Librarian Saga.


29-08-2006 16:19:45

Name: Khaleistorr Vreen
Age :76
Rank : Old Republic General 1st R&D Devision of Krealis.
Current Status: Smuggler and Black Sun. Takes many odd trips to non route locations.

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Khaleistorr Vreen was a bright 13 year old lieutennant in the Old Republic military. A Prodigy
of his time. He graduated his learning at the age of ten and petittioned for his adulthood on
the planet of Drall. As a young scientist he did many things that would make normal scientists
worried. He developed desighns for new weapons , powerful weapons. He combined a mixture of
biotechnology with massive industrialised technoloogies normally available to only military.

On the planet of Krealis, homeworld to some other famous people such as Kintak-Jedi Master
he started to develop a cannon claled the Sephryll A.C.S.A.W.S. Cannon or Anti Capitol Ship
Artillery Warhead System. The Jedi found out about this and sent three Jedi Masters to shut
down his operation for the fear that the weapon might fall into the wrong hands at some point
and that the range of firepower, a 100000000 to the 100 power joule at .223 nanometers with a
4 in 1 ratio spread for 100000 degrees centigrade (hotter than the sun and 1/2 kilometer in width),
was more than should be allowed for anyone. The Jedi Masters got to his location as it was
being fired up for its full run test.

On that fatefull day the Jedi Masters put a force containment bubble around the muzzle and the
cannon malfunctioned. The cannon fired through the arc of the force bubble and directly into
the ground where it ignited the solid core of the planet and caused massive earth quakes. The
result of this was absolutely devistating.

On his way to the launch pad to escape Khaleistorr Vreen picked up a young boy and took him with,
trying to save at least one life of this doomed planet. He made it up to the Republic Medical Ship
"Mark of Valor". There he had the boy named Kintak tested for his metachlorian count and it was
found that with a metachlorian count of 19,450 he would make an excellent candidate for the Jedi
academy. At this he turned the orphan over to the Republic in hopes they whould know what to do
with him. To this day his next move is not known.

The next recorded incident of The "Librarian" came when the Specter began their routing of several
factions in the days of Zaccaras Crow, old emperor of the Galactic Empire. He strategically placed
the pieces in his ploy for combat data and knowledge. One person he was particularly interested
in was a young Krath named Lynx. A promising plot with excelent controllof the force. He routed a
few papers to make sure he flew against the pilots in specter to see how he fared.

As the battle was in its first 2 minutes of engagement he saw that Lynx's ship was down on shields
and hull and he saw a Specter Tie Dingo going in for the kill. The Dingo launched the fatefull missile
and it pierced his ships's cocpit with tremendous force. Even with all of this Lynx survived. At
this same moment Librarian was also experimenting with several new techniques of Siglis crystal
nd dark force crystal infusion. On Lynx's death bed he injected him to see the effect it had on
his body. It killed him before the bacta could take hold for the needed repairs.

After much research and going to the home of the Whilk people Librarian gleaned necessary documents
crystals holocrons and a myriad of knowledge to make his newest creation. A perfect, cloneable,
force using, emotionless, warrior. He proceded to travel all over the galaxy collecting data from
diffrernt races. he sought to go through a breeding process during the time of the clone wars and
up to the battle of Yavin looking for a stronger strain of DNA to use for his first specimen.

With much toil and with much painstaking travel and cost he found himself yet again studying the
forces of pilots and this time it wasnt force users. He studied the Death Watch Mandalorian Rebelion
group and several pilots through their attacks against the Mandalorians and the Sith. Two pilots
outshined the others Karsi Drean, also known as Existance and Hanna Vizsla son of the Famed Death
Watch former commander. Hanna dissapeared rather abruptly towards the end of the rebellion and the
only remaining target was Existance.

Along side of onsetting fatigue and a book of orders from his "superiors" he began investigating more
closely. He found that Existance had found skilled cloners who would be able to do exacting replicas.
Taking this to his advantage he waited before the cloners agreed to clone Existance and then he turned
over his location to the New Republic. With the gene doner ebing out of the way he moved in on the
cloning bay for project "Failing Ballance" and added his own twist.

He painstakingly injected dark force crystal with siglis crystal in a bacta mix with oxygen nanites
as the bonding factor. Then he used the mental matricies to link up several holocrons. Using the
little force abilities Librarian had at the time he began to do incantations to stabilize the clone
during its incubation period of 3 months. The end result was more than he anticipated and he left
chalking the notes up to this clone being a failure.

He fled Kamino and then stayed in hiding paying of his multiple quadrillions of debt as a smuggler.
He currently sits in his ship waiting for the sins of his present and the sins of his past to catch
up with him. Only time will tell if this old dog has some more tricks. If he does then the entire
free-worlds could be at risk.

For now he reads. Reads and prepares for the inevitable.

Onboard his Republic transport things happened as always with the mind of the "Librarian" he coursed
through books and read the strategies of old generals. He paroused the coppied volumes of books
written by old Jedi masters and former Sith Lords. He noticed a prophecy that troubled him.

The prophesy was written in both the books of the Jedi and in the books of the Sith. The contents of
it were dificult for Librarian at first. After reading it he researched what he could with his available
resources and began instituting the elements of this prophesy to force the times into high gear.

The first part of the prophesy:

"In the days of torment from the savior shall you see the darkness and intensity rising on the horizon.
There will be angst in the ranks of the orders and many will fall before the wake of the Dark ones."

Jedi text of course it called for the falling of Jedi to the "Dark Ones". The Sith book had a prophesy
of the same type but it read a little differently. Of course being written by two totally different
people the twist on the words needs to be overlooked for its true meaning.

"In those days will our power once again be great. Those that restore our order shall see it flourish
as in the days of Revan."

Librarian knowing how strong the Jedi were becoming knew he had to do something. He looked through his
abailable things and stumbled upon Neophytes neurolink pad. He looked at it and noticed he was very
much so captured by the Jedi. Seeing this as an opportunity he began to weave his web of malcontent
with absolute artistry.

First thing was first. He'd let the Jedi know that he knew what they had done. Then he'd let them know
they failed because of some overlooked details. Then he'd sell Raven of the Jedi order two books capable
of disarming Neophyte. Then he'd Tell Dark Lord Zaccar of his subordinates fate and wait for the
outcome. But there was one small detail left out. "Scarab."

Getting ahold of Lady Scarab she told her of Neophyes liking for her and of the algorythms he had been
collecting of it. She told of how he had created Neophyte and how he was ready to help her if she would
help Neophyte. This was all fine and good except it put Scarab in a very precarious situation. Neophyte
liked her..

The next day Neophyte escaped and Librarian began to weave the next and final phase. Librarians masterpice
of the Art of Death. He contacted Scarab once again and divulged the small pices of his life to her. The
more she heard the more she was enraged. He enlightened her to small piced of his masterpice plan. A
Grand army of Neophytes capable of doing his bidding without error. To him these would be perfect ones.
Not the failure of Neophyte, in his mind.

He had already started this cloning process with a very special clone. Lynx, Scarabs former fiance.
He asked her if she liked it and she began to scream in fury. Librarian noticing this decided to
elevate the situation and cut the clone down with a lightsaber. Then he cut communications with Scarab
and awaited for his Jedi piece to fall propperly into place.

Librarian would weave one last masterpiece before his death. A true testament to the tenacity of this
prodigy. People would remember. They would see. They would be in absolute awe of his intellect and his
plan. they would respect his work. This is what Librarian wanted to happen but if it does or if it did
.. time will show you.

The plan still yet unfolds.

The Librairan gathered his things and all 100 of his new Neophyte clones and headed out to do his
dammage. He deployed some in the Shadow Academy and some in the Jedi Academy. Doing this tied up the
Sith and Jedi while the Librarian attacked the Krath Temple on Selonia.

He hit the ground outside the temple after bombarding several key anti ship emplacements with a small
version of his deadly Sephryll cannon. When he dropped in he smiled at the Krath acolites, apprentices
and pontifaxes that greeted him with sabers drawn. He gripped ahold of a rather large siglis crystal as
it grew brighter and brighter in his hands. The next thing seen was a display of death that made Sith
lords of old look like corellian grade-school students.

Librarian displayed a sort of devistation on the defending forces that to this day had never before
been seen against the Krath. The Librarians knowledge of both sides of the force and his fifty years
of missions from the Jensaraii Order gave him an edge of great skill over the Krath defenders.

The clones he brought with him headed out to open the doors of the Temple as he slowly walked up the
steps. Librarian looked to the sky and saw a Sith Infiltrator decending on his position. The man aboard
named Lord Neophyte and his current passenger fired the cannons at the clones destroying all but 4 of them. The clones hid in fear of the ship as it landed. Librarian looked at this as he walked into the Temple and its doors started to shut.

Librarian knew he was in for a good fight so he put his crystals back in his pocket and drew his other
saber. Leaving it unignited untill the time when Neo and Kintak arrived gave him the element of suprise
he wanted. When they arrived he turned to them and began to speak to them.

"You who have intruded are the ones I caused pain to over these years. Kintak, the boy whose planet's
blood is on my hands. Neophyte who was ever so painfully changed by the effects of my plan. You two shall
die kneeling before me in adoration of my grand design."

Neophyte lit his sabers and rushed in on the Librarian followed by Kintak. They began a foray of death
the likes of which Librarian had not anticipated. Neophyte was perfect in Librarians eyes now. He had not
forseen the strength he really carried. Kintak sent blow after blow at Librarian and was unable to even
daunt him. The rage that built in this old man and the skill he had trained for years as an assassin came
into play as he fought them for over 2 hours on their own ground.

Librarian finally got Neophyte disarmed of a lightsaber and rose his two sabers to strike the deathblow.
In that instant Kintak who had been knocked a few feet away used the force to push himself in a blind
attack. Kintak swung his saber with such ferocity that the energies that came off of it would haunt
Neophyte forever. he took off Librarians hands and then stood back thinking victory was nigh.

The Jedi never saw it coming. Librarian knew the Jedi former-councilman would think of it in the Jedi way.
The opponent is disarmed therefore an easy kill. Librairan played on this thought and acted defeated.
Nophyte regained his lost saber and kicked Librarians lifeless hands out the front door. At this moment
Librarian used a form of force lightning so powerfull it lifted kintak off the floor. His body began to
crisp under its intense heat and his mind began to reel.

Kintak saw his entire life flash before his eyes and he saw the error in his ways. All the pain he had
caused old friends. The people he used to protect. The friends he had turned on. And then he came back
to reality in enough time to be thrown into a pillar of the Krath temple with 120 tonnes of force. This
effectively ended the Jedi Councilmans life and left him embedded 2 1/2 feet into the pillar.

At this the Librarian laughed. He then turned his gaze on Neophyte. He looked up to see another
infiltrator landing and he smiled. The last one of his "Pain Children" was here. He began to shock
Neophyte with the force and do countless other depraved things with the force that made Neophyte cringe
and fear this Librarian. Making NEophytes flesh crisp he called for his clones to take care of the

Lady Scarab dismounted her Infiltrator and proceded up the steps to be met by the 4 clones. Neophyte
regained his strength long enough to cut the heads off of 2 of them as Scarab cleaned up the final ones.
She climbed the Temple steps and faced the Librarian on his terms.

Her study of the fifth form of lightsaber combat and the Seventh form as well have her the edge needed
to end this mad man. She erupted in a display of sword skill that even Neophyte had never seen. As all
of her hatred and anger came out her true ability surfaced. She cut both of the arms cleanly from the
Librarian and almost killed him herself. Neophyte told her to leave the Librarian for the Krath. They
could cause more pain and death in a single time frame than any Sith Lord.

The Sith Lord and Lady left planet and went to drall. There they discussed they events and Scarab showed
Nephyte something new. She had gleaned all of Librarians 21 Siglis crystals and wanted Neophyte to make
her a neclace of them. With pain in his heart Neophyte did so and the gently placed it on Scarabs neck.
This was the closest he had been to her in a long time and to keep his composure with the evernts of the
day as well tore him apart.

Even tho the Librarian was now gone far from this reality. His effects and the pain he caused and the
turmoil he caused would ring though the free worlds for aeons to come. None had ever been this cruel
save Palpatine and Thrawn. Even their cruelty held only a slight candle to the depravities caused over
Librarians 76 years of life.

Millions had died at his hands. He even tested the fates of the Force users themselves and tried to
wipe them out clean from the universe. He failed because in the end the will of those in pain held true.
In their most desperate hour the people of the universe who had felt so much pain and grief triumphed as
many times before.

Librarian died a failure. Just as he foresaw. Just as it was writtin in his journal. His will was complete.

Or so we thought.