Communication Technician- Army Academy Training!


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Communication Technician/Slicer: Troopers training in the technician feild or SPEC, are the troopers that work with technology to provide the empire storm troopers a viarity of oportunities to hijack information, Communication ECT. Once this CT's finish there training they are able to take a next step into a more complex SPEC called; a Slicer, Or an advance CT. A slicer has the ultimate Hijacking information known to storm troopers, He uses all kinds of technology to succed in operations, Opening doors, Hijack, Communicate, ECT.


Training: Communications Technician~

Level 1: Equipment and Procedures
Story 1: Installation, Utilization, & Operation of Basic Comm Equipment

Additional items expected to be handled by a comm. tech: Military-grade data pad, planetary communications rig, droid repair kit, computer repair kit, diagnostics kit, lightweight tool kit.

"Training battlegrounds"

Typex3 was sleeping in his training Camp; it was 3 Am in the morning the alarm Rung "Riiing..." Typex3 woke up eager to start his new basic training on how to set up his camp with his newly discovered equipment. He then headed out for class; along the way to Storm Troopers, he looked over his data pad trying to see where his class started.

"What a weird place, so confusing" He said while looking over the classroom.

He was the first one there, ready for any kind of learning or action in a mission. The students started to come one by one, and then the teacher appeared with his crocked shades. The teacher commanded everyone to salute him and each other.

The teacher said on his mind "although all of these students are PFC, Typex3 is brighter than any of these". "Alright class today you will be learning the basic skills of the equipment setup, and how to identify them" the teacher said. "I'll Give you 10 minutes to set up your camp" He said.

Typex3 ran to his camp the fastest of them all, and wasted no time. He then headed out for fresh air, suited up in his standard storm trooper costume, to begin the day.

He first organized his camp in an organized fashion leaving him to deal with his Technician equipment after. He gently position them and identified them closely, while discovering there use for urgent missions. Typex3 then grabbed his Military-grade data pad, logged in to see his training section.

"Story Mode- Level 1 procedures; equipment identification and setup".

Typex3 followed systematically on how do identify each of the equipment. He then kept searching on his data pad figuring the system of each instrument and where to locate them in case of an emergency. He soon read about each learning about the use and how to operate them in a basic matter.

After typex3 understood all the procedures and identification of each instrument, he position them according to how is best useful for him in case of any mission. Typex3 grabbed the droid repair kit, computer repair kit, diagnostic kit, and lightweight tool kit and position them on the left side of the counter where his standard storm trooper suit was located.

He placed his military data pad on the right hand side counter of his bed. He then grabbed each of his instruments and looked closely at there system understanding there capability of working and the things/operation they can undertake in a mission.

Typex3 spends nearly two to three hours learning gradually how to use the data pad and the planetary communication rig. The other 5 hours were on trying to learn about the repair kits in any occasion when an instrument breaks in some kind of accident or when a droid needs repair.

At one a clock in the afternoon, he was finished understanding how to set up his equipment and how to understand the basic operations they had. He then awaited the inspection, in the mean while typex3 sat down reading the 31 w communication technicians guide located in his data pad for record keeping. As well as his 31 t communications technician guide on how to follow each procedure in each level.

Typex3 while reading saw a bunch of troopers waking up with nearly an hour till inspection. He saw there disorganized camps with instruments opened up with broken pieces. He was surprised that the equipment was still up and running.

His head nodded, shaking and saying in a commanding voice; "early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable".

Typex3 then went to take shower before inspection, cleaning his suit and rank over his suit. He then waited by his camp with everything in order waiting for inspection by a superior.

Then the Instructor called time, Typex3 ready as always then sat down to wait Until the Instructor checked the work.
Typex3's data pad soon began to beep, it was a skills test on how aware the equipment was at any time, any place.

"It seams that the pad gives me a certain amount of time to complete three tasks to decide weather I'm good on the level 1" equipment setup and basic Knowledge. Typex3 had only a minute to complete this tasks, first he ran to his data pad to locate his simulation mission, he then ran to his planetary communication rig to inform his simulation squad how to enter an door or a place that was after for them to go.

Then the computer generated a simulation mode, which enabled him to repair his computer in case of a breakdown. Then they told him a few quick questions on what to do in case of a droid breakage and other stuff involving tool usage and diagnostic usage as well. He finished the simulation course with a good score under 3 minutes. His pad was generated for him to overcome any situation at any place, any time. However, typex3 as usual was ready, and he completed the simulation test in a good score. He then headed with his data pad outside awaiting a superior to check up his work.

The Instructor had this look in his eyes when he saw the garbled mess that the other students did, but when I rolled up his eyes into typex3's Camp setup, he was not surprised. Typex3 had all his equipment like the instructions told him to do. He was neat and ready for any orders, any situation that might happen in a mission. In addition, the instructor looked at the scores of the students on his data pad. He gazed quickly at the scores looking for mines at the near bottom.

Typex3 had one of the best scores in the simulation drill making him the most awarding member in the drill team Of Communication technician. Typex3 was thrilled, he then was the only one that during the end of class, stayed longer to know more of what he learned on his data pad. The instructor was more than happy to help typex3. During that day, typex3 learned the basics of analyzing communication technician equipment, and camp setup.


Level 1: Equipment and Procedures
Story 2: Communications Operations, Procedures, and Techniques

It was just before sunset back at the SPEC-Academy, Typex3 was extremely exhausted and nerve racking about basic principles training. He wanted a little more action instead of study after study, after study. Well Typex3 got his chance at getting action in his training when later that day he found a note on his datapad enlisting the new assignment on his second day at training.

~ Upon entering the field of Communications technician, troopers will know how to identify the equipment they need; they will not know how to use it. The first few exercises will emphasize on the setup and uses of the specific equipment that will be used. Trooper will learn the basic equipment setup for their field. Upon completion, they will have learned basic operation, techniques, and procedures for the equipment, and should be able to operate their equipment capably.

Trooper must receive his/her equipment at the Training center, 2nd floor-Leftwing CT#206.
The list of the equipment as follows: [key! (X)= Not available]

*EPR (X)
*SJP (X)
" Activation lights (X)
" Antennae (X)
" Encryption Module (X)
" Field Limiter
" Hologram Pod
" Holonet Transceiver
" Rectenna Dish (X)
" S-thread Projection Crystal (X)
" Subspace Comm Detector (X)
" Subspace Transceiver (X)
" Transceiver Array (X)
" Transmitter

Typex3 headed out for the left-wing building with his Imperial jacket, and standard Storm Trooper uniform of the academy. After taking a glimpse at the building, Typex3 moved onto the second floor where he quickly found the room he was instructed to be.

The inexperienced trooper walked through the room feeling proud and dignified of himself. As he sat along with 15 other students, He noticed High-Tech equipment surrounding the room. As curious as he was, He took a small glance at the equipment not knowing what the where or do for that matter. Typex3 then turned attention to the instructor who was just about to address the oversees of the class.

The instructor took a seat and with a low voice said, "I welcome you all to CT #206, you will be learning several basic principles as well as identify each of the CT's main equipment. You might want to refer the manual located under your respective seats. Please refer to that manual, as you will all be given each material to take back at camp as well as the manual.

You will be given three days to identify and work each item. Now I will be assigning equipment, make a line on the right column of the room, as the droids will each give you your equipment. When you come back in three days, you will be tested on each of the equipment. If you pass, you get to keep the items for your further carrier in the CT-VEA, if you fail there is always next year's equipment available".

Typex3 along with the others raised up and maked a single file line where they each received there equipment. After several minutes of walking little by little, Typex3 got his equipment and reached the nearest exit where he headed back to camp to test out his newly given items.

After changing his Storm trooper uniform for a more suitable attire, Typex3 organized each equipment into a COM-UNIT where he can easily reach them for multi functional purposes. Typex3 referred to the manual and searched the word; COMM-UNIT under the glossary at the back of the manual.

COMM-UNIT: A Communication-Unit or a CU is composed of basic CT equipment in an orderly fashion. Making the items useable for multifunctional uses.

After understanding the COMM-UNIT's definition, it was time to ensemble one. When Typex3 turned the page, colorful images of equipments properly organized throughout a camp. Typex3 took several hours trying to memorize the entire equipment placement in order to form a COMM-UNIT. After visually doing so in theory, it was time to do it by hand. After a few hours of putting the COMM Unit together, Typex3 finally finished, but he needed to ensemble the Unit in less than 30 minutes.

It took merely 3 hours into the next day to memorize it with quickness and professionalism. With only 6 hours left until class started, Typex3 moved to faze two where he will learn how to operate the equipments using several of CT techniques as indicated in the manual. After learning the operations of ASL, DER, FST, STS, It was time to move on to the HoloNet; Like the HoloNet transcriber, and Hologram pod for gravitational 3D virtual images. Typex3 learned how to cast images and activate the Hologram pod with the HoloNet transcriber.

With less than an hour left, Typex3 began to operate the Field transcriber, which is a tool that determines the size of the projection. With the book being read and done in theory and single handedly, it was time to head for inspection back at CT #206.

Typex3 was running out of time as second flew by; He decided to run as fast as the wind before class started. Unfortunately, Typex3 ran 3 minutes late and was written in his permanent report until he graduated SPEC academy. It was a huge disappointment for him but he learned to live with it after some time. After the instructor made his brief speech, it was time for evaluation. Typex3 headed to one of the droids and presented himself before anything.

"Greetings I'm typex3 a trainee rookie on the SPEC CT academy"

The droid enlisted several task in Typex3's Datapad. With a grin, Typex3 began to gather each equipment and ensemble a basic COMM-UNIT. After 25 minutes of putting the COMM-UNIT together, the droid checked for any misplacement. After he revised, He instructed Typex3 to operate each equipment in a technical fashion.

Following instructions, Typex3 began with Imaginary Communication, using image like casting systems Known as the HoloNet pod. First before casting an image, he went and configured the HoloNet transcriber to be able to use the pod. After doing so, Typex3 tried to enlarge the image with the field limiter so the image can cast more than one person in a limited way. With only minutes remaining before time is called, Typex3 finished all of the equipment operations 5 minutes before time was called. With a nerve-racking look, Typex3 headed back to take a seat and await the results.

After 3 minutes each of the droids posted the results paper on a bulletin not far from Typex3's spot. Typex3 glanced over the bulletin finding the results:

-TRP Trainee Typex3-
CT SPEC Academy

Ability in principles: 9.5/10
Ability in COMM-UNIT: 10/10
Ability in basic equipment: 10/10
Ability in Technical field: 8/10
Overall score: 9/10

% Communications Operations, Procedures, and Techniques day 2% *Complex COMM-UNIT*

Objective: After Trooper has learned basic COMM-UNIT principles, He/She must learn complex techniques in order to be a qualified technician in the beginning course. The trooper must learn how to fully operate complex equipment as well as form his/her base where a more defined COMM-UNIT will be built.

" Trooper must receive his/her equipment at the Training center, 2nd floor-Leftwing CT#207.
The list of the equipment as follows:

" Activation lights
" Antennae
" Encryption Module
" Rectenna Dish
" S-thread Projection Crystal
" Subspace Comm Detector
" Subspace Transceiver
" Transceiver Array

After fully understanding basic principles of equipments, communication units and such, Typex3 had yet another task before he can move on in his technician specialty. The inexperienced but dignified trooper headed to class CT #207 where he will receive his new equipment if he passes the course. Nevertheless, he knew this was not going to be easy, Complexity in a technical field can be quite a burden to handle. As soon as he walked into the automatic doors, High-tech equipment all over the place, almost like a motherboard of all Communication units. Typex3 was speechless, the place was so equipped, and well builded. After minutes of admiring the room, Typex3 took a seat as the instructor gave a brief of the course expectations.

"Welcome all; in this course you will learn other equipment handlings. However, this course is a reward to students who did an excellent job at the basics. That is why I am awarding each of you students with new high-Tech equipment that you can own. The advance manual is also given to you if you are in the need of advancing more in the technician's field. Please take this equipment along with the manual to advance to the next course. You will have a week of break where you can explore your equipments and manuals given through these previous courses. Congrats to all, you have graduated basic CT Academy. Your training isn't far from over, checking your data pad for updates will tell you what you must still do to be a fully operative CT".

After leaving the classroom with a certificate, Typex3 arrived to his camp where he took a long nap before further training, in his quest to become a slicer.
Training: Level 2: System Control
Story 1: Computer Operation

Trooper will learn the basic operation of their computer for the field. They will also become somewhat fluent in basic electronics should the need ever arise for repairs to be made.

-=[The life of a CT]=-

"It was yet another day," Typex3 said while arising from the bed and taking his Data pad to begin the day.

Typex3 suddenly took a cold shower to wake him up from his sleep since he spend the hole day with The instructor at the academy, learning as much as he could from him about communication technician. As the cold shivering water rose on Typex3's skin, his data pad became lighted with assorted colors that will only mean that there is either a simulation or another training section. Typex3 closed the shower, dried himself with the imperial towel and jumped at an enormous speed to his data pad that was awaiting yet another excitement for him. He then logged into his data pad while he was getting his clothes and shoes on.

As Typex3 finished logging in and putting the rest of his clothes where it belonged, he then searched in his data pad for the next objective; Computer operation, along with the basic electronic of computers. As Typex3 searched for the class in which the operation was taking place, a friend popped out of the camp where Tpex3 was located.

"Sup Typex, an operation I see" The FCP said while looking closer at the class that Typex3 had.

"OH man, I have the same class!" Do you want to go with me; I need help in all this commotion about communication technician" the droid said.

"Sure, I'm more than happy to help someone in need. Let me just finish up here and I'll meet you at the academy shop center" Typex3 replied.

As the droid left, Typex3 got all his equipment and locked them up to his shock trooper suit, which he was testing out after spending 9,000 Imperial credits on it.

Typex3 walked through the narrow camp door were he them met his friend; the droid. As He and the droid walked along the crowded road on the academy he met his professor, a lucky surprised for him. Typex3 quickly explained his skills at the other class where he attended.

The Instructor looked at him and said "Yes I know you; my follow instructor next door told me much about you and your great attitude towards communication technician.

I am very delighted to have you as my student. I will teach you how to work on computer operations. This is a very difficult training to most of the troopers that start out, But for you [Rolled his eyes] it's not a challenge" the professor said and left following the other instructors.

Typex3 was amazed on how the training today was going to be so much fun. His enthusiastic spirit led to him being awake even with one hour of sleep. He was so determined into working hard on this mission and such as the others. As the students began to appear one by one, Typex3 read the instruction guide that the past instructor gave to the class. The Instructor came into the room lurking for an experienced member to be his training apprentice. The instructor wasted no time into searching for a worthy person; he immediately poked Typex3 to stand up. As Typex3 arose from the broken desk of his, the other troopers were jealous and disturbed.

The instructor gave a mean look in his eyes towards the students and said, "Now he will be answering questions on the weeks training. Now lets begin!. You will each have 12 hours to complete the following tasks in the simulation mode. You will choose in which level you want to do work on your simulation; on easy, normal, or advance. The equipment is right there for you to use; a well checked computer simulator ship and a communications technician computer. The manual of the basic operation of the computer is under the desk where your repair tools are located. Be sure to use also the advance manual for those of you that want to push themselves into getting the simulation on advance. Well, that is all I have to say. Good luck, and you may begin!".
The tasks are on the board; 1) Handling basic electronics: Dissociating and basic computer door opening: technical wire controlage: Basic field operations 2) Computer Data analysis, 3) Computer field analysis, 4) Computer squad analysis, 5) Objective analysis.

Typex3 quickly began to work on his station analyzing all sorts of things. He read the first goal to complete; 1) Handling basic electronics: Dissociating and basic computer door opening: technical wire controlage: Basic field operations. He quickly suited up with the instruments the instructor gave him for the simulation. He headed for the field in which was like a real gunnery fight with paint balls. He then headed for the door that needed an opening. Typex3 grabbed his computer to analyze the doors system of operations so he could corrupt the data in which opens the door. Typex3 took several minutes trying to wire the door, he access all the necessary components to break through the doors system. The door had a very advance mechanism that not only a CT can do. But Typex3 figured the pattern of the rebel door system:

System configuration; Wire analysis: EE45+EE47=FF22------HH69-GG32=FF22 FF22=XY00
[XY00] DATA-Cut system requirement wire XY00-----Block system by- EE45-GG32.

Typex3 solved the problem by wiring the two cables to lock the door and not cause damage, which could result in a system failure and cause a huge explosion. He simply accesses the system and shut down the wires to the equation [FF22] to access the doors properties. The wires EE45+HH69 to unlock the doors properties/configuration, finally Typex3 noticed that the wire XY00 was the key of the operation, so Typex3 when ahead to wire the two remaining wires which were EE47+GG32 . Once the door was open, he headed out, covering himself from any attacks. He then called his factious simulation squad to tell them were he was located. Where the squad could escape fire and get to the main goal without a problem.
--------15 minutes passed---------------------------------------------

2) Computer Data analysis, 3) Computer field analysis, 4) Computer squad analysis, 5) Objective analysis.

- Typex3 began logging in into his computer telling the fiction simulation squad the field analysis of where to go head out where they could find a safe place from attacks, for field control. Also where to land fleets for more weapons and troopers.

"Move To coordinates East 25 degrees from the base where you're located" Typex3 said.

Typex3 saw in his computer other coordinates that were also the objective were the enemy was. He soon figured the pattern of the attacks of the rebels and told his squad what was a possible rout where they could escape several attacks from the rebellion and somehow get close the the mission objective which was the main camp of the rebellion. Although Typex3 predictions were not exactly correct the simulation considered it a passing letter.

Typex3 went to his station and putted everything back in place; he did not even stop for a short break and did the test in 8 hours without stopping only resting in the time where he was accessing in his computer.

After the test, he revised the score with the teacher and the instructor said, "Wow an 86 percent in an advance level simulation. I must say that you have the spirit for communication technician. In addition, you have finished fast in 8 hours and 23 minutes. You have not only passed and showed great leadership, you have won my respect for such action you did today".

As the students, one by one started coming in Typex3 had lost his breath and was carried to the clinic. Right before the carried him, his friend the droid and the instructor came up to him and the instructor said "You will become a great leader" then Typex3 responded, "I follow before leading." Typex wait up, can you help me with this communication Technician booklet? The droid said, "Right after I catch my breath," Typex3 replied.
Level 3: Theory
"Story 1: Hardware Theory"

It was 5:00 a clock on the morning as Typex3 gently slurped the hot fresh coffee. He without wasting time checked out for any mission updates located in the main files of his data pad. He glazed his eyes through his useful tool as he found out that there was yet another mission he most accomplish before he could move on as a fully qualified technician.

Typex3 looked for the main goal outline that the data pad has acquired for him in order to manage hardware theory.

The data pad quickly stated that in order for him to pass this so-called hardware theory he must be compatible with all sorts of technical functions of communication systems provided for him. It also stated that the trooper will come to have some understanding of the theory behind their equipment and how it works. They will learn all the theories possibly needed for their field as a communications technician. Trooper will now undergo an intensive course on communication theories you bring trooper up to the brink of current technologies and methods for sustaining communications, improvising with inefficient hardware, and even hiding transmissions in enemy transmission.

Typex3 wasted no time into suiting up his equipment and technical hardware. He first quickly suited his Shock Trooper armor, following up with his Military-grade data pad, planetary communications rig, droid repair kit, computer repair kit, diagnostics kit, lightweight tool kit.

The young boy soon log in once more into his data pad finding the right course of classroom he must be attending to. As Typex3 was walking through the shallow halls of the Strom Trooper Spec Academy, he bumped into his long time pal, Lance corporal Ryan an acquaintance of the Empire.

After the harsh and unexpected bump, Typex3 Grinned and said, "No time no see my old pal, what brings you to this academy?"

"Haven't seen you in a while as well, as in for me, I have decided to take a course on Communication technician" Ryan said while taking a glance at Typex3's equipment.

"No way, you too have decided to take this Spec?...Wow, as you can see I'm a trainee myself. I have been working very hard to get this far, I have already completed 2 courses on CT already. What about you Ryan?" Typex3 said while staring at his Omni communicator hanging out of his back.

"I have also passed two courses dealing with basic operations and stuff; as a matter of fact I'm heading out for Room CT#265 in the Left wing of the academy. I am running late Typex, I will see you around, maybe we could plan something out, so we can have the same class since you're in the same course as me. Talk to you later man," Ryan said while running up the stairs up the second floor.

Typex3 looked back, reaching for his data pad, which contained his classroom number. The data pad stated that his room was indeed the same as Ryan; CT#265.

Typex3 quickly ran up the stair heading towards the same direction as Ryan.

"Ryan wait up!" Typex3 screamed at the hall.

Ryan turned around and took a step back with shocked eyes, "Whats the matter, your going to be late for class dude"

"No man, I have you for class, I didn't notice until now," Typex3 said.

"Oh then lets go shall we, the professor is awaiting his students about now", Ryan said while looking at the Halls Time watch.

Typex3 and Ryan ran through the halls bumping into troopers, as they finally reached there destination. They both took as seat while class was about to start. The professor took the initiative of speaking about certain hardware used on the Technician studies. He reviewed some of the essential equipment used to describe there purpose in modern technology. The professor gave out a list of papers giving all the items required on the CT fields of studies. Typex3 and Ryan soon glazed at the hardware, learning there basic functions and uses for battlefield analysis, and battlefield communication.

As always, the academy provided a simulation based on every course of studies, in which this case was hardware Theory. Each of the troopers must undergo through a training course based on how they operate and use the hardware in a real mission.

Typex3 along with Bryan took the initiative of studying each item before usage in the simulation. They each followed instructions before starting them up.

[-Automatic door system- This devise is used to get into the rebel automatic door system, This devise also undertakes several seconds of dissociating the door while the technician Confabulates the door's properties.]

[- Global communication system- This devise is used to communicate with your squad and companies. This communicator can communicate up to four people at the same time.

The professor wanted tow people to pair up with; he let the troopers decide since it was not mandatory for him to choose. Typex3 soon stepped in the simulation with Ryan, the task was not combating. In fact this time was different, is to learn the operations of the hardware in tough situations.

Ryan and Typex3 soon builded up camp, setting up and each grabbing the hardware for communication. The simulation system drove each other apart, they will each have to find the tools given to make there way and get to each other. Typex3 was given the task of using the global communicator system while Ryan had the Automatic door system. Typex3 stayed on one side of the big simulation area while Ryan was in the deep area where the rebel alliance was located. In order for Bryan to escape Typex3 must undergo his skills of field/Hardware analysis to help him escape from the rebel forces.

On the other hand, Ryan has to use his automatic door system to help himself get out of there if any situation of the rebel maximum-security door crossed his path. Typex3 and Ryan had both 30 minutes to complete the task.

-Simulation Drill CT#3 Hardware
-Time: 30 Minutes
-Task [ The Global communicator has to help his ally by helping him/Her of a maximum security base located 30 degrees North of the central base where the global communicator standing.
- Weather Foggy, Night, 32 F
-Ryan's situation [Undercover, Getting the plans of Capital ships]
- Undercover, No one must find out your there.

Typex3 quickly configured the global communication system, While Bryan suited up in his Shadow suit as he grabbed his door system ready for any rebel door obstacle. Typex3 finished configuring his devise, He soon communicated with Ryan.

[OCC; This dialouge is between me and Ryan, we alternate everytime we speak.]

"LC_Ryan can you hear me?...Over"
"Yeah PFC_Typex3...Over"

"I Need you to please listen closely as I am only going to say this once, according to My CT Hardware you are located North of where I am. Since the weather is foggy, we are going to escape from the main tunnel heading south to the Rebel coastal sea. You will have to escape from the rebel camp by heading west were you will find 3 droid blocking the entrance to the main door where the Rebel plans are located. Instead of heading through the main door, you will find an opening through a small air Vent. You will then make your way through, then you will end up inside, move as quite as you can, Grab the plans and go the same way you got back out. Go trooper, we don't have much time&" Typex3 whispered fast while looking a way of possible routes where he could escape.

"Got that, Right away" Ryan replied

In the mean, time Typex3 looked over his Communication hardware finding the weather condition to his advantage. He concluded since the weather was foggy and the night was young, that he could get Bryan through the fastest Riskiest way through the Rebel's coastal field. Interrupting his field studies, Bryan Popped out;

"Typex, I have done what you said, I'm located right underneath the vent where I got the goods"

"Good, Good... Now we need to find a way out of here. If you put your effort we could get out of here in a matter of no time, but it is going to be risky. Do you want to do this? Typex3 asked

"Yeah yeah, lead the plan" Ryan replied

"Okay Head down east where you will find a vent underneath the hall. Go through there while keeping quiet, if no you are going to get the Droids patrolling Cranky. After that, you must exit on your first left through the vent. This will take you to an underground route that you must have access to; you have to find a way to open the rebel door system. When you do so, you must run all the way south where the rebel coastal guards are located. You must swim all the way without anybody seeing or hearing you, be very careful. Once you cannot swim anymore forward south, then you must go ahead and stop at the entrance sector where you were located. Open the main door and run south west as indicated on your Comlink. Then you are done, you will find me on a building with big gates". Typex3 Replied almost running out of breath.

---20 Minutes passed---

Ryan had escaped with a couple of bruces, rashes, and a wet body.

----End transmission----

Simulation Score- 8.3/10
Difficulty- 3.8/6
Time finished- 32 minutes
Final score- PASSED [-2 Minutes]
Level 3: Theory
Story 2: Software Interface Theory

"Galaxy Communication"

It was yet another day for the inexperienced Private Typex3, as he took a glance at what was going to be a difficult day of training since he knew that begging from now was advance technical communications stored for him.

Typex3 as always waked up from his trooper bed and into the bathroom where he will hygiene before starting the day. He soon after taking a nice cold shower went to get some coffee, as he knew the day was not going to be easy or pleasant. Typex3 gathered up all his equipment, sonly after configurating his data pad, He Glazed at the manual located underneath his data pad, it seemed that the front cover said, "Advance equipment". Typex3's eagerness told him to look inside it, as he grew curious of its content.

Typex3 spended two hole hours reading the 10036 pages of CT advance equipment Manual. He was entertained of such incredibly technology the book had acquire for him to read. Typex3's next course in Room #CTsoftware1006 was within 3 hours to start. He had plenty of time to learn as much as he could from the manual. After turning pages and pages, he found out some of the basic important Communication sensors.

After Three hours of comprehensive acknowledgement, typex3's mind became insufficiently strong. Systematically he learned the devises software functions. While reading and reading, Typex3 found himself a hard time trying to let the book a rest, he was indeed entertained but is had become an obsession after long hours of time.

Due to the long periods of time, Typex3 was late for his daily course. This time the course was intensive theory, which meant that he would need all the help he can get. Fortunately, he had a very good reliable source of information on the advance manual that will hopely help him in his hour of need.

As overly expected, Typex3 was going to encounter yet another simulation with harder time limits, long periods of intensive thinking and beginning basic filed operations for later courses.

Typex3 Grinned at the professor with a glance at first, "Professor is it okay if I could use some of the advance TC tools for my enhancement of Knowledge, I really need this practice if I'm ever going to become great".

The professor Grinned back with a doubt on his face and replied, "Hum, I see you have the advance manual in your possession, not many people take the opportunity to read it that is why I'm letting you get three items at your disposal during the simulation".

Typex3 soon headed over to the Locked Equipment Center where shortly was opened for him by the professor. Typex3 Looked amazed at the software encountered in the huge but narrow path of equipment. Soon he grabbed the following items that he tough was mostly principles of software communication:

-FST: Full Spectrum Transceiver.
-Antennae: Broad beam, tight beam, high frequency, low frequency, comm array, etc
-Transmitter: Simple device found in communications equipment
-Encryption Module: Encrypt/Decrypt Transitions Modules.

Typex3 took several minutes to re configure the items properly, just as he learned in the manual. Several minutes passed and the simulation phase was about to begin. The Information grid was posted at the bulleting board located at the left and sidewall. Typex3 took a quick look to see the field and software usage;

-Type: Simulation training CT# Software Interface Theory
-Planet/Field: Pirate Zone/ Hasty Humid, Fog presented
-Operation objectives: 1) Use presented software that you choused and use it to somehow get into the pirates Zone and dissociate five Electrical fields. 2) In each tower a ship will be presented when you successfully interrupt the towers system; grab the ship of all five.
-Weather- 60 degrees F/Half moon
-Time required 2 hours
-Difficulty: 6/10 Medium Levels

<-=[Simulation Begin]=->

Typex3 shortly appeared in this hasty climate planet, He wasted no time into starting the simulation. Typex3 read his first objective and took actions immediately; he grabbed his FST and fully transmitted Spectrums locate Long distance where the Pirate's Electromagnetic field was found. Without further or due Typex3 excelled and configured the FST so that the devise will more or less find the voltage of electric magnetic spectrum found within the 5 towers.

Next up Typex3 suited up in his shadow suit provided for him and ran to where the coast was clear so he could get a better look of the situation on the pirate's security. The security was tough considering many guards guarding the main entrance. Typex3 will have to somehow find a way to get in without any disturbances from the guards, He soon logged into his Transmitter along with his Data pad, to figure if there were any underground passages, and there was none to be found.

Typex3 soon faced a bigger problem, it seemed that the guards have sense something coming from the location of Typex3, the pirates had also a Technician in there disposal. Soon enough Typex3 played smart and used his High frequency Antennae to interrupt the communication between the technicians working for the pirates. Soon the pirate technician was in deep trouble after Typex3 finally cutted out his way to communicate to anybody.

Using his strong electromagnetic waves typex3 was able to shut down some of the Energy realised from the Pirate's headquarters. He soon found a slight opening through the rear; he opened a small air Vent and got through. Typex3 was apparently found inside, where the Pirates made Droids for there disposal. However, before the Droids spotted Typex3, he shorted out there circuit with his high frequency waves.

Typex3 has 30 minutes to go when he encountered that he was surrounded by guards and the only way for them not to see him is to risk and Encrypting the Automatic access door which when triggered without authorization, can cause self destruction and warning sounds. Nevertheless, as scared typex3 was, he soon risked it. Although he knew, it was a simulation.

Typex3 quickly grabbed the Encryption Module to Diss- Activate the modules of the doors properties and encrypt the data from the pirate's main control room. After sueting and hard work, with a few advance codes, the pirate Code encrypted, and it safely opened the door where Typex3 found the main control Room where the tower controls were located, with a few minutes running on the clock, Typex3 amazingly did it and encrypted all the towers. However, there was one big problem; He needed to get the data from each tower without anybody seeing him smirking around. Using his Trooper Skills he used them to sneak without making a sound and one by one getting the required data needed to complete the mission.

<-----Simulation Mission------Completed-->
Ability on Technical field; 3.6/6
Time done; 2:30:21
Final score: 3.9/6
Time reduction: -30:21
<---------End Transmition------>
Level 3: Theory
Story 3: Antenna theory

"The Computer maniac [Part-2]- Complexity"

After having acknowledged communication basics for 2 weeks, it was time for yet another huge come back for typex3. It was his chance of proving his endless studies to the test. Soon after the completion of his two previous courses, Typex3 learned complex tactics under virtual simulation pressure. After several days, Typex3 encountered another course to fulfill, The Antenna theory. Typex3 knew that if he proved to his fellow squad members of the mobilized infantry; [Dark Dragoons], that he will earn his respect.

It was 5:00 AM, Central galactic time. Typex3 along with Ryan walked the crowded narrow walls with only one topic on there minds; Complex training. With a little bit enthusiasm and focus, the two troopers sat down along with there training equipment. The instructor a leading Communication Technician got ready to brief the training among the students.

"These along with the previous courses have been the hardest to accomplish, due to complex simulations and advance tactics. However, the simulation going to take place today will be different from the others. There is a manual of CT# Antenna theory simulation underneath your respective seats. Please refer to the manual on how to get started with the simulation. All the information is stated on the board." The instructor Briefed.

Both Typex3 and Ryan glanced at the board for additional information about the virtual simulation taken place;

Troopers will learn all the theories possibly needed for their field as a communications technician. Trooper will now undergo an intensive course on communication theories you bring trooper up to the brink of current technologies and methods for sustaining communications, improvising with inefficient hardware, and even hiding transmissions in enemy transmissions.

-Type: Complex simulation CT# Antenna theory
-Virtual Conditions: Mid-Night; 1:00 AM Galactic Central/ Humid-Fog on highland areas.
-Simulation objective: Intercept opposing communication/ Establish contact with Company commander about Rebellion plans.
- Maximum simulation time: 2 hours
-Difficulty: - Wilderness survival; 6/10  Overall Complex difficulty; 8/10
-Auxiliary items: Fastflesh: Emergency compound for sealing wounds.

-Equipment: Diagnostic Scanner: Helps to pinpoint the source of problems. Computer Feedback Circuits: Keeps computer aware of the status of the various systems. Computer Control Circuits: Enables the computer to activate and deactivate ship's systems. Projector Relays: The emitter for energy shielding. Subspace Transceiver: Used for faster-than-light communication. Holonet Transceiver: The unit to receive and transmit holonet broadcasts. SJP: Sensor Jamming Projector. Encryption Module: As described, unit used to encrypt/decrypt secure transmissions. Activation lights: for the Holonet Transceiver.

<-=[Begin Simulation]=->

Typex3 founded himself in an Endless mountain range, inside a base full of equipment and Topographic maps. His first reaction was to configurate each equipment and to look over the mission objectives. As he entered his Comm. Unit system, Typex3 needed to find a way to interrupt/hijack from the rebel communication system and to inform the company commander of the events he hijacked.

After an hour of searching for any communication signals, Typex3 grew impatient and began to do another search for any tower transmitter located around his area. Using his computer feedback circuits, Typex3 was able to find a system of communication that allowed him to attach his Encryption module, and decrypt messages from any communication signals happening in outer space or in battleground units. The Comm. Unit began to print the locations of the Communication tower.

-=[Communication tower]=-

Location; 36 % North, 20 %West.
Area Located: Rebel's Infantry base

Typex3 grabbed his needed equipment and headed out to the given destination. After merely an hour of traveling, Typex3 found training infantries guarding an entrance to the training camp. Typex3 must find a way to access the main door system without anyone noticing.

Typex3 found an infantry beginner walking around away from his unit in training ground. Using his sneaky skills, Typex3 kidnapped the Soldier for further questioning. After tying the soldier and taking him to a safe place where either of the units in training cannot hear him. Typex3 announced with a purified voice:

"Tell me what's the password of the main entrance leading the convoy".

"I won't tell you, I'll rather die under the safety of the rebellion than to live in the arms of the empire".

"Very well then you rebel scum, surrender your armor as you will live in the arms of the empire".

Typex3 took of the rebel's armor leaving him with a naked upper body and some shorts. Typex3 quickly executed the rebel soldier, and hid his storm trooper armor underground.

With only an hour left to encrypt the rebel's transmitions before they make there move on the empire. Typex3 walked into the training ground of the rebellion towards the main gate. When all of the sudden a soldier walked up to him and said:

"Hey Eric, Our lieutenant commander is waiting for us back at sector B-17."

Typex3 turned around not knowing what the rebel soldier was talking about; "Oh yeah, I have a special assignment waiting for me after this gates. Can you tell me the password/callsing to use, I waked up this morning with a headache and I don't seem to remember the password anymore."

The foolish soldier gave him the password and deployed to his unit. Typex3 without anyone noticing pulled off his Printed-paper where the Communication tower was located. It seemed that the tower was well controlled, as Typex3 was denied by three of the guards that guarded two of the only entrances of the tower. Typex3 had no idea now on how to break in the guardians.

As the minutes runned by, typex3 grew impatient. With only 30 minutes left in the simulation, Typex3 Blew his cover and killed the three guards by surprised. He quickly encrypted the door system so that no one can access it without a special comm. System. With only 20 minutes, left Typex3 reached the Communication tower and tried to use his Sensor jamming projector, but it failed.

He quickly though of an idea to use diagnostic scanner to detect the problem within the towers configuration. Typex3 with only 10 minutes left grabbed his antenna and connected the modules of the antenna and Communication tower together for the signal to reach in outerspace.

Using his subspace transcriber, Typex3 was able to find the rebellion channel of communication in outerspace. Along with the SJP he was able to interrupt the conversation between the regiment commander to the battleground forces.

After hearing the conversation in details, Typex3 used his activation lights along with his holonet transcriber to locate Company commander and tell him about the plans of the rebellion.

-=[Mission Ended]=-
Overall score: 7/10
Ability in technical field: 7.5/10
Time finished: 1:58:36

<----End transmition------>

[OCC: This are stories about army training in the SPEC. of CT]