain. The large one hundred meter big sphere floated there unable to move.

Snake made a mental note to decode those numbers… with it being in this realm of existence he remembered every single number and their order… it was a curse and a gift at the same time… he broke the mind link between Rage Leona and himself.

Leona collapsed after the mind link was broken and faded from Neo's mind into the real world… it was too much for her to take… she had seen memories that would be forever etched into her mind…

Rage lunged at the sphere and started striking, hoping he was doing the right thing.

Aleema looked to the sphere and focused on it. She was out of breath fighting before Sith such speed. She focused all her energy between her hands.... Her hands where shaking as she gave the ball of energy a pulse towards the sphere hoping it was enough to shatter it....

Neo rushed the sphere plunging his blades deep into it with a hatred and rage no one had ever seen before. The combined power of those still left in Neo's mind hit the sphere and it started to crack. There was light coming from it and Neo turned to everyone else. "Get out now!"

Snake made Vreen's fallen saber levitate and ignite he then stabbed it into his free hand absorbing the blade dry of energy......... he used the energy to force everyone out of Neo's mind......

Rage went the other way this time, hit with a blast and his body in pain he slammed into stereo, breaking it and cutting his head open. He was already weak from what had happened.

Junshin was now left, as she looked at Aleema, and let her hold go on Neo’s mind, “It is not safe for you to stay Aleema. Aeon will find her way out.

Rage giggled "Next time I think we better make reservations, its a nut house in there at this time of year." He got up and touched the cut, "Typical, Im injured and theres no doctors around,"

Aeon hoped leaving from Neo's mind was wise but she had no choice, "For Us Neo," as she collapsed and faded from his dream.

He woke up after his eyes flashed to light with a pale orange glow. He sat up and shook his head off and looked at everyone. He smiled at everyone and then looked down to his hands. "I lost to Noa…I’m never gonna live it down."


Leona was on the ground curled into a ball sobbing...... it was too much for her...... she wasn't even aware anyone else in the room was moving......

Snake looked like he was in a haze as he sat down on the bed across from Neo… all of Neo's memories were making a home in Snake's head...... he hated his mind powers for that reason...... he now had all of Neo's memories…

Rage was patching himself up.

Snake… Leona ?  You two ok?

Aleema laughed hard with Neo's comment. She slowly walked up to Leona and sat beside her “come here sweetheart."

Rage went over and hugged Junshin, "Thank you for helping, and you didn’t blow your cover either," He smiled, and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Yes… Thank you Princess. Your help is much appreciated…" Neo looked to her and smiled a bit. He then felt Aeon and sent her some of his warmth to let her know he was ok.

Leona didn't move or say anything. She just laid on the ground sobbing her eyes out.

Snake shook his head a bit at Neo's question… "Yeah I'll be alright…" He was playing through Neo's memories...... "Lovely set of memories you have here…" Snake let himself collapse onto the bed resting a bit......

"Watch yourself Snake.... My mind will give you nightmares if you don’t repress it...."

He looked up at Neo, "Yeah.... uh, this is the girl I was telling you about......"

Aleema took Leona in her arms. in silence. She heard Neo "Snake my love....Neo has a careful."

"Well. Treat her well or her parents will scatter your remains all over the quadrant."

"Uh... well… her parent’s don’t know she’s here… if you recall I called her Akariko..."

“Thank you Grand Master for protecting me in your mind. I guess my intention to help you, we both helped each other.” She was holding onto Rage, closing her eyes to just enjoy him holding her. “I suppose it’s time I blow my cover. Please Rage since they already know it’s not necessary to keep up the façade. Just hold me.”

Rage complied. "yeah… everyone, meet my girlfriend Princess Junshin Kami…" He leant his head against hers and closed his  eyes, he was a lil concussed and could do with a rest.

Leona pushed herself into Aleema's arms still crying other than that she didn't move much… she was still curled in a ball…

Snake nodded a bit… "Not so easy to just repress memories in my mind…" he was laying down his eyes shut trying to recuperate some of his now faded mental protection.

Aleema ran trough Leona's hair " It will be ok my girl let it all out now, don't keep it in. You’re safe "

Neo looked down and had saddened eyes. His memories had torn this girl apart. And he could do nothing to help her. He didn’t know what to say or do. He walked out of medical into the hall and slumped down holding his face with his right hand.

Leona was in shock over what she had seen… she was still sobbing… though she was only very dimly aware of what was happening around her…

Snake felt Leona's mind closing up and knew it was best to leave her mind be for now…

Neo could feel that Aeon presence drawing closer to the Sanctuary, in a peaceful state at the moment…when she had left his mind, she didn’t even wake up. She was too exhausted, but she felt the warmth he had given her, and it was like he had wrapped her in a cozy blanket, she never made it past the door of their home. She felt his troubled mind, pain and concern she felt from him. She tried to pull him into her own dream. She wanted him to find comfort. She wasn’t sure if it was possible to pull a waking person into a dream. “Kordera, My Beloved.” She spoke softly.

He looked to the ceiling and smiled hearing her voice. 'My love… My memories and my mind have hurt Leona. She was totally unaware of the dangers and… She is crying incessantly. Snake is having to recuperate as well… My mind has hurt those who helped me… I don’t know what to do."

Aeon’s heart went out full of compassion for Kordera, and for Leona as well. She had already been forced to fight through her own memories once. “My Beloved if there is anyway to get her to sleep.  Corinth should be here soon. He can bring me there. I may be able to do something to help her while Snake recuperates. I can try anyway. Don’t feel bad you didn’t know this would happen. None of us did.”