Trial of the Ancients Complete


29-08-2006 16:21:07

On the academy: The halls where empty, not a sound was heard. In the Krath temple the flame of war burned peacefully as it was serene in there. The spirits how ever weren't at ease, swirling around the corridors and quarters. In one corridor you could hear the sound of books opening and closing, the discussions that were made. All Krath apprentices were searching in the library after viruses, bacteria, poisons all just based on a few symptoms. Their Grand Inquisitor was no longer and was caused by something, something must have weakened him.

From the age of 7 they where working together, some leaving the library for just a moment. They were the onces called in medical for blood samples, orders from the grand masters. The whole day grand master Poison stayed in contact, on the hearing of her voice she was busy searching herself, going trough results, from the blood tests, sending our spy's to find Alex his exact location. Sending droid's in his room , and preparing droid's to send to the place in Correlia where he was taken from them. Poison had travelled two times up and down, to get books and results, the apprentices saw she was tired, but also knew she has an inner strength and wouldn't give up before finding the answer she is looking for.

Grand Master Zechs was on the battlefield aside Darklord Zaccar as a sign of unity, so many things where about to change, and it all ended well just in time. Grand Master Zechs was a young master in age and training. But he would do well, together with Poison. Both where young but knew how to stay up in this crisis.Knew what to do and wouldn't stop before it is done. All apprentices looked up to the GM's that had a hard task ahead, the future of the Krath rested in their hands.

She asked Aeon to keep William safe and close, she needed to travel to the academy. Between searching and going trough results she needed to prepare the Trial of truth for Lord Neophyte. While walking to the ' Black Velvet' she shake her head. "Neo you didn't picked out the easiest trial there is." She stepped onboard and lifted off. with the Cult battling the NR and Jedi at coruscant she had an easy way back. She kept total com silence except with the secured Cult channel. soon she was at the SA.

When she lowered her ramp many apprentices where awaiting her. They all greeted her back while walking to the library. She asked Giles to bring all files that were placed on her desk to the library, there she will work further while keeping an eye on the apprentices. While Giles was moving her stuff, she walked to Zaccar's office. she pressed the security code in and took her keys out the drawer at his desk she looked to his desk. Files where building up. she smiled before she walked out. She closed and secured the office and went with her keys to her quarters. " Thx honey to keep my keys with ya". She thought. She walked to her quarters and closed the door behind her. In the room next hers where her office was she heard ordering around. "Why does she need that while looking true files." "Young one i know that woman longer then you, now quiet and take that picture with you" Dracko's voice. "Oh no, not now, can miss him right now, please don't come in here and bug me". she changes in her Krath robes really fast. she trows her flight suit on her bed and walks out her room losing her hair so it falls halfway her back.

At the library she places her sabers in the box and reads the sign next to the door "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED" she enters the library were Giles gives her cup of coffee. She smiles warm to him and he gives her a light squeeze in her shoulder "Glad to have you home again". She looked over the library "Ok listen up, all young once from the age of 7 until 12, get ready for your night rest, NOW please." All young once stood up and said goodnight. She waited until they left, then she broke up the rest in groups to search all for a specific." group 1, viruses. Group 2 bacteria; group 3 poisons." All they answered "Yes Master Poison". She smiled, "Good now lets get to work" They worked until deep in the night. When the last few apprentices went to their bed Poison was called in medical bay.

She stood up to get the last results When she wanted to turn around the doctor holded a needle "Sorry master Poison but even you have to be tested". She rolled with her eyes" Stick that needle and get it over with please." "We could hit you on your nose until it bleeds" She smiled to the doctor "Is that an offer?" The doctor took a few steps back, not expecting that answer" Give your arm please" She gave her arm while letting out a deep sigh. The doctor needed 5 times to draw her blood "I'm sorry M' Lady, but after a whole day of drawing blood my eyes aren't that focused anymore" She rolled her sleeve down and walked out with the results refusing to give him any answer thinking "then they ask me why i dislike doctors and needles."

She went back to the library and started to continue her search for what ever got to Alex. She looked over the results while searching by force on topics over poisons. She told Zaccar that all Sith where clear and after getting all results of the Krath they were clear too. She gave up. All archive not a single poison that could have caused it. could it be, was it that Krath abandoned him. That he no longer saw Alex as strong, that Alex was a weak link. No it couldn't then she had to slay him to take in his place. Could it be that Alex was so weakened by all the losses that he no longer had the strength to be a Grand Inquisitor that he had to give in to the Jedi that he no longer had the willpower to resist. If so then he had betrayed them all "ALEX I CURSE ON YOU,HOW COULD YOU BETRAY US LIKE THIS. MAY KRATH FIND YOU AND KILL YOU, DIE A THOUSAND DEATH'S" The grounds of the academy began shaking as she let her frustration go.Poison, was tired, no evidence found, the droid's got back with no result other then ion tracks from the mine. Was it her fault, did her last ritual drained Alex from his force used by Dracko. If she didn't returned would Alex still be here?

She walked to her quarters and went with water trough her face. In the mirror she saw Dracko "It's not your fault Poison. You were destined to come back home. Face it my dear, he left all of you behind, he betrayed Krath, all of you, me and most of all himself." Dracko had a tear in his eye." Dracko, don't blame yourself, you gave him the best training you could give him." Dracko smiled with a fatherlike smile to her " He found my saber Poison, my saber i wield when i was a Jedi master. Maybe that is it, if so, i am the one to blame." Poison looked up with anger in her eyes " Lord Dracko stop this crap. Me and Alex are both trained in the ways of the Jedi and the Sith, we are masters of them both so shut up. stop saying this." Dracko disappeared only his voice was still heard "Rest my dear, i will guide you trough the preparation, but rest, you can't do it weakened in mind you know you have to show your strongest side with those ancient ones." She smiled "Yes daddy" she softly said. All was heard was his laughter as he spooked around the corridors of the SA.

She was early up in the morning. Carefully she dressed herself in her purple grand master robe with a black cloak embroidered with ancient symbols.she took all her belongings that were needed for the trial. The Grail of souls, and her own ceremonial dagger. She walked to the inner temple. summoned the Book of grand masters and started to chant the ancient spells to call in favor of the ancient Darklords and Grand Inquisitors. She looked to the statues while doing her rituals. She had to call 12 and for each of them she needed to place a cut and drip blood of her own in the Grail of souls. After 5 hours slowly they became to rize and took place at the statues in the temple. They keep levitating. All 12 they spoke up "POISON, CALL THE LORD HIMSELF, CALL KRATH" Poison nodded. Her eyes were black as the night, as the dark force flowing trough her. She started the chant to get in favor of Krath the Lord Krath himself. She felt Neophytes presence, as did the ancient ones. After 30 minutes the force of forces appeared. A voice so hard and deep her head felt like exploding spoke up. " Master Poison, get Lord Neophyte so we can judge him." Poison almost flew towards the heavy doors as she served as a medium for the spirits and the material world.she arrived and the doors opened. She looked in Neophytes eyes with her black eyes "It is time to be judged Neo, don't think straight answers if they ask or you will suffer." a voice called Neophyte forward. "Lord Neophyte step forward for your trial, Master Poison has warned you. There is no return from now on." Poison waited until Neophyte walked down the main path to what ever faced him.

Neophyte sat in his room. Knowing his trial was at hand he looked himself over. He looked at the hundreds of scars he had recieved protecting Sith and protecting the Dark Lord. Seeing how his body had changed he looked up once again at his changed face. His eyes heavy with the look of one who is about to die. His trial would bring things to light which would make or break him in the presence of Dark lords of old.

"All for the Brotherhood", he stated with a sigh. "Now we shall see in what graces the ones of old hold me."

Neophyte at this walked over to his closet and began putting on his ceremonial robe and garb. He put them on with meticulous care and preparation. Knowing to pay propper respects to such powerful spirits may save his life or not he knew it was best in any case. With care he lifted a medium sized red velvet box and took out two very elegant lightesabers. The "illituth" and the "Eviceratorius", his personally crafted blades. He then put his Sith Lords chasbil and medalion over his neck and headed out to the landing deck.

Passing students and apprentices and Obelisk Order guards in the hallways they all gave way to him with a bow in kind. He walked up to the engineers and technitians who were working on his Infiltrator and spoke with them a bit. He expressed his need for his Infiltrator to be in the highest working order and standards of the Sith cult.

He then headed out for the Planet of Drall and the Krath temple at highest speed. He landed just outside of it preparing his mind for the immense ammount of Dark Force he would have coming at him. He stepped sloly up the steps as if someone being led by fate. He then stood at the doorway and awaited the sign to enter.

Hearing him being beckoned into the temple he sets his shoulders and stands tall. He the walks in with the demeanor of a Sith Lord and the determination to proove his worth. Upon entering he sees the twelve statues and then walks up to Grand Master Poison and kneels in front of her. I am here to be Judged by those of ages past

Zechs Crysenside was on Jkhanp, an old smuggling planet with a single city developed from abandond mines, the surface was a baron wasteland, empty home to no creatures of plants, just battles. In a Republic crackdown the planet had been taken from the smugglers which once a hidden port for Sith Operations, but now it was an battlefield dominated by the NR. In a last ditch attempt to reclaim the planet the sith had waged an all out assault on the planet landing down to sabotage the defences from the inside. However there was another reason for this assault, scouts and spies had indicated that this was were Alex Scithers trusted Sith Infiltrator was dumped, Zechs had made it his personal mission to retrieve his ship and his master, first hand seeing his departure had caused rippels between the Sith and Krath with mistrust and wreckless claims, made by himself mostly in his anger. Although having calmed down and had managed to negotiate himself out of a war with the Sith he was still bitter and looking for someone to blame. That person was the Sith Lord Neophyte, who he had seen near Alex when he was taken, he blamed Neophyte for the whole event because he hadn't moved and had attacked him then ran to evacuate the Krath. He was lucky however that he was not alone to run the priesthood, it was Grand Master Poison who had calmed the wreckless priest and averted all the disaster. Zechs found comfort in her words but was not content, he wanted the head of the man responsible, and he didnt care whose it was. Poison had shown Zechs the shiplogs, proving that a smuggler had disrupted the Sith Lord's ship, although Zechs believed her it had only changed his target of revenge.

Zechs was joined on this mission by the DarkLord of the Sith Zaccar, who had recently fallen out with. But through Poison's help disaster was averted and now they faught side by side as a symbol of unity. He knew that Zaccar was there at Poison's request to oversee everything and make sure Zechs didnt lose control of his wreckless anger, but he was more concerned about finding his master.

The cult engaged the NR battleships above JKhanp City in a fullscale battle, many Sith Lords were in command of the Battleships, using the force to guard them, however there main objective was to distract the enemy fleet so Zechs, Zaccar and other Sith could land on the surface. Zaccar led the squadron as always in his own infiltrator, closely followed by Zechs Tie Vampire, given to him by Alex. The squadron weaved through enemy fire and pierced the atmosphere, as they flew towards the city they could see 5 Jedi fighters docked, but there were no signs of there pilots. They landed near them and split up to find their foes, Zaccar set off north taking 2 sith darths, while Zechs took 2 krath apprentices to the south of the city. After a short while Zechs heard the sounds of battle and instructed his apprentices to guard the ships, however Zechs could sense a strange aura, he light his sabers and continued southwards till he saw a figure in the darkness infront of a closing door. "Alex?" Zechs said with hesitation, the man charged at Zechs and light his light saber to attack him, Zechs parried the attack and used the force to push the man towards where Zechs had come from, the man stayed silent and then ran. "ALEX SCITHER! I WILL FIND YOU!" Zechs screamed but before Zechs could follow him he sensed the beggining of the ritual, Zechs put his lightsaber away and opened the door, it was a damaged Sith Infiltrator, his master's. Zechs managed to operate the SIn but many of its functions were damaged, he flew towards his Vampire to see Zaccar staring at the ship, "If you can repair it, you can keep it, now lets get going." The Sith flew escorting the damaged SIn to the otherside of the planet where a Sith Star Destroyer was waiting. They docked with the capitol ship, and prepared to flee the system. The Sith stood on the bridge, while Zechs stood near the window, staring into space..

On Drall outside the temple Dark clouds filled the sky. Lightnigstrikes hit the ground leaving the ground shaking lightly. Thunder was heard as it was more agressive then it usualy was. This was more then just a storm, massive forces where gathered here. Lord Neophyte was still kneeled as he looked to her he said " I have arived Grand Master Poison." She still looked straight in his eyes, with her pure black ones. Forces seem to swirl around her when she spoke, "Stand up Lord Neophyte, don't let the ancient ones wait. And like I said, don't hesitate, straight answers if been asked." So many voices came through in those words she spoke. The voices of the 12 Judges she was a medium for. Her own voice was still audible. With her words heavy winds arised howling trough the trees, thunder got more deep as the clouds turned black. Now the ritual was begon. There was turning back for Lord Neophyte. Lord Neophyte rose and took his mask of and stared at the ground not looking at any of them. He spoke to Poison with strength in his voice, "As you command". Poison smiled and spoke, "Follow my lead". Neophyte looked forward and spoke, " Very Well". When they both had entered the temple the doors close behind them. Poison walked to the altar and knealt before the 13 Judges. " My Lords, Lord Neophyte has spoken on his right as a member of the Sith Order to undergo the Trial of Truth. To prove his innocence before you all here today." At this Lord Neophyte walks up and knealt besides Grand Master Poison.

Krath himself stood up. At the first look a old tiny little man, but the power coming from him was absolutely astonishing. He spoke up and the ground lightly shook as he tried to keep his force down "Lord Neophyte is this so, then please stand up and face your Judges." Neophyte was in considerable pain due to all of the dark force energues coursing through his body but he did not show it. He stood up proudly and looked to the 13 Judges. Lord Neophyte held his head high and spoke " I have requested this trial for the sake of the Sith Order and the Krath Order as well. My life, my existence is yours to judge." Krath grinned, he knew not many survived a part of this trial, his favorite part, but Neophyte will live it when it was time. Right now Krath doubted Neo's strength. "Good, let us begin. Lord Neophyte I hope the force is at your side, not many survived this trial." He started laughing and the others followed him. Poison had a struggle with their massive use of force draining her force as well. Krath stopped laughing "Lets begin" He looked to Neophyte to see if the intimidation of their laughter was getting to him. Neophyte kept standing proudly with a raised head, prepared for what was about to begin.

The other judges where still laughing as Krath raized his arms. "Stop, enough. Lord Neophyte tell me about youreself." Krath eyes where focused on Neophyte looking with suspicion. Neophyte looked in Krath's eyes as the eyes are mirrors of the Soul. " I am a clone. A weapon originaly created to kill Sith. I am a Sith Lord in love with a Sith Lady" A few judges looked to Krath who still had a grin on his face as his eyes where looking in Neophytes eyes. Neophyte spoke further "I do the will of the Darklords. I am a conduit of the Dark Force energies. I am a servant of the Sith. This is all I am. " Freedon Nadd smiled "Good good, now tell us why you stand here today, why you wanted to undertake this trial."

Lord Neophytes voice became stronger with will and trust " To have it known to all Sith and Krath that I am no traitor and that I only hold the highest honor for the Order. For me to come to you was a testament that fear does not blind my judgement and that my knowledge of the rites is sound, with the standings of our Order, Dark Lord." Satal Kato stood up "And why do they think you are a traitor?" With the same strength Neophyte answered " Grand Inquisitor Alex Scither was ..seduced by Jedi no more than 500,000 standard units from my Terminator."

In Krath's eyes lightningsparks were seen crackling with fury. " And what makes you think you arent one, couldn't you save him?" Krath's voice became more demanding. Lord Neophyte answered Krath with slight spite in his voice. Neophyte spoke with confidence to Krath, both showing honesty and courage, " Had I been able to process scans with my ship or had communications at all I could have easily.. The force was clouded to me because of the battles on Drall and Selonia that day. A device was found that was inhibiting signals from my craft. This device has the signature markings and install procedures of a person only known as "The Librairan". Krath's voice became at ease and less spitefull, still loud and deep but less demanding, "So you were drained and needed meditation" Krath looked to Poison who was in meditation to uphold her force use. "You are speaking truth otherwise you would have sufferd by now, or should I say Poison would have" Naga Sadow grinned and spoke, "You heard us right Neophyte, if you had lied she would have sufferd." Krath silenced Naga Sadow and looked back to Neophyte. "Anything else you want of your chest before I search your soul for your honesty and your loyalty?" Lord Neophyte answered" Search me Lord, I am prepared" Krath nodded "Poison, are you prepared my young grand master for suffering if needed? Poison opened her eyes, still black as night. "No My Lord Krath, but I do know I don't have any other choice " Krath smiled, a bit pleased, and looked at Neophyte. "Honesty above all. Remember these words young Sith Lord." Poison reaches out her hand to Neophyte "Take it, it is needed for this part of the trial, you aren't a Krath so he has to enter you trough me, you wouldn't feel pain if he go's trough me." Neophyte takes Poison's hand and looks directly at Krath.

Krath just reached out a hand near Poison's direction. She remained calm but sweatdrops started rolling from her face as she fealt Krath swirling around her to move towards Neophyte. Dark Force, which never felt darker, reaches into Neophytes soul. This is only known as the "The touch of Krath". Krath closed his eyes as Poison took a deep breath. When he started to search into Neophytes soul she had pain as if she felt the pain of the soul itsself. As Krath moved closer he sees the once blackened runes in Neophytes skin grow to almost incandescence as Neophyte starts to cry from pain. Only tears run down, no sound as the pain inside him tripples in intensity. Neophyte just stands there and looks Krath in the eyes during this entire juncture. Poison bites her pain away, her heart beats under the pain that runs trough her. Satal stands up but out of Poison's mouth speaks Krath " SIT DOWN, she shall manage if she is a true Grand master" After what seemes to be an hour, but only was two minutes in reality, he releases Neophyte and Poison. Poison's energy from being a medium to Krath and the Judges was at the bottom. Neophyte collapsed to a knee and then slowly looked up at Krath. His entire body strains just for him to look up. "POISON, release his hand" Krath looked with angry eyes to Neophyte" You are dangerous Neophyte. verry dangerous" A few moments pass and though the pain he stands up and faces Krath. He stammers a bit and then his speach clears " I serve...Krath..and the Dark Lords.." His body still glows from the torment and the dark energy coursing through his body.

His eyes still focussed on Neophyte " I now, your loyalty is high towards your Darklord, I have seen it. An honareble cause if I may say so myself. You have spoken truth, no hesitation." An honest smile crosses the other 12 judges faces. At this Neophyte collapses on his knees. Krath looked up at poison" Poison, you know what do do, use the holocrons and the forbidden blood, safe his soul from further torment, i wanna meet this Librarian, let him see what torment is. This taks i rest in your hands. Now you showed faith in bringing Neophyte forward to us. Go and rest both of you." He looked to the other judges," Wipe that smile of your faces. Poison Well done young Grand Master. Today you once more showed you are worthy of your tittle" All 13 disapear as they never where there.

Neophyte seems to be going in and out consciouness "" Poison was drained, she had no energy left. She stood up with weakend knees. " Neophyte its over, you have done it. You past the Trial" she held him by his shoulders " Hold your strength Neophyte, until you can rest" The energies swirl around him and into the ground as a black mass covers his body, it hardens over his skin for a few seconds and shatters. Neophyte starts gaining color in his skin once again. " It is finnished.." She smiles, she is tired, it is seen . she had used all her strength to ophold the judges force and Krath's touch" Go Neophyte , rest, i'll be fine " her knees weaken, bloodwounds start opening again, all her strength is used." Go Neophyte, i will be just fine". Neophyte looked to her " I shall send your priests to help you Lady Poison"

Neophyte gives Poison his hands to help her up." Come. lets get you to them." No just give me a few minutes, i just need to come to rest with my own " She starts whispering old Krath words, the medalion of Krath brightens up, little sparks fill her body. Her eyes look deep green once more She still hold Neophyte until her own energy is back again. Neophyte spoke with pride and still a bit of unbelief " I am one of only three Sith to ever enter these halls for this purpose to ever leave here alive." Poison looked at him with a soft smile " Remember Krath's words, 'honesty above all' he lives by them in his trials, and i have been enough of those, 4 of them to be honest" Lord Neophyte looked at her " How many survived.." Poison smiled " You see Neophyte, we Priests have to go trough trials to be seen worthy enough to becoma a Grand Master. And yes i saw many die in the initiation trial. The werent worthy enough. A few in the trials of Dark Force Master and even saw priests lose their minds and dying in the trial of Grand Mastery.

"The path of a priest is highly underestimated. To be honest Neo, I wanted Zaccar here or Zechs, because I doubted myself to uphold their 13 forces. If I didn't pull trough I might have been in medical right now, or worse " She smiles at Neophyte warmly. "We both walk out here as not many did before us." Lord Neophyte nods and then says, "You are very strong. I see why Zaccar loves you so much. You stand fast. You hold true." Together they start walking to the door. Poison answers him back, "Lord Neophyte you are the strong willed one here. I can only respect you." She smiled bright as energy was flowing back into her eyes. "Beyond all I am nothing but a servant of those I just met. None the less I am honored by your words. I have only one question tho.. God Krath called me dangerous. Very dangerous.. Were you able to get a meaning from him?" She lookes to Neophyte while answering, "He has his reasons if he says this. He looked quiet angry but that was propably by the torment Librarian has done to you.. It could be you are dangerous towards your enemy's." Neophyte nods while Poison continues "The future will have to tell of this. Krath.. His words could mean so many things, only time will filter out the questions". Outside, everything turned back to normal. A lightblue sky a soft breeze, a nice summer evening. Neophyte looks back at the temple. "I must report to Darklord Zaccar". "Ok, and do that with honor Neophyte I will report to Grand Master Zechs. I'm glad I had trust in you and placed that saber on the coffee table." She once smiled before saying goodbye. "Thankyou for believing in me Grand Master. Good night." "The same to you Neophyte and please.. call me Poison. My pupils call me Grand Master. My friends call me Poison or Aleema. But to call me Aleema on duty will only anger Zaccar." " Then Poison it shall be. me Neo as the Dark Lord does." "I will.. Well Neo for now I say goodbye and be carefull out there, and say the same to Zaccar will you? Tell him Grand Master Poison of the Krath had said so." She winks. Neophyte turned to her before entering his Infiltrator, "Very well. Goodbye for now." She said to him before the ramp of his infiltrator pulled up, "Goodbye"

Neophyte started to activate his Sith Infiltrator while Poison watched how her apprentices took all her belongings with them and brought them to her ship. She flew back to the Shadow Academy to bring the greal and book of Grand Masters back. While walking past the ancient book of Sith, Krath and Darklords , she opened the book on the page of Trials of trusth. She smiled as Lord Neophyte name was encrypted onto the page. Carefully she closed the book and sealed it in the inner temple of the Shadow Academy where only Grand masters could come. She walked to her quarters and closed the door behind her and searched comfort in her pillow. It didn't took long before she slept in feeling the pressence of Dracko around her. "Goodnight Poison, I trained you well." She smiled in her dreams as she slept soundly.

It was late at night, a single Krath apprentice lie awake. Chaos had completed the task that Grand Master Zechs had given him, there was the talisman in his hands, the item that Zechs had asked for, yet the Grand Master was nowhere to be found. He sensed through the force that Lord Neophyte had passed his trial. He sat up "He passed ?" he shouted out loud. Chaos was stunned... not many before Lord Neophyte had undergone the Trial of Truth... and lived... he lay down on the bed, waiting for Zechs's return. Meanwhile, a Sith Star Destroyer had entered the system, en route to the Shadow Academy.