The Liphon


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The hanger bay of Swords Sheath was almost completely devoid of life, the harsh lights that lit the bay where still as bright as they always are, the droids working tirelessly on fighters and transports that required routine maintenance. The only sign that anyone was there was the chatter of the early shift engineers and maintenance crews in there ready-room adjoining the hanger bay, no doubt complaining to each other about late equipment shipments or the recent delivery of low grade fuel for the fighters. That was a cause of much concern as it reeked absolute havoc on there engines and by lowering there speed that might just save its life if it was needed. The only person there in the hanger was a young, human male who stood, leaning against one of the struts of a small transport. He was very unusual for a human, his skin was extremely pale, he was taller then the average human, towering over most others and his waist length hair was completely silver despite his age. He was wearing lose, comfortable robes, the only other thing he had with him was what appeared to be a black staff, almost the pale human’s height, with one end of it slightly curved, which was also leaning against the strut.
Levathan Bruth’Kothae waited patently at the place where he was told he would be met by his master, his outward appearance would be that of patience, yet inside, he was getting extremely impatient, having been waiting for almost a full hour now. He was pondering the message he got from his master, that there was something she must do and that he was to accompany her, then a short list of supplies and two Sac’raths. This seemed extremely strange, as Levathan was more used to his own weapon, the Masumune, which was leaning beside him. He then looked up, as he heard the heavy doors to the hangers open, and saw the one whom he was waiting for, his master Telona Murrage, she was wearing her customary clothing of black long sleeved shirt and pants, along with her outer robes, her red hair was lose. There was a relatively small traveling pack floating along behind her as she walked over to her apprentice.
Levathan bowed slightly when she reached him she looked up towards one of the transport’s forwards section towards the small black symbol of the Krath and looked at him, questioning, slightly amused.
Levathan laughed slightly and said “I just got it, a request for a small, multipurpose transport for the KOTN just went through”
“I see, well I assume everything is ready?”
“of course it is, master, I’m still curious though, where are we going?” Levathan replied as he was following Telona towards the open ramp into the transport.
“Togoria, in the Thanos system, to do some… hunting” she said brightly
Levathan, looking slightly bewildered, shrugged, left his master to stow away her things and headed towards the cockpit. He laid his sword beside the pilot’s seat and sat, connecting to the hanger controller.
“Control, this is Krath Tetrarch Levathan, requesting clearance to head out”
“Voice print confirmed, you are cleared to head out sir”
“Thanks control, see ya in a few… days” Levathan said as Telona came to take the navigator’s seat next to him with a book in her hand.

The shuttle headed out, through the hanger’s glowing environmental shields and into the asteroid field. Dodging asteroids as it flew threw the field; it was fast for a transport so it cleared the fields in just a few minutes and went to hyperspace as soon as it was in clear, open space, heading for the planet of Togoria.
They had just entered hyperspace when Levathan noticed Telona glancing at the Masumune.
“Why did you bring that with you? You really won’t be using it, you’ll be using the Sac’raths instead.” she said simply.
“Just incase, if it makes you feel better master, I’ll leave it on the ship” Levathan replied, amused.
Her eyebrow twitched slightly
“By the way master” Levathan now looked serious “I’d like to know what were hunting, as well as the nature of the inhabitants of Togoria”
“We are hunting a renegade Liphon, very dangerous creatures, there’s a data pad with that information on top of my pack in the back, as for the Togorians I’ll tell you about them”
Levathan got up and started towards the back of the ship to get the data pad, he needed all the information he could get on these Liphons. On his way there he felt something which caused him to instinctively tilt his head to the left, to which he saw a small stone hurtling though the air where his head had been. Levathan caught the stone as he spun to look back at his master, who had now retuned to reading her book.
This was going to be a very interesting trip indeed…for her, Levathan thought to himself.

Levathan brought the ship out of hyperspace after several hours of travel, the elongated streaks of light slowly retuned to the specks of light of the stars.
“We’re here master, where should I set u down?” Levathan said, looking at the world called Togoria, the planet seemed to be almost completely green with planes. Suddenly he was reminded of Onderon.
“lets set down at this settlement here, there’s a starport there” Telona said pointing at the holo-map that was activated in front of her.
“Sure thing, Caross control this is personal transport KH 1, requesting permission to land”
The reply was made in a strange language that Levathan did not understand at all.
“I assume that means yes?” Levathan asked Telona
She merely smiled and nodded.
Levathan then piloted the transport through the atmosphere of the planet, the outside hull growing red as they descended, causing two streaks of vapor to trail them. The glowing of the transport cleared and Levathan finally saw the capital of Togoria, Caross the Transport set down in an open starport. From what Levathan could see it was relatively a simple in set up, there where no droids around and very little that he could see of what he considered regular technology. Levathan powered the transport down and went into the back so he could get his gear together, which consisted of a simple pack, belt kit and the Sac’rath which he belted on. Telona, who had already packed up her things was now lowering the boarding ramp. Levathan followed his master down the ramp to find that Telona was already talking to a Togorian. The Togorian was a male who stood about three heads taller then Levathan, he looked extremely powerfully built, his face was almost like a lion’s, with golden fur, yet his face did show emotions. Levathan walked up to his master while inserting the universal translator into his right ear.
“well, your in for a little treat, we’ll be heading out to the village where the attacks occurred by Mosgoth”
“Hmm… you mean one of those?” Levathan said as he pointed to the Mosgoth that flew by over head, it was only a speak in the clear blue sky.
To which Telona nodded and followed the Togorian who was now leading them away, who moved with a feline grace. Levathan was now wearing a grin, and excited at the aspect of riding a Mosgoth.

As they made there way from the starport to the Mosgoth landing area, Levathan was examining the city, they were mostly made up of buildings that didn’t exceed more the 5 stories in Togorian height. What interested Levathan more however was that there was very little in the means of high technology, there were only two or three droids where there would be five on more advanced planets. There were no Land Speeders around, yet the streets were wide enough for three to fit though easily and there were no random pieces of technology lying around at all. What stirred such interest in the young Dark Jedi however was that it was very peaceful and relatively quiet, there was also a strange feeling about the place. Where in almost all cities there is a sense that it did not fit into nature at all and is rejected almost, this city however only seemed to have very little resistance, maybe it’s due to the amount of plants in the city, he thought to himself. Telona had introduced Levathan to the Togorian who gave that his name was Keava, he had a friendly attitude towards him, yet it was clear that he was not really used to humans, yet Levathan got along with him relatively well.
“I will be one of the males that will accompany you when you hunt the Liphon, you willl very likely need our help” Keava stated as they approached the Mosgoth landing zone, on the edge of Caross.
Levathan grinned and said “excellent it’ll be good to have you along, from what I’ve read of them it’s going to get interesting indeed.”
As they reached, the Landing zone, Levathan saw that it was a set of five clearings, four arrayed around the centre fifth, in long green grass. Three Mosgoths had already been prepared for them, there bronze skin glittering in the sun as they stood waiting for there passengers in the centre clearing, there leathery wings already spread, impatient to be back in the air. There serpentine necks turned to look at the unfamiliar sight of humans, there brown eyes looked directly at Telona and Levathan with interest. As did the eyes of there Togorian handlers.
At this clear sight of the Mosgoths he felt a strange shuddering in his mind, for a spit second it felt like his head was about to explode, the it was gone. Levathan had stopped dead on the spot, frozen with hi hand half raised to his head. Telona felt that something was wrong in her apprentice and immediately turned back to him and looked straight at him, eyes slightly concerned.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” she demanded
“n…nothing. for a moment there…” he turned to look back at his master, “for a moment there, it felt the same way it did when I regained a slight peace of my memory, but… there seems to be nothing new”
Still concerned but to a lesser degree she said slowly “very well, lets continue for now, we’ll discuss this later” then she turned and headed straight for one of the Mosgoths, she frequently turned to look back at Levathan who was now also heading to the second Mosgoth, eyes still concerned for her apprentice. Keava looked at Levathan with a little concern before he climbed up onto the Mosgoth. Levathan fallowed suit with his Mosgoth, seating himself just in front of the base of the wings, behind the handler who had already climbed on with more ease then Levathan thought possible. He looked at his master who had settled in and looked somehow, natural, on the back of the Mosgoth, Keava didn’t have a handler, instead he took control of the Mosgoth and waited for everyone to settle themselves.
The three Mosgoths, then stood after everyone was ready, Levathan’s Mosgoth was the one in the middle, and they waited as Keava took off first. Keava’s Mosgoth crouched down, then reared up quickly on its hind legs, and launched itself into the air, the wings beating quickly as they gained speed and altitude. Levathan looked in wonder, on the ground, the Mosgoths seemed somewhat clumsy, yet in the air it was elegant as it spiraled upwards, gaining altitude with every beat of it’s giant wings. Before he knew it, his handler was asking him, “is this your first time, flying like this?”
All Levathan could do was nod, still mesmerized by the sight of the flying Mosgoth.
The Handler just laughed at the sight of a mesmerized human.
Levathan turned back to the handler with an excited light in his eyes, “are we next? Can we go now?” he said eagerly.
Still chuckling the handler replied “sure thing, just hang on”
Levathan nodded and squeezed his legs around the Mosgoth’s neck and held on with his hands. Suddenly he felt the creature rearing back, and before he knew it, they were in the air, the beatings of the wings were slowly growing slower as they gained in altitude and speed. They gained altitude slowly, making the same wide spiral as Keava had done. The wind streamed Levathan’s long hair out behind him, the cool wind in his face refreshed him completely.
“how was that!?” shouted the handler over the wind “it’s good to be back in the air”
Levathan’s heart raced and his mind said the exact same thing to his own confusion, instead he replied “that was magnificent! More fun then I’ve had in a long time!” dismissing the confusing thought. He then looked down to see that Telona’s Mosgoth had already gotten off the ground and was on it’s way to join them. He then looked up and saw that Keava was circling the field waiting for them to get to that attitude. Keava waved brought his Mosgoth to head straight for them, as he drew close he made the huge creature roll, tucking it’s wings close to it’s body as they did, just as they passed directly above Levathan. The Handler of Levathan’s Mosgoth barked a laugh and shouted “he’s one of our most talented fliers, though he loves to show off”
Levathan said nothing, but had a huge grin on his face.
At last Telona got to the attitude and the Three Mosgoths then headed out, winging towards there destination. The Mosgoths were gaining speed, but now they were barely beating there wings, the air was cold, yet it was soothing to Levathan, his mind seemed to float, lost in the open air.

At last they came upon there destination after what seemed like only a few minutes to Levathan. As they began there decent he finally came back to his senses and looked down at there destination. The village was sited on a vast plain of green grass, it was built around a centre circle, with one road leading to, and ending upon reaching the centre circle, several smaller streets ran from the centre into area that contained shops and no doubt homes. There was also what appeared to be some sort of grove on the other side of the Village, but something was strange about it. As they got closer, Levathan could see that it destroyed, the ground was ripped and torn in deep groves, the buildings looked to be badly damaged as well.
“That is the reason why we called you here” said the handler as he noticed what Levathan was looking at.
“I assume that’s the work of this Liphon?”
All he got in reply was a slow nod.
Something else must have happened too, he thought to himself, sensing the sadness that, that image of the attacked farm had caused.
The Mosgoths were heading for single clearing just off the side of the village, Levathan was still contemplating what could have happened when suddenly the Mosgoth reared up, and with one great stoke of it’s wings, settled onto the ground with a loud thump. Levathan thanked the handler as they slid from the back of the Mosgoth and looked up to see that his master was also just about to land, he then went to talk to Keava, who was tending to his Mosgoth, to see if he could get more information out of him.
“Keava” Levathan said quietly as he drew up to him “what happened here? I know about the farm being attacked but that’s it, anything else happen?”
Keava looked sad, as though remembering a bad memory, “I… I think it would be best if the Chef of the village told you that, but I will tell you that we start the hunt tomorrow, at first light”
Levathan nodded, turned and walked towards Telona who was now sliding down from the Mosgoth. As he was nearing he saw that three male Togorians was walking down from the village. The oldest male, in the centre of the group, seemed to have an air about him that held that of age and wisdom, his walk was slow and he walked with a wooden walking staff. The other two males looked as Keava looked, young and strong, as well as very confident.
As the three Togorians stopped in front of the humans, Telona and Levathan bowed low in greeting, as did the old male.
“Greetings to you, young humans, I am chef Trador of this village, and I would like to thank you for coming here to help us.” The chef said in an gentile, quiet voice.
The two other Togorians just stood there, one of them eyeing Levathan with what could best be described as barely concealed hostility, while the other nodded slightly to Levathan and Telona.
“greetings to you too elder, if we may get directly to the problem at hand, your message left some details out, so I would like to ask you a few questions, if I may.” Said Telona respectfully in Togorian, this was very strange to Levathan as he had never heard her use that note of respect to anyone.
“hmm, yes my apologies for that, if you would come to my house, there I shall answer any questions you have.” The elder said as he turned walk back towards the village, everyone fell in behind him as they proceeded slowly towards the village.

The elder’s house was a little larger then the surrounding buildings, the interior was well lit, and was furnished with surprisingly modern, there were also several other devices such as data pads, a com station and even a long range transmitter. Everyone was sat around a long table, which was in the centre of the room they had just entered; the elder took the seat at the head of the table.
“Well let us begin, firstly I would like to explain to you what happened in more detail then I was able to in the message” the elder said as Keava passed around cups of cold water.
“About five days ago there was an incident involving that grove on the edge of this town, we are unsure why, but without warning or provocation, a Liphon attacked the grove. The family that the grove belonged to were killed, including the little cubs that were there, no one was left alive, and there bodies were no found.”
The room was now completely silent; Levathan and Telona were now listening closely to what the elder was saying.
“However, that was not then end of it, everyday from then on, anyone who ventures beyond the village itself is attacked, mainly our cubs. Now everyone is afraid of going outside, which is why the streets are so empty where there was once a thriving community.”
Levathan was now sat back in the chair, and asked, “Elder if I may ask, how many have been…. Taken?”
The elder now looked even worse then he did before, “four adults and twelve cubs, far too great a number.” Levathan let out a sad sigh, while Telona’s eyes were now wide with shock at the number of cubs lost. “We can only come to the conclusion that this Liphon has gone rouge, as they usually live on the other side of the valley far from here. Also the hunting parties we sent after the first two attacks have not returned; we fear the worst.” With that the elder fell silent, he slumped in his chair looking as though he was bearing a great weight on his shoulders.
After a period of silence, Levathan’s master spoke up to say gently “Elder, what is it that you wish for us to assist you in?”
The elder seemed to come back to the world again, “of course, of course… I asked for your assistance in this because I feel that you can accomplish in slaying this beast, I asked you because I recall that you were able to use methods that we are unable to use in the least. Therefore I asked for your assistance in this, please”
Telona nodded understandingly and said “I will help your people, but I must ask that my apprentice accompany me in this. Also I am aware that there are some customs that must be followed.”
The elder’s face started to show some hope at last, “that is fine, the customs are tradition so they must be followed, even though they may be restricting.”
“That is not a problem, if I remember correctly we must use Sac’rath’s as the weapon to slay the creature?”
“Yes that is correct, I see that you have brought you own, also I would like these three young ones to accompany you, from what I’ve seen, they can hold there own in battle.”
Keava and another Togorian nodded with grins while the other simply grunted.
“Yes, there help would be welcome in this” Telona said, nodding.
“Excellent, now that is settled, let us eat, for soon the Liphon threat will be done.” Said the elder, with more hope in his voice then before, now his eyes were bright also.

They spent the night at the Elder’s house, after dinner they listened to old stories of Togorian days long gone. During that time Levathan had decided that he should know more about his new companions. The other Togorian was not unlike Keava, as a matter of fact, it was Keava’s brother, Keyles. While the Togorian who remained distant all night, his name was Arzai, but Levathan had not managed to get him to talk to him at all, Levathan learned from Keava and his brother that, for some obscure reason, he has no liking for humans. Levathan found this odd, but from his master’s guidance, he did not pursue it. He did learn of something very interesting however, his master seemed to have a fondness for the local drink, though she showed no sign of feeling giddy. Levathan could feel that she was, due to the Force bond that exists between master and apprentice, therefore Levathan was forced to concede that his master was indeed human, after consuming half the village supply of drink.

The next morning they got up at first light, to prepare the items that they might need, mainly water and food, which consisted of dried meat and some bread, if things went well they would only be gone for two days at most. They had been told were the Liphon’s lair seemed to be located, it was disturbing that it was only a mere half day’s walk from the village. They then belted on there Sac’raths, went out of the house and out of the village to the east, as they headed out they went past the attacked grove. Now that Levathan could see it more clearly, he could tell that it had been attacked more then once, there where very large markings in the ground of claws ripping it up, some were old, while other more fresh. This was not completely odd, as the people here would have tied to rebuild.
After about an hour of talking to each other while walking, Telona looked around and then told them, “lets pick up the pace a bit, well stop around midday.”
“I believe we could stop at the spring that’s not to far from here” said Keava.
Telona nodded, and started to run, followed by the others. Levathan found the run refreshing, as they were running against a cool breeze also that Levathan didn’t really get much of a chance to run in the open back at Swords Sheath. By the way Keava and Keyles were grinning when Levathan looked at them; they were also enjoying this too, Arzai on the other hand still looked as grim as ever. He could also tell that his master felt at peace here, even though you wouldn’t be able to tell from the blank expression on her face. Levathan went ahead a bit to catch u with his master, after running beside her for a couple of minutes, he said “Master, do you mind if I go ahead to the spring?”
She looked at him with a hint of amused suspicion and said, “sure thing, but don’t tire yourself out and take one of our friends here with you, just incase you get lost.”
“sure master, whatever you say” he replied sarcastically
“watch it” said Telona, openly amused now.
Levathan dropped back to Keyles and asked him, “nice day, want to race to the spring?”
Grinning widely Keyles replied “lets do it human, I’ll give you a head start”
“want an excuse when you lose?” to which Levathan pounded off, followed closely by Keyles.
Levathan and Keyles were running flat out now both level with each other and both breathing hard. By the position of the sun it was an hour until midday, as they reached the spring. The spring was more of a small lake, a large body of water surrounded by a few trees and taller grass in the middle of the plain. Levathan saw the water though the grass and increased his speed as much as he could, as did Keyles. As they were about 5 paces away from the water, Levathan took a dive towards the water, but over shot the edge and splashed head first into it. Spluttering water he raised his head to find Keyles rolling on the lake sore, roaring with laughter. Levathan couldn’t help himself; he too started laughing as he attempted to get up and out of the water.
After getting a cool drink of water from the spring, Levathan pulled the water out of his clothes with the Force, into a floating ball of water, to which he moved it to a tree and released it. Keyles looked at Levathan in amazement, “you can use the Force?”
“Yup, sure can”
“That makes me feel better about this, now that we have two Force users”
“Me too, but Telona is far more powerful in the force then I am, she is my master after all” Levathan said dryly.
“Well two Force users are still better then just one, hmm want to have lunch now?”
“Why not?” Levathan said grinning, as he recalled how much the young Togorian ate the previous night, back at the village.
Levathan’s master and the two Togorians arrived not long after the sun had reached its zenith; they jogged into the area and headed straight for the spring to cool off.
After a while they came to the area were Levathan and Keyles had set up a rough camp.
“How long did you wait?” asked Telona as she took out some dried meat.
“Not long master, only an hour or so”
“I see, well we might as well set up our camp here, after were all rested, we hunt” Telona ordered, the three Togorians nodded gravely in reply.
Levathan simply agreed and went about examining his Sac’rath, trying to get a feel for this particular weapon, as every sword has its own characteristics, though the differences are minuet.

After about two hours, everyone was rested and agreed to get started. The camp now had a small area that was now cleared for a fire, with dried tinder and wood already gathered. Dry wood was a little had to come by on these plains however so there was a lot more tinder then wood. They set out again to the east, walking instead of jogging this time, there wasn’t much to see, they were again in on a large plain, but everyone was a little on edge, they were going to go up against a huge creature, except for Arzai, he now looked more grim then ever.
After a couple hours of walking, they then saw it, it was a shallow valley from the side they were approaching from, while on the other, it was a sheer cliff that raised higher then the plain. Set into the cliff was a very large cave; it looked like it used to be blocked as there were signs that boulders were moved around the cave mouth. There was also a strange, low rumbling coming from the cave.
“It seems we’re here” Telona said gravely
“Master, if I may?” Levathan questioned
“Of course”
Levathan reached out with the force, into the cave and “felt” for the Liphon. Levathan let out a gasp, he had been expecting something very large, but the Liphon that he sensed was massive, the shock was clearly evident on his face.
“Master, if we go head on with this one, we’ll be killed easily.”
“I wasn’t intending to do so” Telona said, smiling slightly, “here’s how we’ll do it, Keyles and Keava, you to head to the top of the cliff, above the cave mouth, as far as I’ve seen there’s a spot between the scales where the neck joins to the head. Sever the spine.” She turned to look at her apprentice, “you and Arzai will head into the head into the cave and draw it out. Once it’s out, attack it form behind. I will also attack when it appears.”
“master, how do you expect me to waken that thing? Not to mention survive once it is awoken?!”
A slow, sly smile creped onto her face, “you’ll think of something.” Was all she said before sending them off.
The two Togorian brothers climbing up the cliff, Levathan and Arzai waited next to a boulder while the brothers continued there climb.
Levathan considered Arzai for a long time before asking, “What do you think of the plan?”
He merely grunted and replied, “It’s simple, and it fits the situation”
“Very well then, shall we proceed?” after looking up and seeing that the brothers were already at the top.
Arzai nodded and started towards the cavern.
The cavern was had seemed to be relatively well illuminated from the outside, but as they proceeded further into it, it simply got darker and darker, until it was impossible to make anything out further then three paces in front of them. There was a steady inrush of air followed by another and another in the opposite direction, the air carried with it a slight sickening stench of death and decay. As they walked further, the smell grew stronger, along with the amount of air that was moving through the cavern. However the wind was now followed by a deep groaning. Levathan now recognized what it was, the slow deep breathing of something very large, and most likely, asleep. The two humanoids continued to walk forward, now carefully placing each foot to assure silence and a sure footing. They did not say a word, but they both sensed each other’s apprehensiveness as they moved forward across the gravel littered ground.
After walking for what seemed like hours, Levathan grabbed Arzai’s arm to call him to a halt. Levathan could feel that there was something massive directly in front of him, the rouge Liphon. He then moved towards the cavern wall, still holding Arzai by the arm, and prompted him to stay very still, by tightening his grip deliberately.
We must draw him out, I’ll attack one of his eyes, and you head to the tail and cut off as much of it as you can. Levathan said though a telepathic link forged by the force.
He could feel that Arzai was startled, but dimly saw him nod in response.
Wait for my signal, Levathan said as he moved towards the large mass of the Liphon.
Levathan then called on the force to “see” for him, his sight was not perfect but it would do for what he intended. Following his master’s instructions he walked very carefully towards the head that was facing the entrance to the cavern, which was now a minuet pinprick of light. He moved closer the head, sc’rath already drawn, the sword felt right in his hand, no doubt due to the excellent craftsmanship. He located the left eye with his force enhanced sight. While also feeing for Arzai, who was now in position right next to the tail, his sword was raised, Levathan could feel that his rage was building up, but he kept some control as to not strike before being told to do so.
Ok, let it go, was all Levathan said before driving the large sword quickly into the centre of the closed eye and drawing it back quickly.
The Liphon reared up, screeching deafeningly with pain, after another second it suddenly leaped forward. Levathan immediately hugged the wall of the cavern as he felt the huge mass of the Liphon pass, while reaching out with his mind to find Arzai. The Togorian was still standing above a large peace of the Liphon’s tail; he seemed stunned.
“ARZAI!” Levathan shouted to him as he was already running towards the mouth of the cavern.
Arzai, seemed to rouse himself and realized what was happening once again, he then caught up with Levathan, both human and Togorian racing the help there comrades that was in combat with the beast.
When Levathan and Arzai emerged into the harsh light, in comparison to the cave, things seemed almost to slow down. Levathan’s training had taught him to take in every detail and assess it before taking action in a situation like this. There was a dark red trail of blood leading form the mouth of the cavern, trailing towards the great beasts tail, which was still oozing with blood. The Liphon itself was larger then what Levathan had anticipated, it’s claws were at least 3ft in length, He could see that his master was directing her massive powers towards holding the Liphon; however the killing blow must be done with the Sac’rath they all carried. Keava was already on the ground, with what looks like a broken leg, as it was bent at an impossible angle, Keyles however was on the Liphon’s neck, trying to push his sword through the thick hide that was under the large scales.
Levathan acted instinctively, knowing what must be done, he sprinted towards the massive animal, and Force jumped onto the Liphon’s back, he paused slightly to regain his balance, and then moved as fast as he could along the thick scales of the Liphon’s back. When he reached Keyles he didn’t stop, instead he jumped once again, this time without the force. Unthinking, he grasped one of the lower horns protruding from the Liphon’s head, he could feel that his master was shocked by what he had done. Levathan didn’t even consider his master’s displeasure, or the consequences of doing so. Instead, he used his momentum form the jump and swing in the direction of the Liphon’s neck, pushing the Force into his sword arm; he reversed his grip and drove the cutting edge of the Sac’rath as hard as he could through the thinner scales of the rouge Liphon’s neck. Then something shot past him, all he saw was the slight glimmer of metal before it disappeared. Hot, red blood poured from the great beast’s throat, gushing from the mortal wound Levathan’s sword had made. Levathan cursed his short sightedness as his mind raced to form a solution to “what to do now”, he had no choice, his strength was completely drained, his Force powers were now far to weak to even move a pebble, and his grip on the horn was now made impossible to sustain with the slick blood on it. Levathan simply had nothing left, his grip slipped and he fell, to what he could only see as his death as the blackness of unconsciousness took him.
Levathan’s eyes felt grainy as he slowly opened them, as his vision slowly returned to him. He could see that it was now sometime in the night, he watched the stars for a little while as his mind still seemed to be asleep. He then turned his head to the right, as the effort of lifting it seemed to be too great. He could see a fire, which was being tended by the form of a Togorian, his master seemed to be explaining something to another Togorian who was sitting on the ground, eating, and his head was bandaged and his right leg was in a splint. Another was just across from them, injured slightly, but he was talking excitedly about something as he was interrupted by Levathan’s master.
“I see you decided to live after all” she said to him in a off-hand way, she then got up and took a closer look at him, when he didn’t respond.
“hmm, I see, half of your mind is still asleep. Alright then, I know you can understand me so here goes, concentrate your whole being on the force, use it to replenish your strength and your mind. Allow it to flow into you uninterrupted.” She ended as though a whisper on the wind.
His master’s voice seemed to resonate inside his mind as he obeyed her commands. He closed his eyes and could feel the living Force flowing into every fiber, every cell of his body, regenerating the damaged tissues, replenishing his tired muscles and mind. After what seemed like hours he opened his eyes as his mind was fully awake. Levathan pushed himself up to a sitting position, twisting his neck and back to work out the stiffness that developed there. He turned to look at his master and saw that she was wearing an odd expression that Levathan has come to know that it would mean he was in trouble, yet Levathan thought he saw a slight glimmer of relief. Levathan then turned to look at the Togorians who were still at the fire.
“Welcome back to the world of the living” Keava said grandly, which brought a smile to the others, even Arzai.
“Thanks” was all he said in reply.
The rest of that night was spent talking about killing the Liphon, praising each other for there efforts and celebrating the victory. Levathan went over the events of the fight in his mind again, wondering how he has survived a fall from the height of the Liphon’s head also how the sword had gone so deep, as well as the glimmer that shot past him. Then it occurred to him that it was all his master’s doing; the extra strength of the sword strike, the glimmer of her sword as it penetrated the Liphon’s neck like a laser shot and that fact that he was still alive. He looked at his master, amazed that she had such strength. Telona sensing his gaze, shook her head and simply said,
“some of that was actually your ability, though I’m wondering were it came from,” Was all that she said as she walked towards her blankets.
When morning came, Levathan could see that they were at the spring, he wondered how they all got there and how long he was unconsciousness for, but decided that those were questions for later as he caught sight of himself in the reflection of the water. He was covered in dried blood, his silver hair was stained in reddish brown as hung in clumps and his clothes were also stained with blood. Levathan washed in the cold water as best he could, though the results were far from what he would have preferred, his long hair was still a mess, his cloths still stained, but at least he had managed to get most of the blood off of his skin.
They spent the next day at the spring to get everyone recovered as best they could during that time, Telona and her apprentice used the Force to assist in healing as it was needed. Even with the force assisted healing, it took them a full days travel before they came in sight of the village, as ceremony depicted, they all wore there Sac’raths as they proceeded to the village. Levathan’s was bad shape, the tip had been broken off, it was permanently stained with blood now and the edge was very dull. The others weren’t much better; equally stained and no doubt having dulled edges.
As they entered the village, Levathan noticed that the farm was now being rebuilt. The Togorians turned towards them to stare, aw struck by the sight of those who had slain such a beast as the Liphon that had once terrorized them. But they also stared at the image of them, clothes, fur, still showing signs of blood, some there own, most that of the Liphon. But Levathan now noticed something about his master; she was almost spotless, aside from her hair being a little mussed, she was as pristine as she always appears to be. Word of there arrival traveled fast, as the Elder was waiting for them outside the house as they approached it. As they came closer, the Elder bowed to them, to which the party went to kneel, heads bowed.
“we welcome your return, brave ones.” The elder said in a clear voice, “you have done what others could not and brought us safety by your acts. Stories will be sung in your honor and you will always be welcome to any who know your names. But come, you must be exhausted.” He said as he bid them to follow them into the house.
They spent the remainder of that day inside, recuperating from what they had done and the journey, which meant meditation for Levathan. There was a large feast that was prepared for them. The food was strange to Levathan but it was delicious, which resulted in him and the three Togorians eating and drinking more then was likely good for them. Telona and her apprentice spent the next few days at the village, Telona said it was, “to expand your knowledge of other species” but Levathan had other suspicions for the reason. The apprentice Dark Jedi did get to know more about the Togorians and there way of life, he also got to know Arzai better. Arzai had been so closed off because he was the only survivor of the attack on the farm, his parents and siblings were killed in the attack. But since the death of the Liphon, he became more open to things and far friendlier.
When it came time for the two Dark Jedi to leave, most of the village turned out to see them off, Keava and Keyles caught Levathan in a bear hug that left his ribs creaking. While Arzai delivered a firm hands shake and pat on the shoulder. The elder drew Levathan aside for a moment to disclose to him that; at first, his presence was only tolerated because he was with his master, however now; he was welcome always to Togoria. Then Elder then placed a Sac’rath that had strange symbols on the blade,
“this is the sword you used to slay the Liphon, it has now been decorated to show that this sword, was one of the five, that slew the great beast.”
Levathan bowed low to the Elder in response, honored.
The same Mosgoths that brought them here, were now ready to take them back, they were once again, in the middle of the field, slowly fanning there wings, eager to be underway. The flight back to the capital, was as mesmerizing as it was the last time, for some strange reason, the feeling of cool air rushing past his face, and the warmth of the sun, seemed incredibly familiar. But Levathan put that out of his mind, that’s for another time, he told himself as he simply wanted to enjoy the flight.
Levathan’s farewell with the two brothers, Keyles and Keava, was rather strange, as the brothers caught Levathan in a bear hug, leaving Levathan’s ribs creaking. This was followed by some laughter and a promise to visit sometime in the future, they then parted with a final griping of hands. As Levathan and Telona were walking to the starport, his master asked him,
“so, how was the experience?”
Levathan thought about it a little, the replied “it was challenging master, but it was well worth the journey.”
“and the people?” she asked again.
Levathan chuckled, and said in reply, “it has been a while since I made new friends, outside Dark Jedi.” Was all he said, as they entered the entrance to the Starport.