Nekura Manji

28-08-2005 04:36:14



Just a note- the subject matter of this one is likely to be a bit contentious, so please read it with an open mind. I like to cause controversy. ^_^

EDIT: This is the Prologue- I'm going to start working on the main story soon.


07-10-2005 14:29:01

I really like your story, it flows well and is interesting to read. I disagree however with your assesment that the only way to prevent or destroy discrimination is to seperate Caucasions from all other races. There is proof enough that there is as much discrimination within races as there is from Caucasions. All Humans can discriminate "against peoples beliefs, against their personalities, the colour of their skin, their gender" no matter what race. Also, "fear breeds distrust, distrust breeds hatred, hatred breeds anger and anger breeds violence" is a Human trait not just a Caucasion trait. Well, thats all I have for now, I wasn't able to finish your story but I will, I got to go to class. And in case you are wondering, yes I am a Caucasion. ACO Devani


23-12-2005 23:44:46

Reads well, flows well, interesting topic.

I cant wait to see the main story.

Nekura Manji

24-12-2005 06:40:08

I understand what you mean, Devani- remember, everything within the story is just a fiction. It's not what I believe, it's just a premise that I thought would make a good story- although I did write it after seeing something about racial discrimination on TV. Might have been about those race riots in Los Angeles in '91/'92. Nevertheless, it affected me pretty deeply. ^_^