Silence (Poem)


03-08-2006 12:37:41

Okay. Here was my submission for one of the poetry MTs; I placed second.
I just want to hear other people's comments on it. ;)

By KP Scorpius

I awaken in a fearful fright
And glance outside; it still is night.
Shadows cover all I see,
And silence strengthens misery.

I see a movement by my side,
Running... Running... Trying to hide.
I sit upright, sweating quite,
And reveal my weapon, my enemy's plight.

Alas to my surprise I find
Nothing there, nothing to mind.
Heaving heavily, sweating too,
I close my eyes and then see you.

You fiendish fool, you vile thing!
You who only death will bring!
In my mind I quake with fear
As you draw that memory near.

My eyes, they open, and glance around
I turn to sleep, but see the ground;
Blood spilt here, blood stained there...
Blood! Good God! Blood everywhere!

Beneath my covers go my head,
I try to hide, but you won't be fed.
You send her there, into my bed,
Her ghostly shade with eyes of red....

She sits there, smiling; no speech at all,
She causes silence through my ears to crawl.
Trembling, quaking, shivering, shaking,
And not a single sound I'm making!

"Away," I cry, futily so.
"Why won't you leave? Let me go!
She was in my way! You were too!"
Again no sound has broken through.

At this point I stand, upstarting,
And make to go about departing
When in my door I spot you still...
A shadow of that man I killed.

I shriek again, but am still not heard,
Silence is the magic word.
You stare at me, my guilt your tool,
Breaking me, beating, being so cruel.

Gasping now I turn to leave,
Hoping the window will grant reprieve.
Alas, I am mistaken quite!
For as the sun overcomes night

I see there, standing, bleeding still,
You and her, those ones I killed!
You look at me with a fiery glare,
I try to scream as I stand there:

"Get thee, shadows, away! Away!
Send them off, dear light of day!"
There is no scream, no silence broken,
No single word uttered or spoken.

Only silence meets my plea,
Only that and misery.
I stumble back into a corner,
Crying both for you and her.

There I shake violently,
I close my eyes and hope not to see
Those who died by my mistake,
Those whose lives that I did take.

?Those lives that yearned so much to grow,
Stolen by my drunken woe.
And now we sit here bloodily:
Silence, You, Guilt, and Me.

Macron Sadow

03-08-2006 12:46:28

I like it. You really stuck to the rhyme scheme. I wonder about the syllabication, though... but that is artistic liscence to come a bit off meter. Altogether well done!


15-09-2006 23:36:11

I like it too...Your a good poet