The Re-Ascencion


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Alright, this is a collection of three stories I wrote a while back. Two of the stories were for my Trials, the other was a competition submission that didn't make it. >.< They all sort of run together, so I've placed them together. The story begins with a differnet part of Scorpius' past that I shall discuss in other storeis (his time during the Old Republic, Empire, and Imperial Remnant), and encompasses his arrival to the Dark Brotherhood and rise to Knighthood. Please note that any references of Scorpius as an Imperial Grand Admiral are wrong; it is Vice-Admiral. This bit has been edited in most places, but I might have missed a few.
Feel free to just comment on one of the three stories; they are all separated. Or comment on all three. :P However much time you have.

De Mortuis Scorpius
By JH Scorpius (5037)
The three figures stood beside the Lambda-Class Shuttle, staring at one another. Standing with a yellow lightsaber ignited was the Jedi Master Fritz. Standing opposite him, draped in a black cloak and clutching an old green lightsaber, stood Vice-Admiral Antares Scorpius of the Imperial Remnant, an old and well-trained Dark Jedi. Behind Scorpius stood a young man by the name of Alex Wiederspiel, who had recently been taken on as Scorpius’ apprentice.
Fritz and Scorpius raised their lightsabers towards one another; they were going on about a war. As Scorpius raised his glowing blade above his head to begin to attack, he heard another lightsaber ignite-- from behind him. Before he could tell what was happening, a blue blade plunged right through Scorpius’ back, coming out through his chest before being withdrawn. Scorpius dropped his lightsaber, turning around and looking at Wiederspiel; a double-agent for the New Republic.
“You have been betrayed, Scorpius,” said the true Jedi apprentice. “Your quest for galactic dominance is at an end.”
Scorpius coughed, glaring at the boy. “To betray... You must first belong,” said the Dark Jedi, falling back slightly. He glared at Fritz and Alex. “You haven’t seen the last of me… Mark my words!”
And with that, Scorpius fell down a small hill, landing near several Chandrilan serpents that bit as his body as he slowly died. He screamed, images of the snakes filling his head and a great burning in his chest. He closed his eyes, letting out a final groan before dying. And then there was no pain. There was no fear.
There was the Force.
Scorpius felt alive, but did not feel alive. He could see, but not like he used to. From this almost spiritual viewpoint in the Force, he could see and feel everything in the entire galaxy, connected in its only little way. This slowly started to vanish, and a feeling of serenity encompassed Scorpius. For the first time since he had left the Jedi Order decades ago, he felt at peace…. No.
Scorpius shook his head, looking about through the Force again. He would not allow himself to pass on through the Force. He had things to do; revenge to plot. Scorpius felt more powerful than he had ever felt before; closer to the Force than ever. Not even through his mastery of the Dark Side could he have possibly imagined the power surging through his spirit at that very moment.
But it was not enough…
There is no Death; there is Immortality.

This power he felt… He could use it. He needed to come back. Scorpius was not yet through with the galaxy. Whilst alive he had maintained a strong connection with the Force; this is what had made him useful to Palpatine. And now, Scorpius was one with the Force. He decided to use the same tricks that former Sith like Naga Sadow, Exar Kun, and ever Palpatine himself used. He was going to come back. This power gave him the opportunity.
Scorpius had stored clone DNA of his younger self on a small moon in his family-owned system of Risban. All that he needed to do was find a way for his spirit to travel to that moon. Scorpius used his power of the Force and trapped his spirit in a holocron on Chandrila. He waited, trapped in the Netherworld of the Force.
And then came his lucky break.
A naïve Jedi Apprentice in Luke Skywalker’s New Jedi Order had decided to trek around Chandrila and stumble across the cave where Scorpius’ holocron rested. Clover Eu’oeda, a young female twi’lek, entered the cave, exploring. She saw the holocron in a corner, eyes widening as she approached it. She picked it up and looked the device over before turning it on. An image of a much younger Scorpius appeared, the flickering blue image grinning at Clover. “Greetings, young Jedi…”
It did not take long for Scorpius to seduce the girl to the Dark Side of the Force, especially now that he had this power… he commanded the Force more than ever before. Clover was more than eager to bring the holocron holding the spirit of Scorpius to the Risbani System. Upon arrival, she followed Scorpius’ instructions to a crater on the small moon that housed the even smaller facility. They entered, and Clover set the holocron down on a table in the center of a large circular room.
“Excellent,” hissed Scorpius as the holocron flickered to life. Lights around the room turned on one by one, showing various artifacts and holograms hanging from the wall. Opposite clover sat three tanks, each holding the body of a younger Scorpius, looking to be in his low twenties by human standards.
This was it. Scorpius summoned on all this power, all this strength he had gathered through the Force. He used the power, willing it to place his spirit in the cloned body. All of a sudden he felt great pain, and he screamed out. His own screams filled his head as things went completely black. He lost sight of both the galaxy and the Force. Pain was all he felt…
And then nothing.
Scorpius coughed, awakening as the clone tank emptied of its liquid, allowing the former Grand Admiral to use his lungs and eyes for the first time. Something was wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong. Scorpius stumbled out of the tank, coughing loudly. He looked around, holding his head with one hand. He was there; it had worked.
But he could not feel the Force.
It was gone. He had been cut off, turned into a child again. The Force had abandoned him! Yes, people like Exar Kun and Darth Sidious had succeeded at returning from the Netherworld, Palpatine even returning to a physical body. However, both of the former Sith were much more powerful than Scorpius, who relied mostly on his intelligence to get him places.
What was he to do? The Force had abandoned him. He looked around again, seeing the bewildered Jedi who had naively brought him back to life. No witnesses. Scorpius grabbed a blaster from one of the walls, walking towards the shocked Clover and shooting her twice in the head. The body fell to the floor with a loud thud, and Scorpius stepped over it, approaching a trunk at the other side of the room. He opened it, removing a black robe which he immediately pulled on.
He left the moon on the shuttle Clover had used to bring him here, leaving the girl’s body in cloning facility. Scorpius needed to hide. If the New Republic were to find out he were still living, he would be no match for a Jedi Knight. He was too weak, too lost. For weeks he traveled through random systems, going to and fro. Eventually, he exited hyperspace near the planet Byfrost…
“This is Braecen Triadus Isradia of Clan Exar Kun to unregistered Lambda-class shuttle. You are flying in the airspace of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. State your business,” came a voice of the holocommunicators.
Scorpius’ eyes widened. Dark Jedi Brotherhood? He opened a channel to reply. “I am Scorpius. I come to seek training in the ways of the Dark Side of the Force!”? There was a pause on the other end, followed by instructions. Not too long later, Scorpius stood talking with Lucien Triadus Isradia. The Dark Brotherhood has accepted him as an apprentice after hearing his story and testing him for Force-sensitivity.
Now a Jedi Hunter in the Dark Brotherhood and at the threshold of becoming a Dark Jedi Knight in the Order of the Krath, Scorpius had regained his connection with the Force under the servitude of Krath Priest Braecen Triadus Isradia. Soon he would be able to get revenge on those who had killed him.
There is no Weakness; there is the Dark Side.

From Master to Master
((Special Note: The first story I wrote for the Brotherhood))
((second note: The closet thing is a bit of an inside joke between myself and several others :P ))

It had been merely several weeks after joining the Brotherhood before Scorpius had already raised to the position of Protector. He had, indeed, moved through the ranks at a fast pace, quickly overcoming all tests placed before him. Naturally, this had drawn the attention of several other prominent members of the Dark Brotherhood.
Before reaching this rank, Scorpius had drawn several of his confederates and servants into the Brotherhood. Dominus Incompertus, James Bellador, Tidus, Syrus Korodin… They had all served this one man before, and still swore loyalty to him. Most of them followed in his footsteps of rapid ascension through the ranks. But, with this rank of Protector, it was now time for Robinson Antares Scorpius of Chandrila, Count of Risban, to switch roles. No longer would he be the master. No, he would become the servant, now. This was something that Scorpius would not take lightly. You see, he was a manipulative, power-seeking, cunning man; wise in the ways of the Force. This is what allowed him to rise through the ranks at such velocity. This is what made it difficult for Scorpius to become the apprentice. However, it was necessary to advance even further. Thus, Scorpius went along with it.
Scorpius was put under the tutelage of Cipher K’oranian Isadria, a great master….
Great indeed, thought Scorpius silently as he meditated in a closet in the Byss Complex. And not just any closet, mind you. It was quite a special closet, belonging to a one Desdemona. Scorpius had moved in one evening, being new to the Brotherhood, and had been allowed to stay. It was a nice closet; not just some little thing to hold clothes. In fact, the only clothes it held were the robes on Scorpius’ back and some odd jacket made of bantha fur that the protector did not go near, as it smelled odd.
He sat in the closet, thinking…meditating. Scorpius was focusing his anger, using it to his advantage rather than against himself. Things were not going as he had planned. Your path to darkness is before you, and only you can achieve the power you desire. I foresee great things for you. That is what Cipher had said. What Cipher had promised. But that promise had vanished when his master failed to work with him. Thus, the count sat in the dark closet, meditating on this, formulating a plan.
“Scorpius?” There was a knock on the closet door, which had recently been reinforced by shield walls due to a raid on the closet.
“Enter,” sighed Scorpius as he stood. Upon entrance to the Brotherhood he had been forced to surrender his light saber. Thus, he held a mere blaster for self-defense. One could never be too careful, especially in the halls of the Dark Jedi. Upon seeing who it was, though, he lowered the blaster, bowing to the figure that entered. “Master Braecen. To what do I owe this surprise?”
Braecen Triadus Isadria stepped into the closet, a look of slight astonishment crossing his face as he did. He had absolutely no idea how large the closet was. It was bigger than rooms most apprentices got. The Krath Priest sat down in a chair made of Krayt leather. “Oh, I just wished to stop by a see how your apprenticeship is going,” smiled Braecen. He had been keeping tabs on Scorpius since the count’s arrival.
Scorpius paused, the anger he had been controlling slipping out of his control. He began pacing quickly, a look of rage forming on the normally-calm protector’s face. “It isn’t,” he said, clenching his gloved fists. “Cipher is not working towards me. She… I can’t progress like this. She’s holding me back!”
Braecen frowned thoughtfully, staring at Scorpius. “I see,” he said after a while. “Would you like a new master?”
No, thought the count to himself. He turned and looked at Braecen, his silver eyes gazing eerily at him. “I need a master who will not fail me. I must advance,” Scorpius said. “It is imperative that I achieve what I must.”
Braecen stood now, pacing back and forth in the luxurious closet, thinking. He had maintained a friendly relationship with Scorpius, and knew that the apprentice worked well when given a clear incentive… He worked better than most, anyways. The Krath Priest turned and looked at the Protector. “I will be your master, if you will accept it.”
Scorpius looked at Braecen, a cold grin slowly forming on his pale face. Yes… Excellent.. Braecen would do fine… “Of course,” said the apprentice. “One must inform Cipher, though.”
“I will take care of that,” Braecen replied. “Now… As you will be apprenticed to the Proconsul of the Clan, you will no longer reside in the Byss Complex. You will accompany myself and Guardian Korbin to the Castle Frost on the planet Byfrost. Together, Korbin and yourself will relentlessly train in your efforts to perfect the Dark Arts; and I will be your guiding hand in your ascension to power…. And people with power to not have to reside in a closet, even if it is a nice closet like this.” I wish I had a closet like this….
Scorpius grinned widely. This would be perfect. Surely Braecen would prove to be much more efficient than Cipher. “Yes, my master,” said Scorpius, bowing deeply. “May the Force be with us.”
And so it was that Count Robinson Antares Scorpius, a man who had lived through the Clone Wars, the Galactic Civil War, and other minor conflicts surrendered mastery of himself to Cipher, and from her to Braecen. But soon he would be the master again. Soon others would serve him again. He would be a master of the Force.
Braecen left and Scorpius looked around the closet, in quite a better mood than earlier. Things were back on track, despite still being under the control of another. This was a setback, but a necessary one. As soon as Braecen was no longer needed Scorpius would leave. He did not fancy calling one master. Unlike his previous masters, though, he would not kill Braecen. No, civil disputes amongst the Dark Jedi had proven to be mistakes in the past. That and Braecen had proven to be a useful ally.
Scorpius finished packing what little he had and left Desdemona’s closet. He closed his eyes in the hallway, feeling a small fold in the Force. Had he not focused he would have never felt it. The Force…. The Jedi, foolish as they were, served the Force. They had taught Scorpius to bend to the will of the Force. But they had failed Scorpius; they were wrong. The Dark Side was much different… Yes…. It taught to make the Force serve you. The Force bent to the will of a Dark Jedi. And soon it would bend to the will of Scorpius.

The Return of Scorpius
The Trial of Knighthood

I. The Pit of Serpentine Fear
Small beads of sweat dripped down the Jedi Hunter's face as he stood on the pillar with one foot, attempting to balance himself. Sixteen meters below him was a large pit full of snakes that his master had imported from various planets throughout the galaxy.
“You know, master, I do not believe that this is really a vital part of my training,” said the apprentice, his arms flailing around a bit as he continued to reach a balance point. “We could just forget this and I could start construction on my new lightsaber.”
Braecen Triadus Isradia stood on a platform on the other wise of the room with his hands folded behind his back, smiling at his apprentice. “Come now, Scorpius. Of course it is vital,” said the former proconsul of Clan Plagueis. “You must conquer your fears. Your lightsaber can wait. It will be useless if you are still afraid of the serpent. Remember your battle against Timeros Caesus Entar? He used this weakness to destroy you. Now, continue.”
The Chandrilan aristocrat sighed as he closed his eyes, using the Force now to aid in balancing him. “Timeros cheated,” mumbled Scorpius as he slowly jumped from the pillar he was on to one beside it, landing on one foot. The Jedi Hunter opened his eyes, gazing down at the hissing serpents beneath him. They slithered across the stone floor, crawling over each other, occasionally glancing up at the apprentice above them, hissing ever louder. Again Scorpius began to sweat and slowly lose his balance.
“Focus,” hissed Braecen.
Whilst Scorpius continued to attempt not falling into the pit of serpents, a man walked in behind Braecen. This man, a Krath Priest by the looks of his robes, chuckled slightly as he saw Scorpius balancing. “Snakes, Braecen?” inquired this man, the new proconsul of Clan Plagueis.
Braecen looked over his shoulder. “My apprentice has a phobia of them,” said the Master, turning to face the proconsul. “So, why does Lucien Triadus Isradia grace my chambers today?”
“Oh, I just wish to discuss this competition that w-”
“Gaaah!” Both men looked over at the pillars where Scorpius was meant to be. Upon not seeing him, they looked over the edge of the platform where they stood. Dangling just four meters above the snake pit now was the Jedi Hunter, who had skillfully managed to withdraw his vibro-dagger and use it to halt his fall in the side of the pillar. Now he grasped that dagger with both hands, trying not to let go and fall into his worst fear.
Lucien arched an eyebrow and grinned widely. “You know, Scorpius, this looks quite amusing from here,” called the proconsul over the edge. “The Count of Risban hanging on to a dagger above a snake pit…”
Scorpius scowled as he continued to grasp the dagger. “I am sure it would look even more amusing with you down here, Lucien,” muttered the Chandrilan.
Braecen sighed, rubbing his head. “Scorpius, I read through your old writings and saw what you said about fear. Are you not going to take your own advice about it?”
“No, my Master… I am not going to take my own advice,” said Scorpius. “I am going to attempt to get out of this pit.”
Braecen sighed yet again and waved his hand, causing the dagger to fly out of the pillar and Scorpius to fall into the pit. Lucien glanced at Braecen with a confused expression. “It’s alright. None of the snakes are deadly,” said Braecen.
Lucien nodded, glancing down at the apprentice again. “It’s odd, really. The things that Bellador tells me of Scorpius…. One would not expect him to be afraid of a serpent. And yet, there he is down there, twitching and screaming,” murmured the proconsul. “I wonder why he fears snakes so much…”
“I’ve asked him about it before,” said Braecen. “Apparently, when he stabbed by the Jedi who killed him, he fell upon two serpents. One of them bit him, and it was the last thing he felt before dying. So I believe he associates the serpents with death and weakness.”
“Interesting,” said Lucien, continuing to watch Scorpius closely. The Jedi Hunter was now on his feet, backed up again a wall. There was something different about his posture, though. It was as if the fall made things click; this time when he fell into the pit of snakes, he did not die.
Scorpius slowly raised his hands; the same hands that were trembling before. Now they were steady… firm. He began to call upon the Force. In one moment all of the serpents in the bit were flung backwards, away from Scorpius. Several landed up on the platform where the two Isradias stood. Scorpius then opened his right hand and his dagger flew into it. He lunged forward towards the closest snake and quickly beheaded it.
Braecen smiled and clapped his hands together. “Good…. Good….”

Fear…Fear attracts the fearful…the strong…the weak…the innocent…the corrupt… Fear…Fear is my ally.
Scorpius sat in his chambers, meditating on the words written by Darth Maul so long ago. He had conquered his fear, and now he could use it along with the fears of others as a tool for power. He was one step closer to attaining his knighthood and returning to the glory that was stolen from him by the Jedi Alex Wiederspiel. Soon he would use fear to destroy his enemies. Soon.

II. The Chandrilan Incident
Scorpius had been given approval for a leave of absence from the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He had been given a special message by one of his former pupils, Sideon, that required his immediate attention. Apparently a group of archaeologists had uncovered something that had once belonged to the Scorpius family. The last of the Scorpii was going to investigate.
Accompanying him were two of his former confederates who were also in the Brotherhood, James Bellador and Syrus Korodin. Bellador still pledged loyalty as a pupil to Scorpius, but Korodin walked a separate path. The three boarded a Lambda-class shuttle, James piloting it. They took off from Byfrost and entered hyperspace, heading to the Bormea Sector of the Core Worlds. The shuttle was owned by ScorpCorp, the intergalactic company that the Scorpius family once ran and several relatives still looked over on the planet Risban. In order to get through Chandrilan Security, they would use the guise of a merchant freighter going to Chandrila to possibly open a new ScorpCorp branch.
“I don’t understand the importance of all this really, m’lord,” said Bellador as the ship exited hyperspace near Chandrila. “I mean, it isn’t quite the safest place for us to be, is it? This deep in Republic space…”
“It is of vital importance. Sid said that one of the artifacts recovered was a holocron,” said Scorpius. “It would be most unfortunate if such an artifact were to fall into the hands of New Republic Intelligence or the Jedi.”
They were hailed by Republic security, and Syrus presented the clearance information. They landed on pad twenty-one in Hanna City, the capital of Chandrila. Bellador departed the ship first, wearing the uniform of a common non-factional pilot. Syrus followed, adorning some rather extravagant robes. Last came Scorpius, wearing a black cloak with the hood up and shadowing his face. They attracted little attention as they exited the star port, entering a landspeeder that Scorpius had ordered to be rented for them before-hand.

A while later, the speeder stopped in front of a gate. Scorpius glanced at the gatekeeper and waved a hand. “Open the gate,” he ordered, and the gate opened. “Now you will forget you ever saw us and not let anyone else in.”
The speeder sped through the gate and down a small dirt road, heading to the archaeologists’ excavation site. The chief archaeologist, a twi’lek named Nub Ji’eua, stepped forward to greet the new guests as they stopped near his site. “Greetings. I am Dr. Nub Ji’eua, head of this excavation. I take it that you are with the Chandrilan surveying team that has come to check up on us,” said Ji’eua, deriving this from the fact that the gatekeeper let them in.
“Yes,” said Scorpius as he stepped out of the speeder, followed by his two confederates. “We were wondering if we could have a look at the artifacts you have recovered. We are just curious as to exactly what is coming up out of the ground here.”
Dr. Ji’eua clasped his hands together, his lekku twitching excitedly. “Excellent! This is a marvelous excavation,” said the archaeologist, leading the trio towards a tent. Syrus glanced nonchalantly at some druids that were digging in several holes along the way.
Upon arriving at the tent, they found several more people. There were three human archaeologists, one Ithorian archaeologist, two human security guards, a protocol droid, an Ishi-tib that was helping with the dig, and a human dressed in what appeared to be Jedi robes. However, Scorpius did not need to see his robes to know he was a Jedi; he knew this man quite well.
“Everyone, these are people from that Chandrilan surveying team,” said Dr. Ji’eua, smiling. “I don’t quite believe I got their names…”
Scorpius was staring at the Jedi, who was staring right back. Both wore similar smiles. This Jedi would not recognize Scorpius by his face, for it had changed since they last met. “That is because we never gave them,” said Scorpius. He waved a hand towards James and Syrus. “Introduce yourselves… Your real selves.”
“I am Syrus Korodin.”
“And I am James Bellador.”
At this point, the Jedi ignited a yellow lightsaber. “Sith,” he hissed, the calm smile still on his face as he gazed at Scorpius. “And you?”
Scorpius grinned widely, lowering his hood. “Vice-Admiral Scorpius, the Count of Risban,” he said. The archaeological team slowly backed up slightly.
The Jedi’s smile faltered as he stared at Scorpius wide-eyed. “Impossible… I watched Robinson Antares Scorpius die,” he said. “You cannot be him.”
“Death just didn’t quite work for me,” said Scorpius, withdrawing a vibroblade from beneath his cloak. “However, where you go, Master Fritz, you will never be able to come back from.”
Bellador took out a blaster pistol, and Syrus withdrew his katana. The archaeological team was now against the opposite wall, the two security guards standing with their blasters out. Scorpius and Fritz began to circle each other, each holding their weapons up in their hands.
“This is impossible,” said Fritz, almost in a whisper. “How can this be?”
“Ah, through the Dark Side of the Force all things are possible, Master Jedi. This includes immortality,” smirked Scorpius as he held onto his vibroblade, staring at his enemy. “Standing before you is Jedi Hunter Scorpius, resident of House Exar Kun of the newly-created and powerful Clan Plagueis of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, apprentice to Krath Priest Braecen Triadus Isradia.”
Fritz’s eyes widened slightly; he did not expect this. “And who are these two? Servants of yours, perhaps,” said the Jedi Master in reference to Bellador and Korodin.
“Allies of mine… Protector James Bellador of House Bane of Clan Plagueis, apprenticed to Lucien Triadus Isradia, and Guardian Syrus Korodin of House Acclivis Draco of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Both of them are, quite obviously, members of the Brotherhood as well,” said Scorpius as he twirled his blade back and forth. “So tell me, Fritz, what ever became of my lightsaber?”
“It is sitting in a vault on Coruscant,” said Fritz, raising his lightsaber towards the Chandrilan Aristocrat. “And soon you will be sitting in a prison on that same planet, Scorpius.”
Scorpius grinned darkly. “I believe you are mistaken, Master Jedi… You won last time through Wiederspiel’s deceit. You will have no such advantage this time,” said the Krath Jedi Hunter as he raised his blade to meet the light saber. “You are no match for the power of the Dark Side.”
And with that, Scorpius swung his vibroblade, meeting his opponent’s lightsaber. Fritz swung at Scorpius, only to be blocked. Whilst the two competed in battle, Syrus and James went to take care of the archaeologists and what they had discovered. Korodin quickly sliced down both security guards and Bellador shot two of the fleeing archaeologists.
“Please, no! You can’t do this,” quivered Dr. Ji’eua, crouching behind another archaeologist. “We are innocent bystanders conducting very serious work. Please, you have no reason to kill us!”
Bellador sneered, shooting the archaeologist-turned-shield in the head while Syrus leapt behind Dr. Ji’eua, bringing his katana to the doctor’s neck. “There is no such thing as innocence in this galaxy, Doctor,” hissed the Guardian before flicking his wrists and severing the archaeologist’s head. Quickly finishing off the remaining organics in the room, Bellador and Korodin began going through the recovered artifacts, pocketing what seemed important.
Meanwhile, Fritz and Scorpius continued their duel, now moving out of the tent and onto the dirt road. Despite his opponent having a lightsaber, the Count of Risban was doing surprisingly well. “You cannot defeat me here, Scorpius,” said the Jedi Master. “Numbers are against you. Security forces are already on their way here.”
Scorpius laughed as he blocked a swing from his enemy. “My dear Fritz… Who said that I was here to defeat you?” inquired the Krath. “My two friends have already gotten what I was here for.”
Indeed, Syrus and James were back at the speeder, having kill several more of the security guards and archaeologists. Fritz narrowed his eyes at Scorpius. “You will not leave Chandrila,” yelled the Jedi Master. “I won’t allow it.”
“You lost this fight when it began, Jedi,” sneered Scorpius, raising his free hand towards Fritz. Blue Force-lightning, cackling and smoking as it cracked through the air, flew at the bewildered Jedi Master. Fritz attempted to raise his, but he was too slow. He was hit by the Dark Side attack and flung several meters backwards, colliding with the table that once held all of the artifacts. Scorpius grinned darkly, walking in the shadows towards the Jedi. He raised his hand yet again, the yellow lightsaber flying to it. “Thankyou, Master Jedi. I’ll see to it that you remember this day for the rest of your life.”
He ignited the lightsaber, swiftly swinging it around several times. He had severed both of Fritz’s hands and his right foot. Pleased with his handiwork, Scorpius returned to the waiting speeder. The three Dark Jedi sped away from the excavation site. After running into only a slight problem at the Chandrilan star port, which was easily amendable through a simple mind trick, they entered their shuttle and left Chandrila.
Mission successful.
Scorpius sat in the Lambda-class Shuttle, twirling Fritz’s lightsaber in his hand. He needed to construct his own. He looked at his two accomplices; James was piloting the ship whilst Syrus sat and looked over a report on the HoloNet. “Hah! We’ve already made the news,” said Syrus, motioning towards the vidscreen he held. “They’re placing a bounty on your head, but only mention James and I…”
Scorpius chuckled slightly. He was sure that Braecen would hear of the event, but he did not fear what his master would say. If anything, the former proconsul would find it amusing. Besides, Scorpius got was he came for. He grabbed a holocron taken from the archaeologists; it held the plans that Scorpius used to craft his first lightsaber. Also taken from Chandrila was a small pouch that had several very rare minerals; a small assortment of lightsaber crystals that Scorpius had saved up years ago. He did not think then that he would have to go through so much trouble to retrieve them.
Master Braecen would be proud indeed.

III. A New Lightsaber
Jedi Hunter Scorpius sat on a cushion in his chambers, various devices surrounding him. It was time to construct a new lightsaber. He was going to model it slightly after his previous lightsaber, of which he now had the plans for, with slight modifications. For example, he was going to craft an electrum hilt. This was rare; he would combine an electrum lightsaber with a dual-phase lightsaber.
Situated around him were various devices such as a handgrip, a dead-man’s handle, a recharge socket, an energy gate, a power conduit, cycling field energizers, an emitter matrix, a lens assembly, and a belt ring. For the activation button, he would have an internal Force-activated mechanism, as well as an actual button on the hilt. Also added would be a blade-length adjuster, as well as a diatum power cell. The crystal is where Scorpius had the most difficulty deciding. His previous lightsaber had been crafted with a green. Creating a Dual-Phase Lightsaber would give him a chance to use two crystals. He decided that the normal color of the blade would be silver, using the only silver crystal he had ever come across in his life to handle that. When the dual-phase was used, the blade would shine green, using a simple Corusca Gem.
Scorpius closed his eyes and took a breath, meditating. Then his eyes opened and he began working. He worked night and day, never leaving his chambers. Braecen had poked his head in several times to see what was going on, but only very briefly. Three and a half galactic standard days passed before Scorpius stood, holding the finished work of art in his hand.
It was, indeed, beautiful. Colors of black, gold, and silver covered the blade; the marking of an electrum lightsaber. Even more interesting was the fact that it was specially shaped in the form that Darth Tyranus, a man who had taught Scorpius much in lightsaber combat, used for his own unique blade. Scorpius did this because he, like Tyranus, preferred the older fencing-like styles of lightsaber combat. This was indeed quite an experiment, first of all combining the plans for an Electrum Lightsaber with those of a Dual-Phase Lightsaber, and then adding the Dual-Phase to a specially curved hilt.
Now came the important part; bonding with the blade that would define Scorpius. A Sith or Jedi must used the Force to successfully put together the last piece of a lightsaber. Scorpius did this as he gripped the blade in his hand. He then triggered the internal Force-activate device, and a silver blade emitted from the hilt. The Chandrilan grinned, twirling the lightsaber around several times before flipping the blade-length adjuster. The lightsaber grew slightly in size, changing to a green color. Scorpius grinned widely. He was most pleased with his work. Most pleased indeed.
He departed his chambers, his new lightsaber fastened securely at his belt. He walked down the halls of the Clan Plagueis Complex, his black robes billowing slightly at his speed. He came to the door of his Master, Braecen Triadus Isradia, and knocked thrice.
“Enter,” called a voice, the voice of his master.
The metal door opened, making a swooshing sound as it did. Scorpius stepped in, his hair disheveled and his robes wrinkled. There were dark lines beneath his eyes, and he looked quite pale. And yet on his face was a smirk of accomplishment. He knelt before Braecen, removing his lightsaber and holding the hilt to his master. “It is completed, my lord,” said Scorpius, head bowed.
Braecen grinned slightly as he took the blade, feeling the smooth, cold metal against his hands. It ignited it, watching the silver blade spring to life, sending a crackling, sizzling sound through the air. He flipped the length adjuster, watching the blade change sizes and the hue go from silver to green. He pressed the button, turning the blade off and looking at his apprentice. It was good work indeed, and he was pleased.
“Congratulations, my apprentice,” said Braecen, placing the lightsaber before Scorpius and folding his hands behind his back. “You have done well, and I am pleased. You have worked hard; this I know. You have completed the final step towards achieving the rank of Dark Krath Knight. I feel that you are slowly regaining your old glory, and soon you will be able to move freely through the Brotherhood without a master telling you where to go. Soon.”
Scorpius concealed his ever-growing grin. “Thank you, my Master.”
“May the Dark Side of the Force guide you,” said Braecen, turning and sitting once more at his desk.

IV. A Dark Jedi Knight of the Order of the Krath
“Are you ready, my apprentice?” asked Braecen, standing outside of the Chandrilan’s chambers.
“Yes, my master,” responded Scorpius, standing and bowing to the former proconsul. “More ready than you can possibly imagine.”
“Good,” said Braecen, chuckling slightly. “Your antics on Chandrila caused quite a stir. Have you seen the wanted poster out for you yet?”
“Yes, master. In fact, I submitted it to some competition that Godo Nurok was doing,” said Scorpius, smiling.
“Ah, good for you,” smirked the Krath Priest, chuckling yet again. “Just don’t go getting caught or anything.”
“Wouldn’t dream of it,” winked Scorpius as the two walked out of his chambers.

Krath Priest Braecen Triadus Isradia walked down the hall in the Clan Plagueis Complex. Beside him walked his apprentice, Jedi Hunter Scorpius, his newly-crafted lightsaber at his side. While neither showed it, both were quite excited and full of anticipation. They walked to the end of this hall, stopping before a door.
Braecen and Scorpius spoke for a moment before the former walked in and submitted a request to the Summit.
“Jedi Hunter Scorpius of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis has completed the trials set forth by me, Braecen Triadus Isradia. He has completed the Shadow Academy Course on Leadership Applications and passed their exam with a one-hundred percent. He has submitted to two competitions, winning medals for doing so. He has shown an in-depth understanding of the Wisdom of Plagueis. And he has completed the creation of a new light saber. Thus I hereby request that Scorpius be promoted to the rank of Dark Krath Knight.”

“Request approved. Promotion accepted.”


04-08-2006 00:53:25


Thanks for posting to the Writer's Corner!

I read through your three stories and here are a few comments.

Overall, spelling and grammar was pretty good, though you had the occassional mistake; but, then again, no one is perfect. And they're not all things spell check would catch.

I like how the stories run together, and I think you've got a good start of a longer character history (written in story, rather than biographical, format), if you wanted to take it further.

One thing that does jump out at me is that some of the writing appears a bit rushed. By that, I mean that large events happen rather quickly. This can be overcome, in part, by adding a bit more detail to the story. This doesn't happen everywhere; the biggest part I see is when the Jedi apprentice finds your holocron and then goes through the process of how you got back to a real body.

I do like the incorporation of Star Wars canon material and your own personal character. It is very hard for many people to do this well; I think you did it pretty well. You also seem to be pretty adept at descriptive writing. I was able to clearly picture much of what you've written.

So, overall, decent stories (if a bit shorter than I'm used to reading) that only need a little bit of touch up work.


04-08-2006 01:40:18


*bows to Scorpius'es writing*


05-08-2006 15:21:08

Nice stories Scorpy, you did a good job!