Cradle of hate

Mike Halcyon

07-10-2005 19:52:50

Here's my submission for Arania's "Through the eyes of the enemy"-part. This is, in my opinion, how the Dark Side corrupts a person's spirit - and how it can never possibly leave any room for real love.

Cradle of hate (pdf)


09-10-2005 00:08:47

Uh, why can't people follow the instructions at the top.....

Mike Halcyon

09-10-2005 05:29:13

Cause I didn't read them and thought stories didn't have to get approved? :P

Ylith Pandemonium

10-10-2005 12:04:08

although illegal :P

Nice piece of work! :D

Mike Halcyon

10-10-2005 12:30:20

It's all good now. And, thanks.