Jedi Hunter: A dark Presence

Ricco Vao

11-06-2006 10:49:10

The journey started late one night. Ricco Vao was sitting around a fire in the Taldryan camp on Dxun. With him sat his apprentice and friend Trivium. They had been training on the old Mandilorian Battle Circle. Now tired and with a few bruises they rested. Ricco’s mentor, DeeJ, was still out. He had gone in search of the infamous Zakeg. They were not worried, but he was never usually late. After waiting for another hour they went in search of him. Deep into the jungle they trekked it was dark, dreary and cold. The air was thin and humid but they struggled on, suddenly there was an explosion of light, the jungle was illuminated with a golden sunburst. We knew instantly that it was DeeJ, no one else could have stirred something as big as that. We raced towards the spot where it had come from. There in a pile of vines and leaves was DeeJ. “I have good news my friends, I stumbled upon an old receiver. There was a bit of tuning to be done but I managed to fix upon a signal.” Ricco looking surprised, DeeJ was never good at fixing things, and Trivium yawning both said, “what did you find”. The response was short and sweet “Someone is looking for us!”.

They headed back up to their ship, The Avenged, it was a freighter not unlike the Ebon Hawk although a little classier. DeeJ never found the Zakeg he was very disappointed, he never leaves anything unfinished. They discussed the message whilst preparing the ship. A young rebel named Phytor was asking questions about Ricco and his past. They had no idea where to find him so they traveled to many systems including Manaan, where Ricco was born, Dantooine, Courascant etc. But DeeJ fell ill he was speaking gibberish and was very white. Unfortunately he died just as they were landing on Nar Shadaar. They gave him the proper burial where to their pleasure many old friends of his paid they’re last respects, coincidentally or through the will of the force one of them, a feisty young woman, was the exact person they were looking for. Phytor had been an acquaintance of one of DeeJ’s many pupils. She talked to us long into the night and we agreed to tech him in they ways of the Obelisk.

I had not actually told you what the three Dark Jedi were doing on Dxun. Well, as it happens they were searching for the Jedi whom had slain Ricco’s first and only love, Mira Shan. Ricco had sworn to destroy these Jedi, He had waited many years to become strong enough to even challenge them. DeeJ had worked hard training him in combat, whilst the Dark Brotherhood had made him wise beyond his years. The addition of Trivium helped greatly; he showed Ricco the ancient combat style of the Echani and the Mandilorians. Finally the day came when Ricco was more powerful than even DeeJ was in his prime.

The search for these Jedi had come to a halt, being replaced by the search for Phytor. Now that they had found the young rebel they had to delay the journey even more to ensure Phytor was not easily killed. They took her back to Dxun and they taught her everything. Training for two years non-stop Phytor had become powerful, too powerful. She had mastered many of the techniques, killing the Zakeg which DeeJ could not even find. She became desperate to prove himself against real opponents. The search for the Jedi was to continue in a new found enthusiasm.

Ricco sensed deception in the young Obelisk, she was too cocky, not wise enough, and too hasty to fight, kill, and slaughter. He did not voice his opinion; Trivium seemed not to notice and was bonding well with Phytor. They journeyed to Dantooine posing as Jedi Knights, but found no clue as to where these specific Jedi were.

They traveled to all the Jedi enclaves finding no trace of the deceivers. Eventually they’re search came to Courascant. It was there in the old Jedi temple which these Jedi lay. Ricco changed his silver lightsaber from crimson to cyan whilst Trivium and Phytor bought Makeshi robes from a black market merchant. The Jedi suspected nothing as the three walked closer. Mutual greetings were paid and they began a discussion on old times. Trivium then created a distraction the Jedi all rose with their lightsabers poised, ready to defend, unsuspecting Ricco and Phytor struck down their nearest opponents. Cries of “Traitors” and “It’s a trap” bellowed around the old halls. Ricco attacking fast and powerful, slashing right and left and all the time the Jedi master Da’Nop parried and blocked. In a flash of courage and daring the master struck Trivium on the left ankle, slicing deep, the young Sith fell he could manage his pain but could not stand. Ricco in an outrage swung his lightsaber high and with a swift move severed the master’s head. The other Jedi ran, ran to their sacred fountain and into the water they fled. But Ricco being born underwater was able to follow with haste. He held down one of them drowning him not even a cringe came to Ricco as the man’s eyes bulged and lifeless looked up at him.

Phytor and Trivium deciding to follow the long, but dry way met with the last of the surviving Jedi. They scared the life out of the poor woman she stopped in her tracks, frozen to the spot. She looked at them Phytor laughed, stepped forward and said, “We shall have a little fun with this one”, stepping back Trivium commanded, “Enough Phytor finisher her quick, I shall not be part of this game”. Force pushing her down the steps and pulling her lightsaber Phytor arrogantly rumbled “NO!”. Taking her saber and setting it to low power, she singed the whole body of the Jedi and loving the terrified screams she made, Trivium stood aghast, disgusted and feeling physically sick, as Ricco submerged from the water. “What are you doing!” Ricco demanded of Phytor, the young sith hissed and spat at Ricco, “I’m not your slave Krath, you do not rule me. I am more powerful than you can possibly imagine” she span around and disappeared over the nearby ledge. The poor woman lay scarred and bloody on a sandstone pillar; Ricco feeling disgraced killed her with one swift blow. “That one will never learn the true meaning of power” Ricco commented as they walked back to the ship, “Arrogant bastard”.

The flight back to the academy was a long one; they erased all memory of Phytor from their archives, not wishing to associate with someone as bloodthirsty and insane as the young sith.

Many months passed and the training of both Jedi went well learning more and even producing pieces of literature and compiling courses for each other. They worked well together and with the weight of the deceiving Jedi lifted off of them and without Phytor to train they had more time to relax and travel the universe learning more about different cultures.

They were on Hoth. A trip to learn about Luke Skywalkers visions. Searching the Wampa beast’s cave and finding nothing but bones they were about to head for shelter when a great landslide of snow blocked their exit, “This is too much of a coincidence, be on your guard my fri …” the words stuck in Ricco’s throat. In front of him was a dark figure, wearing long sapphire robes and grey wrinkled hands wielding a glowing silver blade. “We meet again” said a cold, hoarse voice. Trivium fell to the ground as the dark shape lifted its hand, they were in trouble now, suffering from the cold and with Phytor opposing them there was nowhere to go. Ricco immediately drew his saber, glowing bright and red on the gleaming walls as if they were bloodstained, giving an eerie atmosphere to the fight to come. Phytor releases her hood revealing a scarred face surrounded with death black hair over the shoulders. She leapt at Ricco slashing violently but Ricco is calm and side stepped the frenzy of fury “You have learned nothing fool” said Ricco “I have failed in my teachings”. Again in a burst of rage Phytor swung violently at Ricco, blocking, parrying and holding him off Ricco tired of the battle. He nocks the blade from Phytor kicking her square in the stomach, Phytor splutters and falls to her knees, rushing over to help Trivium, Ricco focuses all his healing ability on him. Again it is two on one, with the upper hand Ricco and Trivium prevail sandwiching Phytor and throwing her to the floor. Both lightsabers at her neck Phytor squeals “I’m too week, ARRRGH!” She would trouble them no more. The ice melted with the heat of their sabers blades and the long trek back to the ship took a lot out of the two. Trivium not fully healed and Ricco exhausted from the fight they fell short of the ship, frostbite kicked in and the two lost some minor limbs. Rest was all they could do until they reached the nearest Brotherhood facilities.