The Hutt Conundrum


09-08-2005 09:56:17

I've been writing this piece of fiction on and off for about a year now so first of all excuse it if it seems that there are a whole different ranges of writing style in it. It isnt finsihed yet I have a bit of a way to go but would like any critique so I can know what to do better in the concluding sections.

The story itself is set during the time of the New Jedi Order series and the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, the overall story I have in mind is for the character's to discover a piece of information that will lead to the attack on Obra-Skai in the book Destiny's Way (don't know if its already been explained in magazines how this information came to the Republic but if it has been again forgive me heh).

So here it is, enjoy and I await your comments :)

Ylith Pandemonium

09-08-2005 13:13:39

nice one welsh, keep it goin, and let me know next time you post a story ;)