24-10-2005 19:45:08

Here is the story titled 'Ghosts' that won 1st place in the September MT Story competition. I hope you all like it.....

Gaidal Dupar

28-10-2005 14:06:34

Very well-written, my student. I'm pleased to see you've a certain talent for the writing arts. A solid structure combined with a good sense of style, which has been mixed with a feel for thrilling elements and events. Outstanding job and keep up the good work.


29-10-2005 13:17:14

Thank you very much, Master Dupar


12-11-2005 16:23:26

I was wondering who Huy was... but all in all, it's well written.


16-11-2005 17:03:38

Huy is only a character I made up for the story. Might not fit in DB timeline, but it was for the fiction only.