5th GJW Story Submissions

Dark Sabre

19-07-2005 09:23:19

These won their respective chapters in the Great Jedi War, but I'd still like some opinion on them. I didn't think they were that great when I wrote them and I'm trying to see if my instincts are failing or people just can't judge fiction. :P

Anyways, they're linked here:

http://www.krath.org/DS/writing/Chptr4fict.doc - Chapter IV Fiction: Black Dawn

http://www.krath.org/DS/writing/Epiloguefict.doc - Epilogue Fiction: Ill-Gotten Gains

Competition: http://gjw.darkjedibrotherhood.com/FifthGJW/

Opinions are welcome and needed.

EDIT: By the way, they're in .doc format. If people have trouble opening them, I can change it to .htm.


19-07-2005 22:25:15

Hey DS, try sending these through me first so you can get credit for them :P