Scimitar of Warfare

Ylith Pandemonium

18-10-2005 15:28:05

Hey guys,

Well I tried to improve my writing
a little, there may be some grammar errors here and there
but that doesnt spoil the story though ^^'

I tried to make it more Darker than normal, so hope you'll like




19-10-2005 17:46:18

Man, your writings pretty good (other than grammer :P) but I'm truly amazed at how much you put out. How do you find time for it? :blink:

Ylith Pandemonium

20-10-2005 00:43:17

thanks :)

time? I just sit down and write what pops into mind, nothing special :P

sometimes I think it over when I am at school and write it down at home
so thats why they keep popping up here ;)




20-10-2005 01:11:38

Nice stoooorys ylith :P
no really they are cool

Ylith Pandemonium

24-10-2005 15:27:46

thanks :D

I really appreciate it


24-10-2005 20:38:10

boo...really :P

j/k...its awsome man...its allmost as if i can hear Christiansens(Anakin Ep2&Ep3)voice instead of Ylith B) know what i thing about your writing...(but ill have to test you on ACC >:) )...

you might watch out for the grammar stuff... :P