Fall From Glory: Journals of Magnus Scorpius


03-08-2006 12:35:16

Now, I originally did these journals for one of my trials. I have thought about righting more stories from this point of view, as they interest me, and maybe filling in the gaps and extending this particular one. I might continue the "Fall From Glory" series from the point of Scorpius, highlighting his actions that eventually led him to join Palpatine's New Order.

Fall from Glory- The Journals of Magnus Scorpius

From the private journals of Magnus Scorpius of Chandrila, the owner of the Scorpius Corporation and Count of Risban, as collected by Robinson Antares Scorpius.
From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 1
In order to document my life so that my descendants are able to make use of me and remember me, I have decided to keep a journal. I am Magnus Scorpius, titled Count of Risban. I also have inherited the Scorpius Corporation from my father, Finis Hadjus Scorpius.
I am married to a woman of Firerrion and Human blood, Sophia Antares. She is a representative on the Chandrilan Council of Representation. Her father owns a bacta facility on Alderaan.
We currently live in Hanna City, Chandrila, though I often travel to Coruscant or throughout the Corporate Sector on business. I also own a home on my family’s place or origin, Risban, which I travel to for vacations. Sophia mentioned that she wanted a home outside of the city, and I told her that we’d look. My PK Unit, Puka, is against the idea, though. He says he doesn’t like moving.
Scorpius signing off.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 3
Today we purchased a homestead outside of Hanna City. It was a hefty price; nearly eight-hundred thousand credits for the damn plot place. However, this is where Sophia wishes to have our children. She is several standard months pregnant, and we will be having the child soon. If it is a girl, she will most likely inherit my wife’s Firrereo looks. If it is a boy, Sophia says that he will inherit my human looks. Either way, I cannot wait!
Meanwhile, we’ve transported much of our staff from our home in Hanna City into the homestead. Sophia wanted to move some of our droids who serve in my Risban mansion, but I insisted against it. If I ever visit home, I’d like some servants to help me out.
We’re off to see the homestead now. Signing off.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 7
Sophia has had the baby. It was a girl! We have decided to name her Leah S’kofi Scorpius, using Sophia’s mother’s name for the middle. The delivery droid said that she was a healthy baby and already showing signs of the Firrereo natural healing ability. She’s a beautiful little child.
Unfortunately, next week I need to leave. I have a business meeting with a Quarren from the Trade Federation. They are interested in striking some sort of deal with ScorpCorp that I believe would be most lucrative. With a family now, we could use more credits.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 24
Sophia has given birth to a little boy! We are going to name him Robinson Antares Scorpius. He is already quite aware of his surroundings, which is odd, but good. As my oldest male son, he will inherit ScorpCorp one day from me. Great things await him.
Two-year-old Leah is not too pleased with the new addition to the family. I believe that she is jealous. So, since ScorpCorp recently bought out Serv-O-Droid, I gave her an RIC unit. She named him Rick.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 26
The Jedi…
A Jedi Master here on Chandrila, Joruun Kalp, said that our son is Force-sensitive. They have taken him away from us to Coruscant to train to be a Jedi. Sophia is heart-broken. I did not know what to do. We’ll get through it, though. It is an honor to have a child in the Jedi Order, even though he will never inherit my business and title. We have tried explaining it to Leah, but she is too young to understand.
I can’t think of anything else to say right now. For once, I’m at a loss for words…
Scorpius signing off.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 30
Sophia has given birth again! Tripers, this time: two boys and a girl. We have named them Lucian, Mikal, and Aisha. Lucian and Aisha are both perfectly healthy, but Mikal is showing some problems with his breathing. The medical droids are working on it. I hope he’ll be fine.
Scorpius, signing off.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 34
Mikal…He’s… He died. His lungs collapsed and the medical droids were unable to do anything. Even with all the money and power I have, I could not save him. Now we have lost one son to the Jedi Order, and another to death. There is hope, though; we still have Lucian and Aisha.
On top of it, Sienar Technologies and the Trade Federation are competing heavily against ScorpCorp in the Outer Rim Territories. I’m losing business out there.
I can’t say any more. My life is falling apart.
Signing off.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 46
Robinson has stopped by several times to visit us, having asked to be given missions around his home sector, and I have secretly met with him on Coruscant a few times. This makes Sophia very happy, and gives us a chance to see how our son is doing in the Jedi Order. He is becoming a fine young man, and handsome too. Sophia is always going on about how if he were not a Jedi he would be able to find the perfect wife and run the business effectively.
Speaking of business, I’ve had to pull out of Selonia, Cato Nemoidia, Almania, Belderone, the Barab System, the Tion Cluster, and much of the Outer Rim. Competition is getting tough, and the Corporation Council is threatening to buy my shares out and take over the company.
Also, Sophia lost the election for mayor of Hanna City to a Bothan. What is the galaxy coming to when off-worlders can become leaders on planets like Chandrila?
This is Scorpius, signing off.

From the Private Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 71
Problems are growing on Chandrila, and in the galaxy as a whole. The Trade Federation blockaded Naboo, but was defeated by a couple of Jedi and, reportedly, a mere boy. The Queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala, called for a vote of no confidence in my friend, Finis Valorum. He was removed from the Senate and replaced by the senator of Naboo, a man named Palpatine. There are many on Chandrila who were sympathetic towards Valorum, and they are talking about staging demonstrations against the new chancellor. Governor Mothma, whose daughter is up for election as the Senator of Chandrila, said that people should not get violent.
With the arrest of Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray, their stocks have plummeted, allowing ScorpCorp some more business in the galaxy. I doubt it will last long though.
Sometimes I wonder what is happening with the galaxy… Robinson was here recently and said that a Sith killed a Jedi on Naboo, and that there was at least one other Sith out there. I do not think that if problems throughout the galaxy continue to escalate the Jedi will be able to keep the peace. The Senate is becoming more and more bureaucratic. My representative to the Senate, my oldest daughter Leah, is keeping me informed of all their doings. She is working hard to keep ScorpCorp’s representation and influence strong. This new Chancellor, Palpatine, says he will make the Republic strong.
But I wonder at what cost.
Scorpius, signing off.

Final Entry in the Journals of Magnus Scorpius, Entry 75
Chaos has come to Chandrila! A group of people under self-proclaimed general Gaius Zorg and the governor of Copmol City, Julian Pole, have gathered a group of militant forces, calling themselves the Chandrilan Liberation Society. Senator Mon Mothma returned from Coruscant with several Jedi. Their leaders are two that I have met before on while meeting with senators and business people at Coruscant… Ki-Adi-something-or-other and Plo Koon. My son came as well, I believe.
Anyways, these militants blew some buildings up in Hanna City and injured some officials. Some members of the Republic Volunteer Army and the Chandrilan Security Forces are chasing this Liberation Society throughout the entire planet. They are apparently hiding everywhere.
I am afraid how the Senate will respond to me. I have spoken out against the bureaucracy of the Senate, and the new Supreme Chancellor. I fear that they may question my loyalty. However, I-
[Voice in Backround: Identified as Alexander Siumnar]: Sir! Republic forces are heading this way!
[Voice in Backround; Later identified as Minerva, granddaughter of Scorpius]: Uncle Lucian is meeting them, grandpa. Wait… Blasters!
[sound of blasters being fired in the backround; garbled screams]
Oh no… By the Force…The Republic Troops… Th-They’ve killed my son. Lucian… W-wait… What are you doing in here? How dare you! Unhand my wife! Puka! Sound the al-
[more blasters fired; a robotic squeal followed by a small explosion]
This is preposterous! Wait… no… STOP! S-
[Sound of blaster fire]
[End of Journal]

From the Private Journals of R. Antares Scorpius, Entry I
They killed them. My entire family. My father… He was a great man; once an incredibly influential man. Now he is nothing but a corpse. I arrived at the house after the Republic troops had gotten there. My niece, Minerva, was still breathing, my sister’s old RIC unit looking over her. She died…
And the Republic paid. They claimed that they had proof of my family’s plans in a plot to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine and Speaker Mas Amedda. I killed them… The entire squad that attacked my family. That killed my family.
And the Jedi LET them do it. For that, they will pay. Masters Koon, Mundi, and Kalp did nothing to help my family as they died, and the other accused conspirators. My brothers and sisters, my nieces and nephews, and my parents… Wiped out.
The Jedi will regret that. I will make sure of it.
Count R. Antares Scorpius, signing off.