For Public Review


06-03-2006 23:05:08

I hate poetry.
Mindless, numbing, It chills to the bone.
The very mention of the word scares.
Like a wet blanket it hangs over me,
suffocating, chocking.
Cant escape.
Forced down my throat,
By teachers who are fanatics.
Lovers of a stupid faction.
Poets are stupid, they have no grasp of life,
What service have they provided,
to me?
I poor over poems, at school, at home,
and analysis them:
Are they Free Verse, or Couplets, or Ballads, or What?
Who Cares? Says I.
Rhyme and Meter, Useless to me.
Iambic Pentameter,
What does that mean?
It's not like I care,
but it has a nice ring.
Then I learn, its a poetic device.
I cringe at the thought.
A device used in poems.
Poetry sucks.
It blows.
Can you believe, they publish this stuff?
It takes not a minute, a second of thought.
It's mindless and numbing.
Its about nothing,
Or more often then not,
They're written to woo,
And to induce love.
But roses might be red,
And violets cant be blue (they're violet),
But hey poems suck too.
I hate the mere word,
It makes me shiver and cringe and groan. Whenever I hear it, I mutter the words:
I Hate Poetry.
I am sucked within the mindless
Repetition of Rhymes,
Or the meaning of life.
Poems are useless in the big scheme of things.
They do us no good.
I hate them all.
Except for the one,
That you're reading right now.
It tells like it is.
The truth of all things,
And shows you the truth of your dark, evil ways.
Poetry is evil.
A mere propaganda tool.
It brainwashes students,
Who donít have a choice,
But to read and to analysis,
For a grade in a class,
That teaches them all,
Poetry is a bore.
They'll groan and complain,
As all people have done,
Since poetry was invented,
And taught to us all.
But no matter what happens,
No matter how much that I write,
Or read it or analysis,
Or put it into a scale,
I know I will always,
Yes always,
Despises this fine art,
And whenever I hear it,
I'll say to anyone who can hear:
I hate it, you hear!
Poetry is bad,
I hate Poetry.