Labor Pains


29-08-2006 16:25:08

Aeon was laying next to Neo in their comfortable bed dreaming peacefully with his arm draped around her. She shook herself awake as she felt the urge to go to the bathroom. She moved from the bed carefully and slowly. She was half asleep and it was getting more difficult for her to walk. She grabbed her robe from the side of the bed and wrapped around her. Gently she bent down and kissed Neo’s forehead as he slept. One of the twins had dropped into position and she could feel it. She spoke gently to her tummy, “It’s okay little ones, it’s okay precious. Mommies here.”

She was almost to the bathroom when she felt the uncontrollable sensation of water running down her thighs and the onset of the contraction bring her to her knees. She called out for Neo, knowing the Soul Link would have reached him first before she even said a word. She tried to get up but the pain was too much for her. “Neo!” her breath was labored as she tried again to stand but found she couldn’t. She was bent up on the floor holding her tummy. Trying to breathe through the pain. She was not going to be given a choice of having the children naturally or not. They were coming now and the contractions were like a pain she had never felt before. She fought to breathe through the pain.

Neo jumped up and was instantly awake and caught her and carried her to the bed. Having some training in medical things he quickly ran to the bathroom for their med kit and soaked all the towels save about four large ones. His souls told her he was in a slight panic due to her distress and there was no time for calling a doc.

"I’m here! Be with you in a second! Got to get ready for them. There is no time to get you to a physician.. Hope you don’t mind if I deliver them?"

Aeon tried to smile through her tears. "I don't mind at all My Beloved." The contractions were starting to increase in frequency and she tried to remain calm, but the pain of each contraction was coming more frequently and more intense. She tried to slow her breathing so she didn't pass out.

Aeon felt the pain go away as Neo was whelmed to his knees coming back. His eyes got big and he gasped for air. He was taking Aeon's pain for her as much as he could. It was even enough to whelm Neo to his knees though. He had never felt anything like it. He adjusted to it quickly and made his way to Aeon.

He started to undress her and started to clean her with alcohol and with hydrogen peroxide and got her onto some dry blankets. This way she was clean and the amniotic fluid which burst wouldn’t get onto the twins as they were born. She also saw Neo had his lightsaber there because he had no other medical tools with him. They were gonna have to rough it but at least he was there for her. He grit his teeth and she could feel only slight discomfort from the contractions as she saw Neo's eyes get big over and over again. "Wow. This really hurts doesn’t it.."

She smiled and laughed as she felt another contraction... "Yes it does my love, and I can not imagine not being able to share this moment with you." She braced for another and at the same time felt an amazing need to push. "My Love! I think they are coming. Please tell me what you see." She knew they had to come head first, "Please." She tried to fight back the urge to push until she knew for sure.

He let her feel half of the pain as he watched carefully for them. He felt inside of her very carefully and felt the head of the first and looked at her as he removed his hands. "You are fully dilated and the first one's head is in the canal. I need you to push every fourth breath heavily until she is out."

Neo was worried they wouldn’t be able to breath for very long in the canal like that and that they needed to be born quickly. He had no experience with this and was only going on medical classes he had taken about three years ago in the Sith. This was not anywhere near his expectation.

He saw a little blood as the area of the canal began to widen as well and began to rip a little which was normal in all natural births. Neo started to get light headed at this but quickly gained his composure and maintained his watch.

She was trembling from the pain, her breathing trying to come under control. Her eyes found in his and she calmed her breathing. Focusing on him. She was clutching onto the bed and as her breath steadied and as he encouraged her she waited until the fourth breath and pushed as best she could feel the her baby girl. "Don't you get squeamish on me now Neo Please! I can't do this on my own."

"I…I’m alright! Push! Push! One head is out! Just need a couple more good ones before she is all the way out!" Neo was trying to help her calm down by singing songs in his head as he gently grabbed the head of his first daughter with his hands and gently pulled waiting for her shoulders to be free of Aeon so He could pull her out fully.

His soft singing in her mind calmed her as she felt his encouragement and knew that their daughter was almost here and she would be able to hold her. She tightened as she pushed again. She wanted to hear her daughter cry, she wanted to hold her in her arms and see her beautiful face. She pushed with all she could to help her daughter into her fathers arms. She was crying at the thought of him holding his little girl.

Aiko was the first to be born at 6 pounds and 3 ounces and eighteen inches in length. Neo barely caught her as she quickly slid from Aeon into his hands and he took her to get wrapped up in a clean towel. She let out a cry from being cold and Aeon her the joyous sound as it echoed heavily through the room.

Priests from all over the Palace and outside heard the sound using the force and other means and Aeon and Neo could hear a shouting from the streets below of a joyous people cheering Neo and Aeon on. They had done so much for the Tetan people. Their champion and his wife the High Priestess of one of the largest Krath temples just had their first child. Little did they know there were more on the way.

Aeon had sweat pouring off her face as she cried the happiest tears she had ever felt at the birth of Aiko. And her precious beautiful cry. "Please Neo, Let me hold Aiko in my arms please?" Aeon heard the cries in the street and knew that while he could Neo should call their friends. They might not have much time before the Ayla would be on her way. "Please Neo."

Neo took his saber and barely turned it on enough to cut the umbilical cord. He turned it off and took Aiko and wiped the little blood off and handed her up to Aeon carefully. Neo had wrapped her he was practicing for something like this. He smiled as he padded the sweat from Aeon's brow and kissed her passionately. He took a couple steps away and went over to the wall.

Neo screamed over his comms. "MEDIC! Get a Transport to my quarters now! And an Incubator! My wife has gone into labor! We need the FASTEST and SAFEST shuttle around!!!"

The Comms officer came back and smiled. "Sir.. Snake is in the Area. Want me to contact him and send medical teams?!" Neo looked to Aeon and smiled. "YOU GET HIM HERE NOW!"

"Snake please come in. This is Krath Medical Control. We need your assistance. Please come in…"

Aeon was holding her precious little girl in her arms, and crying as she looking at her beautiful baby girl. She gently held her beautiful fingers and kissed her tiny forehead. "Aiko my precious little baby." She looked up at Neo and smiled through her happy tears. "Oh Neo, she is so beautiful!"

"Aye she is. I’m trying to get us some transport to real facilities with people who know more than I… I’m sorry my dear but I want only the best for everyone… hopefully the medical teams will make it here soon."

"Aleema she needs to know. She has to be here or there... I don't care where we have them.. But she needs to be with us. She promised Neo! Don't be sorry sweetie. I am sure they will be here soon. Calm down my beloved." Aeon was content at the moment just holding Aiko in her arms.

Snake picked up the comm "Snake here"

"This is Tetan Communications Officer Randalman. Aeon Drean and Champion Neophyte need a retrieval of themselves to the medical facility. Lady Drean is in labor. They asked me to contact you."

"Got it... tell them the Falcon is on the way..." Snake turned and called out to Aleema... "ALEEMA... we need to go... Aeon needs a ride to the hospital."

Aleema looked to snake from the living room " I'm not deaf.." she had her coat in her hands " Well are we on our way or not?" she smiled.

Tetan Comms officer sends another communication also to Rage aboard the Sanctuary. The light on his comm link started to glow bright red and then it started to beep loudly at him. 'Incoming Message' was displayed in bright red letters.

The sound beeped throughout the house. It was four am, both Noa and Eirika wouldn’t be back till the morning and he had just spent the night with someone he fell head over heels with and couldn’t understand why. Rage fell out of bed, "Yeah yeah shut up ‘I’m coming." Walking into walls as he got out of his room and then he fell down the stairs, in anger slamming down the comm button.

He yelled into it from being in pain, "I swear if this isn’t "We are flying into a black hole," I’m gonna kick your butt so friggen hard you will have to amputate!"

"This is Tetan Communications Officer Randalman. Aeon Drean and Champion Endymion are on their way to the medical facility. Lady Drean is in labor. You are being contacted due to your status as Family guardian. They are being retrieved to the hospital by Snake aboard the Millennium Falcon."

"Huh?" Rage was still sleepy.

"Lady Aeon Drean is giving birth. Good day. Medical facility 1 Cinnigar Proper."

"Uh.. can you upload directions?" Rage frowned.

"Uploading now…" the light flashed blue with a new hot key map and the communications officer shut down the connection as soon as it was completed.

"ooo, snippy snippy, good day to you too!" Rage yelled at the dead comms, then reactivated them for the bridge, "Oi, go to empress teta, tell me when we are there."

He shut off comms and went back to bed.

"Snake. Rage has been notified. So have Millie and Aden Etere. They said it would take a couple days to get to Cinnigar."

Snake was already on his way out the door with Aleema he had the Falcon engage into its amazingly quick start up time. Within two minutes the Falcon was ready to go. "Ready my love?"

Aleema smiled bright, “As ready as I can be.." she left a message to wake up Sefin to watch Aliana. “Now I’m ready." she sat in the co-pilot seat and waited for Snake to get the falcon moving.

The Falcon lifted off gracefully it was a short flight to Aeon's house and Snake set the Falcon down as close to the door as possible... "Lets go in and see if they need any help." He was already halfway out of his chair.

Neo got some sweat pants and a loose fitting blouse for Aeon and her bath robe and took Aiko from her long enough for her to get dressed as well as she could. "They will be here soon My love. We need to be out to meet them ever so quickly. Please don’t rush and tell me if you are in too much pain or having large contractions again…"

Aeon looked at him holding his little girl and couldn’t help but smile she put on her shirt with ease but the pants she would need some help with, “Please Neo, Could you help me please it’s not so easy at the moment. Right now the pain isn’t so bad.”

Aleema jumped out her seat “let’s go and see how she and Neo are holding out."

Snake entered the house at a run not sure exactly where they were.... "Aeon? Neo? Falcon's here."

Neo went to the door with his daughter and covered her little ears as best as he could while he yelled down. "We’re up in the main bedroom! One is already here! The contractions have slowed for now!"

Aeon looked at him holding his little girl and couldn’t help but smile. She put on her shirt with ease but the pants she would need some help with, “Please Neo, Could you help me please it’s not so easy at the moment. Right now the pain isn’t so bad.”

Neo gave Aiko over to her carefully and helped her into the sweatpants before the other two made it to them. He looked into her eyes and she could see how ecstatic he was. "Here you are my love. They’re almost here. Help is on the way."

Aleema ran up the stairs quickly and slowed down at the bedroom. As she walked in she looked to Aeon and Neo, "How are you two doing…make that three?" she walked up to Aeon

Aeon willed him through the soul link to her lips. She had been waiting for this moment so long, and she could feel his joy at finally holding one of his daughters. She looked up to Aleema coming in. “On top of the world Aleema. I can’t believe they are finally coming! And Aiko is already here! She is so beautiful like her father!”

Snake was up the stairs right behind Aleema. He could see that one child was already born... He could sense the mind presence coming off of the little one.... but when he felt near Aeon... something felt... off... not wrong just off.... "Well is everyone ready to go?"

Neo kissed her passionately as he helped her up a little and looked over at the two in the doorway. He looked back to Aeon as he carefully put his hands under her and lifted her slowly. "Ready as I will ever be."

Being held by Neo she smiled at Snake, "I am ready as I will ever be." She was a little shaky still at the moment. She was still holding onto Aiko for dear life. "Can someone please call Lyta and Leona Please?"

"They would scream at me if they weren't here for this!"

“We can contact them both from on the Falcon, so don't worry." She saw Aeon was shaky. “If you want I can carry Aiko and give her back in your arms once on the falcon?"

"Please Aleema, I don't want to hurt our precious bundle." She looked up into her eyes and smiled.

Snake tried to pretend like he wasn't bothered luckily Neo and Aeon were so excited he doubted they would notice. Aleema might.... "Hmm... I think we should get moving before the other decides to come." If something was wrong he wanted them to be in a hospital when that one came out....

Aleema carefully took Aiko from Aeon’s hands. “She’s safe and you have her back in no time. Besides snake is right. Lets get moving." She smiled warm to her sis.

"Aye. I agree. Let us make haste. I will carry Aeon as well as I can." Neo started to slowly walk until he knew what footing he needed to start moving Aeon carefully and then began to make haste from the room. His butterfly was still light in his arms. He was just being careful.

Aeon's arms went instinctively around Neo's neck holding him tightly, and kisses his cheek. "Thank you My Beloved."

Snake went out of the room ahead of them to make sure the Falcon was ready... plus he didn't want to make any of them nervous from what he felt.

He smiled to her but kept focused on his steps and his maneuvering of the stairs. He went down them as gently as he could and made for the front door and the Falcon as his thoughts answered his love in kind. -'I Love you Aeon. Let’s bring our family into the world eh?'-

Aleema followed Neo and Aeon holding Aiko safely in her arms.

Neo climbed the ramp of the Falcon and looked for a spot near the ramp he could ease Aeon down for a moment. He wanted to be sure he was close to the exit to expedite the process of having her admitted to the maternity ward of the hospital.

Snake was already in the pilot’s seat he seemed to be in an unusual hurry even for a situation like this... he had left the Falcon warmed up so they could take off immediately. "Everyone strapped in?" He didn't want to hurt Aeon lifting off too soon and make things worse.

As soon Aeon was seated Aleema handed over their precious little girl and took place in her seat besides snake waiting for everyone’s go sign. She was already strapped in. She looked to snake “you ok honey; you don't look like you are?"

Neo strapped Aeon in and then buckled himself and tapped the intercom device. "All set back here. Once we are airborne I'll come up and see about those communications."

As Neo climbed the ramp with her and set her down gently. "I am not just dreaming am I Neo?" She was holding her little bundle in arms again and leaning against Neo. "Our family our babies are really here."

"Aye my love they are. One still yet to come." He smiled at her and ran his fingers through her slightly sweat soaked hair and kissed her yet again. This was one of the happiest days of his life.

Snake lifted off the ship and looked at Aleema... "Something about Aeon just felt.... off... not necessarily wrong... just off.... maybe I am being too paranoid." He concentrated on getting there as fast as he could... He grabbed a hold of the short ranged comm "Tetan medical facility 1 this is the Millennium Falcon we have priority passengers inbound... clear me the spot closest to the door and don't argue about it... have medical teams standing by."

(Falcon has dual comms one short range one long range)

"This is Cinnigar Royal Hospital One. Land at Deck 3 outside north wing. What is your emergency?" The comm's were crystal clear due to the mighty expensive systems Snake had installed over the years.

"We have Aeon Drean on board she is giving birth to twins... one is already born... have your top people waiting." Snake hoped that name would help get them moving...

She looked to Snake “Snakey honey, could it be you just felt Aeon was tired a bit. Delivering a baby isn't the easiest task of a woman and takes allot of energy from body and mind. " She softly stroke trough snake's hair. " Aeon will be fine, there are allot of people, including us that are here if anything might go wrong." She gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"UNDERSTOOD!" He could hear scrambling and elbows dodging for the doors. They sent 4 teams including an ICU staff just in case. They brought the whole shebang with them. Doctors, nurses, an obstetrician, an incubator.. the works.

Neo walked up to the front after the ride began to settle and sat in the observer chair and looked to Snake. "Hey man. I’m gonna go ahead and send those comms okay?"

Snake nodded "Go ahead... long range comms should be waiting for you." He looked at Aleema silently telling her he felt it was more than that.

Aeon was never happier as she looked at her beautiful daughters face sleeping in her arms. Trying to shelter her eyes from the light aboard the ship. She was so beautiful and peaceful. Aeon was completely taken in by her beauty.

She looked at snake “We won't let anything happen to her honey."

"Lyta come in this is Neophyte…" He waited on the comms and was nervous about everything right now.

Lyta answered the comms... "What is it?" she didn't sound happy...

Aeon felt Neo's nervousness and hummed a melody in her head to keep her little girl calm and also to help calm Neo.

"Aeon is giving birth. We will be at the Cinnigar Medical Facility number one. She wished you to come…"

Lyta was quiet for a moment... "Tell Her I'm on my way...." she sounded excited...

Aeon could tell Neo was a bit disturbed by Lyta’s excitement due to her intrusion into their house a few days prior. "Very well… See you there Lyta…"

"I'll be about 5 hours" Lyta cut the comms... and plotted the quickest route she could...

Rage gets woken again by a female voice saying they are entering Cinnigar airspace.

Aeon felt the apprehension from Neo and tried to calm his fears. "Neo she won't hurt them. She would never hurt her sister’s children. Please have faith in her."

Neo dialed the comms to Leona and waited for a response. His mind did calm down as Aeon said those things and he smiled a bit. His trust in her was again without any reproach. He waited for Leona to pick up her comms and gave a sigh of relief that he was surrounded by good people on this occasion. He only hoped Rage remembered the cigars.

Rage woke up to being dragged out of the bed and the loud, annoying sound of, not an alarm clock, but Noa’s voice, "GET UP!"
Rage moaned a bit, lying flat on the floor, "Urge..... Why?"
But Noa had already gone, getting ready, "I can’t believe you didn’t come get me about Aeon’s children being born."
"Oh… That..." Rage misted, he was still wearing his formal cloths from last nights date with Akariko, date was such a loose term as neither had mentioned that they were girlfriend or boyfriend but Rage wanted to take another step towards her, his plans about taking her a picnic today where shunted aside for an equally good reasons - the children. He smelt himself, "Meh..." Rage looked absolutely haggard, "Let’s go...."

Rage and Noa came into the hospital not really knowing where to go. Rage was still tired from his 4 hours of sleep and was just following Noa. Again he felt jittered about being on Cinnigar.

Leona answered her comms... "This is Leona...." she recongnized the comm number. "Dad?"

"Nope this is Neo. I’m on your dad's ship headed with Aeon to the hospital.. It’s time." Neo was smiling telling this and handed the comms to Snake for him to speak with her as well.

Leona smiled brightly "OH MY GOD! Got it I am already on my way..." Snake took the comms and tried to keep the nervousness out of his voice.... "Leona... be careful getting here... and don't worry Aeon is in good hands we will see you when you get her." Leona answered back. "Okay okay... you know I can take care of myself... I will be there in about 3 hours.... Love you dad…" Snake smiled a bit… "Love you too my rose.."

The Falcon set down on the hospital landing bay and Snake immediately popped the door open....

Aleema unstrapped her and went back to see how Aeon and Neo were doing.

Neo walked back and held his hands out for Aiko. The doctors were standing by to take her to the nursery and were also standing by to take Aeon and the rest to the Maternity Ward. "It’s time to go my love."

Aeon was very reluctant to let her little girl go, but handed her over to her father. "I'll see you again soon my precious." Aeon was amazingly attached her little girl and Neo could feel it from her.

Neo picked up the little one and Everyone on board could feel a rather intense force presence for a moment and Neo turned to Aeon and had a look of sheer surprise on his face. A moment later he gained his composure and handed Aiko to the Doctor standing there and led the other Nurses onboard to help Aeon into a hover chair.

As they came on and got her into the chair he turned to Snake with a look of awe on his face. "What was that? Was that Aeon?" Neo was dumbfounded. He had been able to feel the twins force and hadn't felt that before.

Snake shut down the Falcon.... he was hit by a burst of the force as they were moving Aeon.... he looked at Neo trying to figure out what just happened... both of them looked clueless....

Aleema didn't know what to think herself. "Neo, if we can't be with her and something happens, come and get me, please?" She was just talking because she wanted to be careful and not knowing what just happened together with snake's feeling made her nervous.

Aeon was trembling as they moved her to the hover chair it wasn't a contraction that hit her just a feeling she never had before. More intense and she felt the confusion from Neo as well. She was nervous though as she didn't know if something was wrong.

Neo followed the doctors pushing Aeon's chair into the hospital running over the last time he felt a force like that. He was completely stumped. Leona was as powerful but she was nowhere near them. It was an intense feeling none the less. Neo saw the Sanctuary landing and looked to a doctor. "Go to that ship and Get Grand Master Rage and Lady Noa and bring them to the maternity ward."

Rage and Noa came into the hospital not really knowing where to go. Rage was still tired from his 4 hours of sleep and was just following Noa. Again he felt jittered about being on Cinnigar.

"Metal prison..." he mumbled.

"May I help you Grand..M..M..M..M.master?" The Doctor turned pale white and sat there shaking in his white lab coat.

"Why are you shaking?" Rage was swaying as if there was a breeze,

The doctors lip trembled as a must smell was made apparent as well as a small puddle on the ground. The doctors had heard stories of Grand Masters. They were scared well by them. With his comment of "Metal Prison.." It didn’t help the doc much at all. He stayed there paralyzed by fear.

Aleema, Krath Grand Master has left the conversation.

Rage turned to Noa, "Do I look funny or something?..."
"There’s something on your neck.." She sounded serious.
"Your head!" Noa burst out in laughter.
"Okay... so can you point me the way where people have babies....?" Rage said back at the doctor.

The doctor Screamed and covered his eyes as he pointed to the wall and a diagram of the hospital. His legs buckled and he cried and covered his eyes.

Snake grinned a bit feeling the fear coming off the doctor he knew there was nothing they could do here... "I am going to go get Rage..." He started in a run towards Rage... "RAGE! You old space pirate! Come on I'll show you the way,"

"One sec...." Rage turned to the doctor, "Hey mate...." He waited till the doctor removed his hands from his face, "BOOO!" He yelled at the doctor,

The doctor's eyes rolled back and he began to twitch as he fell to the floor.

"Yeah... if your scared of me, gonna give you something to be scared of." Rage laughed and followed Noa and Snake. "Heya..." He looked like he could fall down at any moment.
"Hi... dad." Noa said, a little hesitant because she still wasn’t sure if Snake accepted her as a daughter.

“Ok sweety, you know how you have to breath. If you have the urge to push then tell me and push. Let your body speak for you." she looked to Aeon and Neo "Neo take over some pain from her when you sense she is weakening." All Aleema could do was being there for her little sis and waiting until she had to push. "Think about the moment you can hold her in your arms sweety, focus on your girls and Neo."

Neo was already taking half of the pain to share equally. He would gladly take all of it considering what her body was going through during this ordeal. Neo was dizzied as Rage and Noa this time also felt a large spike in the force. Neo being so close staggered a second as it was coming through Aeon yet it wasn’t her. "WHOA… What was that!?"

The nurses looked at Snake and turned tail and ran. No other nurses were seen within 4 hallways of the delivery area. Everything except Neo and Aeon's room went dead silent.

Rage perked a bit. Forming up and looking at the door. "Spose something is wrong snake?"

Aeon felt another contraction coming and Neo could feel it too when she started squeezing his hand tighter than before. Aeon felt the urge to push when she felt the spike again. Between it and the feeling of dizziness from Neo she felt very light headed almost forgetting to breath and warn Aleema she was about push with the contractions starting to come even quicker.

Aleema looked to Neo with question marks in her eyes. Outside the delivery room it was all silent now “silence at last. This is a maternity or a crazy nurse house?" Aleema saw Aeon push and started to help Aeon trough the first push.

"Aleema. The contractions. Nurse. A cold towel. SNAP TO you!" Neo was not in the mood for messing with incompetence and this nurse was not in the mood for messing up. She got Neo the towel and he patted Aeon's forehead down to help her dizziness.

Snake smiled at a job well done... he thought about Aleema again as he felt the intense force blast.... he felt... lots of minds coming from inside the room. "I don't know.... I can feel a great power in the force coming from inside that room... and its not Neo.... lots of mind power.... too much mind power...." he tried to enter the source of the massive force blast....

"Well, I think ill have to take a look see..." Rage smiled and misted, heading into the vents and hiding in a corner of the room behind Aeon where there wasn’t much attention being paid.

Snake only saw a set of Orange eyes with emerald strakes coming from the middle out and he was pushed out within seconds.

Aleema was concentrated on Aeon’s labor . "Next one you push hard sweety.." Aleema felt the little head. She sensed someone in the room…Rage's essence. “Rage, get your butt out this room NOW."

Rage formed up, "I can cool Aeon down you know...." He smiled at Neo and Aleema.

Neo continued to pat down Aeon's fore head and was doing breathing exercises with her to help her keep her pace. He looked at Rage and smiled knowing Aleema was about to teach him a lesson in pain if he didn’t get out for the time being.

"No cooling Aeon down?" He frowned.

"Rage, if you want to help Aeon, then get out." Aleema's voice was deadly calm…

Aeon nodded her head as she understood, and the contraction intensified again although with the urge to push, the force of the push staggered her, and she screamed, even with Neo there to help ease the pain, she couldn't stop it. Neo's hand in her own was being squeezed hard enough should could probably crush it if she squeezed any harder.

Neo instinctually and immediately took all of the pain into himself and was whelmed to his knees. He had to keep his butterfly safe. "P.Push my l.Love."

Rage burst into mist. "Righto." He moved out through the vents and back to snake. "Well, looks like its going well.... but I really don’t know anything about it... so.... meh, offered to cool Aeon down... she looked like she was sweating and panting a lot..."

Snake redoubled his efforts... he concentrated deep in the force.... he attempted the source of the awesome power of the force.... the next thing seen was Snake flying to the other side of the room he hit his head hard leaving a blood stain as he collapsed to the ground...

Aleema helped the little one.." push sweety, her head is almost out…and it is out." Aleema supported the little head, preparing to help turn the shoulders with the next push. " Ok Aeon, one more big push and you have her in your arms."

Rage hit his saber on. "What the...." He looked around for someone.
Noa rushed over to snake, "DAD!!" She looked at the damage and placed her hands on the cut, trying to heal it.
"Just use force lightning on him… he can absorb it I’m sure...." Rage kept looking around, wondering just what was going on.

Neo felt the force go again and could sense it wasn’t from Ayla and was really getting confused. The pain he was taking also made him think he was going nuts. He looked at Aeon and continued doing the breathing with her and after a moment kissed her head and continued patting it with a cold cloth. "You’re doing fine my love. One more push."

Snake was unconscious for about a minute... he woke up his head was pounding worse than when he crashed the Outrider.... he coughed a few times... his voice came out soft "I'm okay.... don't worry about that... minor cut..." He put his arms around her lightly...

"OOOOOOOOH NEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Rage shouted into the room, "Something is SERIOUSLY MESSED UP out here...." He was jumpy.

Aeon was still holding onto Neo's hand, She hadn't meant to hurt him, and again the urge to push came and she couldn't stop it pushed as hard as she could focusing on Neo and all the love of those around her. With the last few breathes she could only focus on Neo's voice calming her. "For you My Beloved" She pushed as hard as she could.

"I’m not Armed! Deal with it!" He said it quickly and continued coaching his wife through her ordeal. He was still taking the pain into himself because of how painful even half of it was for Aeon and he gritted his teeth. He knew she could still feel a lot of it even with him taking as much as possible.

Rage snapped at Snake. "What just happened?" It was straight and blunt. Rage was in no mood for this. Noa backed off a bit.

Aleema supported the baby's head as she saw the starting of the shoulders she gently turned the baby and helped her with her last travel unto this world. In moments Aleema held Aeon and Neo's second girl in her hands. "Here she is…"

Snake looked up at Rage.... "Whatever the source of that blast is... it is powerful.... I tried to enter its mind... the force pushed me out..." he coughed again lightly.

Ayla let out a cry from being cold and everything and it pierced through the room with its shrill high note. Snake, Rage and Noa heard it and Neo smiled. The baby girl cried and still had her eyes closed but had a VERY healthy set of lungs.

Neo looked at Aeon and for a few seconds thought it was over but felt the force yet again and was whelmed to his knees by it. He looked at Aleema knowing she would feel it too. "There…There is one more?!"

"I don’t like this..." Rage turned off his saber and tried to sense things around him, where it was coming from. But the babies cry deterred him.

Aleema placed the baby on Aeon’s belly and took the pinchers and pinched the umbilical cord in two places tight. She took scissors “Daddy, your honor. And be quick, I do believe there is one more on the way."

Neo cut the umbilical cord and cleaned her off removing the nose plugs and wrapped her up handing her to the Nurse who took the blood test and then handed her to Aeon.

Snake slouched his way up into a sitting position... he felt the force blast again as the babies crying pierced into his brain.... he slowly worked his way to his feet... "I am going to go outside...." the noise was getting to him... he walked away looking like he could collapse....

"Noa - watch him." Rage ordered.
"Do it."
Noa frowned and walked off to catch up with Snake.

Rage frowned... I dont like this.... not one bit....

But Rage was agitated, Snake was sent across the room. Something other than the feeling he had when he arrived was bugging him now that Rage was sensing the surroundings, he couldn’t place it though. Saber out and ready to strike, blade also ready.

Rage got a clear picture of where it was from. Another child which was unborn. He could feel Neo resisting the child's force which was protecting it inside the womb due to lack of air. It was scared.

Snake headed toward the Falcon... and a headache remedy... his senses were so destroyed by this he didn't even sense Noa near him....

Rage dropped and looked at the door, "Neo..... One of those kids threw Snake across the room I think......" Rage wasn’t yelling, just trying to speak through the door. He was shocked, and happy that he wasn’t also thrown across the room. "Wait a second... Three?..."

Aeon heard the screams of her baby girls cries and then she felt it, and was almost overwhelmed as she laid her head back and tried again to focus. Her face was a series of emotions that threatened to overwhelm her as she heard Rage's voice, and it hit her like a ton of bricks. She didn't know. "Neo, I feel like I am going to pass out." She held more tightly to his hand then ever.

"Calm my love. I’m here. Always will be. We are here together and will make it through this. We have one more little one who needs entrance to this world. Please hang on. I will help where I can."

Neo began to focus and began to transfer some of himself into Aeon. Some of his own life essence to sustain hers. He began to get dizzy from it and took a knee by her side. He took her pain into him and gave some of himself to her. He was doing what he could for their family. This was Neo in his truest form.

Rage paced outside, he didnt get any answer from them, couldnt hear them speaking. He wasnt sure if they were okay or not.

Aleema foccused one more time to Aeon and the third baby. she was smiling as it was a suprise for her. " Aeon sweety just hang in there, please. Place your foccus away from the pain. I know you can"

Snake took a bad step and almost lost his footing on the way to the Falcon.... Noa hadn't made her presence known and Snake was pretty sensless at this point.... he hit for the Falcon's door to open up.... he slowly entered the ship not bothering to close it... he went to his small medical cabnient and got out the headache bottle... he opened it up.... it was empty.... D~mn it... no breaks for me....

"Dad?" Noa asked, inquiring what was wrong.

(leave this for later i think, keep the focus on the birthing area.)

(ya leave it for after)

Aeon felt the love from Neo, felt his soul more with hers than ever as the contractions began again. She did all she could to focus on their love as each contraction was coming quicker, She felt it his fright. She did it for Neo and for his soon to be son. She was crying a rain storm of happy tears. "Oh my god, my love!" She felt the urge to push come again. And she wanted to hold him in her arms.

Rage gave up and sat down. Nothing he could do till they come out for him. He just hoped they were okay.

The Nurse was standing by rather puzzled at this being triplets. Not many triplet cases ever came through and nowhere in either of the parent's medical histories were Triplets ever seen.

Aleema let Aeon’s body guide the delivery. With Aeon’s pushing Aleema felt if feet’s or head was coming first. God she was hoping the head was coming first, she didn't want Aeon to have more pain then she had already.

The blue head slowly crept out and Neo felt the power of the child again and his concentration broke. Aeon could feel most of the pain as the baby needed another push. The blue color of the skin automatically told Aleema something was up.

Rage tried to extend himself to see what was going on, though he feared what would happen to snake would happen to him.

Aleema supported the head and looked to the nurse " Get everything ready, blue color." She was searching his shoulders to help him out as fast as possible. She was feeling for the umbilical cord that it wasn't around the baby's neck. “Aeon sweety this might hurt a little but I have to." She was searching grip with her two hands at the baby's shoulders. Now all she had to wait for was one last contraction from Aeon.

"Aeon I need you to push one last time… please… "

Aeon felt the pain so intense she automatically pushed without thinking. Her body trying to help the baby out as quickly as possible and into Aleema's arms. Aeon heard Aleema say blue and she panicked. "No please let him be alright! Please!! "

Rage remembered what Akariko told him, "Oh… my god that girl has some power." She had mentioned something about trying to get inside a mind that shut her out. That it was a good thing. She must have been referring to the baby. This baby.

The Nurse scrambles and had three teams of professionals in the room in seconds. They had the neonatal care unit and the neonatal intensive care just in case. The Nurse came over to Aleema quickly with scissors and the plug sucker.

With Aeon’s pushing , she gently pulled him out. The minute the baby was born, Aleema tightened the umbilical cord and cut the baby lose from it. She handed him over to the nurse.

Aeon was crying all she wanted to do was hear him cry, "Please cry. Please for your mom, please." She wanted so desperately to hear him cry. She couldn't bare the thought of losing him.

The Nurse took the baby over to the Neonatal care unit and poked its foot and it let out a loud cry as its color instantly returned to normal. Rage felt a powerful blast that reminded him of Neo and he could see Neo and Aleema fly off their feet instantly. Aeon was below the blast radius and the Nurse was not on the receiving end. Neo hit the wall with the sound of a slab of meat hitting the ground. "OOF!"

The baby boy cried out louder than his sisters and the Nurse even reeled a bit with the high pitch shrill.

Rage's Eyes widened, He almost instantly formed on the other side of the door saber in hand. "Okay... what was that?."

The Nurse turned to Rage and the rest. "This baby has a midi count of 27000!!!!!!!!" Her eyes were wide as she put the boy into the incubator.

"Neo... what’s mine again?" Rage never knew his off by heart, he was trying to compare it.

"Rage.. your’s is 20000.."

The sound of his cry pierced straight to her mothers heart as she cried such joyous tears… She wanted to hold her baby, she wanted to hug Neo to kiss him and have her baby's in her arms.


"Oh… Right…Going..." Rage misted through the door again to the other side to wait for them.

Aleema flew against the wall next to the door hard. She was slammed to the ground. Aleema's body felt as a wreck allover. She needed time to recover from the throw. Slowly she searched support against the wall. When she heard his midi count she smiled, with pain but she smiled, “He is one strong little boy alright." She slowly walked back to Aeon. Damn that hurt.. She looked to Aeon and smiled " Now the last part ".

The Nurse kept the baby there and went to Aeon after a few minutes handed the baby to her. "What would you like to name him?"

Neo went over helped Aleema and quickly went over to Aeon with a sore back and shoulder. "Boy what a thumper. Wow…"

Aleema helped Aeon with her afterbirth. She looked to Neo, "That was one hello alright."

"Aye… Ill remember that…Thought the baby was supposed to get slapped not me… Wow."

Aleema laughed, "Yea, two GM's flying across the room."

Aeon laughed as she held her little boy, she looked at Neo and smiled. "Alexander Yuuki." She said as she looked into Neo's eyes, and back to their little boy. "Alexander Yuuki. Welcome to the world!"

Neo ran his fingers through Aeon's hair and smiled to her. Any pain that was between them was now seeming to be a distant memory. The love they shared over the… rather large … Family they now had made the pain of the recent past at least in Neo's mind seems like a distant memory. They were both attached to the kids. "A..Alexander?" Neo was stunned that Aeon would choose the proper form of his middle name for his son. He shed a tear and kissed her passionately.

Aleema walked up to Aeon and Neo and stood beside them " Congratz to both of you." she removed her mouth cap and smiled.

Aeon embraced his kiss as passionately, lost in this moment with Neo. Their little boy held between them in this moment nothing else mattered anymore.

"Thank you Aleema. We will see everyone in a few hours in the recovery room… My love. They need to take the children for the tests. We should be able to leave with them in about ten hours."

Aleema smiled and walked to the second room to get those blooded things of her. She silently walked out to look for Rage, snake and the woman that was with them

Aeon was reluctant to give up her baby, she gently kissed his forehead and then released him into the care of the nurses. "I'll see you soon Alexander."

She walked into the hall and saw Rage, "They are all doing fine. 2 girls 1 boy. Where are Snake and the woman?"

"Good good, when do we get to see them?" Rage thought Snakes and Noa’s location could wait a little.

The Nurses cleaned Aeon up and put the bacta sutchers on her and her tears closed in seconds with no pain. Neo helped her up as they gave her a stimulant and gave her a nutrient infusion. She ,over the course of seconds, felt a lot better and a whole lot less drained.

"In a few hours in the recovery room. They have some tests to do and Aeon needs to recover from the births." She answered calmly, “Now where can I find Snake?"


Snake looked at Noa... "I'm okay... just one hell of a headache." He didn't want her to be worried about him... he looked down at the pill bottle disgusted and chunked it to the ground. He slid into the back passenger's seat and leaned his head back.

Rage wasn’t sure if he should wait or not. And wasn’t sure of what to do in the mean time.

"Oh..." Noa frowned, "You're not worried you got chucked across the hallway?"

" Ok, the falcon…what is he doing there?"

"It was another child.... powerful kid..." Snake closed his eyes a bit...

"He got thrown across the hall... and walked off... how would I know?" Rage didn’t understand why it mattered at all, "Noa is with him."

"Ah, so that is her name…Thrown across the hall? " she knew snake to well, she figured out he was getting some meds. "Thanks Rage. And Rage get a cup of coffee, you seem to need one." Aleema walked to the desk of the nurses. She saw a bottle of painkillers. "Thanks, whom ever comes around here."

Aeon took Neo's hand and accepted it as he helped her up. She was still a little shaky but a lot less so now then she felt right after.

Rage sat down, he didn’t feel like anything other than seeing Aeon and Neo and the three children. If he was welcomed too, he didn’t understand how it all worked.

Neo took Aeon personally to the recovery room unassisted and held her in his arms the entire way. She could feel that Neo was weaker than her right now. He silently cried happy tears. His family was here. Something he had always hoped to have with his butterfly. It was now reality.

She opened the bottle and took out two painkillers. my poor back.She took them in without water and walked out to the Falcon holding the bottle in her hand.

Noa thought it was strange, "Well.... this should be interesting...." a powerful child was always hard to keep a hold of.

"Neo my love?" she said as she gently kissed his cheek. "I know you are tired. I can walk if you want me too?"

"No. You belong in my arms my love. I will be alright."

"And our children belong in our arms. Just as soon as they are ready to come home. I want to go home."

"We will.."

Outside she got hold of a nurse. She stopped the nurse trying to explain she had a bottle of painkillers with her. Aleema didn't know what happened in the hallway and why it was so silent there. She didn't leave the nurse time as she had said what she wanted to say she walked on the falcon’s ramp searching for snake.

Snake sat in the seats n the main cargo hold just leaning his head back letting his head rest...

"Everything will be okay, I’m sure of it." Noa smiled. Snake didn’t seem so happy.

Snake smiled a bit. "And what makes you so sure?"

"They are as strong as each other."

She saw snake and beside him a bottle. "So here you two are.."

Snake looked at Aleema a bit... "Here we are... how are the kids... all three of em?"

Noa didn’t say anything, she didn’t know Aleema at all. Just waited for the response.

Aleema smiled, "All three of them are fine." She looked to Snake " you alright? Heard you where thrown across the hall?.." she softly laughed " Seems a lot of us got air born today"

Noa let out a gasp of air, like she was holding her breath because everything depended on Aeon’s children being well.

Snake smiled "I'm alright.... I want you to meet someone... this is Noa.... my daughter... " Snake looked to Noa... "Noa this is Aleema... the woman I love more than any other in the galaxy..."

Snake received a comm for Aleema since she was lead doc. : Aiko 17000, Ayla 16800, Alexander 27000. End message

Snake looked at the comm.... damn powerful kids... he chunked the comm to Aleema...

There was a tear on Noa’s cheek, she rubbed it off, "Hello."

Aleema was silent, the daughter part was still sinking in. As she reads the comm she smiled "That explains it alright." She looked to Noa " Nice to meet you." She gave snake the bottle "Incase you need some." She sat down. "Snakey , my love, how many daughter do you have?"

"I... I have to go." Noa was sad. It wasn’t showing through at the moment but if she didn’t get out it would.

Snake called out... "Noa please don't leave...." he sighed a bit... "Only two my love... and Noa isn't my daughter by blood... its a long story...." He popped a pain killer in his mouth....

Noa walked out regardless. She needed some air.

Aleema looked at Snake, "Just asking." She looked a bit guilty " She didn't walked away cause of me right?"

"No.... she... doesn't like to show her emotions in front of others..." Snake moved closer to her his head still pounding...

Noa decided to go for a walk and get away. She needed to gain her compuser if she was going to see the children without breaking down.

"I see." She searched support against Snake, slowly she let everything go, she needed a clear head in the delivery room and was witness of something so beautiful and felt stress with young Alexander’s birth. "You know honey, Alexander was a close call, but I’m so happy he made it. A strong little fighter." her voice was filled with emotion. She understood Noa not willing to show emotions in front of others, but Aleema knew if there was one man in the galaxy she could show and revealed her emotions too it was the man she carried in her heart.

Snake let her lean on him pulling her close. "Me too my love... and yeah he is strong one I think my ability to fly atests to that..." he kissed Aleema on the forehead making himself feel better... just having her near him helped him feel better... he could never do anything to hurt her whom he had loved for so long.

Hours passed and the rest were let into the Recovery room to see a fully dressed Aeon holding Aiko while Neo held Alexander for the first time. They could feel the love of this family as if it flowed over like a hot spring from the earth. There were enough seats for everyone. Neo looked at them all and smiled. "Welcome my friends… My family…" Neo saw that Leona and Lyta had also made it there by this time and there were little spouts of talking amongst them as they entered.

Noa had shown the way to Rage who was clueless, she was having a hard time composing herself still, but she managed to confuse the majority. Rage looked at the children and smiled, "Almost makes me want to have children of my own he he." He said to Noa. She just snapped. Breaking down in tears.
Noa pushed past the others, she couldn’t stand looking at the children anymore, she ran into the hall and looked out the window, crying.
"What’s wrong?" Rage didn’t understand at all.
"Hold me." Noa said and grabbed Rage, digging her head into his shoulder and crying her eyes out.
Rage held her, not sure what to say.

Aleema smiled warm " Good to see you completed now."

Aeon was enjoying holding Aiko, while Ayla was being held by Aleema. She would look to Aiko and then Neo. She smiled as he made cute oogling sounds to Alexander. When she heard what Rage said and Noa snapping. She knew exactly what was wrong. Aeon was probably the only one who did. She gave Rage a look like he could have said anything else but that.

Rage had returned the look with a "What??" as he walked out.

"Noa. Can you please come here?" Neo looked to her and with a hand motioned to the chair next to Aeon and himself. He did this with a smile looking to Aeon.

Aleema smiled to her sis. "They are all so beautiful. You two have done an amazing job."

Leona smiled a bit and mostly just tried to stay out of the way with people running in and out of this place... she felt Noa crying but didn't do anything as she felt Rage with her....

Snake went over and sat next to Leona... "Glad to see you could make it on such short notice." She smiled back.. "Yeah I turned that whole cruiser around and bolted here..." They hugged a bit glad to see each other again.

(Snake and Leona are here )

(hehehe... aye)

"Leona. Can you please come here?" Neo looked to her and with a hand motioned to the chair next to Aeon and himself. He did this with a smile looking to Aeon.

Leona slowly got out of her seat and came over to the Neo and Aeon... She gave Aeon a hug... "Congratulations you two."

Snake snuck over next to Aleema and kissed her on the cheek.

Neo carefully handed Alexander to her. He has beautiful orange and green streaked eyes looked into hers and it was like the baby was feeling the goodness in her. He cooed happily and wiggled his arms a little. Neo smiled brightly and leaned his head against Aeon’s for a second.

Aleema looked to Aeon and smiled. She stood up holding Ayla close to her. She stood before Snake " I know Aeon doesn't mind, time you held her uncle snake." She carefully gave Ayla to Snake smiling to him

Mataea showed up with loads of diapers and other things. "Kordera Alexio Drean! Aeon Rose Etere Drean! If you two ever go on having babies without me here again I’ll box your ears and ruler your hands!" She walked in with a scowl until she saw the children and then she smiled and got giggly.. "They are PRECIOUS!"

Leona brushed her fingers lightly across Alexander’s gentle face... she smiled brightly down unto him "I have no clue how to explain the relations with this family but welcome to the family Alexander..."

Snake held Ayla gently.... "Well aren’t you a pretty one..." He couldn't help but notice the resemblance to her mother... "You look just like your mom..." Snake very gently handed the baby back to Aleema... He couldn't help but burst out laughing at Leona's comment....

Aeon felt the love of Neo. "My Beloved, Rage isn't going to have a clue what is going on. If you would like to let Matea hold our oldest. I believe I might be able to help?"

“What’s with the children that makes you cry?” Rage asked.
“Mine...” Noa said between her tears. She was a wreck.
“You had a baby?” Rage knew this wasn’t going to end well.
“Yes…*sob* but... my” She grabbed Rage.
“Shh, its okay... Shh.” He had never seen Noa like this, no one ever had.
“He…we... got into a fight…” She sobbed every now and then, “He.. hit me...”
“Oh... Oh…damn...” Rage was shocked by what she said.
“Killing…the child.” She cried even more in his shoulder. He could feel the cloths getting wet from her tears.
“It’s okay...Shh.” He stroked her hair, trying to calm her down a little. They stood in a silence, broken by the happiness in the other room. Broken by Noa's sadness in the hall. Rage didn’t feel right about ever going back in with Noa.

"Yes dear. Please go help them out. I will be right here waiting for your return."

Leona looked up at Neo and at Aeon.... "Wait let me come too... please... she is my sister...."

Aleema smiled as she took over Ayla. She had no clue about what all was going around. She looked to Alexander and then to Neo and smiled.

Neo took Alexander from Leona and sat back down. Aleema still had Aiko and Mataea now held Ayla in her arms. It had been age’s since she held an infant but the seasoned veteran mother did it with the utmost care.

"Maybe we should go Noa?" He asked her, Rage was keen on seeing the children, but he was sure he'd get another chance.

Aeon stood up from her chair and moved out to see Noa and Rage, she walked up gently behind them and set her arm on Noa's shoulder, hearing Rage's words. "Please don't go Noa."

Leona was right behind Aeon... "Sis.... what’s wrong?"

"I... I cant do it....." She didn’t want to look at Aeon, "I.. Just wanted a simple life...... I wanted to stop the killing...."

She beat Rages chest, "No NO... Never... never happy."

"Noa sweetie, you aren't going to hurt the babies. I promise you. When you see their faces, Please Noa. Trust me?" she said softly as she hugged Noa.

Leona looked down... "Sis..." She started crying a bit herself....

"All it reminds me of is the life I lost," She let go of Rage and turned away, "A life I wanted and never got... I wanted child... something to take care of... something that loved me unconditionally.....Someone..."

Aeon looked at Leona, trying to will her thoughts to her without saying them aloud to Noa. 'keep her here, I will be right back. Please'

Leona couldn't say anything... she just went and put her arms around Noa....

Noa shot a look at Rage.
"Oh no, don’t you dare put this on me." He frowned, "You got your deal."

Noa didn’t hold her sister back, she was too sad and too angry.

"Rage why don't you come with me before you say something you might regret."

Leona was hurt by her sister ignoring her.... but she was determined to make sure she didn't go anywhere...

Rage turned his head to Aeon, "No. I’m right," he looked back at Noa. He waited for the ‘It wasn’t a choice Rage.’

Her look said everything to him, "Don't mess with me right now Rage."

Rage bit his bottom lip and followed.

Aeon walked back into the room seeing the beautiful babies, her babies and smiled as she took Ayla from Matea. "I am sorry to pry your arms away from my beautiful daughter but I need her for a few moments." Mataea let her go, "Aleema can you make sure that Rage has a chance to hold the babies. And make sure he behaves himself?"

Aleema smiled " Of course sis." She looked to Rage, "Take a seat and I’ll give you Aiko." Aleema stood up.

"No no it’s okay..." He said and back off from the babies, "I’m afraid that I might drop the child... I couldn’t do it. I can’t do it."

"Will you just sit down and relax. You aren’t going to drop them Rage."

Aeon sighed and walked out of the room with Ayla in her arms, and walked up to where Leona and Noa where. She walked to where she was face to face with Noa. "Noa please look at me?"

Snake slowly walked out of the room... too much family for him.... he was used to being alone... it was a lot to take in at one time... he rounded several corners... just to bump into an old friend... or enemy... Lyta.... "Oh lovely..."

Lyta saw him and gasped... she dropped to a fighting stance.... she looked ready to do battle though her knives were still sheathed...

Leona let go of Noa as soon as Aeon got back and rushed out toward the exit.... she didn't know what else to do and she didn't want to break down in front of everyone....

Rage decided that fighting about it probably wasn’t a good idea, he sat down, still in fear of hurting the child.

Noa looked up from the ground at Aeon, seeing the baby in her hands, "No... Please dont make me." She shook her head, knowing what Aeon was up to.

"Noa you are part of this family. You are not what you once were. Please listen to me. You were an assassin now I ask you to be a protector of our family? Please?"

Aleema carefully gave Rage Aiko, "Just see you support her head with your elbow and her body with your arm…and gently lock your other arm around her and she will be safe in you arms."

Rage did as he was told and just watched the baby, thinking to himself that one day he could be a father and how proud he would be.

"But.. What.. that’s Rages job..." She didn’t sound happy at all, but was no longer angry. She looked at the baby, making her feel worse.

Snake thought of drawing his saber but decided against it... Lyta grinned coming in hard and fast... Snake blocked her blows most of her blows... and countered with a few of his own... Snake spoke quietly... "Let’s settle this another day... when Aeon our sister hasn't just given birth..." Lyta grinned a bit... and kept striking at him...

Leona went out to the docking bay and punched up the Heart